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Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Sept. 27, 2020

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Sun. 27 Sept. 2020 Compiled Sun. 27 Sept. 2020 12:01 am EDT by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Ther...

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Oct. 27, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Oct. 27, 2018

Compiled 27 Oct. 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Abuse Recovery, Author, “Twenty Two Faces,” Byington’s Before It’s Newsarticles on a Satanic Cabal CIA & Vatican-sponsored international Pedophile Child Trafficking Ring: http://beforeitsnews.com/contributor/pages/243/590/stories.html

The below is a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the individual reader to do their own research and decide whether or not it is valid. Patience is a Virtue. Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being. Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world.

Judy Note: On Oct. 22 after banks were funded for the RV and with new rates locked in, President Trump declared a National Emergency, put the Military on High Alert and ordered troops to the border to confront caravans of illegal immigrants said to contain terrorists and drug cartels. Two days later on Oct. 24 the Dow erased all 2018 gains by tumbling more than 600 points – the largest daily decline on Wall Street since 2011 – which overnight into Oct. 25 fueled Asian shares to dive. By Friday Oct. 26 stocks were falling sharply - 500 points down, again, - while the S&P 500 fell 2.3 % and Nasdaq dropped 3% - supporting a planned implosion of the privately owned and fiat Federal Reserve System. Sting Operations remained ongoing on the over 57,000 indictments filed in federal courts this year. A Market collapse was in order to hide the Global Currency Reset. The 800#s were expected to be released at any time now, the banks believed this week and within this month of Oct. During the collapse and perhaps after the Nov. elections GESARA (Freedom from Debt Law) would be announced to peacefully transition to a new Quantum Financial System, Cabal criminals would be arrested and transported to GITMO, with Military tribunals to follow in Jan. 2019.

A. Summary as of Early Morning Oct. 27 2018:

1. Stock Market: On Friday Oct. 26 stocks fell sharply, again, while the S&P 500 went down 2.3% and Nasdaq dropped 3%. Global market turmoil topped a turbulent week and US traders were greeted by another sea of red. European stocks renewed their plunge, along with Asian shares and U.S. futures. Asian shares had begun their dive on Wed. Oct. 24 as the Dow tumbled more than 600 points and hundreds of billions of dollars hemorrhaged from global markets, wiping out all gains for the year.

2. Intel Alert: The old fiat financial system was dying, as planned by the BRICS alliance. A Market collapse would hide the reset, with the exact timing unknown because of an in-progress purge operation on the Cabal. The migrant caravan provided reason to declare a national emergency and deploy the U.S. Military. This was a cover to covertly capture the masterminds and leaders behind the presence of ISIS/MS-13 within the migrant caravan. The Mexican Federal Police and Military would roundup the migrants and ISIS/MS-13 cells while the U.S. CBP protected the border. When an economic crash occurred sources expected the RV to begin within this month of Oct. During the collapse and by November the National Broadcast System Alert would be activated and GESARA (Freedom from Debt Law) announced. The actual back wall date was after Nov. elections when Cabal criminals would be arrested and transported to GITMO, with Military tribunals following in Jan. 2019.

3. Bruce: The Chinese Grandfather let his process go Oct. 25. Core groups were to be paid out the night of Oct. 25, with their funds accessible on Oct. 26. We were in the window for roll out of 800#s, which was likely a daytime event. In-country Iraqi Dinar was reported as $3.71, with our rate higher.

4. Tony: Banks were still planning on this to go this week, while Iraq still planned to complete their RV within the month of Oct. Iraq has signed everything and was ready to go with the Prime Minister sworn in on Oct. 24.

5. Philip Tilton: Last Sat. Oct. 20 we were fighting off attacks on our servers. Evidently QAnon’s base in 8chan was receiving ongoing attacks on the computer system.

6. ZAP: OCT. 26 would be a significant day for many.

7. Yosef: Full liquidity has returned to master paymaster screens worldwide. Banks were just waiting on authorization and new rates to begin processing clients. A Market collapse was a real possibility in order to hide the reset.

8. Zim: The Zim was a bond and not a currency. A currency was a conversion to screen rate, less any negotiation and during the reset special private rates would be offered on currencies, with all transactions going through the QFS. As a Historic Bond, the Zim must be legally negotiated per international law (used for humanitarian purposes). All Zim bond redemptions could be higher or lower than the 1:1 conversion rate, based on your knowledge and humanitarian desires.

B. Oct. 26 2018 2:26 pm EST Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure: GCR/RV Intel Alert for October 26, 2018 Operation Disclosure (Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks received from several sources which may or may not accurate. Other confirmed sources may also be included in this overview.)

1. President Trump was briefed about the current situation the other night by senior military leaders. After the cameras were off, Trump was briefed again on the current purge operation against the Cabal. https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2018/10/23/president-trump-receives-briefing-over-dinner-with-senior-military-leaders/#more-155812

2. The migrant caravan provides a reason to declare a national emergency and deploy the U.S. Military. This provided a cover to covertly capture the masterminds and leaders behind the presence of ISIS/MS-13 within the migrant caravan. Meanwhile, the Mexican Federal Police and Military would roundup the migrants and ISIS/MS-13 cells while the U.S. CBP protected the border.

3. The old fiat financial system was dying as planned by the BRICS alliance.

4. All countries must agree to GESARA compliance, or face imminent collapse as the old fiat financial system dies.

5. Saudi Arabia has not agreed to GESARA compliance which was why they were now facing an internal revolt. Japan has surrendered to the BRICS alliance and has agreed to GESARA compliance.

6. The completion of worldwide compliance with GESARA was the actual back wall date.

7. The given rates during the worldwide currency redemption (RV) would be special private rates and not the official rates. All transactions would go through the QFS.

C. Oct. 26 2018 10:39 am EST Intel Update, Mr. Ed: "Current Intel" - Intel Update (Real News) by Mr. Ed 10-26-18 Rumor Mill News

1. The Saudi Crown Prince was responsible for the killing of Mr. Kashoggi and the U.S. knew it, so Treasury Secretary Mr. Mnuchin flew to that country against Trumps orders to pick up $2 Trillion to keep the matter quiet. The Saudis gave the Secretary fake Gold Certificates labeled Manna World Trust, which were worthless. Mr. Mnuchin has been fired. (He was Cabal)

2. While 'The Caravan' of mostly 'Male Fighters' approaches our borders to start insurrections, Hurricane Michael was steered into Florida to drive away residents and take over the land by the bad Military and Cabal operatives and bring in terrorists. Those who refused to evacuate were shot. Katrina and Hurricane Florence were similar False Flag Operations.

3. Caravan people were paid between $1500 and $2000 to invade America and be further trained in secret camps.

4. The corrupted military foreign bankers and Cabalists want the U.S. destroyed financially and politically. (They are failing.)

5. Cabalists in the Military have shipped a fleet of F-22 Raptors from Tyndall AFB at Fort Walton Beach, Florida to Israel to defend against a possible Russian attack on that Nation. Israel is the last holdout by the Cabal before GESARA compliance is complete.

6. HSBC tried to hack into the Manna World Trust and had their computer systems destroyed as a result.

7. The mail bombs were a stupid stunt by the Democratic Cabal who used a number of operatives in Florida and other states to frame the Republicans. It was sloppy and it has failed. (Bomb threat suspect identified as Cesar Sayoc, of Adventura, FL, who has ties to New York. The Latest: specne.ws/bJP9og)

8. Gitmo was now finished and ready for its new occupants.

9. Arrests would begin after the election.

10. You would see troop movements all over the U.S. and not just the borders. The military is planning to exterminate the secret cells hiding all over the U.S.

11. The 5 G system will be destroyed and GMO crops ripped from the soil to save mankind from their ill effects.

12. Pedophile Bob Hope liked little black boys (one was Michael Jackson). Sometimes he and Walt Disney worked as a team.

13. Two Billion years ago a gigantic meteor of Graphite hit Southern Africa and has been protected by the Bantu Tribes for centuries. From this comes 'Graphene' which is the strongest, lightest and best heat conducting metal on earth.

14. In 2016 Disney made a film called 'Graphine Vibranium' so that folks could understand what this means to mankind.

15. Great wealth will be released into the new QFS (Quantum Financial System) of the BRICS Alliance headquartered in Bejing, Moscow, New Delhi, Rio De Janeiro and the Great Zimbabwe. Its wealth was estimated at $1 followed by 68 zeroes.

16. We now know that the dark Cabal plan for the people of earth was to kill us all off and leave 'the Elites' with all of the wealth. But it was their bosses at the Vatican (the secret ancient family bloodlines) who were behind it all.

17. Almost everything that you have been told or taught was a lie, as you would eventually see.

D. Oct. 26 2018 12:22 pm EST Notes by Sir Realist, One Who Thinks: "Re: Notes by Sir Realist" by One Who Thinks - 10.26.18

1.Interesting timing for your frantic denial of everything that has been developing over these many years. While it is true that there are many capable story tellers that contribute to these blogs, there are also many genuine intel seekers and providers that have simply been thrown many curves in the form of dis-information to confuse CABAL readers and some genuine information at its time that was disqualified by changes in plan, detection of nefarious threats to the integrity of the RV and so forth.

2. I have been blessed with some most unique and well sourced information in the last few months that I have not been at liberty to share for fear of hurting those very sources. Let me assure all who read this: things we thought could not be necessary for a successful RV, or things we heard were completed at several points in the past but were not, have now come to pass. The world will very soon get its fresh air.

3. The facts are with us, though they cannot all be shared openly. The reality of their truth will VERY soon be evident to all, good and bad alike!

E. Oct. 25 2018 9:29 pm EST The Time is Now, X22 Report (video): (Video) X22 Report -- Episode 1699: The Time is Now | Deep State Projection in Full Force

Brexit talks are on hold, the Central Bankers will never let any country leave. Over half of America gets more welfare than they pay in taxes. This is what the Central Bankers want. They want people dependent, enslaved and desperate. New homes, existing homes and now pending homes have all declined. The entire system was falling apart. The ECB is not going to raise rates. They will slow the stimulus. They know if they raise rates it’s game over. Peter Schiff says the way of life in America is going to change when the system comes down, so get prepared.

The Deep State is in full panic mode. They are pushing the Khashogi event, the caravan, the packages that contained bombs. This is being done on purpose because they are panicking. They are also projected when the MSM puts out articles that Trump is using an unsecure phone in the White House. They are trying to compare this to HRC unsecure server. The Deep State is desperate. The hammer is falling.

F. Oct. 26 2018 2:24 pm EST Zim Dollar Notes Not for Sale: RBZ: Demonetized Zimbabwe Dollar Notes Not for Sale

G. Oct. 26 2018 Truth About the Caravan (video), Glen Beck: (Video) Emailer from Honduras Tells the Truth about the Caravan

A Honduran man emailed Beck saying that the Caravan headed toward the US Border was based on political lies and deceit to embarrass the US and Honduras. Innocent Hondurans have been taken advantage of, paid cash, promised jobs and transportation to and entry into the US in Caravans infiltrated with drug cartels and terrorists.

H. Oct. 25 2018 8:17 pm EST American Trucking Company Caught Carrying Caravan Migrants: American Trucking Company Caught Carrying Caravan Migrants

I. Oct. 26 2018 Mail Bombs: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/10/26/trump-claims-hes-being-blamed-for-mail-bombs.html President Donald Trump claims he's being blamed for the mail bombs addressed to some of his most prominent critics. On Friday Oct. 26 a convicted criminal was arrested, with more expected, for the fake mail bombs (reported to be False Flags), sent to thirteen prominent Democrats, including Obama and Clinton.

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