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Monday, August 3, 2020

"The QFS, Part One" by Ron Giles - 8.2.20

Entry Submitted by Ron Giles at 2:20 PM EDT on August 2, 2020

The Quantum Financial System is a megalithic financial structure that has been given to Mankind by the Heavens. I call it a megalith because it stands alone as the most advanced Computer System that anyone could imagine. The technology has no peer on the earth at the present time. It is magnificent in that it is the only computer that could take on the magnitude of accounting needed for every financial transaction in the world in real-time.

This Woo Woo type of technology was developed and created in the 5th Dimensional realms as the remedy for the Babylonian type Central Banking System that has plagued mankind ever since it was created by Satanists. Being a 5th Dimensional creation, it has some major benefits that exist nowhere in either the 3rd or 4th Dimension.

Creations of this type from the 5th dimension, gather from matter unorganized and through the help of an advanced Spiritual Being, as well as a multitude of Nature Spirits that hold Spiritual Thought Forms in physicality, it is projected into the 3rd Dimension as a living entity with its own natural intelligence.

It does not use Artificial Intelligence to any degree. Artificial Intelligence is a 3rd Dimensional Creation used to mimic Real Intelligence that exists in the higher realms. With all that has been created in the 3rd dimension using Artificial Intelligence, for good or bad purposes, it cannot replace or displace real intelligence that exists in and from, the higher realms. Real Intelligence comes in the form of a Sentient Spiritual Being and when it is integrated into any Creation, it fulfills the exact intent of the creation without deviation. Again, this is only found in higher dimensional creations. For us on earth, it is brand new, never before used technology designed for this, the dispensation of the fullness of time. It was created for us to do our humanitarian work.

In effect, the Quantum Computer (CP) itself acts as the Physical Body of the advanced Spiritual Being. The Quantum aspect of the computer uses the intelligence of the Spiritual Beings to accomplish the secure design of the computer. This Advanced Spiritual entity or pure intelligence has access to the knowingness of the higher realms and integrates this into each and every financial transaction in real-time. It knows who each person or entity is that is initiating a personal transaction through the Computer. It knows the individual, it knows the account, it knows how much money is in the account and it knows all the account parameters of the account that will receive the transaction. It cannot be compromised. The intelligence of this Advance Spiritual Being is an extension of God’s Spiritual Intelligence or Knowing, projected into the Physical realms. The QC is then, in effect, an all-knowing, all-powerful operating system that supports the purpose of the QFS.

If one is familiar with a Planetary Logos, then one can equate the Quantum Computer to the earth; where, like the earth and its Logos, the computer is the body of the Advanced Being as the Being (intelligence) is permanently integrated into every atom and cell of the computer. Along with the Nature Spirits, the Being animates and controls every aspect of the computer in real-time. Unlike earthbound computers, it cannot be hacked, cannot be infected with viruses, and needs no outside source of power.

Beyond the aspect of the financial system, this Quantum Computer (QC) has enough storage and capacity to take on every computer function in the world with plenty to spare. Eventually, the computer will be used as the new internet with all other computers just simply acting as portals with connections to the QC by applications using personal identification numbers. No more need for an Internet Service Provider. All other computer storage devices will become obsolete as the QC becomes the premier computer with worldwide applications for anyone to use. Would you expect anything less as we ascend to the higher dimensions? Would you expect to drag the Satanist's creations to the 5th dimension with us or would you forsake it and leave it in the lower dense 3rd Dimension that exists on the earth? We are packing for our trip to the 5th Dimension, there are a lot of things that we won't want to take with us.

There is a lot about this 5th Dimensional Creation that requires a knowledge of the higher realms to understand. This is just an introduction, but the knowledge of the higher realms is not necessary to use the QFS. Just understand that everything in this computer is in benevolent harmony with the higher realms of creation and stands as a gift from God as the new financial system for the future of mankind. With some adjustments on man’s part, it can act like a Warehouse to support barter transactions which may eliminate money altogether.

This Quantum Computer stands ready to integrate into a Galactic-Wide-Web (GWW) system that will facilitate inter Galactic commerce. That system will act as a chain of warehouses housed on planets that hold commodities for exchange making it a Galactic Internet for commerce using anti-gravity, interstellar transporters, as fulfillment vehicles. This Quantum Computer begins our entry into the Galactic Society that makes earthlings Galactic Human Beings. I wonder how much it will cost to create the vehicles that will bring us to the age of intergalactic travel and subsequent commerce. We may need the higher redemption rates for sure. Duh!!!

A little history

Let’s put all this Woo Woo stuff aside and find out what the QFS has been doing over the last two years or so. It has been very busy.

Those involved in using this computer have learned how to “connect” into the archaic Central Bank computer(s) system. Through the SWIFT transfer protocol used by the Central Banks (CB), the QFS has obtained account information from every Tier 1 bank account in every bank in the world that is linked to the SWIFT transfer system. It has also obtained info for 2nd tier and 3rd tier banks that don’t have their own SWIFT transfer codes and use Tier 1 banks to service their customer’s transfer requests. Tier 2 &3 banks have accounts in Tier 1 banks that are used to transfer money.

With this information, the QFS was integrated into the SWIFT transfer system and programmed it to where each transfer is channeled through the QFS to record transfer data. The data is then inserted back into the SWIFT system to complete the transfer to the intended bank account. With this recording ability, every transfer through the SWIFT system and all data has been recorded and saved. This means that every time money is transferred, the QFS has recorded the account number of where the money came from, who transferred it, when, and the account where it ended up. Each increment of Fiat currency, regardless of the National Currency used, the QFS has given it an “Electronic digital code Name” that it uses to identify the increment of currency within the banking system. With this “Electronic Code Name,” it can track all currencies within the baking system and can identify it in any bank account anywhere in the system. The QC tracks the last 40 times an increment of money in any account has been transferred. It took a lot of time and effort to do this but it has been completed and active for quite some time (two years).

All of this info is shrouded and the activity and its data info are unavailable to any bankers or their IT technicians. Often times in the past two years, a banker has unsuccessfully tried to reroute funds to hold in some account somewhere so they can do overnight trading and then find out that the funds have already been successfully transferred into the receiving account within a few moments of the transfer initiation. Can you imagine some techy being fired over this because he couldn’t do what the boss wanted? It's not his/her fault, they have no clue what takes place. Imagine the frustration of the banker that tries to steal funds and finds law enforcement knocking at the door with a warrant for his/her arrest. Imagine the politician that gets a kickback from a country that receives foreign aid and finds their money has been transferred into an account that will hold the funds for law enforcement to investigate the origins. The QFS knows where the money came from and where it is. Is this why Q says we’ve got it all? They are stupid?

The Transition from the old to the new.

The QFS is alive and doing its snoopy thing, but it is not yet active with accounts. How is the old going to transition to the new? This is a good question. The QFS must be active when the RV/Redemption takes place because all RV and Redemption funds will be placed in the QFS as gold-back currencies in the currency of the nation where the RV or the Redemption takes place. This is the Global Currency Reset that all countries will go through when the funds are released. The RV funds are released and deposited into QFS accounts as gold-backed currencies; thus the Global Currency Reset. Keep in mind that this Global Currency Reset means the world has reset their currencies to the whole new system of finance for the world.

There will be no fanfare or public announcement when the QFS is activated. There are those in the financial industry who will know or suspect that the QFS has been turned on but there will be very few “tells” that it has been activated and fully functioning. The alliance wants this to be seamless. Obviously, a customer may ask questions as to why their account was not dinged for an overdraft fee, but the Teller can just say we don’t do that anymore. When the QFS has been activated there will be no fees for any financial services; no more Ussery fees on loans, no more theft by bankers, no more delays in transferring funds; it will just simply be an account-to-account transfer, all within the QFS initiated by the individual account holder without any requirement of someone doing it for them. The customer will just put a smile on their face and walk away wondering how the bank will make money in the future. That will be the question in the minds of many customers. It is really the end of an era of financial manipulation by bankers to make money off of other people’s money. The QFS is free, secure, and lightning-fast.

There will be a transition as the old CB financial system goes into foreclosure and the new QFS takes over.

End of Part One of Two

Ron Giles

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