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Friday, July 13, 2018

"Tonight's Word: American Soul" - Heisenberg - 7.13.18

Entry Submitted by Heisenberg at 7:19 PM EDT on July 13, 2018

I have kissed honey lips
Felt the healing in her finger tips
It burned like fire
I was burning inside her.

I have spoke with the tongue of angels
I have held the hand of a devil
It was warm in the night
I was cold as a stone.

I believe in the Kingdom Come
Then all the colours will bleed into one
Bleed into one.
But yes, I'm still running.

You broke the bonds
And you loosed the chains
Carried the cross of my shame
Oh my shame, you know I believe it.

But I still haven't found
What I'm looking for.
But I still haven't found
What I'm looking for. – U2

And that brings us to tonight’s word: AMERICAN SOUL

You say you have come searching for soul in the capital of capitalism. You say you’ve climbed the highest mountains to hear the thunder in the desert. You say you have traveled across the oceans angry and flew the skies turbulent to find the long lost treasure of santé Geronimo called the American soul. Now I was about to say Columbus there to the delight of Italians everywhere, but it’s not really accurate, is it? So, we’ll just meet in the middle at “American soul”. I think one must be careful to insinuate or infer that somehow the American soul is lost. Or somewhere its dried up on the vine. And I must be careful in how the question is answered. You know…being all woke ass about Amerika and all. Luckily Paddys pub is a gathering sanctuary for many open minded folk looking for a good fish and chips at a reasonable price. And a proper served proper. Many here know of the shenanigans perpetrated on the unsuspecting extremely trusting American public. And slowly but surely, sleep filled eyed brothers and sisters are awakening to the perpetrating masquerading foolishness. We all know. By now, WE all know. But still…the American psyche is very tender. Many pink juicy fresh brains have turned a dull grey from a merciless assault of matrix magnetic resonance imaging and an unending barrage of third eye choking television. The drug of a nation. Breeding ignorance and feeding radiation. Most Americans won’t wake up from their NFL and opioid induced coma unless some jackass dares deliver anything but a complete 100% satisfaction survey of this great land we call Gods country. Love it or leave it. That psyop aged particularly well. So...Heisenberg…I can already see where you’re going with this….tread lightly….

American has soul. We’re the worlds protectors. At least that’s what they taught us in school. Boy, was my face red when I found out it was actually Russia. Stepped in that one. Those who reside outside the US probably have a strong opinion on the matter of America having a soul. Down in San Salvador and Nicaragua. And Iraq. And Iran and Afghanistan. Vietnam. Korea. I can see those fighter planes. I can see those fighter planes. How do those small countries look at us as a people who allowed our military to run unchecked for so long? How many around the world are sick and tired (Cosby boom…too soon?) of a nonstop US military intrusion into their affairs? How many Americans are tired of sending their children into these countries? They don’t want us there and we don’t want to be there. Daddy just won’t say goodbye. So, who does want us there? The puppet masters? The ones who play high stakes chess with our lives? The ones who lily pad jump opium from Afghanistan into Chicago? They say worldwide conflicts have decreased dramatically if not altogether. They say the troops are coming home. Can you still see those fighter planes? From your private planes? Is it getting better up there? Just look at this picture of Iran and Amerikan bases surrounding it. Nothing to see here. Super normal. Move along.

America has soul. I’m free to practice whatever religion I choose, that’s bible thumping praise the Lord and pass the ammunition soul. You’re right. There are many religions to choose from. As long as it’s one of theirs. How many wives would you like? Excellent choice, sir. Excellent choice. And then there’s Catholicism. How’s that working out for you? We are told that Christianity is Americas religion. We are told without perversion of Christs true message of love and forgiveness. We are told without perversion of the lessons Christ came to teach us for such a day as this so we can bite back against our wardens and ascend to our rightful place in the universe. Yea right. I had a hard time saying that one with a straight face. The money you donate on Sunday…where does that go? Vatican’s basement? They gave us pictures of a very (not racist) white Jesus flashing the masonic sign. They gave us bread and wine of flesh and blood to eat come to find out they perform cannibalistic ritual sacrifices? So yes, I guess the freedom of religion is part of our constitution. First one fyi. I guess freedom of religion is a two way street. Now the fact they create a limited handful of religions for us to choose from is ironic (did I use that right?). Like 7 shops in one strip mall. I will practice my first amendment right and choose no religion. I choose a direct relationship with source. God. And I doubt the local Baptist church would want me anyways after my education here. I’d be a serious terd in that punch bowl. But I digress.

"I don't want to belong to any club that will accept me as a member." – Groucho Marx

America has soul. It has malls to dress myself. Dicks has 50 brands of golf clubs to choose from. It has food 24/7 to feed myself. It has $1 chalupas. *shot*. Ah yes… the $1 chalupa…my greatest enemy. The corporate food offerings of the quick and the cheap. What they don’t show you is the family who used to have a nice little family restaurant around the corner that got choked out by capitalism and competition. Couldn’t compete as food costs, rent and taxes rose past a point of diminishing returns. But we don’t like to hear about that when the next franchise hits town. There’s blood on your hands Cheesecake Factory. But it creates jobs, you say. Aye…aye it does. But jobs do not equal soul. Three minimum wage jobs to survive does not equal soul. And that’s what I liked so much about Bourdain. He got past the strip malls and went straight for the soul of everywhere he went. That man had soul. That man has soul.

America has soul. We have a free democratic voting society where everyone’s voice is heard. Where do I start with that one? Soros and the voting booth scam? The same puppet masters giving us the choice of bought and paid for politicians? I don’t want to say all politicians are corrupt, just the good ones. I joke I joke I keed I keed. Many come forth and want to make a change. They see the struggles in their communities. Unfortunately, they will either never get the chance cause the system is rigged OR they learn pretty quickly the system is cancerous with corruption and the only way to stay alive is to play ball. Don’t hate the player, hate the game. But as far as a free and open democratic process equaling soul?...sorry, not yet…but stay tuned.

America has soul. We’re making America great again. So…your opinion…. how about this leader? You’ve met many a leader of the land all around this world, probably more than one in your profession should, so I’m super curious. Your constituents would never allow a cup of tea in the same room…but never say never. After the three US presidents whom have come and gone, from an outsider looking in, do you feel a shift in the force? From a macro private jet 4 miles up, does America look a little different? Smell a little different? Taste a little different? Is there a green energy glow lately? This leader is interesting, is he not? David Lynch seems to think so. Trump has got more layers than a truck full of onions. Not exactly one who is afforded tranquility in his entourage, but when one is at war, what do you expect? Does America want a leader who is willing to sell her soul for the sake of keeping the peace? Obviously, the paid protestors both for and against Trump are not good for anyone ready for the new world. It creates chaos. And anarchy. And disharmony. All the things the devil is known for. But that’s not the soul of America. We all know that, right? Right?....Bueller?

Is the water still choppy? Is it still risky to put your neck out? Is it still a red flag day? Pretty interesting times, I hope you would agree on that one. One of those times where the illusions are over whelming if you let them. And if you listen to every voice in the pub. And on TV and the internet. And every ex-president whispering in your ear. Where does one go to find the truth? Great question. And I think I have a simple answer. God. Source. Spirit and all of the light will show you the lies and illusions if you allow Him. And how to you allow Him? Total surrender. And on the flip side of that coin…the Devil can also show you the truth. Lucifer. Satan. Surrender to Satan and you’ll get shown the illusions as well. All the lies and tricks will be given to you to play on others. Like joining some private magicians club and all the secrets are yours. The illusion playbook that is tried and true to lead the most discerning of sheep off a cliff. Pretty simple yes? So simple it’s sad. Both paths will give you the truth. At this point in our American history, it would take a balsy mofo to surrender to the Sith. The Jedis are bringing it correct with the end in sight. With the current perk package of being a Sith, I just think that time has passed. It’s like someone telling you to direct so you can get laid. But hey, free will away. I think it’s the ones in the middle that won’t commit either way are having a difficult time with the RV. They are the ones that are watching the clock and believing every date from any voice out there. They are the ones tempest tossed looking for that golden lantern. It’s the ones stuck at the crossroads that are full of confusion and anger. And anger leads to the dark side. Unfortunately, these undecided and all their disappointment only benefit the dark. If only they knew somehow….if only someone put an article in Paddys newsletter, they might read it. Another Guinness, Paddy?

But I’m curious, once again, to see if you have taken your own advice from decades ago. Has the division of blue, red, white, black and orange faded in their colours? Is it back to not believing what we hear from influencers. Back to not believing what we see on the ticker tape at the bottom of the endless fake news? Back to simply closing our eyes, opening our hearts to feel who is the real enemy of mankind. And Womankind. And how exactly does one feel the enemy? Surrender. Surrender. Surrender.

So you say you came here looking for American soul. That’s what we do everyday. She’s out there somewhere. But did you find some? Somewhere between the KKK marches, Anthony Bourdains murder, a musical journey to Harlem (Larry boom), Ellen's couch, third man studios and a visit to a little dive bar in a shit part of town, funky with a small but ever growing movement of revolutionaries…did you find her soul? Or was it meet the new boss same as the old boss? Did you find a chalice worthy to lift high and toast to God? Did you find a people with whom you’ll complete your promise to God in their company? In a land that was to be a prison and home for a 4th reich, did you find your daily bread waiting for you in the darkest of broken down trash can alleys? In the confusion that usually accompanies war, did you find the light of her soul in the strangest of places?

Did you find Amerikan soul?

Or did you find Amourican soul?

Did you find what you’ve been looking for? First round’s on me.

The goal is soul

And that’s the word


Ps. Did someone mention something about a formal surrender? Then off to meet Putin? Grab the popcorn. Here comes the twister.












Love is bigger than anything in its way
The door is open to go through
If I could I would come too
But the path is made by you
As you‘re walking, start singing and stop talking

If I could hear myself when I say
Love is bigger than anything in its way

So young to be the words of your own song
I know the rage in you is strong
Write a world where we can belong
to each other and sing it like no other

If I could hear myself when I say
Love is bigger than anything in its way

If the moonlight caught you crying on Killiney Bay
Oh sing your song, let your song be sung
If you listen you can hear the silence say
When you think you’re done, you’ve just begun
Love is bigger than anything in its way
Love is bigger than anything in its way


When you're lost in the rain in Juarez and it's Easter time, too
And your gravity fails and negativity don't pull you through
Don't put on any airs when you're down on Rue Morgue Avenue
They got some hungry women there and they really make a mess out of you – Just Like Tom Thumbs Blues

And that brings us to tonight’s layover: JUAREZ

It’s an irritating reality that many places and events defy description. Angkor Wat and Machu Picchu, for instance, seem to demand silence, like a love affair you can never talk about. For a while after,you fumble for words, trying vainly to assemble a private narrative, an explanation, a comfortable way to frame where you’ve been and whats happened. In the end, you’re just happy you were there- with your eyes open- and lived to see it. – Mr….Bourdain






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