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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

"Secrets & Truth, a Linda Moulton Howe Video" by Kat - 7.11.18

Entry Submitted by Kat at 5:03 PM EDT on July 11, 2018

Hi Dinarlandia,

I've transcribed much of the Linda M. Howe video which link I enclose here. It's fascinating listening for anyone interested in the Galactic picture, but as it's long, I wrote some of it out. The shifts towards the Golden Age of Gaia that we've all been waking-up for, praying for, holding currency for, imagining, and working towards, are so enormous that its helpful, in our waiting-for-the-RV game, to be reminded that a currency reset is just a teeny weeny tiny part in ALL the changes coming.

Linda Moulton Howe who is a journalist, has, like David Wilcock and Corey Goode, done extensive research on the larger picture. 

The wondrous shifts that are coming are going to take Earth, Her Kingdoms and Humanity, from an enclosed, controlled "prison" environment, to a Free Galactic planet, and this video will help answer some questions, if you have any, about Aliens, Reptiles, Dimensions, Area 54, government-cover-ups, etc. Ms. Howe speaks on a wide range of subjects, including the JFK assassination. I hope you find it interesting.

Of all the shifts that are coming, FULL DISCLOSURE is the one I cannot wait for. I want to know the TRUTH about EVERYTHING! 

With blessings and light,
xo, Kat

EXCERPTS from Linda Moulton Howe video:
1:25 Q:Why was Area 54 covered up? 
Linda Moulton Howe:…The Space Port in New Mexico/Richard Branson’s rocket, Virgin Galactic… This is an area of the planet where in 1947 was active and is becoming more and more active now. 
The JFK assassination to some of us who have read documents, show that Allen Dulles in 1963, refers to a CIA document that said “LANCER [JFK] is asking questions which we cannot allow.” The Director of the CIA when Kennedy was POTUS, is taking the position that MJ12 trumped the power of the Presidency, trumped the Need to Know, and trumped JFK wanting to know ALL FILES on UFO’s and a few months later was shot in Dallas…
1:28 Linda Moulton Howe:…I met a man in 1985 who said, “I have personally heard the wired audio in the oval office with JFK and MJ1.” When John F. Kennedy said I want every document, photograph, 16mm film—all files—brought to the Oval Office at ____ date. 
The answer to the POTUS was “Sir, you do not have a need to know.”
At which point, JFK, with his voice rising said, “I am President of the United States, and I am your Commander in Chief, and I am giving you an order. And if you do not meet the date and the time of my order I will hold the Press Conference of not only this century, but all centuries.”
1:30 Linda Moulton Howe:If that’s true, he (JFK) was murdered because he was a threat to National Security as it was analyzed by Allen Dulles, head of the CIA, who was the head of MJ12, with the charter that NO ONE was to tell the United States or the world that they were dealing with Alien Intelligences and back-engineering Alien Technology. That classification of National Security trumped the life of a President that would threaten opening that… As we go forward, if we survive in this century, that truth has to come out.
1:35 Linda Moulton Howe:…Re RHNegative blood, it isn’t clear which is Human which is Alien. I am coming to feel that of the 7.2 billion people on this planet right now, There may not be any pure Humans left on the planet. Everybody is a Hybrid of some percentage. We’re probably being replaced by a new model….
1:38 Q: Lockheed engineer told me they had lost some people trying to get people from one planet to the next…supposedly human became Alien in front of my eyes… What are these Beings are doing here on Earth now? …I had not heard about the effect that a Reptilian could go into a human body until I heard you talk about this today. I was confused as to what this being was? 
1:39 Linda Moulton Howe: …I called and interviewed a woman whose father was a Political Leader in Dallas, Texas… after lunch with her Dad, they went to his office on the 33rdfloor, she was just waiting, just suddenly turned and she said, standing there with the shirt, the tie, the suit, was an Alligator…. Her reaction was… she left. Never confronted her Dad, but told Jim Mars and told me what had happened.
1:41 Linda Moulton Howe: Now, how does this work? Only about 2 or 3 months ago I was having this discussion with a guy who comes out of an Alphabet agency… “Shape-shifting Reptilians, cloned bodies…” Why would there have been a glitch with the father and the daughter? There have been many family, friends, see their members switch into Reptiles… you don’t hear about this because families don’t want anybody to know.
Now get down deeper to what’s at the base of your question:What do the Reptilians, what do the Blondes, what do the Ebans, what do the pointed chin ones… what do Blues, Oranges, what do any and all of them want now in 2017 with Earth and Homo Sapiens Sapien? …I find this to be a time of huge confusion, that’s why I call it a Hall of Mirrors with a Quicksand Floor… there are clear strains of things that are negative…
1:47 Linda Moulton Howe:  …A United Airlines pilot for most of his career…  said, “Linda, you have to understand that not all moving lights in Earth’s skies are craft. Many of the lights that are reported are tears in the magnetic membrane between this Universe and another.” Never forgot it… 
1:48 One of the big legacies of what is said is, “Our US government has been trying to counteract places, natural places, in the United States and the Earth, where magnetic fields collapse, as if there’s something between the Earth, the dynamo of the Earth….. something happens on this planet where magnetic fields collapse… and all kinds of things can come in.
1:49 In 1982, 2 years after the broadcast of my documentary “A Strange Harvest,” I got another call from someone who wanted to talk to me… He said “I have personally been in an engineering project in Sedona AZ. Our task was to build a brick building, no access, no windows, (and he sketched for me something that had slats,) this is a technology that we have enclosed in this brick building with the express purpose to counteract the natural collapse of magnetic fields in this specific canyon in Sedona, AZ. We have been doing this at many places.”
1:50:32  Once you begin to think about this and ask other people… one of the things you begin to be slightly overwhelmed by, if there are advanced intelligences out there behind the fast radio burst, other dimensions… To be here, they have to know how to penetrate dimensions or to move point to point in time…. By what? folding Space Time…. And that all of that Physics that gives something else with advanced intelligence the ability to move through this Universe in a non-Euclidean way, and to possibly penetrate from many different dimensions, we’re completely, as a human species, left out of that dialogue.
1:51:27  So what has happened throughout history? We get stories about ghosts, fairies, lights, all of these things that have penetrated history, I think are related to these issues of penetrations from other dimensional frequencies to accomplish something, and then they disappear, and we end up with paper, with stories on the paper, and there’s nobody guiding us about the Physics… 
1:52 And right now in this Revolutionary time, perhaps… perhaps… if the governments will finally get out of the way and TELL THE TRUTH, that one of the big explosions will be for the Scientists. The Physicist, Astro-Physicists, and the Black Hole studiers, and all of them, NEED more information that ironically the alphabet soup (CIA, FBI, NSA, etc.) are sitting probably on all kinds of information unless they’re getting it out through indirect ways all the time, that  have to do with a completely different Physics that would finallyexplain Gravity. Gravity is still a mystery to the vast majority of Physicists. 
1:52:49 So the next step, IF WE COULD JUST GET THE TRUTH, not only a release to all of our psychies in some way in the Human family, which I think we are at a moment of claiming ourselves, we need to be freed from a control system. So do the Scientists, so do everybody. And the governments are afraid of the consequences. I just don’t think that we worry about the consequences because we’ve got to re-set this planet to a new thing called TRUTH if we’re going to survive...



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