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Saturday, June 2, 2018

"Tonight's Word: If You See Something Say Something" - Heisenberg - 6.2.18

Entry Submitted by Heisenberg at 2:47 AM EDT on June 2, 2018

Feckless cat - Samantha Bee

Although she didn't say cat - Heisenberg

And that brings us to tonight's word: IF YOU SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING

Whoa whoa whoa..... this lady just came in and popped off 6 caps in the ceiling of Paddys yelling something about her freckled cu**, Officer. I don't know why she called her cat freckled.... she has perfect skin. But that's what happened. You say you know her? She has a record? Her street name is Samantha Bee aka Sadgirl?

Officer, we don't know what's going on with sadgirl but Paddys has been violence free ever since the Enniskillen bombing. This is a peaceful establishment. But I get it...you and detective Briscoe got to do your jobd... Lenny: cat fight, am I right? (Briscoe wasn't 100% pc.)


So anyhwo.... any woke ass mothertrucker knows by now there's a good vs evil on earth and galactic war going on. And that Trump is fighting the benevolent fight. Common knowledge. Anyone wants to doubt my political affiliation... I'll tell you...I've been a lifelong Democrat. I voted for Clinton and O. Parents were blue ticket all the way. So I'm not red. You can tell by my music choices and my love for Dixie chicks POST london, I'm not red. I'm a patriot. So don't go there.... at Paddys pub on a Friday night.... don't go there.

So what's up, sadgirl? Why so mad? Is Trump really really threatening your way of life that you had to go after his daughter? Didn't she recently get some patents in China? Did that throw you over the edge? Did you get overwhelmed at a party of Trump haters and felt you needed to vent for the team? But that wasn't really it, was it? Because everyone at the "I have my own show" level knows what's really going on. Wink. New world order. Secret grand juries. Indictments. You know what's going on. And you know that I know. And I'm not the only one.

So when I heard those shots gong off, I felt it was a direct but ineffective shot across the bow of humanity. Were you just following company orders? Towing the party line? Well...I admire your commitment. You went all in. C word. Double down. Swingers boom. And now.... for that little stunt... you're chalked up pretty good, as we say in the pub. For those 6 slugs you so free willingly put in the ceiling. Its ok tho. We forgive you. You were only trying to protect your way of life. Question...Were you promised a spot on the new world order titanic? Yea.... that's a tempting bait. A tender trap. THE tender trap.

In defense of sadgirl, she wasn't the only one coming out guns a blazing. Michelle came after Sarah. All is fair in love and war, yes? Jedi vs sith, yes? Best man wins? But for those of us woke ass in the pub...we know the extremely difficult job Sarah has been given. To be the face of the Jedi rebellion, to take on the daily deep state rhetoric while Trump bleaches the olympic village hot tub...gross...to be the first line of defense in that political question/answer war of words to command the narrative, its quite the task. And let's not forget...a woman is doing a job a man couldn't, soooo...this is the age of Aquarius... the age of Aquarius.... Aquarius...!!!

Sadgirl... You showed your hand. But I'm here tonight... to tell everyone with ears to hear... that the time to choose your master is now. Tonight. Do you serve the dark.... or do you serve the light? There are no undecided here. Atheists be gone with no daily bread. Only the righteous light workers will ascend. And maybe those who let LOVE dominate their hearts. I hear the ascension will allow for the unknowing with love in their hearts to move forward. Upward. Onward. But we are the knowing aren't we? We know The lay of The land like The back of our hand, don't we? The cabal, illuminati, main stream media own the media. But not the pub. Its no secret at all....

This one is tough cause I love you... But I'm here tonight to give warning to those intent on pumping the dossiers narrative night after night. Time to get a new stchick. I know your heart is not in it and it's all about towing the company line, but sadgirl crossed the line for all. Unfortunately. Ps. I'm not saying Rosanne was right either. We here... calls it likes we sees it. We here between the four walls and under this ceiling do not follow party lines. We do not grasp to cabal created ideals of comfort that only serve to devide us. But would you Join our movement, if in us you could believe in?.... would you break bread and wine... If ours was a church you could receive in?.... do you need it now?..... to take the cup?... to fill it up?.... to drink it slow?....

Does anyone remember the weekend New York harbor was vacated with possibly the best pump fake of them all? Now that was a punchline delivered with timing. If I haven't forgotten it, you know they haven't. Just saying. Let's just all chill. You know were one. Just a matter of time.

I heard about one dossier. Yes yes. But.... I just heard there's another dossier. A blue dossier. I'm not so sure you'd call it a dossier rather than evidence. One with Hillary Clinton. And Huma. And New York city veteran policemen in tears wanting justice. Maybe you haven't heard about it but we here in the pub have. Its a little secret that's not really our fight to fight at this time. But trust me... Its on many minds. And many within ear shot I imagine on the down, low are willing to help "control the narrative". Even in quiet Paddys pub, patriot republic cops get a 10% discount. Do you think any of the witnessing police are going to stop someone from calling hrc a murdering cunt? I used to be a Democrat. I believed in You. You broke my heart fredo. It really is like the mafia. Sit in the front seat.


So sadgirl...I personally don't wan't to take on this fight, as probably neither do you. But our time is growing nigyt....niigh....neey?.... our time is growing short. But if its not me... someone will control the narrative and bring the hrc unthinkable to light. Someone with a voice that reaches tens of thousands in one stroke of a send. And they are out there. Growing. With every post.

Listen to dr Greer. He's got stories of presidents getting strong armed. No one is alone in this fight. Presidents...20 levels down from the real power. Smoking man will take them out. We.... are just cattle to them. What are you defending? Free will is a double edged sword.

In conclusion... cool it. Question your marching orders if they come from a fascist commander. Zeit heilt. Did you know that means "time heals"? Curiouser and curiouser.... who are you?......whooooooo are youuuuuuiuu?

Do you know your promise of a new world order is at the expense of humanity? Did you know you're selling many of your friends and family out? High school friends? College friends? Family? To slavery? Death? Well if you didn't before.... now you do. And Trump... he's working hard to save my ass. Along with Putin and Xi. And the galactics from across the universe here to save 6.3 billion on mother Gaia. Where's the missing 700,000,000? Yea, that's the 10% that planned to kill off the rest of us. Not sure if theyre gonna make it. Google it. Actually don't Google it. Sit down and have a pint with mis amigos. Hear what the locals have to say. Or read the bible. Or listen to David. Think long and hard about your next move. Cause it's coming. They may tell you it'll never happen.... But read the writing on the wall for yourself. Because if you don't decide for yourself... law of one says the decision will be made for you. But what do I know? I'm just a yahoo who drinks too much Guinness with thousands of barflies tuning in. Thousands who happen to know too much about pedogate and that poor little girl who crossed paths with hrc and huma. No joke here. For the memory of that little girl.... no joke....

And that's the word
















"I'm beginning to see the light"

I never cared much for moonlit skies
I never wink back at fireflies
But now that the stars are in your eyes
I'm beginning to see the light
I never went in for afterglow
Or candlelight on the mistletoe
But now when you turn the lamp down low

I'm beginning to see the light
Used to ramble through the park
Shadowboxing in the dark
Then you came and caused a spark
That's a four-alarm fire now
I never made love by lantern-shine
I never saw rainbows in my wine
But now that your lips are burning mine
I'm beginning to see the light



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