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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Law of Circulation: The King's Conundrum

LAW OF CIRCULATION: The "King's Conundrum

History has shown that when the Elites acquire vast sums of money they simply run out of places to spend it.

Initially they buy land and other physical assets, companies and controlling interests in primary industries, but when places to invest become scarce, they simply store their wealth in banks that they own and can use to lever their wealth through fraudulent lending practices of creating fiat money.

Historically such accumulations and fraudulent systems have always failed. And the current global financial system is at a failure point.

The problem has always been to “SPEND OF THE WEALTH THAT HAS BEEN ENTRUSTED TO YOU”.

WEALTH is not just in terms of money, but also includes a wealth of children, family, friends or a wealth of knowledge, and so on, based upon what an individual acquires during a lifetime and that can be “shared” for the advancement of mankind.

The problem comes when individuals amass wealth for themselves and greed blinds them in their “spending”. This is where the “conundrum effect” or the wealth puzzle becomes skewed and “control” factors come into play. This will carry on to a transition point where “change” is inevitable. This is currently seen in discussions concerning RV’s and going back to “gold” standards, neither of which solves the “conundrum” as such solutions do not resolve the wealth distribution problem and disparities in the current systems.

Simply, changing the color of the paper does not change the fraudulent value of paper. Similarly there is not enough “gold” to back all the paper being relentlessly printed. Nor can you eat gold which is essentially useless in commerce as it is artificially valued. And now we are being encouraged by the same Elites to buy “digital currencies” that only exist in ether realms and can vanish with a hack.

So we are now at a point where the Kings of global finance have reached a conundrum point and they are fighting among themselves as to who will control and be King of the Hill. There are essentially 5 competing Parties like the Rothschilds, Blood Line Families, Secret Societies, Vatican and the Chinese Elders and the military might of the US and Russia to police and protect these sociopaths.

What is really happening is that the entire global financial network may now have been successfully hijacked by a benevolent quantum Artificial Intelligent Computer System!


While all of these Elite Kingdoms have been squabbling over which “new” financial system will benefit THEM the most, the Good Guys have substituted a NEW financial system that locks out the old system of fraud, cancels the illegal wealth and preserves the wealth of the common man. Wouldn’’t that be nice!

Simply, under such a system, the bogus colored paper can no longer be redeemed and the fellas that sold gold bars 20+ times having the same certificate serial numbers or the ones that coated tungsten bars with gold paint, will have to pay up now and enjoy orange jumpsuit fashions for years to come. The days of using “other people’s money” by banksters taking days to transfer funds are now over. These “over-night rolls” on top of transaction fees are OVER! Simply, a common principle of LAW is that if you use my money without my permission to make money, the money you made is MINE. BANKSTERS will now be paying back what was not theirs legally and lawfully.

So what is a viable system and a practical transition methodology?

The viable financial system is a fully integrated quantum AI financial network that operates above all other old and suggested new systems. Simply all financial transactions can now be monitored and controlled globally. Banksters may no longer have “access codes”……period. And this system is in effect available NOW. That implementation is virtually complete with the new CIPS network and can overlay the SWIFT transfer system, as well as, monitor all Market transactions.

Of course there have been major attempts to hack into this new system, but every attempt leaves a digital trail immediately back to the hackers who are then black listed and have their assets frozen. A lot of people are learning the “hard way”.

There is a “transition sequence” in which the general public on a global basis will be informed and assured that their financial assets will be secured and honored, even when major financial institutions are being “transitioned” through THEIR individual bankruptcies. The housecleaning will begin with the bankrupted IMF, World Bank, and BIS, followed by the FED and European Central Bank and all the Rothschild controlled Central Banks, and then all those corrupt international commercial banks. One by one things will become Basel compliant and clean.

It is still advisable to stuff extra “cash” in your socks or under your pillow, and have extra food in the larder just in case, as confusion and temporary closings may occur in various areas. Better safe than sorry. And be prepared to help thy neighbor.

Another thing to comprehend is virtually ALL GOVERNMENTS ARE CORPORATIONS.

And these same GOVERNMENTS have been using YOUR taxes to buy up other Corporations (banks, insurance companies, listed companies, energy monopolies, etc., etc., etc.) to the point that they now OWN and Control every corporation that they register through pension funds, Departments, Agencies, and so on. But WHO OWNS THE GOVERNMENT CORPORATIONS?

When you answer that question, you begin to AWAKEN!

The transitioning taking place is one of moving from fraudulent and corrupt CORPORATE Governance to the restoration of a REPUBLIC form of governance whereby the government is “OF, BY and FOR” the PEOPLE…..And NOT for a select few Elite shareholders.

The “Trump Transition” is not limited to the U.S. either. Regime changes are taking place around the World. Swamp cleaning is happening everywhere…..and many more exposures are coming as the fraudulent banking activities of leaders are being brought to light.

Will there be a “currency revaluation” (RV)?

Of course there will be…..but it will not include the funny money called Dinar, Zims and Dongs.

A real revaluation will occur that realistically values the assets of a nation. Some developing countries will get temporary advantages needed to spur investments. Larger nations will simply be “pegged” at fixed rates. This means that the currency trading markets will be CLOSED…..and that that gambling money will be reallocated to beneficial development projects or other investments.

There will be and IS serious opposition to the closing of Currency Markets as this has been a major illegal money laundering operation for decades. This Market is an illegal Casino gambling operation that produces nothing of real value to any economy. Squacking will be loud like the braying of an ASS, but it is best that the billions of traded Dollars and other currencies be “spent” in developing each respective country.

Will the US Dollar remain as the primary International Trade Currency?

YES. All other currencies will be pegged to the Dollar, and a basket of other prime currencies, and that exchange rate will be periodically reviewed based on actual trade and the amount of currency issued by each country all of which will be AI closely monitored. The U S Dollar is still and will remain the largest trading currency in the World and it will be closely AI monitored just like all other currencies.

In actual fact, most countries have significant US Dollar reserves and cannot afford to have those assets devalued significantly without serious impact on their economies. The hullaballoo about “dumping the Dollar” is nothing more than financial jockeying and playing the currency markets. Suckers get caught each time the Big Players rattle the cashbox.

Moral Kingdoms

The last point that I would like to make is that any “NEW” financial system must be developed with a “moral core”. Back in the mid-80’s the book “In Search of Excellence” written by Tom Peters and Robert H Waterman was the Businessman’s must read. It described these gentlemen’s journey across America in search of what the best companies were doing that led to their success. What they found was that these major corporations invariably followed simple moral truths as a backbone for their success.

This moral core, of course, is found in all major religions, as well as, enshrined in the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, and is the basis of Common Law, proper governance and management and the actual “spending of one’s wealth”.

This begins and ends with “FAITH” and not just a belief in God (by whatever Name), but belief in the spirit within YOU and in what you “DO”. It is the moral foundation that you establish for yourself and how you practice and maintain your moral core.

Fundamentally this involves doing GOOD and being a RIGHTEOUS person (or group of people of all kinds with good intents). Doing GOOD also require REGULAR INTROSPECTION or review of what you did or are doing. This is also called prayer, meditation or simply having regular meetings to discuss your “doing agendas”.

Coupled with doing good is CHARITY or REGULAR GIVING. This is a good part of the “spending of the wealth that has been entrusted to you” as it is done by day or night, to be seen or unseen. Noting that Charity by day, night or to be seen all carry a “reciprocal responsibility” upon the recipient to in turn return the “giving” in some way. Unseen giving is perhaps the best though, if you think about it. Is not a “Global Debt Jubilee” being considered as part of universal Benevolence and Mercy? Properly regulated, such an act of Charity is well worth considering to “Right the Wrongs” of the old system.

Then there is “sticking to the knitting”, or simply patiently persevering at what you are doing versus making hasty decisions or actions. Rome wasn’t built in a day but portions were done Right and those are still standing today. Take your time and make good moves one step at a time. Isn’t this how the new financial system has been gradually rolled out under Basel I, II and III Agreements?

Of course things must be done according to Law and Justice will be served. Those that have operated in Honesty in their words and deeds shall have nothing to fear, but those that have lied, cheated, committed blatant fraud and other illegal and unlawful acts will and must have a day of reckoning.

There will be an equitable balance globally in financial restitution. This is currently seen in President Trump’s insistence on “Fair Trade” and adjustments on tariffs and unfair subsidies. It will be seen in future currency revaluations and new global trade policies and agreements.

The King’s Conundrum is being resolved.

WE THE PEOPLE are awakening and demanding that what IS OURS is given back to US…..NOW. Corrupt political governance and their owned and controlled fraudulent banking and other corrupt industries that are killing and milking YOU are on the way out the door. Change is upon US so be awake and alert to what is “really happening”.

And don’t be too surprised if in a few months you wake-up and you will truly be in the “Golden Age”. Good things are happening that most are completely unaware. What has been hidden will be seen and be for the benefit of ALL.

Be in PEACE and Understanding

King Farouk



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