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Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Oct. 31, 2020

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Friday, October 16, 2020

The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow - 10.15.20

Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday Night 10-15-20

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Hello Everybody - Welcome to The Big Call tonight – It’s good to have you in – it is Thursday October 15th and you’re listening to the Big Call – Thanks for tuning in – looking forward to having a good call tonight

Let’s say we have a few things to bring up for everybody tonight that we’ve not heard yet and I am going to try to give you an idea of the timeline that we are still on and how we got there –

We have information that we received today ad remember – things are starting to get very quiet – there are sources that we use to speak to that are under gag orders – there are some that are under non disclosure agreement - it is getting a little tougher to get the type and amount of intel that we had in the past - that in of itself is a good sign –

What I’d like to share tonight – No 1. we have proof or verification that at 2 am this morning Eastern time – the Sovereigns (Elders) some call them the Royals – began paying out today – and they should be complete by sometime tonight – This is important - this is the first domino – of a line of dominos that are starting to fall –

The other thing to do with that is that tonight at approximately 10:30 PM Eastern we are anticipating the payouts if you will of the collateral accounts – now what happens as a result of those accounts paying forward to the paymasters is we see the transition that takes place conversion of the USN from the USD -

In other words we finally see the conversion of our fiat dollar which is only backed by the faith and credit of the United States Government – We see that converting to a gold backed or asset backed dollar the USN – That is to take place tonight at approximately 10:30 PM Eastern – probably about the time this call is over –

That is very encouraging – another major step in this entire process –

Now what is next is the idea of the intermediate groups that still for the most part have not been paid – these would be groups that find themselves between tiers 3 and 4A – 4B - The intermediate groups include – adjudicated settlements – Fines & Penalties – we believe that the Native American Tribe has been paid – at least we’ve got some evidence of that – don’t know if they’ve completely been paid – we hope they have - The Farm claims – CMKX – and so on –

Now some of these – I think there are approximately 16 or 17 intermediate groups – some of these groups may have already been paid in USD – some of them – probably some of the adjudicated settlements may have needed to be paid due to contractual obligations needed to be paid in USN – before they were paid – tonight allows that to take place – The conversion of USD to USN which we’ve been looking for quite a while – is to take place – so that would be next –

Now - those groups should happen fairly quickly – I don’t believe they need to be sequential - I believe they could happen more or less at about the same time – that puts us to the point where we have the core group – which that core group would be next and that group only amounts to about 500 – 600 individuals which is only dealing with Dinar – an original group called the core group through the man who is in charge out west and that group would go next we believe - and that should happen because finally we have a rate on the Iraqi Dinar – they’ve done what they needed to do - so now that group can go forward –

After that we have about 26 or 27 additional groups that are based out west that would be next to go – so how long would that take? The theory is all of those their paymasters are lined up to where they should be able to see funds in their account as USN I am going to say in the next couple of days - where they could begin their payout - possibly – I am going to say “possibly” over the weekend into early next week

So where does that put us in tier 4B or the internet group? I believe it puts us in a position where we should see something in the beginning or middle of next week –for us – this is the latest and most accurate information that we received today and there’s several reasons I think for it – It’s not something because we are in a sequence of payouts - it’s unfortunately not something we can say “umph” we’ve got the gold standard – we’ve got the USN - we’re going to be paid today as well - it’s just that there is a sequence and we are in line –

Look at it this way -- we are ahead of one group and that is tier 5 – the Public – I told you on the last call that we were to start and go through the end of October – I still believe that will be the case for us – and will still give us adequate time for about 10-11 days of exchanges and redemption of Zim - before the public would start after the election - somewhere in the vicinity of the 5th of November - 5th or 6th somewhere in that range

I’m excited because I’m seeing that first domino fall today and I think we could call the USN conversion maybe the second domino - and so on and so forth- and these are all going to fall sequentially – spo that we will be where we need to be when it is our turn –

Now let’s talk a little bit about what’s been going on – the redemption center staff has been going in – they have – even on last weekend - on Friday and Saturday - they were there 4 ½ hours each day just checking and running through tests for the phone systems – the hard line and cell phone system - everything is being positioned to get started – because we sometimes get the information that things are happening in the next day or so –

Today it came out a little more detailed so we’re able to say it’s going to take a little while to get where we need to be and for our exchange to take place – on tier 4B – the internet group – it’s just going to take a little longer –

Now here’s another piece to of this whole puzzle – we know of some small private groups that have exchange and redeemed their zim – this has been going on for a little while – not brand new - these people – sometimes group of 5-6 sometimes as many as 12 - sometimes just a single individual - these private groups have received what we call walking around money that has been as little as $80,000 or up to as much as $245,000 - they received that for the most part on the day of their exchanges - but the so called real money – the bigger money that they would receive have NOT received yet

I am hearing as of today – they should receive up to and these are two very important words – “Up to” 20% of their total exchange – fairly early next week - between Monday and Wednesday – ok – so that means that they have agreements to receive and there are a lot of variables to this - based on the Zim – if it is a lot – or not a lot – so on and so forth - a lot of variables –

Some people little private groups – will receive 1 1/2% - some will get maybe 5% - a few might get more – maybe 12% - this is all based on those of us who are left over getting started with our notification by around that same time – so where we feel like you know it’s been a long time and we’re going to be waiting a bit longer – they are still going to coordinate so that the liquidity for the little groups we were talking about that have already gone - the real liquidity will happen approximately at the same time that we set appointments and go in for exchanges –

I hope that gives you some perspective on how large this thing is and how detailed it is and it’s not a simple flipping a switch – otherwise we would have been done before –

So – I did want to bring that out – I’m thinking that is the majority of what I wanted to tell you – I know there was one other thing I wanted to mention to you but may have to bring it out later –

This is something where we need to stay patient as we have been – Realistically this is a process that we’re in the middle of – there’s some other things that are interesting that are going on that I wanted to mention – We are right smack dab in the middle of what is being termed “ten days of darkness” -

Now realize this is NOT the “ten days of disclosure” – this has to do with what you have been hearing and reading about social media - banning conservative view points - banning certain people - banning you tube accounts - that type of information is what I’m referring to – we are in this ten days of darkness – about half way through it – and whereby the social media is being looked at very carefully and some individuals are going to be subpoenaed to come before select intelligent committee and so on - this is what’s happening

Now there are other things happening which they want and I say they – this is the cabal – trying - this situation is going to call for keeping an eye on food distribution centers – there is something that is planned to disrupt the trafficking of food to super markets etc and so on – in different parts of the country that are hubs for food distribution - Obviously the persons that protect us are aware of these and will take appropriate action to protect those areas –

I wanted to let you know we had heard a while back that this could be a time when we need to take some precaution and make sure that we have adequate food supply in case of a food disruption issue – So check your pantries and food supply to see if you might not need to bolster those in the next couple of days –

And…..we should have – if my math is right and we are on day 5 lets’ say of the ten days of darkness – before we see a great light - which is predicted - we could go Tuesday or Wednesday before that happens

Now further to this ten days – is we do have major targeted individuals let’s say – that are being picked up and that will probably continue a little longer as well – there could be some slight cell phone service disruption but I don’t think it’s going to be anything major = and I think the same could be true for some glitches in the internet service – but we’re just going to have to be careful and be vigilant to make sure that everything is all set and fine -

Bruce’s Big Call Replay Link Intel Begins: 1:04:44


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