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Sunday, November 4, 2018

"The Road You Leave Behind" - Weekly ZAP - The Office of POOFness - 11.4.18

" The Office of Poofness "

The Road You Leave Behind

David Lee Murphy

I remember the night my dad stopped the car
And got out in the rain
Changed a blown out tire on a car
For a family with out of state plates
I said dad did we know those folks
As they waved and drove out of sight
He just smiled as he started the car
He said son not 'til tonight
You see the road you leave behind you
Is another road you're gonna have to come back down
It's just the way this big old world turns 'round
You'll find somehow somewhere someplace sometime
You gotta go back down the road you leave behind
Stuck out on the highway one night
Many years gone by
Had the hood of my truck pulled up
My ol' gas tank was dry
Some ol' guy gettin' off on the night shift
Pulled up to check on me
He said I been in your shoes before son
And it's no place to be
You see the road you leave behind you
Is another road you're gonna have to come back down
It's just the way this big old world turns 'round
You'll find somehow somewhere someplace sometime
You gotta go back down the road you leave behind
I said what do I owe you friend you could easily passed me by
He said next time it might be me son you don't me a dime
You see the road you leave behind you
Is another road you're gonna have to come back down
It's just the way this big old world turns 'round
You'll find somehow somewhere someplace sometime
You gotta go back down the road you leave behind



Greetings and Salutations,

The uptick for this week is that yes, major movements have been taking place and efforts are in place to upend the continual run-ins that have been a steady diet for way too long.

There are those who are dealing with the way the bankers are withholding information or stopping up conduits. Then there are those who are dealing with the changing international pay out scenes, things like SWIFT and other settlement matters are now being redirected around the new players in the bull pen.

It is not a simple matter any longer and the USA doesn’t have the same stranglehold. Bankers are being held accountable differently than in the past. Then there are those who are in the legal field who are paid by the banIsters and money gurus that are cleverly making their views known and being held at checkpoints along the way. We are making progress. That’s the bottom line.

Many thanks to all who have continued to support Zap and his staff who dislodge every stone they can as soon as they can. The day will come when they will be seen as the little guys with the fingers in the dyke to stave off he outflow of these funds into the hinterlands. When funds move, they know it. When they move n the wrong direction, they are made aware of it.

Zap is going to pull it off for Humanitarian.



Dear Community,


By Bernard Dozier

Dear God, You are the Root from which my being springs.
You are the foundation, the solid rock, my life stands upon.
I am now conscious of my divine connection with You and Your good will toward me.
Even though I may at times forget, I am never lost or apart from You
Even when I put my way first and fail myself, You assure me that I do not fail You.
You comfort me, reassure me, stabilize and strengthen me.
I am calm, poised, confident, and serene.

You are the Mind of my mind.
Your light illumines my path, and my way is made clear.
The mists of my mind melt away as Your wisdom shines through.
I am always guided. I know what to do, and how to do it in an orderly, efficient way.
As I open my mind to You, my guidance comes, so I know You are with me.
Today I stride, step by step, confidently and securely in Your light.

When I fear there will never be enough, You nourish me.
Your inexhaustible storehouse is the invisible source of my visible supply.
You provide for the lily and the sparrow--and me.
Your Presence is my assurance of abundance now and forever.
Your Realm is one of all good things, and I feast on every blessing.
Life and health, love and laughter, harmony and happiness, success and satisfaction
Are mine today--to enjoy, to increase, and to share with a generous spirit.

I am in awe of Your divine networking of ideas and desires and minds--
How my desires reach through time and space, and so-called impossibles
To connect--with precision--those souls and circumstances that weave my answer.
Truly, all things, between us, work together for Good.

Thank You, thank You, thank You!

Men and Women Are Standing Up and Raising There Voice's!!!!

Support The Change... and VOTE!!!

My understanding is the Bankers continue their Nasty Games.......

All updates regarding the PP's have been put on hold until after the results of the elections. Good News expected. .... We sure hopes so!!!!..Much Love....




Good Evening,

The information continues to flood in from a host of resources. It has been constant and relentless. Now the public is left with the task of discerning what is relevant, and actual.

As Reported

On Oct 24 2018 we received word from associates who flew to Hong Kong stating they had been paid on SKR’s (Safe Keeping Receipts). Funds had been realized in accounts and could be viewed. Awaiting release of the holds to make it spendable. This was also confirmed from paymaster attorneys in Zurich, stating the same thing.

Another source verified weeks before that the funds were being, and had been, distributed to paymasters throughout the world in preparation for the event.

Another source verified both of the above but stated the UST had certain functions that had to be completed before the US would realize release

For the past month, it has been suggested that nothing would move forward until after the Midterm elections. One can only formulate and speculate as to why that is relevant.

Recently, it was reported that on Oct 31st the military and elites were paid (But funds not available) with the expected release to the public to commence, beginning the week of Nov 5th.

It was reported that the Admiral's core groups had been paid (Funds not available) Oct 26 (Friday) with the public beginning the following Monday Oct 29. The same weekend, it was stated that Reno had been funded and groups were to be on standby.

I have also received word that now it is Nov 12 as the start date.

Another source states the RV will not take place until Jan 2019 and the public will not participate. In addition, they also stated that the Zim has already been paid and whatever the amount paid out, was it. (Too much information from elite sources conflict with this one)

The sources of this information are profound, direct and if we were allowed to identify them, one would draw the conclusion they are valid, as follows: State dept. officials, banks, Elders, Group Leaders, fiduciaries in Reno, The End Buyer, The redemption committee, Paymaster attorneys, UST, Ranked Military and more. So, PICK YOUR POISON as to what you want to believe. I personally remain confused and don’t believe any of them that the funds are released, until I see the money

Blogger Information Streams

The information streams rarely agree on all points and consistently contradict each other, leaving the public spinning in confusion and skepticism. The motivation behind providing these educational editorials is sometimes suspect. Anna Von Reitz, Ben Fulford, Karen Hudes, Kim Possible/Tank, Bruce’s big call, TNT Toney , Neil Kennan, “Q” all have some form of bona fides behind them. Most all are highly credentialed, articulate, educated and well informed. While I may not agree with some of what they say or their point of view, one thing can be said of all, “their heart is in it”. Their intentions are a calling to educate and enlighten the masses. They do the selfless work required to bring this information to the public and in doing so expose themselves to public scrutiny and applause as well as attack. It is a rare form of bravery that should be acknowledged.

The rub I have is the blogs and websites that harness these benefactors' hard work and publish it for the sole purpose of creating revenues streams with little regard to the actual message being delivered. These blog sites generate next to zero information on their own and capitalize on the research and works of others while escaping the fallout of public opinion.

Though the aforementioned individuals provide us great and enlightening insights on historic governmental misbehavior and duplicity as well as corrupt international and financial behaviors, they offer little in the form of resolutions. Their commentaries stimulate a vast spectrum of emotions from anger to astonishment but really don’t offer any concrete solutions other than general statements of “Wake Up” or “Get enlightened” or “Get involved”. Not to undermine these solutions because they are valid statements and these statements need to happen. But I would prefer to see some strategic planning that lays out a step by step process to overcome the corrupt inhumane behavior and mechanisms of deceit.

Thus Zap, Poofness and Susan, Dragonheart and the Humanus team. Poofness and Susan have been active for over 25 years with the mission statement of a commitment to see the Prosperity Programs through to their conclusion and helping people, very simple. They have not veered from their purpose and I have personally never seen them speak a negative word against anyone including those that have made attacks against their integrity. Poofness has counseled thousands into a richer spiritual and physical life and taken on the higher missions to save our humanity long before it became a popular craze. They were one of the pioneers in the newsletter forums and have maintained through numerous personal tragedies and circumstances for the betterment of our global society.

Zap started his journey some 20+ years ago with little to no resources and dedicated himself to a strategic agenda to establish a step by step plan that would fund, manage and deploy humanitarian projects all over the world. He has never once said, “What is in it for me”. Everything he does has been for the betterment of others. There are no hidden agendas and what you see is what you get. Too often his transparency has worked against him in public opinion. I have counseled him many times on restraining from comment on things that are about to commence and wait until they are actual. His exuberance to pass on good news gets the better of him and when things do not manifest as expected public opinion turns negative. Over the years there has been many such occasion but if the public were able to view the documentation or were privy to the conversations they too would have a drawn the same conclusions (at the time) that things were absolutely done and moving forward.

As it is, everyone plays well together until someone pees in the pool then it is every man for himself and the blame game begins. The reality is, this undertaking and combining all the required ingredients to accomplish the mission is vast and exhausting with effort and patience. Coordinate all the players. Secure and follow through on all the compliance protocols for funding that seem to always get delayed. Years of establishing and massaging relationships. Designing a business model that brings it all together to make it deployable on a global scale. And do it on a shoestring budget and living as a minimalist for over a decade surviving on the goodwill of a likeminded community. And at times be bashed for it.?

Truth, it turns out, is an abstract. Like love and beauty, it is in the eye of the beholder. Truth is rarely what one wants to hear and when it differs from their personal perception of their own truth it becomes a lie or, as defined, a miss-truth.

The efforts of Zap and his followers are bearing fruit after years of preparing this initiative. An array of working parts and compliance protocols will take the time it takes to complete but that time is close upon us. The currencies and historical assets follow a similar path due to the economic impact of its release so do not panic and quit reaching for a start date. Both will be done when they are done. BUT IT WILL BE DONE

On a side note. I have received a lot of questions lately Regarding the Zim Activity.
For those of you that would like a recap of events in Zimbabwe and how their currency will carry the impact in values, send a request Subject line “ZIM” to replytodj@mail.com It may help clear up confusion you may have on how this currency can have such value.








NOVEMBER 4, 2018


Thank you for your support as we do our best to keep you up to date. We couldn't do this without your Help. Please go to Paypal.com using the account address: goneforthfornow@gmail.com to support the cause. Please remember to click friends and family when sending. We're still struggling to keep the lights on and food on the table.

Love and Kisses,

"The Office of Poofness"

ZAP, Susan and Staff



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