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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Wed. AM KTFA News Articles 7-4-18


Samson » July 4th, 2018

US Senator Lindsey Graham: The security situation in Iraq is better now

4th July, 2018

US Senator Lindsey Graham said on Wednesday that the security situation in Iraq was better now and there was an obligation to enforce the law, while the perceived weakness of Iraqis' The politicians must be aware of its content, he said that Iraq is the most appropriate place to celebrate the American Independence Day.

"The Fourth of July is America's Independence Day and the best place to be to celebrate this anniversary is at the US Embassy in Iraq with those who defend and make the world," Graham told a news conference at the US Embassy in Baghdad in the presence of US Ambassador Douglas Silliman. Best".

​"It is clear that we are building the wall in South America but we are not building a wall with the Middle East," he said, referring to US President Donald Trump's plan to build a barrier on the border with Mexico to prevent infiltration of illegal immigrants. "During this tour in the Middle East, we visited our forces in Syria and it was a good experience and US forces are doing a good job there to ensure stability," Graham said.

"The defeat of Saddam in Iraq is difficult, and the fight against the organization in Syria was not the best, and we see a solution lies in the presence of US forces in Iraq and Syria." "Our efforts in Syria are good and the number of American casualties has been reduced in the last three years to 14 Americans," Graham said. "These groups that have done this in Iraq can do it in Syria, so we are in Iraq," he said.

He pointed out that "most Iraqis remember the collapse of the security forces and the entry of an advocate in an attempt to kill civilization, calling remind us of evil." "America has sacrificed more than 4,000 troops in Iraq," he said.

"The security situation in Iraq is better and the laws apply. Mosul and the liberated areas are back to life and their economy is improving," Graham said. "In Arbil, there is a strong economy and security forces." He stressed that "the region must be interested in the results of the Iraqi elections and respect the sovereignty of Iraq."

"I met Prime Minister Abbadi and the work is under way to form a government, but politicians have to understand that voter turnout is low, and this is a message to be aware of," Graham said.

"We emphasize a unified Iraq with a Shiite and a Sunni population living in one country, and there is a great opportunity for the Iraqi people to unite and to have all the components of the people in the next government," he said. "We discussed with Abadi and political leaders the formation of the government and we are looking for an Iraqi government formed by the Iraqis and not by America," he said. "We want a comprehensive government and a moderate alliance that includes everyone and cares about the interests of the people and fighting widespread corruption."

"We in America have difficulty in leading America, so how is Iraq?" Graham said. He pointed out that "one of the reasons for the presence of militias is the weakness of the army, and we believe that the intervention of militias a major obstacle to the formation of the next government." "Iran will have an impact in Iraq, but this time it is different and will not reach the level of hegemony as it was in the past," the senator warned. "I tell my colleagues in America that the Iraqi security forces need US forces, and from an American point of view, there must be US troops in Iraq if the Iraqi people want it and I think they want it," he said.

Graham said he had met Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan before arriving in Iraq. "I tried to show Erdogan that the presence of US forces in Iraq for security, prosperity and regional stability is nothing but," Graham said. LINK


3rd July, 2018

Reaching a speedy conclusion on negotiations to form a new government is the top priority for a country emerging from years of instability.

After a tough year of recession, growth is set to return to Iraq’s economy. Backed by increased oil revenues thanks to the rise in global oil prices, and in spite of the stalling of talks with the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) in Erbil over restarting the oil export pipeline from Kirkuk to Turkey, Iraq’s economy has finally turned the corner in 2018.

The conclusive hobbling of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has allowed Baghdad to get back to the business of repairing its damaged infrastructure, including another pipeline from Kirkuk to refineries and power plants in the south, and drawing up clear reconstruction plans.

Reconstruction plans a sign of stability in Iraq economy

Baghdad’s launch in May of a $35bn reconstruction plan for areas previously under the control of Isis, supported by the EU and UN, signalled that the gears of government are once again turning in the right direction.

Indeed, it is a sign of the country’s new-found relative stability that the biggest source of disruption this year, both actual and potential, has been the ongoing parliamentary election.

Both the outcome, with the ascendance as kingmaker of populist Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, and the prospect of protracted negotiations on the formation of the government have the potential to disrupt or at least delay the execution of important legislation.

Iraq economy growth in spite of political wrangling

The implementation of a vital new petroleum law passed in March that sets the scene for better relations between the Iraqi government and international oil companies could well be among the casualties of prolonged political wrangling.

The stabilisation of Iraq’s economy and public finances are nevertheless a source of great relief to investors and prospective contractors, lending weight to the supposition that Iraq will ultimately deliver on its pipeline of projects across the oil and gas, power, transport and construction sectors. LINK

Kurdistan Commission: 300 thousand names were deleted from the register of voters

4th July, 2018

The High Electoral Commission (IHEC) announced on Wednesday (July 4th, 2018) the elections and the referendum in the Kurdistan region about the deletion of some 300,000 names from the voters register.

"So far about 300,000 names have been removed from the register of voters, from the names of the dead, the phantom, the duplicates and others," UNHCR Commissioner Hendrin Mohamed said in a press statement.

He called on the parties to "identify their employees to renew the voter register until UNHCR appoints them."

He added that "the Commission will start early next week to renew the voter register," adding that "the process will last 30 days." LINK

Doc.K » July 4th, 2018

Monetary policy .. fixed rate or partly floating?

7/2/2018 7:47:23 PM


Sadr "gets" light "green" international "to submit his candidate for prime minister


Keywords: Abadi is the "only" candidate for the Dawa party for prime minister LINK

US official: So "dropped" Maliki .. The law: a dangerous precedent in international relations LINK

Former Deputy: The government has huge funds for the supplementary budget

Information / Baghdad ..

The former deputy Jassim Mohammed Jaafar, said Tuesday that the government has huge funds to calculate the supplementary budget for 2018, but the obstacle to the ratification of the absence of parliament, indicating that any delay in the announcement of results and the ratification of the Federal Court may go to the budget to 2019.

"The absence of the legislative side contributed to the disruption of the adoption of the supplementary budget for 2018 by the House of Representatives, whose mandate expired on June 30 of the current year," Jaafar said in a statement.

Jaafar added that "the government can not act on the funds of the supplementary budget at the present time until the formation of a new parliament."

Jaafar said that "the government currently has huge funds estimated at more than 25 billion dollars," noting that "in the event of delayed announcement of the results and the ratification of the Federal Court may be going to this money to the budget of 2019." Ending link

Samson » July 4th, 2018

this article appearing on many news sites

CBI signs MoU with Yunin B International International

4th July, 2018

The Central Bank of Iraq (CBE) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Yunin B International International to contribute to the development of intelligent payment technologies and electronic payment services in Iraq

The Central Bank of Iraq in a press statement received by "Economy News", " the Central Bank of Iraq signed represented by His Excellency the Governor Ali Mohsen Ismail on Wednesday , July 4, 2018 Memorandum of Understanding with the company" Younine BV International World "and to contribute to the development of smart payments and services electronic payment technologies Iraq "

Yunin B is one of the largest companies in China and most of the Asian countries in this field, in addition to being the third largest international company to issue and collect cards

" This memo comes in light of the strategy of the Central Bank to develop electronic payment services and open the horizons of work and competition for international companies to participate actively in the implementation of current and future plans for the electronic payment sector as well as the development of this sector and the transfer of expertise owned by this company to the Iraqi market, Easy and smooth money transfer through cards to boost trade between Iraq and China as well as various domestic and international remittance services . "

He added that "the company intends to enhance the collection of payments to buy cards through traders using the latest technology developed by the company over years in mature markets and promising , " adding that "the support of international companies and organization of work in Iraq will contribute directly to provide the best services and provide effective competition in this the field"

" This is the third agreement signed by the bank in 2018 with international card companies (MasterCard, VisaCard and Yunin B International) as part of its plans to expand the use of high technology to enhance card business and develop payment systems in accordance with international best practices LINK

Source: Dinar Recaps



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