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Monday, March 22, 2021

"Damn the Torpedoes" by Ron Giles - 3.22.21

Entry Submitted by Ron Giles at 2:37 AM EDT on March 22, 2021

There comes a time when a person needs to say, "damn the torpedoes" and make a stand and be accountable for the gifts and talents that he has been given. This is such a time for me. My truth and my receivings are going to be given out so that others who have been waffling and torn apart by the gurus and know-it-alls to the point that the obvious Truths have been rendered impotent, may make a stand as well. The garbage will come to an end.

I am making my stand.

I am part of the Alliance. I do not speak for them nor do I have authority given to me to act on their behalf. Yet the information I send forth from my keyboard as posts for others to read has been given total confirmation from the Alliance before It goes out to others. So If I haven’t got it right yet, I continue to receive and edit until I do get it right, not only with the content but with the way it is being presented so that true communications can take place. I spend many hours doing my posts so that the Heavens are satisfied that it is 97-100 % accurate for the people to whom the heavens want this information to be given.

If what I post does not resonate with you, then it was not meant for you but it is meant for many others.

As the Overseer of Love Won Society (LWS), my Humanitarian project is the Love Won Society Action Plans. It took three years to get it where it is and only by the grace of God, and the help from a few others, I stand on what I have been given as my contribution to Humanitarians. TheAction Plans are as tools given for this time to use to assist Humanitarians to accomplish their sacred humanitarian projects.

The LWS Action Plans will be placed on the Quantum Computer as applications, just like the QFS, the Quantum Internet System, and many many other applications that will support our sacred work.

I have not seen evidence from one guru that gives out their intel regardless of it being on Con Calls or just posting their garbage, that they have a clue what in this hell hole they are talking about. Not one of them claims they are getting their intel from the Alliance, nor do they even acknowledge the Alliance's existence. If you're not getting it from the horse's mouth (the Alliance), then where are you getting it from? Like the south end of a northbound horse? The Alliance is the key factor in giving out intel. None of the gurus get their intel from the Alliance, NONE.

There is nothing consistent with their diatribe that supports any Humanitarian in getting the greater funds they need to accomplish all that the Alliance has in store for them. The gurus exhibit an agenda against Humanitarians getting funds. They come up with all the silly things they can find to keep people from getting the truth. They keep you busy wondering what the hell are banks and bankers and their associates doing by being involved in anything Humanitarian when they are the enemy of the Alliance and the people. And every one of these wannabe-important-intel-providers, predict dates and back walls and of course, absolute back-walls as if their pile of poop is better than another pooper's pile. If they are not Cabal Shills, they would show their integrity and dump their feckless (no integrity) sources and either get out of the “Business” of intel providers or find someone who has proven sources they can trust. But they don’t because they don’t give a pile of poop about you or your humanitarian projects. Just let the people starve and fend for themselves. They don’t care. It is all about money, never about Humanitarian projects. Oh, but if it is, they have one for you, like the RED CROSS that does a lot of good, but takes most of the money for their own greed. The Elite launders money through un-audited charities and pours it into their deep pockets, as DEEP STATE operatives do. Can you see what these b*stards are trying to do to the Quintillion-airs?

There is not one person from the Alliance that would ever tell you to ask a bankster or a wealth manager from Abbot Downy or any other bank wealth management company, to be involved with you or your funds. If they were supposed to be involved, why wouldn't the Alliance give them the money instead of you? If you intend to use the services of a banker or wealth manager you will only get a trickle of the flood you could get. Be wise. We don't make money on our funds like bankers and wealth managers. PERIOD. They are not to be part of the Alliance team of Humanitarians.

There is not one person from the Alliance who would offer you 12 – 22 or whatever Million dollars for a 100 Trillion Zim Bond. The Alliance is using the high face value Zim Bonds for a specific reason, and that is to get you the money you need to do your Humanitarian projects. You are going to need Quintillions to even make a dent in what needs to happen. And here you are jumping through guru invented hoops and running around in the weeds, looking to get a few million for a 100 Trillion Zim Bond of great value because some Cabal Shill tells you there’s money in them there fields and you have to play their game to get it. Bull droppings. Would a true Sovereign do that suck-up posturing to a Deep State player? No, they would do the ole drop kick the arses back in the swamp where they belong. Let God deal with them, we don't have to.

If you as a Humanitarian even think the Alliance would treat you like that, you do not know the who the Aliiance is. You have no idea how many people have lost their lives trying to get rid of the pedophiles and pedovoirs so you can do your work. What a slap in the face of the men and women who put their lives on the line just to give you the chance to change the world, and you let the low-life scum-sucking bottom feeder type, intel providers lead you off into the bushes. Pull your head out of your butt and see the light of day. They have nothing to offer you – get rid of them from your life.

So if you consider yourself a Humanitarian who deserves the funds to do your humanitarian work, why are you not being selective on where you get your information? Certainly, they attract Humanitarians into their trap as well as the greedy. Does their poison ring true to you and do you keep going back for another round of poison? Do you think the DoD would put up with their intel contact providers that have never been true for three or more years? Would you want to send your son or daughter to war with these intel providers as the source of intel to keep them safe? Why then would you give credence to them the second or third time they gave you a wrong date, especially when the greatest opportunity that you will ever get is staring you in the face. Why. Why.

With all the stupid that is going on, has it ever crossed your Humanitarian mind that they are not there for you, but for those who are only in it for the money and not humanitarian work? Don’t the greedy need to get their intel from someone? There it is. A few million to buy some more toys. So, let them have their intel providers and go find the ones that will give you the truth.

People keep asking me when the RV will take place, so here is the way I see it.

1. All 209 Countries that signed up for GESARA must be GESARA compliant before the RV takes place. When you see Trump back in the Presidency of the restored republic then know this part has begun to happen. Many Countries are right on the brink of being GESARA compliant including China. It can happen very quickly.

2. There needs to be full public disclosure about the fall of the Central Bank and the treacherous way the Cabal has treated the Chinese Elders and their Dragon Families. This is a condition the Elders have put on the use of their Gold for the QFS.

3. For Intel Dinar Chronicles, the arrest must take place of the Gurus' who post on IDC and who have done damage to the RV and the Humanitarians with their false intel, they are no different than the Main Stream Media. This may very well be Crimes Against Humanity or Treason. With these people still around and the structure that has supported them, we are not free to do our work. The Deep State would kill us if they found out who we are and have not been removed. The arrests may come a week or two before the RV so that true Humanitarians will find where the truth lies and can Redeem our currencies without interference, AND get the big bucks we need for our work. This may happen sooner than we think.

4. There may be more under the radar.

There seems to be a consensus growing among the people in the know, that April will be our month. The RV is event-driven and not a date or a Holiday. When all the events are completed then it will happen.

We can trust the Alliance with Jesus, St Germain, and other ascended Masters at the helm. We are blessed and loved.

Blessings to All, and to All, be a blessing.

Ron Giles

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