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Sunday, June 17, 2018

"What you will See" - Sat. PM KTFA Thoughts/News


Cinderella1906 » June 16th, 2018



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Samson » June 16th, 2018

Parliamentary Finance calls on the government to invest surplus budget for development

16th June, 2018

The Parliamentary Finance Committee on Saturday called on the government to develop a clear economic strategy to take advantage of surplus funds obtained from the rise in international oil prices, indicating that the cash reserves of the Central Bank of Iraq exceeded 46 billion dollars.

"The government is required to develop a strategic plan for economic development in order to benefit from the surplus of the financial budget after the increase in oil prices," said Finance Committee Rapporteur Ahmad Hama in a statement.

He added that "working to take advantage of the financial surplus avoids the country's economic crisis as happened in 2014-2015 and reduce dependence on the sale of oil."

Hama pointed out that "the reserve of the Central Bank of foreign currency exceeded 46 billion dollars, which allows the government to move economically free during the next phase." LINK

Kurdistan intends to adopt Visa and Master Kart in the salaries of its employees

16th June, 2018

A source familiar with the Ministry of Finance in the Kurdistan region, on Saturday, the intention of the provincial government to adopt Visa Card and Master Cart card salaries.

"The government is planning to open bank accounts for its employees," the source said, adding that "this move comes after the government and parliament sought a series of financial and economic reforms through the draft reform law, which will be voted by the provincial parliament after Eid al-Fitr."

He added that "the government opened the World Bank in this regard," stressing that "the World Bank has stressed the provincial government the need to adopt Visa Card and Master Cart for this purpose."

The source said that "the Ministry of Finance has approached the banks need to prepare for the new electronic system and work soon and the introduction of data of personnel that occurred a while ago through the biometric system."

The source pointed out that "in the case of the application of this system will be able to staff and the province to receive their salaries through all banks operating in the Kurdistan region and prevent waste of public funds and eliminate the salaries of illusion." LINK

Baghdad operations announced the arrest of two people trading in the ancient currency

16th June, 2018

The Baghdad Operations Command announced on Saturday the arrest of two people in possession of 800 pieces of antiquities, while confirming the arrest of a thief.

"The security forces in the Baghdad Operations Command after a distinguished effort to regroup the first division of the federal police was able to arrest two suspects in possession of (800) pieces of archaeological coins after the ambush of an arbitrator overthrew," the command said in a statement received. In the Karrada area have been handed over and seized to the competent authorities. "

The statement added that "the force of the second division, a federal police was able to arrest a thief with the crime of the resurrection of the theft of the house of a citizen in the area structures Khatib within the Kadhimiya parties have been handed over and seized to the competent authorities." LINK

The Dawa party and the Patriotic Union to support the initiative of Abadi and Maliki is afraid

16th June, 2018

The Islamic Party" and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan on Friday expressed their support for the initiative of the Prime Minister of the coalition of "victory" Haidar Abadi to hold a meeting between all parties and political forces in the country to form a new Iraqi government

"We confirm our support for the national dialogue project of the political blocs that Abadi called for in order to unite positions and visions on a practical and effective government platform and platform that achieves national and political consensus," the party's political bureau said in a statement

The head of the coalition of state law, the Secretary-General of the Dawa Party, Nuri al-Maliki, in response to questions to reporters on the initiative of Abadi, that "with any serious step produces a solution to a serious crisis facing Iraq, and that the response to this call or other is conditional on the mechanisms and themes to be discussed during The meeting, as well as the treatments that will come out of the meeting, "saying that" any invitation or meeting lacks solutions to the crisis facing the political process is nothing more than a propaganda declaration for a political festival or festival. "

He expressed his hope that the invitation will be attended by all the forces and that everyone will commit themselves to work hard in order to reach serious solutions to the country in more than one level

For his part, the Central Council of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan announced today that it welcomes Abadi's initiative to hold a high-level meeting in order to protect the gains and run the country

Abadi had called on Thursday the leaders of the political blocs to hold a meeting "high level" after the holiday of Eid al-Fitr

"We are facing the challenge of preserving the country, but we are confident of passing through this difficult phase," Abadi said in a televised address

"Despite the election violations, the legal and constitutional methods are the only way to solve the problems and move towards the formation of a new parliament and a government that will emerge from it," he said

Abadi stressed that "not to allow manipulation of citizens' voices and acceptance of fraud."

He called on Abadi to hold "responsible meetings to agree on the next program of the state departments in all its institutions, according to the law, and that the program is intended to meet the aspirations of citizens and fight corruption and eliminate it and get rid of quotas."

Abadi called for "political blocs to hold a high-level meeting after the Eid holiday, to protect the homeland and ensure the safety of the political process."

The alliance of the leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr, along with the leader of Badr Hadi Amiri, raised several questions about the position of the Sunni and national forces of the coalition, especially that "Sowron and Fatah" form their alliance on a sectarian basis, according to the recipe of politicians

What further complicated the situation was that the most prominent Shiite party opposed to Iran allied itself with the figure closest to Tehran, after earlier describing Amiri's alliance with Abadi before the election - which was quickly dismissed - as "abhorrent and sectarian strife."

The leader of the Sadrist movement, Moqtada al-Sadr, announced Tuesday, the alliance between my list "Ssron" supported by the "conquest" led by Hadi Amiri, backed by Iran to form the largest bloc in the Iraqi parliament LINK

Falluja is witnessing "unprecedented" celebrations on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr

16th June, 2018

A police source in the province of Anbar said on Saturday that the city of Falluja was under tight security to ensure the atmosphere of Eid al-Fitr, adding that the city witnessed "unprecedented" celebrations on the occasion of Eid.

"The security forces from the army, police, emergency brigades and the popular crowd have imposed strict security measures on all neighborhoods of Falluja, in conjunction with the installation of joint patrols in the neighborhoods of the city," the source said in a statement. Mushrooms ".

The source added that "the security forces have tightened their procedures near the main roads and sub-roads leading to local markets and public squares," noting that "these measures come to maintain the safety of citizens within the security holiday plan." LINK

Source: Dinar Recaps



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