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Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Jan. 20, 2021

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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

"It’s Happening! Robert David Steele on JFK Jr., Lin Wood on EBS and Twitterings" by Kat - 1.13.21

Entry Submitted by Kat at 2:26 AM EST on January 13, 2021

These amazing posts from Lin Wood just in, 1-12-21:

As well, this is what Mr. Lin posted on Telegram that I snapped on 1-12-21. It’s explosive INTEL.

Then I found this extraordinary Robert David Steele film clip and HAD to post it for all.

Last month, I believe in a Juan O’Savin blog, I postured that 5 plane crashes and two assassinations in the Kennedy family were proof to me of a purposeful cold-blooded plot on the part of the de*ep state to eliminate the Kennedy family.

The White Hats have had Looking Glass technology for however long, that enables them to look into Future Timelines. But the de*ep state also have Looking Glass and other technology much further advanced than we can even imagine that they have withheld from Humanity.

I have zero doubt that when the de*ep state looked into future Timelines where they were defeated, a Kennedy played a major part in their demise.

Whether or not they knew which Kennedy isn’t clear, since they set about destroying the possibility of ANY Kennedy defeating them.

I wrote my theory in a blog. The day after my blog was posted, Juan O'Savin Tweeted a Q post verifying my point, and then I Tweeted it all together.

This is what Juan O'Savin published after I posted my blog:

Here’s a larger print version of that post:

I’m so grateful to Juan for verifying what I thought. “Plane crashes are targeted kills.”

Here is a brief summary for those who may not be familiar with Kennedy History:

JFK’s older and dearly loved brother, Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. died in 1944. A U.S. Navy Lieutenant, killed in action during WWII while serving as a land-based patrol bomber pilot and posthumously awarded the Navy Cross. He died in a BQ-8 he was piloting that “accidentally” exploded over England.

JFK’s dearly loved sister, who was by all accounts a beautiful “spitfire” of a woman, Kathleen Cavendish, Marchioness of Harington [“Kick” Kennedy] died in a plane crash in 1948 in France.

Ethel Kennedy’s parents, George and Ethel Skakel, died in a plane crash in 1955 when their Corvair plane “ran out of fuel” and Ethel’s brother George, also died in a plane crash in 1966.

President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated November 22, 1963

Senator Edward Moore Kennedy escaped death in a June 19, 1964 plane crash

Senator Robert Francis Kennedy was assassinated June 6, 1968

If John F. Kennedy Jr. faked his death in a plane crash on July 16, 1999, it makes a lot of sense to me on three counts:

One, he would know he was a target of the de*ep state. It is common knowledge that at his mother’s insistence he had Secret Service or private Security guarding him his whole life.

Two, that he would choose a plane crash has poetic Kennedy symmetry given all the plane crashes in that family.

Three, and the most obvious point to Patriots, is that we know, as first reported by Charlie Ward, that President Kennedy gathered a small group of advisors around him because he feared for his life. He didn’t want whatever crucial information he had to die with him. JFK called those advisors “Q.”

After the President was killed, loyal U.S. Military Generals banded together, decided they’d had enough of the de*ep state and became intent on taking them down.

Juan O'Savin said that this small extraordinary group of Military Intelligence that are loyal to the Republic, and who came up with this masterpiece of a decades-in-the-making-plan, shall always remain anonymous.

John F. Kennedy Jr. was raised in Q. He was more than likely surreptitiously guarded by Q. So this Q post makes total sense and therefore, once again, verifies Colleen and Charlie Freak’s superb Q-Plan narrative and their belief that JFK Jr. faked his own death. They haven’t been wrong yet. I bow to them both.

This is what Robert David Steele said in the Film Clip:


Robert David Steele Jan. 4, 2021

RDSteele: I believe that John F. Kennedy Jr. and Donald Trump formed a special bond in New York. And a combination of things: 9-11, plus John F. Kennedy Jr. being threatened with assassination so that Hil/lary Clin/ton would win. She would never have won in New York had JFK Jr. run.

I believe JFK Jr.’s death was faked. And I believe JFK Jr., Donald Trump and Senior Military Officers loyal to the Republic have been working behind the scenes for the last 5 to 10 years.

And I believe that General Mike Flynn has been Commander-in-Chief of the Dorea (D’oria ?word?) Army that has been preparing for this day.

What RDSteele just outlined is exactly what many of us believe.

It’s thrilling that any day now we will be finding out the truth.

Onto other news:

Kathy P, thank you so much for correcting me!!

"Re: Massive News from Charlie Ward and Twitterings" by Kathy P - 1.12.21

“Rods” of God instead of “Wrath” of God. That is a HUGE mistake. Apologize.

It’s not the first time I’ve been incorrect with words in my transcripts as IDC reader Maxwell can tell you! Again, apologies.

The whole Charlie Ward post was too sloppy for me. I normally spend hours on transcripts and graphics checking and double and triple checking.

But I felt that information was crucial to get out and then I forgot that Patrick is in Hong Kong and a day ahead of my California time and he doesn’t see my posts until 12 hours after I write them!

Anyway, the blackout didn’t happen on 1-11-21 as many thought it might.

However I believe Three Gorges Dam is going to be demolished for many revolting/necessary reasons and it may well be with the Rods of God as well as with the Wrath of God. More will be revealed.

These are the times. Juan O’Savin always says, War is fluid. You have to go with moves and countermoves on the Field of Battle.

Speaking of 107 – there are a lot of False Twitter accounts cropping up of very loved people AND IT’S NOT THEM.

Case in point:

Remember the word “infiltration.”

This is the last legitimate Tweet on 1-12-21 from the Juan O’Savin we know before he was removed for the second or third time from Twitter:

A few hours later someone else cropped pretending to be Juan but the ENERGY was wrong.

The de*ep state are sneaky tricksters but their ENERGY is a giveaway.

Juan’s ENERGY is sweet, kind, brilliant and helpful. The fake one was not any of that.

The de*ep state is on the run. Desperate. Chaotic. Lashing out. So it’s for us to remain steady and very discerning about info and disinfo flying around.

Joe M can ALWAYS be relied upon to put it perfectly. He Gabbed this today:

Orcs is a great description of de*ep state de_mons. (I hope there are Lord of the Rings fans out there who know what I mean.)

Once again, just to keep morale up, we are in that Twilight Zone time where we don’t know what’s happening and the White Hats are NOT going to tell us and the M/SM are screeching out lies as fast as they can to befuddle those that are still under their MK-Ultra control.

So stay steady.

Are we in the 10 days of darkness? Many on Twitter seem to think so:

I keep reminding myself that ALL IS WELL because it is. POTUS/Patriots are TOTALLY in control. "Deep breaths."

In his speech today, President Trump looked tanned, relaxed and so healthy it’s like he’d been in the Bahamas for 2-weeks and not running a global war and tearing down the de*ep state, which is what he’s actually doing.

Speaking of grass doesn’t grow under POTUS’ feet, did you see the new Executive Order today?

The White House Launches the National Artificial Intelligence Initiative Office 1-12-21


This is what Gene Decode said on 9-16-20 about A.I. and Quantum supercomputers:

“It’s not just putting us back on the Currency that’s based on the Quantum Financial System and gold, silver, and platinum… it’s also putting us on the Quantum Voting System, the QVS, where they can’t hack our votes… it doesn’t matter how that vote is done even if it’s a mail in ballot… because the Quantum event is unique…

The Quantum computer that records that is being monitored by very high beings @5th Density and they can’t hack that… that A.I. won’t get out of control because it is being monitored by a group of 12 individuals in 5th Density so they can’t hack that.”

For those who may not have seen the Government website for Quantum, here it is:


Now – this is one for Sierra (NZ) because she does AMAZING cue-decodes. This cue post #529 has significance for tomorrow… apparently. It was Tweeted today.

#529 is the Call Sign of JFK’s plane:

This is the Q post #529:

FYI, I call Jr. JFK because his Pop has passed so he’s no longer Jr. unless of course I’ve got that wrong and JFK Sr. is alive and well and living in South America with Tesla, which is what Utsava told Charlie Ward!

I have no idea what the truth is, so for me for today JFK is his name unless I hear otherwise.

Might he be making an appearance tomorrow as in “Hello George” in the Kew post? No idea. Just thought I’d pass it along for those of you who are smarter than me.

Thought this was an important Tweet from PuppyFan12. “We’ve already won” is the truth as I understand it.

It was a muted day for Twitter news. We already know much of it and our intrepid Judy covered everything beautifully in her Restored Republic Special Report as of Jan. 12, 2021:

Restored Republic via a GCR: Special Report as of Jan. 12, 2021

For further encouragement, Joe M can always be relied upon:

I just love what Juan O’Savin said in his last Tweet:

“Anons you are prepared for this !
We knew this was coming.
We are no longer Q’s apprentices !
We ARE 1/7 !

Oh yeah. We’re ready, steady, strong and calm.

This is Kat, over and out.



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