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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 7-10-18


TRANSCRIBED BY PINKROSES (Thank you, PinkRoses. ~ Dinar Chronicles)

Bruce: Welcome Everybody, to the Big Call tonight. Let’s talk a little bit where we are now. I want you to realize when I bring you some information most of it is based on what has occurred even in the last couple of days or even today. Most of the time Intel comes in throughout the day to me on a regular basis. Today was a little bit different. We got a little bit of information this morning and around lunchtime, around 2:00pm to 2:30pm we got some. Then that was it for the rest of the evening so far. That is a little unusual. There is sort of a quiet out there right now, but we are able to glean some information from what we are hearing. It is always different. Notice most of what I bring is different from anybody else out there. It is because my sources are different. That just speaks to the variety of people and the type of people we have fortunately that can bring information to me, and that is kind of why.

Bruce: For example, we talked about Iraq until we are blue in the face. Iraq is in a situation where their ATMs we confirmed were being used with the lower denominations coming out. We did confirm the Iraqi dinar has a rate between $6 and $7 on the front screens. We also confirmed that there has been a number of cities in the United States and Canada that have done exchanges for their Iraqi dual citizens starting yesterday morning. We got that confirmed. That was first hand situations there. You go wait a minute. Why is that? They have and they were invited due to connections thru their Qi cards thru Chase and Rafidain Bank. It was a way to have taken care of those people in the dinar. There is activity that is going on that is new. It is something that has not happened before. See what is interesting to me is what I am getting is it something new and has happened before? Is this something that was for the first time? It was starting yesterday morning.

Bruce: What is interesting is that we know that Dr. Shabbi who was head of the CBI back in the day when he spoken to the US Chamber of Congress, I believe it was 2012. He said when he was asked by someone in the audience what the rate of the dinar could support. He said the Iraqi dinar could support over $16. Even though we are not there yet, I think the dinar will get traded as a gold back currency up to that point and maybe beyond. Are you going to hold it long enough for that to happen? I don’t know that I would. I am just saying that there will be movement.

There should be upward movement with all these gold back currencies that we know of. We are up to 7 to 8 that are already gold backed. That is a little bit of heads up that is going on with Iraq.

Bruce: We know Abadi has been officially welcomed as Prime Minister of Iraq again. It was a little bit of back and forth on that, but we knew that he was going to be the Prime Minister and it is official. Has the rate been put out publicly? May be not yet. I don’t think we are going to see a public rate on the dinar until we go and start. It is already on the screens. So we know it. If you are in the bank and the privilege to see it. Those of us who are not in front of the banks screens don’t see it. Personally I do not care anymore, because I know what it is, what it is going to be, and what it is worth. The good news is Iraq has been celebrating and they are good with this. Everything is moving along nicely over there. Let’s move beyond that.

Bruce: We talked in the last couple of calls about these huge mega tranches. These are large movements of money that has occurred the last couple of weeks. They are $900 to $950 quadrillion each. They are in pairs. The last go around was 82 pairs. That is 164 individual tranches. That is 164 times $950 quadrillion. That is going to be a lot. The liquidity that has been moving around and that was the last grouping. The first grouping was around 126 or something like that tranches. It might have been 142 tranches. Then we had another 164 tranches. I do not know if that is all of them or not. It should be.

Bruce: I would say this, those tranches have all been received, all been confirmed, and all but a few have been distributed. Yesterday we knew that last night at 9pm or10pm they were going to start distributing the last 8 pair and that would be 16 tranches. The last 8 pair sets of 2 were going to start to go out. Guess what? We had information showing at 9pm or 10pm that would start. It was more like in the morning that they started. They started to go out to the various paymasters at certain intervals. One interval was between 3.5 to 4 hours between them. Then the next interval was 6 hours. Then back to 3.5 to 4 hours, and then back to 6 hours. If you work that long enough you say wait a minute. If it started then and we track this thru last night, and we got an update this morning, and we got an update around 2:30pm this afternoon, we had only 2 more sets of those tranches to go. If my math is right, they should be completed somewhere between midnight and 1am in the morning.

Bruce: Those tranches of funds that were being distributed they have already been received. They just needed to be paid out to various paymasters in the amounts they needed to move. Those are finishing up. Maybe that is it for now. I don’t know if there are more scheduled or this is it. My understanding was those needed to be complete before we started. I got information last night that was indicating there was a possibility of getting started Tuesday afternoon. Of course I was excited. Let’s get these numbers and get started. Boom Boom Boom.

Bruce: There was one caviar, one concern. Was there a concern of security that needed to be addressed before a start? Yes. We did not get started this afternoon as I had hoped. The good news is they have addressed about 80% of those security concerns by this afternoon. This is where it gets in the weeds a little bit. The NSA will be helping us by tracking our cell phones as we set our appointments and as we go to our Redemption Centers for Zim redemption. Then they will track us on the way back home for a short period of time once we are home. A little bit more time to make sure everything is cool. What it is for? It is for our protection. It is part of security. There is just some fine tuning that needed to be done regarding that situation using the phones, GPS, and so on. There are some situations that they have to work through. My understanding is they should have that complete by somewhere in the 10:00pm to 10:30pm range tonight EST. I can’t hold it to an exact time because I do not know. I say okay. I guess that means we are probably put off to at least overnight tonight or in the morning.

Bruce: We have those two factors. We have the tranches that are going to wrap up somewhere close to midnight to 1:00am. Then we have security concerns that hopefully will be knocked out before midnight. Then we have the rates on the screens were all blinking today until around 2:00pm. Then they came up solid. All the rates are on the screens solid. I know they can come off and come back on and all that good stuff, but they were solid. We should be good to go if they are still solid.

Bruce: Is there anything else? We knew about the tranches. We did know about that, because I reported that the last two calls maybe before that, but I did not know about these security concerns. Is there anything else out there? This is what usually happens. We think we are ready to go, we even get start times sometimes, sometimes I have a window, a start time of this or that, but what has happened is certain things that we did not know about surfaced. That is the additional bug on the windshield, the pebble on the road that we didn’t know about or we didn’t see. That is what makes this such a challenge because we gather all the puzzles pieces we can. We start putting back the puzzle together, and we say wait a minute. We are missing some pieces. We can’t put the picture completely back together because we are missing a couple of pieces. Then we find those pieces. Then we put those in. Then wait a minute. We have a few more.

Bruce: I am giving you the very best that I have. Truth as I receive it. Now I do get some stuff that is a little bit let’s just call it I wouldn’t be wise to say some of the things I do hear, but I try to do the best that I can to give you what I can say. So that is what I can do. That is what I do. I want you to know that that this ride for this blessing we are on effects me, Sue, even Bob, and Pastor Steven is affected by it. We all have things lined up ready to go. We all do. We all are sitting on Go. It is like we are in the starting blocks and our backs are getting sore because we have been crouched down in that start position for so long. We need to stand up and walk it off and shake it off a little bit and then get down in the starting block. That is quite like how it feels like sometimes.

Bruce: I have told you for years keep your Plan A moving. Whatever you are doing, keep doing. Don’t quit your job. If you don’t have a job, then get a job. Be somebody. You can’t put your whole reliance on this blessing yet. It is coming, and maybe it is that close, right there, but we have to pretend on the one hand it is not here. It could be a few days. I don’t want to speak it. It might not be tomorrow. It might not. I don’t know what else is out there. I do not know what else that could be a factor yet. It is always a surprise to me if I find out. Oh, that had to happen. Then it is fixed and we move onto the next thing. Even what I had last night was so strong for today that I thought it we were golden, ready to start, and then we didn’t. That affects me. It affects you.

Bruce: When we get those numbers and I do not care what time of day or night it is. Would I rather have them a reasonable time of day? Yes, I would, but I do not care when they come. When they do come, I will respond very quickly. I will do my very best to notify everybody that I need to notify, and get it out as quickly as possible. I am excited getting started. I think we all are ready. We all are excited I just want to implore you to stay patient, or even crank up the patience if you are running out of it. Just be ready. I know you think you are ready. I know I think I am ready. Be ready and be ready to respond and have some fun going in and getting these exchanges and redemptions done. Other than that I can tell you that is about where we are. That is as far as I know right now. I talked about security concerns which are primarily around our phones, and about the tranches wrapping up tonight. That is all I know that is left. That is all I know. Let’s hope that is the truth that is all that is left and we can get started.

Bruce: Thank you very much Pastor Steven, Sue, and Bob. Thank you Big Call listeners. Thank you everybody for tuning in so faithfully. We will talk to you when we talk to you. Appreciate it everybody have a great night. God Bless you all.




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