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Operation Disclosure: GCR/RV Intel Alert for February 16, 2019

RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - February 16, 2019 (Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leak...

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

"Questions Raises in 7/3/18 Intel Alert" by (Anonymous) - 7.3.18

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 5:11 PM EDT on July 3, 2018

Operation Disclosure: GCR/RV Intel Alert for July 3, 2018

1. Should EBS be used for disclosure?
2. What should be the release timing of the RV?
3. Is it time now to "Go Loud"?

I think the Alliance has been waiting on the Deutschebank crash (ref Jim Willie) to point the finger at Germany and the EU; otherwise the RV and any associated economic suffering would be attributed to Trump by "mainstream" narrative. However due to click-of-a-mouse life support this has not occurred. If any of this life support is coming from the Exchange Stabilization Fund it is time to stop it and to suppress rigging of the COMEX. The Deutschebank crash would tip the Italian banks and destroy the French banks.

That said, the fact remains that the Alliance has been working without the authority of the People because representative government requires disclosure. The Alliance goal is serving a Republic that does not exist until Truth is being disseminated. The whole point of the military waiting until Trump became President was to provide authority for action. The whole point of the preparations has been to be able to present proof that widespread arrests and prosecutions are in defense of the Republic based on treason and other crimes, not politics.

In the year and a half of prep work I think it is fair to say that 90% of those who can be "woken up" (red-pilled) without changing the mainstream narrative have already been. The rest will fall into two categories, those who will believe once the curtain is lifted, and those who will cling to the "Trump is Hitler" narrative. Or perhaps there are those also who will only be persuaded by their own personal wealth and what some political entity promises them (yes, there IS a sucker born every minute).

I personally believe that this is more than a matter of showing how the past several decades were filled with bribed and blackmailed politicians. It is also providing leadership on a path that ensures the evils of the past won't recur. For that leadership to be credible it must also have strength, strength similar to Ike invading France, to Patton saving Bastogne, to Washington crossing the Delaware. Also, there is the problem that waiting means the NWO/Cabal has the continued use of its resources and can develop a new plan, potentially involving a world wide plague or something worse.

The biggest obstacle to going ahead NOW is not the Cabal/NWO. They are relatively few and have been indicted. The biggest obstacle is the People who have been entrained to believe that the primary job of government is to provide for their personal welfare as opposed to Liberty. Does this problem mean that under the Constitution they would still have the right to elect Communists? Mike Maloney makes the point in his videos at GoldSilver.com and on Youtube that a time of economic weakness is a time at which a despot will appear and shout "bread for the masses" and people will follow him.

The prescription I would suggest to address the problem raised is based on what the US did after it invaded Germany. German citizens were forced to visit and clean up the extermination camps before they received a ration card. They suffered guilt, and for twenty years said "we didn't know". But in fact it was their government, which was supposed to be doing their will, they should have known. And for every person in the US who engages in tribal politics, whose objective is to include their group in to the "game" of being part of the 51% looting the other 49%, they need to understand, this was not what the country was founded to enable, it cannot be tolerated, toleration of this activity results in what we have seen, government weaponized as a tool for piratical behavior and the destruction of the Rule Of Law. So, those who have engaged in this behavior must "have their noses rubbed in it" and they must be TAUGHT what the Idea Of America is. I would say it is high time voters must pass a test on this, as legal immigrants must, a test similar at least to the drvers license tests. Also, they must prove they understand the crimes of those who have misused authority.

But this is not alone what needs to occur. Look at Hollywood and Television. It was inevitable that if sponsors were paying, their ideas would be expressed, not those of The People. Sponsorship of TV probably must cease, I cannot think how if it continues it would not breed corruption. Everything must be ala carte. There can be no more ads. Because the destruction of small business has concentrated economic power in the hands of the few, the Corporations, and they see it is more productive in terms of their income to use money for bribes to achieve monopolies than it is to invest in better products. So, at the very least, there needs to be trust busting on a vast scale.

But ALSO there must be free markets in order for the world to move forward and not just enrich those who sell current technology. There can be no more Exchange Stabilization Fund. It must be understood this is inherently Fascist. All currency should be gold/silver backed at the very least, if not gold and silver themselves, as there is no such thing as an unhackable fiat currency. Which means it is also high time many of those Unemployed started at least looking for Gold.

Since the World is demanding now Gold as the basis for international trade, as the Dollar was misused in this role, the US will be up against it to import not much more than it exports. Times will be tough in this country while we build again factories to produce what we need for ourselves. Luxury items are likely to disappear.

But we can have law and order through this period. To do this we all must understand what we are facing and pull together as a nation. America has shown in the past the ability to do this, why not now? But we must be given the Truth.

The viral video for the #WalkAway movement shows that we citizens can learn truth even after being deceived for many years. The Alliance needs to have faith that enough Americans are now awake, but also remember that even during the American revolution, only 33% of citizens stood for Independence. 33% were Tories, and 33% did not care. We who believe in The Republic and Liberty are MORE than 33%, we are armed, we are angry, and we ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANY MORE.

It is time to sit down and do whatever you have to do, listen to The Flying Dutchman, listen to the William Tell Overture, watch some John Wayne films, do whatever you have to do to Screw Your Courage To The Sticking Place. We are engaged in an unconventional war, and it is time to completely deny the enemy the chance to continue. Ask yourself again, what would Patton do, what would Ike do, what would JFK do? and what would Patrick Henry say? And how does the Declaration of Independence close? We need now THAT level of commitment. But, we ARE at that level of commitment. NOW. As in June 1944, we must ask, if not now, when? If not now, will we start tolerating the demise of America, further and further? I think, NO. NOW is the time that tries men's souls, NOW the iron is hot, WE ARE GO FOR LAUNCH, T MINUS TEN AND COUNTING. The jump door is open, the green light is on, The Eagle Must Land, GO, GO, GO!



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