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Monday, July 9, 2018

"Hello, it's me" by ubiety - 7.9.18

Entry Submitted by ubiety at 5:34 PM EDT on July 9, 2018

Dear Dinarians (and other currency-ites),

The battle does indeed continue...

"The Battle Continues" by (Anonymous) - 7.9.18

But, let's not lose focus of the real battle. Scripturally, our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places. So, while we may have conflict, serious conflict, with other people and very real earthly institutions, ultimately, we battle against evil and it's various manifestations we encounter in life.

So, in that context.....

Here I am, again. It's me offering some clear thought.

First, it is neither clarity or well focused to re-inject a completely unproved fantasy, even if you start with the right general direction of our conflict with evil. Referring to the present (and yes, ongoing) conflict as I have framed it, one immediately detours all possible progress by stepping back directly into the mire of pretend thinking with, "if both sides went to the Galactics...". Such creatures may or may not exist somewhere in the universe, but not with us, and you haven't met one. To think otherwise is a juvenile make-believe departure from confronting the reality before us. This is just one small, but highly representative, example from Dinarland rank and file.

Currency revalues everyday, all day long, all over the world. It is the singular fact which saves this entire endeavor from collapsing into a peyote-boosted fever dream. Currency is a fluid asset across the planet because there is a modicum of rule-based interactive dealing among the countries. The rules are known. Largely, the rules are obeyed. This doesn't exclude the occasional currency "war" as countries jockey for ranking and global position.

It helps nothing to pollute your paradigm by infusing aliens and their imagined technology as a way of "fixing" what you hate about the current system. No aliens will show up. No aliens will give us cool machines/devices to make and fix things. Sure, there are doubtless cool technologies yet to see the light of day, otherwise suppressed by a domineering and paranoiac career politicians. Notwithstanding, it's smart to grow up and not confuse the two.

Massive revaluation is possible in a number of countries because of historic suppression of values. There are other reasons, but they are rational, even if not all known and applied. We are not clairvoyant, after all, regardless of the protestations of anyone.

When we become frustrated or discouraged, let's try harder to resist turning to proofless fantasies about aliens and middle earth people. Let's talk about and consider what we know, what is real, and what is provable. Otherwise, we put ourselves at risk of needless and powerful cognitive dissonances of our own doing! For instance, who can prove the existence of "tiers" among currency owners desiring to exchange? We've all hear/read it surely a 1,000 times, right? But look it up. You.will.never find a single confirmed word corroborating the notion - perhaps a zillion mentions on dinar related websites and blogs, but NOTHING "outside the bubble".

For those conditioned to read my words here and call me a naysayer, negative, or a non-believer, let me say it again, "massive revaluation is possible in a number of countries because of historic suppression of values [and]... other reasons"!! My beef is with the childish embellishments swallowed whole in their swelled and hairy putrefied state. Hey, how about those 800 numbers? (THANKS FOR NOTHING "TNTTONY"!) You all do know what it's called, generally speaking, when a lie is repeated frequently and energetically? If not, perhaps you can "duckduckgo.com" it.

And then there's the benevolent Chinese elders.... wow. That one was dropped in and attached to Dinarland folklore before it even hit the ground. And why? Is it a mass hysterical yearning for a sugar-daddy savior? The idea certainly doesn't remotely comport with centuries of history or any rational view of the last 40 years of geopolitical events. It's as if the good people of Dinarland are so desperate for relief from certain parts of life that they attach to whatever the opportunist gurus and pontificating notables add to their storyline.

"We are the Chosen Ones to deliver humanity from grief and poverty." Mercy... can you say unvarnished appeal to ego?? That one worked as well as "a strong young man like you needs one of these fine fine 60s muscle cars" - where do I sign? when can I drive it away? <panting and breathless>

Is it possible that IQD will revalue? Sure! Is it in any small way possible that Zimbabwe will honor its 2009 100T notes? I suppose, but at $200,000USD to 1 ZIM? Wake up!! One brief side note that poignantly applies to ZIM within Dinarland but also applies to all the exotic currency. The "trick" is to discern what is real and what is embellishment instead of swallowing everything handed to you by gurus and Dinarland pontificators. For each new revelation they offer, if they have no verifiable source that YOU can personally vet in any way, call BS without delay! "It's top secret" is NOT verification. Neither is, "my source will get fired if I say anything".

With the above in mind, including my few examples and analysis, you can each go back to the storyline you accept as "fact" and all its subparts. Do all the pieces rationally fit if you really think about them? You have all heard the new bits and pieces of the evolving storyline come out by a post or a call, and responded involuntarily with a cocked head, saying (maybe only to yourself) "that's complete lunacy!" or "that doesn't work like that" or "this guy is WAY too much into Star Wars" or any of a score of thoughts which instinctively knew you were getting your ego fed or shamed for "disbelief" or just plain fed some stupid fantasy sell job. LISTEN TO THAT PART OF YOUR INSTINCT!!

So now, to my currently favorite flavor of Dinarland storyline. The character known as Kim Possible explains about the computer which knows all of our thoughts and can uniquely identify each of us apart from any other person in the world, based on our DNA. Creepy and more intrusive than any other direction this story could have turned, but okay, let's run down that path. The revealed quantum computer "reads brainwaves, knows intention is locked by DNA (Living DNA) sequencing of the individual...not one individual, but all".

Doesn't it sound exactly like we all need simply to be "introduced" to the quantum computer (although it already knows us at the genetic level) to interact and request funds? But, despite that being announced 2 weeks ago in fine detail, there are no instructions on how to do this. If I haven't ever touched it, but it knows my thoughts, it also knows my bank accounts. Okay, well, I want to have funds placed in my existing accounts. I'll work with you Kim, but I need the procedures for this. Please send them to my email ubiety4now@hotmail.com. If you need information beyond "everything" already known to the quantum computer, I'm sure we can work it out. If you want an evangelist for this cause, show me the procedure to make this happen and Dinarland won't be able to shut me up!


Critical thinking refers to objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgment - yes, a judgment - not of the quality of one's heart or intentions, but of expressed words and actions. Staying grounded, which, according to Merriam-Webster, merely means "mentally and emotionally stable; admirably sensible, realistic, and unpretentious." Just imagine if these two modes of thinking were combined in more IDC posts - what a change. But beware, those that seek to twist your mind will violently resist this!

I am,


P.S. I don't care if anyone responds or not, but if you are inclined and wish to opposed my opinions, please do so with facts which you can support aside from "xxx guru said so", with reality, with real logic, with clear-minded reason, with eyewitnesses who can answer questions, facts which are documented by someone who will produce them, with documents which aren't generated on someone's home inkjet, and generally something to say other than "it's secret", "they're not releasing it", or some other B.S. conspiracy theorist technique for explaining away lack of real facts or real proof. If you have only the latter category of refutation, you have nothing, so save it. If you fit into the latter category, save yourself the embarrassment of revealing you have nothing to offer but a junior high opposition argument and disconnected thinking, or the ever popular juvenile practice of name-calling. Keeping it adult-like can be hard, but please try.



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