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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

To All in Currencyland, a Little Story by Gerry Maguire

To all in Currencyland-- A little story by Gerry Maguire……………………..

I am not sure on some dates but you will get the point, and redneck grammar ……..

From the beginning money and food has always been a way to control the population by those in power called elitists or cabal. Fast forward to Nathaniel Rothschild 17th century a quote ( give me control of the nations money and I care not the laws they pass) i.e

Federal Reserve and Bank of England (loan sharks)-- what and who do they control and influence? We are now considered surfs and peasants who have been dumbed down thru the schools and teachings, check out the early teachings from 1900's, you get the picture. Knowledge is power.

War is a business, big business. This is one way the cabal makes money-- invade a country, depress their currency or just replace it. Buy low, wait for RV, cash in and make a boat load of money… Look at all past wars and what happens. All wars are bankers wars for the country's resources and control. Cabal quote (out of chaos comes control) war, social unrest, anything they can do.

So, as the lead country to invade Iraq this gives the USA control over what and how Iraq did from treaty's, to all development period. Yes thru the united nations ( i.e. USA) think like this. Bankruptcy court except on global scale, the UN is the judge (i.e USA). the cabals plan was the same, so they thought.

Humanity was just about in the crapper, thru the central banks, global crooked leaders and (yes the USA is the worst) complete domination of almost everything. We, as a whole are too many to control. So, thru GMO food and tainted vaccines, diseases and the health care system they can cull the herd, so to speak and try to regain control. google --Georgia guide stones, very scary …..

Well, GOD has a plan which didnt include the cabal and they are pissed because they thought it was in the bag. Like him or not, President Trump has made a difference, even with all the crooked voting (and yes we all know its true), Trump won. (you-tube Kim Clement)--status quo wasn't working. Is Trump extreme??—yes. Do I agree with everything he does?? NO, makes me wonder what the hell is he doing at times. GOD is giving us one last chance to get our poop in a group or go down in flames.

I will call them the White Hats as that is how Currencyland knows them. The next statements are mine and mine alone, agree or disagree, I dont care.. Do your own research. I am sure there are way smarter people than myself who can add to or take away from this and, yes please respond, debate is a good thing.


The last phase of total enslavement started with the Bretton-woods around mid 40's… The elite got together and devised a plan from then through the current time where the king dollar would rule thru the central banks, well almost worked until the White Hats (GOD) had a plan to take back humanity..i believe it started before the 1940's. Remember this… How do you fight fire?? - with fire. Hitler in his infinite wisdom wanted/needed more resources so he started looking in other countries, such as, South America, Africa, and a little country called Rhodesia caught his eye, had lots of everything including the most precious item known to man... WATER... the biggest under ground reserve ever, and minerals just below the surface, easy to mine and refine. Well, as always the leaders plunder the country and were so greedy they put the country into hyper-inflation. The UN (cabal), came in and placed sanctions on them knowing what they had and wanted it. Before sanctions, hyper-inflation caused a loaf of bread to be 100 trillion Zimbabwe dollars, hmmmm sound familiar. Remember to fight fire, well lets stop and think about all the over printing of the Dinar-- hmmm. Why would the cabal do that—well, they had a plan and it was working. Could it be they got caught in their own game and out played by the White Hats.? What does the Zim represent?? It’s worthless right?.. maybe/maybe not.. It’s rumored that its printed on bond paper and has great value.. So if it is worth something then how much Dinar would have to be printed to make up the difference. Quite a few zero's difference in (1) -100 trillion note and (1) 25k note. Do your research.

Now comes into play the GCR, to bring financial freedom to the whole planet not just the cabal along with new technology that has been hidden from us. Nikolai Tesla when he died a 3 letter agency took all his research to never be seen again. This is just the tip of the iceberg of hidden technology by the cabal.

Now to present, many articles out there show where country's are dumping the dollar and using an asset backed yuan to do business along with Russia and other country's as well. China is a reserve currency and very stable. A lot of new contracts are being written up in yuan and not the dollar. So the change over to asset backed is under way... now the next question is when will the USA announce there new USN/UST note hmmm.. will this be a public or semi-private announcement... and who controls the announcement... hmmm who is in charge..

This is where my opinion differs from a lot of the guru's who say that it’s all about Iraq, well it's not.. Let me be clear-- we invade Iraq we control Iraq. I dont care what information you have saying other wise or who you listen too, but when Iraq comes out they are an asset/gold backed currency... period. Iraq has tried to r.i/r.v many times before their election and guess who stopped it??—that’s right... do i have absolute proof-- nope.. No one does.. unless you are a decision maker we can only guess even with what we consider good contacts, stuff changes so fast in 30 mins its all different.

To end this story it all boils down to the basic's. This is a battle between good and evil and a chance to show where you stand, how you will be when this blessing comes down from God.. Will you help your brothers and sisters, or will you crap on them thinking this is your money, is it really yours??

Be a good steward-- stand for something, STAND UP AND BE COUNTED, be honest and face the troubles ahead with God in your heart.

Thank you for allowing me the chance to make a difference!!!!!

Gerry Maguire



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