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Thursday, July 12, 2018

"We are at the Point" - Thurs. AM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26


Tim » July 12th, 2018

Frank 26 i have a question for you sir. are you having a team chat this friday or are you on your 10 day siesta? and if you are sir enjoy it you deserve it. have a blessed day everyone. by the way family, has anyone told you we won?

Frank26 » July 12th, 2018




IMO ................. IMO ............... IMO ............. WE ARE AT THE POINT WHERE EVEN .............. AN OPINION .............. IS NOW NO LONGER WISE.


DinarDiva1 » July 12th, 2018

Hmmm so Ghosts very very tight window is wide open again ---IMO

Samson » July 12th, 2018

Abadi meets US Secretary of State in Brussels

12th July, 2018

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi met Thursday with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in the Belgian capital Brussels.

"On the sidelines of the conference of the International Coalition Against Terrorism in Brussels, Abadi met with Pompey and his delegation," a statement from the Abadi office said. "The meeting discussed a number of joint issues related to the fight against terrorism, reconstruction and stability in the liberated areas," he said.

It is noteworthy that Prime Minister Haider Abadi met earlier in the day, a number of officials at the conference of the international coalition against terrorism, which is currently in Brussels.

Abadi left Wednesday for Brussels, accompanied by Defense Minister Irfan Hayali, to attend the conference of the International Coalition Against Terrorism. LINK

Training and arming the Iraqi forces" .. One of the axes of meeting Abadi and US Secretary of State

12th July, 2018

Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Thursday discussed bilateral cooperation between Baghdad and Washington, as well as Iraq's support for training and armament. "Abadi met in Brussels with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and his delegation," the prime minister's office said in a statement received by Mawazine News.

The statement added that "the meeting discussed bilateral cooperation between the two countries in various fields and political situations and support Iraq in training and arming." "The achievements in Iraq are very important to continue to support them in many areas," said US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi left Wednesday for Brussels to attend the meetings of the international coalition against "Da'ash". LINK

Because of the crisis of the financial alliance .. Trump threatens to withdraw from NATO without returning to Congress

12th July, 2018

Threatened US President Donald Trump, on Thursday, the exit of his country from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), in the event of Member States not to meet its obligations regarding defense expenditures for NATO. "I told many participants at the previous summit that spending should be increased,"

Trump told a news conference after the NATO summit in Brussels. "Twenty-nine countries have decided to raise their contribution." And threatened to leave his country "from NATO in the event of an increase in the volume of defense spending of NATO, without reference to Congress."

According to NATO sources, the leaders of the Member States expressed their discontent with the escalation of the US President, which led to the cessation of the meeting of NATO leaders extraordinary with Ukraine and Georgia for a short period. Prior to the extraordinary meeting, Trump asked in a tweet on Twitter that member states should immediately meet their defense spending commitments of 2 percent of GDP. LINK

Tommy17 » July 12th, 2018

Go Trump. He’s not happy the USA spends a ton of money in nato ‘with very little financial support from other countries

Samson » July 12th, 2018

Summary of the Weekly Conference of the Prime Minister Dr. Haider Al - Abbadi /

10 July 2018

We realize that peace stage benefits are non war phase benefits, and we now entered stage peace and citizen who waiting patiently and sacrificed the best government services, especially provision basic services such electricity and water.

We hear these days loud voices that want to bring us back to the first box to make a mess like those stages that paved the way for terrorism, and there are those who want to clash between citizens and security forces, and there are those who penetrate peaceful demonstrations to create problems and we must beware of them.

Next to the operations of investment and stimulate the economy and create thousands of jobs for citizens and this needs a sound environment for companies operating in the private sector.

The civil peace must be maintained and Iraq should be a safe environment for work and investment. This will create a healthy economy and jobs for citizens. Without peace or security, there will be no economy or work.

In support of Iraq and the training and arming of our security forces, a conference will be held in Brussels to combat terrorism and support Iraq. We have been invited to attend for more security support and support for stability in Iraq, which in turn generates an economic environment conducive to investment and the development of the country's economy.

In the next four years, we aim to develop the country's economy and create jobs.

We have beenconvicted of corrupt people and brought some of them, and many decisions have been issued against the corrupt and we have a cell working precisely in this area.

Fighting the terrorists face to face is different from the fight against corruption, which mourns the body of the state and society, corruption needs to be accurate in fighting to make a mistake in hitting the target and we are fighting a system of integrated laws and prosecution and effort similar to intelligence effort.

The pursuit of terrorists now differs from the operations of their fighters in previous years, and today we pursue them intelligently and accurately and capture them.

The corrupt were more capable than the state previously because the state was weak because it was based on the virtual law, and today we are working with a careful intelligence and it brings good results.

I call judiciary to do utmost to prosecute corrupt and prevent extension corruption to judiciary, this happened this disaster, and must not be politicized judiciary.

If the corrupt can get rid of the judiciary, we will need a second revolution, God willing, we do not need it, and the judiciary, God willing, is capable of judging the corrupt ones. I call for a professional deal on this issue and we need to stand together and stand by one position because the corrupt are trying to divide us.

We started steps a few months ago to reduce the number of foreign advisers in Iraq because Iraq now does not fight an open war on terrorism and the biggest effort of their presence is to fight a duel in Syria.

We have aviation and a military intelligence effort to fight a preacher inside Syria and we want to eliminate it on the border between us and Syria.

We do not want to interfere in Syrian affairs and we wish the Syrian people to live in peace and security. We are interested in normal relations with Syria, but a presence in Syria and near our borders worries us.

Differences within Syria may help to rekindle growth.

Our goal is to eliminate an oppressor in Syria and pursue the evils of small groups within our territory.

Our heroic pilots have made several very successful missions and have dealt painful blows to the inside of Syria, and we have heard the praise of our brave pilots even from the International Alliance.

The air strikes of our heroic air force inside Syria have reduced the ability of an advocate to carry out terrorist acts inside Iraq.

The terrorist system is an international system that needs international cooperation. We do not beg anyone, but countries need Iraq to fight terrorism and we want to keep cooperation with it.

We will not rest until we eliminate an advocate in the region and must cooperate with other countries to eliminate it.

Part of our attendance at the Brussels conference is to not forget Iraq because the war with an impasse is over and we want to alert the world that Iraq still needs a lot of work to pursue terrorist groups in the region.

Iraq must be at the forefront in the fight against terrorism and restore stability not only in Iraq, but in the entire region.

There is concern in the world that the situation in the region may escalate, and the presence of strong Iraq gives reassurance to Iraq and the world that things are going right and must be supported in the restoration of stability and training to be our forces always ready to pursue terrorism and is able to do so.

Election fraud is a crime and we will continue to pursue the forgers, and they must be punished and a message that they will not succeed in stealing the votes of citizens.

There is a supreme committee to find evidence on the counterfeiters to be submitted to the Prosecutor and we are working on auditing the bodies and names that contributed to rigging the elections.

We await the announcement of the Commission's results of counting and sorting and call to speed up the process because the situation of the country can not bear to move towards the formation of a new parliament and a new government and go ahead.

We will hold electoral fraudsters accountable for their crime.

Source: Dinar Recaps



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