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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

"The Gold-backed QFS, Getting it Right" by Ron Giles - 2.27.19

Entry Submitted by Ron Giles at 8:48 PM EST on February 27, 2019

Asset-backed is for a Bond. Gold-backed is for currency. While a currency may be Asset-backed when using Bonds for currency, Asset-backed is not a currency for use in the Quantum Financial System…. UNLESS.... it is Gold-backed. Unless it has gone through the process of being assigned a digital gold certificate, there is no way it functions as currency in the QFS. Without the gold certificate it is not even recognized as currency in the QFS and certainly cannot be transferred from one account to another for payment in a transaction.

Two countries, Iran and Venezuela, are said to be the only countries left that are not GESARA compliant. What does that mean? Venezuela has one of the largest oil reserves in the world, so why can they not create Bonds as currency backed by their oil Assets and be a part of the QFS? If Asset-backed is the qualifying factor in the QFS/GESARA compliancy, why then are they going to be excluded from the QFS. Yes, there are other qualifications with which they are not compliant, but Gold-backed is the major determining factor to be involved in the QFS.

Venezuela must go through the process of identifying each increment of their currency and assigning it to the piece of gold bullion that has been identified and set aside as the piece of gold backing that increment of currency. Without this process having been completed, it will not be accepted into the QFS. That is a cold hard fact, it does eliminate Asset-back currencies.

As has been explained on IDC many times, the QFS will be the financial system put in place to counter the Fiat currencies that underly the Central Banking System and the Cabal take over of the world through debt slavery of the people and their governments. Case in point if you haven’t connected the dots yet, to whom does the United Satiate owe the national debt? And who set the Federal Reserve, a privately-owned bank, as the entity to loan us money created out of thin air, to function as a government over We The People? And why do we pay interest on their miscreated money? Why did we allow our Government and Politicians to set up such a devastatingly destructive debt slavery system for our government and our public banking system? AND, Why do politicians continue to talk about a balanced budget when the Grace Commission organized under President Reagan said that not one nickel of IRS collections go toward government activities. The ruse continues.

GESARA rights this sinking ship of fools and arrest these politicians and puts them away as the treasonous insidious ones. No longer are we going to give away Fed borrowed billions of “Foreign Aid,” to foreign government politicians who keep the money to themselves and send a large portion back to our politicians in the form of bribes to keep the ruse going. It is reported that El Chapo stated in his sentencing hearing that he has paid bribe money to Pelosi, Schiff and many others to keep the border open to allow the drugs and human trafficking to continues. No wonder they hate Trump and are using every insane ploy they can to keep the border open.

I have been accused of fabricating the fact that it is the Chinese Elders who are in charge of the RV and GCR, instead of the African Elders. This is a bald-faced lie. The NPTB are the Chinese Elders with Grandfather as the leading figure representing the many historical families who have gathered gold for centuries to back the currencies for this event – the RV/GCR. The Alliance has joined forces for the destruction of the Cabal so the QFS can be activated. The dialogue that Zimbabwe’s assets are backing the currencies of the world is true to an extent, but not as it is being portrayed by most posters. This is ignorantly passing on information that is not understood; the same as using the term "demonetizing" Zim Bonds which is misleading when the bonds have already been demonetized since 2009. As stated above, it is impossible to back a currency by assets. Assets can be mined and sold without knowledge of those who purchase the bonds, thus diminishing the perceived value of the Bonds as first thought of when buying the bond. Pledging the assets for a Bond or a contract can be done, but it is a misconception to believe that assets can be used to secure or back currency. The assets of Zimbabwe are huge and were used to back the Zim Bonds we will redeem. However, it does not take a rocket scientist to see that backing Zim Bonds with Zimbabwe assets has been a monumental failure. Yet there are those who continue to advertise that the currencies of the world are to backed by Zimbabwe Assets. This is a failure to communicate the truth. This whole idea requires us to have faith that the assets will not be mined and sold over time. That is so Cabal like.

The Chinese Elders will redeem the Zim Bonds using their gold to back the world's currencies within the QFS banking system. This benevolent action takes away the public liability for the Zimbabwean Government and the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, created by using Bonds as currency without the cash to redeem the bonds – a fraudulent activity from the very beginning of trying to use the Zim Bonds as currency. They had no intention of redeeming these bonds. It was fraud in the beginning and the Zimbabwean people, as well as the whole world, saw through this action for what it was, a pipe dream made up by the RBZ and the dictator Mugabe.

Any Gurus that talk about funds being released without the QFS being activated is a bald-faced lie. All of our currencies and especially the Zim redemption funds will be gold-backed and placed in our own accouts established in the QFS to receive exchanged/redeemed funds. If the QFS has not been activated it is not the truth. So any discussion about funds being released without a discussion that the QFS has been activated is false, let alone the truth that all go, or no go which has been true throughout the whole GCR/RV narrative.

As it pertains to Zimbabwean Assets, there is obviously an underlying and undisclosed agreement between the Chinese Elders and the present Zimbabwe government. The Chinese would use their gold to back the currencies of the world, while the Zimbabwean Government would pledge a portion of their huge assets as compensation for releasing Zimbabwe’s public liability. This is the only way Zim assets can be used to back the currencies of the world. This synergistic agreement stands as the basis of the Alliance move to make the World GESARA compliant and the introduction of the QFS.

To the extent that one understands this information above is the extent to which it makes sense to use the term; asset-backed.” Under this context, it makes real sense to me. Without this information, the term “asset-backed,” does not make sense and gives a false understanding and a false sense of financial security. Let's start making sense with the words we use on IDC, instead of just quoting misused words from other, so-called gurus. They are not, "getting it right," so far. If this makes sense then let it be true for you, if not, figure it out on your own - good luck.

Ron Giles



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