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Friday, July 13, 2018

GCR/RV Humanitarian Project Idea: Atlantis

Humanitarian Project “ATLANTIS”

by Alfred Honegger, Cordova, Cebu, Philippines

With the exchange of our ZIM’s at the highest sovereign exchange rate during the RV / GCR, we would like to build a City called “Atlantis”.

Atlantis is a resource based Macro City embedded in a 100% Permaculture environment ruled by the people of Atlantis. The size of Atlantis will be approx. 30- 50’000 ha (hectares) and must be in a remote or semi remote area or an island.

“ATLANTIS” will provide healthy modern shelter for Families, Single Mothers, Children and Senior Citizens for at least 500’000 people. Atlantis gives Work in a healthy and invasive environment to at least 300’000 and an Education to more than 120’000.

The working hours in Atlantis will be 20 hour per week. This will increase employment because every working place needs to hire 2 people for a 40 hour work week. It would help parents with child care because they could work different shifts. It would also keep global economies going because people would still work for 80 hours a month.

Atlantis is environmentally friendly independent autonomous and sovereign city. Atlantis will be built with the Green Magic Homes to be in harmony with nature, at reasonable costs and endless possibilities of design and comfort.

The houses are safely engineered and constructed in only 4 to 6 days, depending on the size of the house with 4 to 6 workers. These elegant arched structures are made of fiber reinforced polymer modular components which are durable, flexible and water and earthquake proof. The components are produced with the 3D printing technology. With endless design possibilities to create a gracious living environment in harmony with nature.

Atlantis Infrastructure:

· waste water treatment system;

· water purification plant, producing clean and healthy water with a pH of 7 to 7.3 a so called “Alkaline” water;

· 100% Permaculture based Agriculture with advanced Horticultural techniques like Aquaponics & Ocean Drift-Farms (vegetables & fish), as well as Livestock Farms to be able to nourish all the inhabitants of Atlantis with 100% organic food, independent from the outside world;

· renewable Energy Power Stations to produce 100% clean and free energy for all the inhabitants, as well as for the infrastructures of Atlantis inclusive of Atlantis transportation system;

· Schools, Engineering and Medical Universities to offer free life based education;

· Mothering and Senior Citizen Centers, Care Facilities, Hospitals both for short and long term Healthcare based on Natural-, Energetic- and new Healing Methods like the MedBed to offer to all the inhabitants free and invasive medical care and treatment;

· environmental friendly Atlantis Public Transportation systems with vehicles like Olli, a smart, safe and sustainable transportation solution; produced with 3D printing technology for the inhabitants;

· a high speed Monorail, connecting the Housing Areas, the Production and Commercial Centers of Atlantis, transporting people and goods;

· OZONE Stations for the replenishment of the missing ozone in air and water for global protection to remove of global air and water pollution by cleaning the environment of hazardous and other types of pollutants that have destroyed the area due to lack of available technologies, resources, management, knowledge and corruption

· Light Industry to create jobs utilizing the skills and services of both young and elderly, especially elderly women, widows and unwed mothers, where all basic commodities for the inhabitants and households of Atlantis will be manufactured. Atlantis will provide all the basic sustainable services to its residents, and thereby provide Sustainable Commerce.


We will buy at least 30 to 50’000 hectares of land in a remote or semi remote area or an Island.

To be able to realize this project in a very short time, we will employ immediately thousands of workers, the future inhabitants of Atlantis, as well as a group of top engineers; the best suppliers for 3D Printing Technology, for our power and water production, for our permaculture environment, agriculture and livestock, and for Atlantis transportation system.

Atlantis is ruled by the "The Big 12," sort of like a Divine Board of Directors by the people and for the people and will be independent from any Government and any form of Political and Religious system. Atlantis is a "by the people, for the people type of transparent empowered society” system.

Atlantis will be very successful in the fields of economics, education, medical, science and astronomy. There will be no competitors and all what will be produced will be of the highest quality and standard only for the people of Atlantis. Healthcare methods, water production, energy production, transportation etc. will changed and replaced rapidly as soon as there are new technologies.

The People of Atlantis will get Atlantis Dollar (AD) 2’000’000 but over the length of their life. If you were 40 your payments would be 100-40=60 years, divide AD 2’000’000 by 60 years = AD 33’000/year, then divide that by 12 months = AD 2’770 per month. 18 year olds would get approximately AD 2’032 per month. Children from birth to 17, will receive AD 500 per month.

The People of Atlantis work or volunteer as much as they want, but to get their structured payouts they only require documented 80 hours of work a month.

Housing, Water, Electricity, Education, Healthcare and Transportation is 100% for free, so that there is no need of private vehicles.

Food and all other items will be sold and the City will be 100% tax free! Atlantis will be drug free, smoke free, gun and weapon free. There is no need of police and military because the inhabitants of Atlantis have respect to all their neighbors incl. animals and there should be no criminality because nobody is poor and everybody has enough to spend for a “slavery free live” in an environment like in paradise.

If there are criminals, drug addicted, rapists or people they do adultery, they will be expulsed from Atlantis and handed over to the Government in the area in which Atlantis is build.

The divine board of the City will screen the People which want to become citizens of Atlantis. Criminals and drug addicted people will be refused.

Atlantis will be monitored like a subdivision and there are only few entrances and exits. Visitors are only allowed to enter with a valid and approved invitation of the board of Atlantis.

The monetary and payment method in Atlantis will be carried out by Atlantis own Banking System and by Atlantis own direct debit and credit system.

Alfred Josef Honegger

Cordova, July & August 2016



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