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Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Sun. 11 April 2021 Compiled Sun. 11 April 2021 12:01 am EDT by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therap...

Friday, January 22, 2021

Nick Fleming: RV/GCR Intel Update 1-22-21

Nicks Intel Update

Updates concerning the RV/GCR

01/21-22/21 Update

Our military intel contact is confirming Mr. Fleming's sources, Bruce's sources, MarkZ's sources and others saying that the RV/GCR release is STILL HAPPENING NOW over the next several days and T4B should remain ready for the 1.4 million notification emails to go out from WF servers any day now over the next 5 days (still has to be vague for security) with the public T5 scheduled to start exchanging after the RV becomes public around next Wed 27 Jan.

. He repeated that MarkZ’s military sources have the same info as of today Thu 21 Jan that he has that the RV release is STILL IN PLAY & WE ARE IN THE THICK OF IT RIGHT NOW Thu 21 Jan; our guy said we are still a GO for T4B start between now through the weekend into next Mon-Tue 25-26 Jan under the military interim govt headed by Secty of Defense Chris Miller, Vice Chair of the Joint Chiefs of staff Air Force Gen John Hyten, & DHS head (former marine combat officer) Pete Gaynor (as head of DHS Gaynor is directing FEMA through Robert Fenton acting head of FEMA);

. He confirmed that Gen Mike Flynn is informal military intelligence leader & liaison behind the scenes to Trump & his team of several thousand Alliance leaders; our guy’s info is the same as Dr. Charlie Ward’s that Chris Miller as Secty of Defense and Pete Gaynor over DHS & FEMA are running the interim military govt over the USA now: he agrees with Dr. Charlie Ward, “[The interim military govt running the USA] is out of Trump’s control now, and has been for a few days.. Its now under FULL control of the US Military and FEMA authority.”(edited)

[11:11 PM]

. He said after security audits were completed from D*eep State threats over the past 36-48 hours, there was a go given at 5:30 pm EST today Thu 21 Jan to move forward with the bond seller account funds to be accessed Sat and Sun 23-24 Jan, to provide part of the liquidity to be downstreamed to T1-4A, with T4B notifications coming tentatively next Mon-Tue 25-26 Jan;

. He agreed with Simon Parkes’ update today Thu 21 Jan that the D*eep State are trying hard to stop the RV/GCR transition to the QFS gold-backed system, as they have done historically–attempts to reset the US Dollar to the gold standard were why the D*eep State murdered JFK in 1963, why Reagan was shot and almost murdered 31 March 1981 (there were several other assassination attempts against Reagan too he said), and why the D*eep State on 9/11 killed 3,000+ innocent Americans in the Twin Towers NYC, in the planes that crashed, and via the missile that struck the Pentagon on 9/11 as executed by Pres. Bush Jr, VP Cheney, and Rumsfeld; it’s the reason Trump survived 13+ assassination attempts over the past 4 years–the KEY he said IS THAT THE PEDO-SAT*ANIST D*EEP STATE PSYCHOPATHS HAVE MADE THREATS TO KILL PEOPLE THIS PAST WEEK in order to STOP & DELAY the RV/GCR NOW, as they have done DOZENS OF TIMES IN PAST MONTHS / YEARS! So he said PRAYERS ARE IMPORTANT to stop these sat*anist psychopaths!!(edited)

[11:12 PM]

. His info is that the D*eep State made threats of widespread bloodshed 36 hours ago yesterday morning Tue 20 Jan before B*iden’s illegal inauguration; the Madrid bombing of a Catholic Parish building yesterday morning Wed 20 Jan, in which 4 were killed and 11 injured, was part of the threat made to military white hats in the interim military govt now in DC (see below); the D*eep State threats to KILL THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE included possible radiological (dirty nuclear) and bio-weaponized bombs in Seattle (to falsely blame on North Korea and China) and threats to execute a chain reaction to set off the volcano in Mt St Helens less than 200 miles south of Seattle, all of which would MURDER THOUSANDS OF INNOCENT PEOPLE; his info is that credible threats of small dirty nuclear & bioweapon briefcase bombs have been made by D*eep State operatives against the west coast and east coast of the USA (like the Mon-Tue 4-5 Feb 2019 radiological bomb that was taken out by Special Operation (SOF) units on the Blackhawk helicopters flying down Wilshire blvd and elsewhere in Los Angeles, and like the same kind of D*eep State bomb threat that was averted in Seattle on Sun 3 Nov 2019 when SOF units took it out);(edited)

[11:12 PM]

. He said along the lines of D*eep State bomb threats, last Thu 14 Jan, there were gray Bell 407 military helicopters equipped with unique antennas that he confirmed are part of the Army’s elite 160th Special Operations (SOF) Aviation Regiment (https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/38753/those-mysterious-gray-helicopters-were-landing-on-multiple-downtown-la-rooftops-last-night ), he said they were flying over Los Angeles and southward to Laguna Niguel and Dana Point, in southern CA, sniffing out D*eep State radiological, bioweapon bombs in the Los Angeles and south LA County areas; he said the SOF helicopters and military aircraft have been nailing down D*eep State threats in urban areas (Antifa/BLM, Iranian & Chinese sleeper cells, enabled by FBI & CIA & supplied with CCP Chinese weapons, bombs), especially on the west coast and the east coast, and his info is that SOF units have ALREADY CONTAINED [and ARE CONTAINING RIGHT NOW] THESE THREATS TO STOP D*EEP STATE PEDOSAT*ANIST PSYCHOPATHS FROM FURTHER MURDERING INNOCENT PEOPLE, at the same time as (1) the RV/GCR is being rolled out and (2) as B*iden’s illegal unconstitutional administration and the illegal swamp govt in DC are being removed by the US Military Interim govt (on which see below).

. He said the X22 report and Marshall Report (like reports this past week by Juan O Savin, Simon Parkes, Dr. Charlie Ward, Robert David Steele, Gene Decode, et al) are accurate views, accd to his info, of what is happening now behind the scenes: https://x22report.com/military-control-11-3-verifies-as-1st-marker-think-illegitimate-ep-2383/ And https://themarshallreport.wordpress.com/2021/01/20/trump-ode-to-the-corporation/ .(edited)

[11:13 PM]

. A National Guard flag officer spokesman in DC actually said in an ABC News Good Morning America interview yesterday Wed 20 Jan that he was “proud of the almost 25,000 National Guardsmen who have come in from all 50 states and territories to help support the Secret Service and the police departments with A PEACEFUL TRANSITION TO MILITARY POWER”—our guy said this a reference to the interim military govt overseeing Washington DC and the USA now (https://phibetaiota.net/2021/01/unrig-video-0026-could-this-be-ng-in-dc-to-support-peaceful-transition-to-military-power/); some questioned whether the word “to” was actually said in the officer’s phrase, “to military power”; but in the officer’s statement, the preposition “to” is clearly heard in the phrase “transition TO military power”—it is simply a weak contracted form of the preposition “to”—pronounced “t-“ or “ta” [our guy said linguists know that weak or contracted forms of words are common in spoken forms of English and in the spoken forms of almost all languages, e.g. Spanish “a + el = al (to the),” “ de + el = del” (of the), German “ auf + das = aufs (on the / at the).(edited)

[11:14 PM]

. But he said the key here is that this National Guard flag officer CLEARLY said there has been “a PEACEFUL TRANSITION TO MILITARY POWER” and this is referring our guy said to the current interim military govt (1) GETTING THE GCR/RV OUT NOW and (2) OVERSEEING & SOON REMOVING the illegal unconstitutional, foreign owned, and foreign controlled DC swamp govt and B*iden administration in order to transition the country to the restored Republic under NESARA / GESARA.

. He agreed with Mr. Fleming’s sources, Simon Parkes’ sources, those of Dr. Charlie Ward and Robert David Steele, that THERE ARE NOW 2 GOVERNMENTS IN DC: (1) the legitimate military interim govt empowered by the Constitution and the DoD Military Code 11.3 (references below) to remove (2) the illegal, fraudulent foreign paid-for, foreign controlled (on the foreign ground of the District of Columbia) B*iden Administration, the D*eep State bankrupted 1871 Corporate USA, including the traitors in Congress and Judiciary branches of the Corporation, that committed themselves to treason and insurrection, he said, when B*iden was inaugurated based on fraudulent vote certifications yesterday Wed 20 Jan 2021.

[11:14 PM]

. He agreed that 800+ military officers as high as 4-star Generals down to Colonels (Army, Air Force) and and Navy Vice Admirals down to Captains are loyal to Trump, loyal to the original Constitution and to the restored Republic; he confirmed that B*iden is despised by these military leaders, that DoD recently refused to give B*iden’s team info they requested on the $32+ billion F35 fighter aircraft sale to the UAE (United Arab Emirates); he confirmed that the DoD told illegal president B*iden that he is not allowed to enter the Pentagon at all; so while B*iden can execute civil and domestic laws (rejoining the Paris Accords, etc), B*iden and his team cannot affect military or security or border decisions, Homeland Security or FEMA decisions, which are being made only by the interim military govt without regard to B*iden and his teams’ directions.(edited)

[11:15 PM]

. He said the interim military govt heads, Secty of Defense Chris Miller, and DHS/FEMA head, Pete Gaynor are still reporting to Trump & his team, who are now hidden on the sidelines but still very much involved (Trump said in his farewell speech, “I WILL be back in another form” https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=fYoxVWpneUM meaning eventually Trump will be elected and confirmed as the 19th president of the Republic after Ulysses Grant left the presidency in 1877)— our guy confirmed Trump’s team includes several thousand leaders of the NESARA restored Republic and the GESARA committed “Alliance” inside and outside the USA that are all fighting to oust the D*eep State globally; he confirmed Trump and his team are still involved behind the scenes with the interim military govt in (1) GETTING OUT the RV/GCR NOW and (2) Trump is coordinating with the military interim govt about removing the “belligerent” illegal DC swamp govt (at the right time very soon he said); he said that the interim military govt leadership now have in hand from the past weekend’s raid of CIA Langley decisive evidence that shows the B*iden administration is illegal, fraudulently voted in, unconstitutional, and it is a foreign (CCP) bribed, foreign owned, and foreign controlled insurgent govt, making it a “belligerent” power that is foreign to the US Constitution & foreign to US constitutional govt; so he confirmed that the interim military govt is now acting to contain & remove the illegal swamp govt now under low profile martial law under section 11.3 of the Military Code, as arrests continue happening now behind the scenes in DC and will be accelerating in the coming days (DoD Law of War Manual [Military Code] June 20, 2015, p. 769, chp 11.3 —End of Occupation. Belligerent occupation —Military Removal of a Belligerent Power

[11:16 PM]

. He is confirming the report last Sun 17 Jan from a National Guard soldier below about this past week’s transition to military power, but our guy said the transition to arrests HAS ALREADY STARTED BEHIND THE SCENES as of today Thu 21 Jan, and this transition will not be as public as this soldier below was led to believe, because the military overseers want to minimize D*eep State retaliation through dirty bombs, and through Antifa/BLM violence and bloodshed, and they want the public to feel SAFE even though we are in the midst of a low profile necessary military coup against the D*eep State illegal unconstitutional foreign owned & foreign controlled swamp govt under B*iden in DC; he said also the military will be neutralizing, arresting or removing D*eep State Dem & RINO GOP governors and mayors etc who control states and cities across the country over the next 30-60 days—those are the current plans.

. Here is the Sun 17 Jan National Guard soldier statement: Sun. 17 Jan: “I am a National Guard soldier from the District of Columbia Army National Guard. Rumor going around for days is we aren’t here [in DC] for B*iden. We are here to seize power for the real president, President Trump. My commanding officer just confirmed it. The order will come in the dead of night on [Tue-Wed] the 19/20th. When you wake up on [Wed] the 20th we will have seized all the organs of power in DC for President Trump and B*iden and his cabinet along with TONS of senators and reps will be in cuffs. Everyone I have talked to is ready to go. We are ready to save America.”

[11:16 PM]

. Our guy said again this timing was delayed by 36 hours by the D*eep State bomb threats described above but all is AGAIN on track now going forward;

. He is still being told that we will receive more clarity by next Sun 24 Jan on the D*eep State removal and that the public timing of T5 exchanges in the RV/GCR release sequence is currently next Wed 27 Jan, with the shotgun liquidity release and T4B start happening before that;

. Again he said because the D*eep State psychopaths are insane, PRAYERS ARE APPRECIATED that THESE PSYCHOPATHS ARE BOUND spiritually and physically FROM THREATENING BLOODSHED that will again cause DoD military leaders to STOP OR DELAY PROGRESS AGAIN in the next several days!!

. So he said KEEP PRAYERS GOING, STAY READY FOR T4B notifications any time between now & Sat 23 Jan into next Tue 26 Jan, and as Trump, Gen Flynn, and other patriots have said, THE BEST IS YET TO COME! Our guy is confirming Dr. Charlie Ward’s sources and those of Simon Parkes, Juan O’Savin, and Robert David Steele, that the white hats behind the scenes are HIGHLY CONFIDENT AND VERY HAPPY THAT VICTORY IS ASSURED on both the RV/GCR release front and on the removal and arrests of the DC swamp govt front.

01/22/22 Afternoon update

Our military intel contact said his info fits Isaac’s bankers’ timing for liquidity shotgun (& T4B) start next Mon-Tues 25-26 Jan;

. He also said the 2 Baghdad suicide bombers who killed 32 Iraqis yesterday Thu 1/21 (https://www.hindustantimes.com/world-news/suicide-attack-kills-3-injures-16-in-central-baghdad-market-police-101611216986846.html) was D*eep State Iranian/ISIS retaliation for the RV being pushed out now in Iraq & globally, said he’s praying mercy on those killed by the D*eep State sat*anist psychopaths and families left behind . . . unbelievable how cruel they are same ones part of those who stole the election and are propping up B*iden and DC swamp he said;

. He also said there’s lots of activity today moving things forward toward too bond seller recipient accounts being made liquid over the weekend, DoD orders went out at 12:20 pm & 1:20 pm EST today Fri 22 Jan; he said those orders also are moving things forward toward arresting the swamp in DC too (he could not give more details for security); also said yes B*iden EOs are not recorded in the Federal Register because govt employees responsible know they will be implicated in the treason of B*iden administration and arrested & prosecuted in military tribunals with the rest of the swamp coming very soon;

. He said hang in there, pray, and enjoy the show coming over the next several days as T4B exchanges start any time over next 5 days.

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