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Friday, June 15, 2018

TNT Showtime CC Notes w/ RayRen, Tony by Adept1 6-15-18

(Notes by Adept1)

TNT Call 15-June-2018

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#


RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family! This is Wednesday, June 15, 2018, with yours truly RayRen98 here along with Tony.

Tony: Good morning, TNT!

RayRen: We did send out an update yesterday (Thursday):

  • The CBI is informing its citizens that cash can be withdrawn at cash sales places but limited to 2 million. This is for Dinar ONLY! 
  • PM Abadi on TV stating that its business as usual through June 30, 2018, the the new administration takes over July 1, 2018. He is telling the losers not to request an extension of time via the courts due to violations of their constitution. 
  • The Iraqi stock exchange will not be trading during the EID al-Fitr holiday of June 15 – June 19. The first trading session will be on June 20, 2018. 
Tony: The good news is that their financial system continues to evolve, since now they can get cash back at ANY point-of-sale. That applies to all cards: MC, Visa, Qi cards. They can get cash back, just like we do with our cards. However, I am slightly confused because they can get up to two million dinar PER DAY on their cards – cash. Most cards in the US will give up you to $5,000 in spending limits, with cash withdrawal of up to $500 per day. Two million dinar is about $2,000 in cash, and they can do that every day. That is four times our maximum! I thought that was crazy, but that is the new rule put out by the CBI. The other thing is that it didn’t say this was only at the ATMs, it ‘s for those who are authorized to do it.

The other news we saw was about Sadr, as we discussed on Wednesday. Now they seem to letting Maliki get involved, although NOT as Prime Minister. Many don’t like Sadr even having meetings with Maliki, much less be part of the government. We know M wants to retain his position, or A position, so that he keeps his immunity. Sadr wants the government to include everyone, no matter which faction they are in. They don’t want anyone to hold the same regional grip they had over their people (apart from Kurdistan). They want to be inclusive; however, other countries are concerned that Maliki might be brought back in. What did happen is that the Security Council extended the mandate until 31. May, 2019, so for another year. This Resolution was drafted by the US. “Due to the US desire to adopt a state early, and due to tensions that arose after the election…” Iraq was done, they were almost free, and if they had done the elections the way they said they would, this Resolution would not have been renewed. Now they have to report to the Council every three months for the next year. I don’t understand this.

What does this do? This whole process is to provide assistance and dialog between Iraq and its neighbors, to assure citizen’s rights, and develop programs – to watch over the money. They could have had freedom if they had done this right, but they didn’t – they are letting Iran’s influence back in. So Iraq will still be watched until they get it right. If Abadi continues with the agreed program, he will be supported; however, Iraq is now being watched because they didn’t get it right.

The CBI is still broadcasting the lower denominations and education so that the people can know what’s going on. They can do the RI at any time. So we wait… I was told hey wanted to do it during the Eid, from the 14th through the 19th. Abadi and Sadr are saying they will have a new government from 1. July, with the new Parliament. The federal court is the only body that can decide, and there is a reason they are dragging this out to the very last week of June – either they rule on it so late that Maliki and those who lost won’t have time to appeal, or they don’t rule on it but they still get a new government on 1. July. Abadi says that they will have a government no matter way, and Sadr says that he is continuing to talk to everyone, to be inclusive. That is it, pure and simple.

Questions from the TNT forum

Q: You alluded to receiving information about the release of the 800 numbers. Could this weekend be the time when we get those 800 numbers?
A: In all honesty, I didn’t get a date for the release of the 800 numbers. I did get that the numbers will not be released until 1-2 hours before they are actually activated. Nobody will get their numbers 12 to 24 hours in advance.

Q: How serious of an issue is it for my exchange if I am having trouble tracking down my receipts? I’ve been in this for about eight years but had to get off the daily roller coaster for a few years and have recently come back. I found my currency but just can’t seem to remember where I stored my two receipts.
A: The banks probably won’t ask you for receipts anyway, so I wouldn’t be concerned. Wherever you ordered from, they will probably have a history of those orders. Check your account or email, and pull those up. Print them up, one order per page with the date, amount of currency and what you paid. That can act as your receipt.

Q: It’s looking like talks to resolve issues with the new Iraqi Government are being called for after the extended EID el Fitr. Does that mean an RI/RV of the International Dinar is now postponed until after EID?
A: Not necessarily.

Q: My husband is a Vietnam vet and he has contacted two military bases here in Southern California and neither one of them said they exchange currency. We were wondering if you can elaborate on where at in the military bases we should go. He did contact the finance department and they directed him to a bank outside the base and said they do not exchange currency.

Q: Do you think there is adequate misdirection (domestically with the IG report) and (internationally with the EU, Korea and Iraqi elections) that it provides enough cover for a GCR/RV?
A: No, those reports are not covering up a GCR.

Q: I am aware that the Dong rate went from .40 to .47 to over $1.00. At one point you said it could go to $2.00. Is the $2.00 rate the contract rate? If not, what is the Dong Contract Rate?
A: It was going to be the contract rate, and it was going to be $2.20. They said they used up all the contract rates, and I doubt that, but we’ll see.

Q: When ISX resumes trading on the 20th, is that “public” trading or in the background as before?
A: It is trading in public in Iraq.

Q: This past Monday or Wednesday I read in the transcripts of the conference call that the VN Dong will also have a contract rate as the Dinar which is $28.50. Does the Dong have a possible contract rate?
A: See previous answer on this.

Q: I am an 83 year old disabled male. I have several currencies plus Zim, It is impossible for me to attend the exchange. My daughter has my power of attorney, the problem is she fell down the stairs and has several compound fractures and is in rehab and will probably only be able to attend if transported by ambulance. This creates security issues. Any possibility of them going to rehab? Any suggestions?
A: No, sorry. She needs to give her own and your Power of Attorney to get the exchange done.

Q: Re: The oil tankers en route to USA will the invoice show the old rate when arriving or does the rate change to the new rate? If so how long then will it take for us have the new rate?
A: I have no idea. The rate is the rate; it may be different at the next transaction. In either case, it doesn’t affect us.

Q: is it a good strategy to go to the bank to exchange dinar, taking only a small portion of what you have and working out the details then, followed by an appointment to return and bring the remaining dinar to exchange? If so, again in your opinion, how much should the first amount of dinar be? 1M, 5M or 10M or more?
A: You are the only one who knows when you are going to the bank, so if you don’t tell anyone, they won’t know if/when to rob you. The bank wants you do exchange everything the first time. Bring in your currency, make the deal, and get it exchanged. Your options are to 1) take all your currency with you and ask for the contract rate for the dinar and high as you can do with the rest, OR 2) I want the contract rate on the dinar, and based on what you offer me, I will exchange the rest, or (if I don’t like it), I’ll take the rest home and wait until I see the rate I want. This is not for everyone because some don’t have the leverage to do these things. If you have a million or so, they won’t negotiate with you in the same way as someone who has 20 million, or 50 million, or more. If you don’t want the contract rate, sit on your hands and watch the rate go up on Forex until you want to exchange. All the currencies will probably go up on Forex, so there is no need to rush down there on exchange day just because we gave you the 800 numbers. Those who have less currency (and don’t want the contract rate) will benefit by waiting.

Q: Could you please give me an update on the rates for the Indonesian rupiah and the Iranian rial? Also do you believe that these will still go at the same time as the dinar?
A: Rupiah is about $1.05, rial is about $3.22; that’s what we’ve seen on the screens.

Q: My question is about after the 800 numbers are posted by you, I presume you will also post the known rates at that time. However, by the time we get to the bank those rates may have changed. Or perhaps you won’t post rates. Will you also post where we should look to find current rates at the time we are able to make the 800# call so we can have a fairly accurate number to give them?
A: The rates will change every day, and every bank is in competition, so they won’t have the same rates. We are not going to update the rates every day. Call the bank branch, and they will give you the rate for that day. You will know what the rate is before you go in for your appointment.

Q: In country, in Iraq, if they remove the three zeros and calculate the exchange rate of the dinar in country, it comes out to $0.85 per dinar even though their buying power is still the same. We are waiting for a revaluation outside the country before we do our exchange. What is it outside the country that keeps our 25,000 dinar notes from losing the three zeros and being worth $25 dollars instead of $25,000 like they are doing in country.
A: Where have you been? We have already covered this many times. They are supposed to give us two years’ notification and then two years to turn in our notes. They have done that inside Iraq; outside the country, they are still selling three-zero notes, so we are still safe with the value of our notes.

Q: Can you merge a trust and a foundation and if so what is the major benefit and what would be the structure?
A: A foundation is an organization, and it doesn’t have a structure until it is set up as a trust or a corporation. It all depends on how it is set up.

You’ll just have to take our word for it that OUTSIDE Iraq, 25,000 dinar is still 25,000 dinar.

Questions from live callers

915 caller: As for the UN sanctions and the renewed Resolution, who will that affect us?

Tony: It won’t really affect the RV, and it’s not about sanctions; it is about things that will happen after the RV.

Caller: Do you still think the RV could go during the Eid, from now until next Tuesday?

Tony: Those who explained that is what they intend to do haven’t got back to me and said they are NOT doing that. I’m still looking for it any day now.

Caller: Are you still at 10 for the RV to take place in June?

Tony: Yes, that is what they are gearing up to, with the ATMs, educating the people, and adding extra services. The CBI can do this without the election results, although they would prefer to have all that in place so that the UN Security Council wouldn’t extend the Resolution; that should have gone until July, but they extended it yesterday. They are thinking that if they don’t let in Maliki, he will cause a problem. They will cause riots, blow stuff up, just like when Maliki let ISIL in. If they let him be a part, with Abadi still in charge, then we can also put the technocrats in and will be so much further along over the next four years, that next time (next election) we can hang Maliki. That’s my reasoning.

470/404 caller: Do you think Sadr will take a direct goal in government, or stay in the background?

Tony: Sadr wants to be the top cleric in the country, fulfilling the will of the ALL the people without taking sides. That actually gives him more authority than the top leaders have, because if this doesn’t work out, he can bring the people out into the streets. By not being politically associated with anyone, he can create chaos for anybody. He has the power of the people, and people overthrow governments all the time.

Caller: Has the info/educational campaign been gearing up every day?

Tony: I don’t’ hear that it’s building up, just that it is happening on the telly and billboards. They had a big push in January, encouraging people to set up bank accounts. This is the third time they’ve had a major campaign on these issues.

Caller: There was an article about Sistani declaring Saturday is Eid in Iraq. Are we looking for the first part of Eid, or the end of Eid? Are they saying anything about that?

Tony: We are not being told anything about that either way. I don’t think we can get that down to the hour. We don’t even know why they have extended it to the 19th. Nobody has told me they are super-excited about Saturday or informed staff of extra hours. Right now, nobody seems geared up for this Saturday that I know of.

321 caller: What happened about the big speech trump is supposed to be making today?

Tony: I haven’t heard anything, one way or the other.

Caller: If you are having trouble receiving the tweets, go into your account and turn on the SMS with your phone number. I did that two days ago and started getting tweets again.

[Had to take a call, so I missed about five minutes.]

Next caller: So are these new sanctions?

Tony: The sanctions are from earlier, and those have been lifted. The Resolution has been renewed because Iraq has reintroduced chaos and influence from Iran. So the UN Security Council wants to keep an eye on Iraq for another year, with the option to renew sanctions as well if they see the country going in the wrong direction. It gives us (the US and the UN) the authority to intervene if necessary.

Caller: These two million per day, are they spending that Iraq?

Tony: That is only for those who already have the dinar. It only really kicks in when they do the RV – then they will have that influence.

Next caller: Will the arrests come before or after the RV?

Tony: Those arrests have to do with Parliament, not the RV.

Caller: Will we have full access to the money after the exchange?

Tony: You will get up to $7,000 in cash, and 10% of the total right away, and the rest after 24-48 hours.

281 caller: Have they given you an additional instructions about 800 numbers/exchange?

Tony: Everything is still the same.

Caller: As for the two million dinars per day at point-of-sale, do you think Article 8 is done, which would allow a float?

Tony: They are already doing a gradual float; that is the only way they could have two million dinar a day to pull out. US citizens are leaving Iraq right now and being given 85 cents per dinar. Their currency has to go international so that it can be re-instated to its full rate. Iraq is already compliant and now their currency is being released. They are setting the procedures; when the rate changes, the two million dinar will change as well.

Caller: Do you think the ATMs have the lower denominations now, when Forex comes back on the 20th?

Tony: They say they are trying to get this done during Eid, and if that happens, then Forex will come back with the new rates. They are free to revalue their currency now. However, IF they are waiting to see what the courts decide, it could take longer. Maybe they want to drag it out until after the 15th, or until the end of the holiday. We don’t know.

678 caller: If the CBI has the power to declare the RV, regardless of the government, and if Abadi is still the PM until the end of June, then if they release the RV during the Eid, he would still be responsible for the RV happening during his tenure, right? Can the CBI release the RV even if there is not a PM?

Tony: Either way, the CBI doesn’t answer to the PM, Supreme Court or Parliament. So long as they do what they are supposed to be doing, they control the economy of Iraq. Their systems work, the country is secure, they can do this whenever they want. The political considerations are not really their concern.

Caller: If Iraq is just playing a waiting game until a certain time, it seems to me that the RV would make the entire country happy instead of protesting or rioting.

Tony: Yes, people would be happy and it would make it easier to put Abadi back in the PM position. An article came out today saying they didn’t count 1,700,000 votes from the military or overseas. When those votes are counted, Abadi might be the winner. We can only wait and see how this shakes out. Either way, I am happy because we are getting closer every day.

610 caller: if you are financially able to donate, please send your checks and money orders to Ray Renfrow, PO Box 1748, Elm City, NC 27822. The address can be found at www.tntsuperfantastic.com; click on the Donate button and send your check today.

Closing Statement

Tony: Everything is still moving forward, going towards the end of the month. All we can do it see what happens. If it doesn’t happen by the 20th, we still have ten days until the 30th. CBI has done everything it needs to do to release this RV. If we’ve waited for ten years, we can wait another 10-20 days. In the end, we still win. Enjoy your weekend.

Ray: That’s it for today. If you need more inspiration, listen to two songs: I Won’t Complain and I Believe.

RayRen played I Believe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA

Source: Dinar Detectives



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