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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

"The New Business Model" by Ron Giles - 6.5.18

Entry Submitted by Ron Giles at 3:14 PM EDT on June 5, 2018

In the New Earth, basic changes will need to be implemented. This will require a New Business Model based on Service VS Profit. This business model will not be driven by the need to make a profit. Every faucet of daily living will change to where Service to the community will be the value judgement of each business. The greater the service to the community, the greater value to society. Service to the community will become the social value statement for all businesses. Do they serve greed or do they serve others? When the abundance mentality takes over the thought processes, there will be the growing need to be of value to others. It will be accomplished by Service to Others, the New Business Model.

Some businesses will not change very much do to the service initiatives that are already being taught to their employees. The deeper more private business decisions, however, will reflect a new thought process based on service, rather than on profit. In the New Business Model, products that are inferior or seconds will be sold at reduced prices that reflect their second hand status. They will not be passed on to the consumer as the better quality products, which is where the right decisions are to be made. A produce department manager will not bundle old produce with the new to make more profit, he/she will throw out the old or sell it as seconds. This reflects service rather than profit. All GMOs will be labeled as such, so the consumer can make choices for their health instead of the GMOs being hidden in secret to the unsuspecting consumer. In fact, the profit driven GMO industry will go out of business as the consumers gain information that will drive the GMO industry out of business. Given the choice, who would choose GMO food.

The best way to do this is for us to infiltrate the food industry all the way back to the Farmers. We collectively pay the higher price for organic food and sell it far below the price of the junk they call food. We use our money power to affect changes. We don't need profit, we're in business for Service to Others. We can afford to lower prices to corner the markets and sell the best products at a price that puts the for-profit corporations out of business. As they go out of business we absorb them and their people into our, business for service, and everybody wins, especially the consumers. Money has power for good. And as King Arthur postulated, use might for right.

In the New Business Model, a person will start his/her business because they want to share their uniqueness, their talents, with others rather than making money. Everybody will have enough money, so the motivation of making money in a business will be gone. The artist will paint, or dance, or sing, not for the money but to share their talents. Making a living, will go away and, having a living, will take its place. In the New Society we are creating, the old Cabal conditioning will become a condemning statement that shows lack and holding on to the old ways that don't work for the greater number of we Humans.

We buy Ford, GMC, or Dodge, etc., and manufacture cars and other equipment and will bring products to the market at cost or less. We can afford to give a 25% raise to employees and put people to work just to have a way to support their families. Can we afford to make the employees an asset for the company by reducing their work week, extending their vacation time and providing day care and other benefits that support families? This is a resounding, YES. Consumer opinions will be most important as the consumer reporting institutes report on value and dependability of the products as well as consumer satisfaction. Without the need for profit, a car could be built with the finest parts available, as well as the latest technologies that produce the highest safety available and the greatest usability, always with the customer’s satisfaction in mind. This service model is just good business, but now it will have the subtle difference of being in service to others, rather than for profit.

Insurance has partnered with Pharmaceuticals to bilk the public out of Billions. High priced medications are sought after and advertised that are patentable, chemical based, solutions to mend the problems brought on by terrible, nutrition – less food that the Human body does not recognize as food. Combine this with the medical profession that has no knowledge of nutrition and totally disregard their Hippocratic Oath to serve their patient’s instead of the pharmaceuticals. This whole industry is designed to support its own profitability at the detriment to their patients and the public. Their is no incentive to, "Cure," a patient. Healthy people do not support this industry. Sick people do. The industry supports the narrative of depopulation of earth Humans. The behind the scenes agenda wants to reduce us down to !0 % of the present population. The remaining 10% will be used as breeding stock to supply these miscreants with babies who will be killed and offered as food to eat and their blood to drink. (sic) We will be used like cattle for consumption and the harvesting of organs. Again, sic

It is our bequeathed responsibilities to end these, despicable business for profit, practices. It is our opportunity to produce an environment that supports Human families with all the necessities to live rich full lives that reflect we, the loving offspring of God. This is the main reason that so much money has been given to us. We can flood away the old world economy and give the healthy course correction that will assure our continued existence as a specie. The Heavens have heard our prayers. We Sovereigns have taken our stand for the sake of the whole world, and the Heavens have responded, by sending the Angelic Armies and the Alliance to aid us in the elimination of the servants of death.

The New Business Model is a major tool in our tool box. Searching in this tool box we will find an incredible number of other useful tools to elevate us into the 5D, Abundance Mentality.

If you let your minds ponder these things, you, too, will come up with thousands of ideas on how to implement your own unique ideas that will add to the success of this venture. Once the ideas are entertained, additional ideas will follow and it will surprise you what you can come up with. Use these ideas for your humanitarian projects if you don’t already have some. With virtually unlimited money, there is nothing of a, service to others nature, that is beyond reach.

The ramifications of this new business model are extensive and if successful, our thousands will penetrate into every faucet of life and lead us back to the garden from whence we came. We have the money and we have the ability to institute and implement this greatest gift to mankind. We will be supported by high level new technologies from the Alliance that will make life easier. Instead of having to work at a job, we will create thousands of small, ma and pop, family businesses that will reflect our values and our desires to be of service with our own unique offerings. I believe that when it is time to go out and enjoy a night out, we will consider going to an establishment that needs our patronage, one that we can balance our giving and receiving by participating with others in their unique offering. All of us doing things we desire to do in service to the whole of society.

This new Business Model will be introduced by those of us who have the money to create the service to others mentality and educate others to assume their role in the New Earth. It will take time. It will take effort. It will take dedication to new correct principles to create the synergy that will make this New Business Model successful. It is our time to shine and our time to become the leaders that will lead into the New Earth environment. It will come anyway, but we now have a chance to be a conscientious contributor. Service to others is really only service to ourselves. We are our brother's keepers; and, that, answers the long ago Bible question uttered by Cain. Using our Uniqueness in Service to others is our Hallmark of Love.

Love and Light

Ron Giles



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