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Friday, June 15, 2018

The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 6-14-18


TRANSCRIBED BY PINKROSES (Thank you, PinkRoses. ~ Dinar Chronicles)

Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. Let’s talk al little bit about Iraq because they are still out there. They are still doing it. Number 1: The Qi cards especially the new Master card that is tied to Rafidain Bank in Iraq has been issued and is operational for people. I don’t care what you are doing, whatever your job is, whatever your position is, whether with the government, any citizen anybody that is fogging a mirror over there as a Iraqi citizen has and can utilize the Qi card and can be paid in dinar. I mentioned to you over a week or two weeks ago that the dinar has revalued in country. I don’t care if we can’t see it on the website or see it at its true value. It is at a rate that was equal to or greater than the rate I told you two or three weeks ago. All that means is Iraq has done their thing. They were held while up by the UN last week and they finally got released on that. They are moving and shaking right now.

Bruce: How do we know all this? I told you on Tuesday’s call we had 5 tankers of oil coming to the United States. Really we had 3 tankers coming here and there might have been two others going elsewhere, but three of them if they haven’t hit yet they should hit the next day or so to the United States. When these tankers were going thru the Suez Canal, the people along the side were cheering, waving, and excited to see tankers from Iraq that had Iraqi flags on the tankers that were 30 feet wide by 40 feet long of the Iraqi flag. They were on those tankers and everybody is excited about Iraq is back in the game at the international level. Of course, those 3 tankers are coming here. They may already hit. I do not know what ports they will be going to, but those tankers carrying over 20 million barrels of oil they will be paid in Iraqi dinar backed from our government. That is all good and is all happening. We are really excited about that.

Bruce: Today Iraq was to make an announcement at about 7:20 pm local Baghdad time which would have been about 11:20 am EST. Today, that announcement would have been I believe was going to include information about where Iraq is with the payments and with everything we are looking for from them to be completely international with their rates and so on. I didn’t get confirmation yet from our Iraqi citizens that we know because they were not available at the time to confirm that. What usually happens I get confirmation on something like that after the call is over, unfortunately. Anyways, I am excited about that for Iraq.

Bruce: They start their Eid Al Fitr holdiday tomorrow, June 15th. It makes sense. It is Friday. Friday is their first holy day so to speak. The Eid Al Fitr Holiday starts tomorrow, and it goes thru the 19th. So that is 5 days. On the 20th that is when the ISX, the Iraqi Stock Exchange, starts trading again. So for these 5 days starting tomorrow, the ISX won’t be trading during the holiday period. I can bet on the 2oth when it comes back Iraq will be trading at what is known as a newly revalued dinar stating the 20th. I believe that is starting at 7:46 am in the morning, bright and early on the 20th. What does that all mean to us? What it should mean to us I believe that might start I heard some people tell me that may start when the so called public Tier 5 gets started. Don’t hold me to that. That sort of makes sense. They may start at that point. It is significant. I hope they have a great holiday, Eid Al Fitr, starting tomorrow. That will be great for Iraq.

Bruce: I do want to wish President Trump a happy birthday today. I hope he had a happy birthday today. I think from the Big Call the best birthday gift we can give the President is to rebuild America. I do believe that we are doing that and have great plans to do that and I think it falls right in line with his concept of making America great again. Making America great again. We are going to do to rebuild America, and we will do it all over the country. I told you last Tuesday the concepts we have in mind to give you templates to check out and work with in your own particular region of the country. In my opinion that is this year’s birthday gift we will be able to give our President. Hopefully we have a blessing start that will allow us to do that very shortly.

Bruce: Let’s talk about what we know is happening. I would call this from a very trusted source that we know that some of the Tier 3s are finishing up and finished up today. Maybe all wrapped all up today. I know some wrapped up today and were doing exchanges on a number of different currencies. I believe we had 15 different currencies that were actually being exchanged. I know there was Zim being redeemed. This occurred and we believe though our Tier 4, or the so called informed public that we tend to call the Internet Group, haven’t started yet because we are waiting for on a toll free number to come to me and thank you for that honor to go. To put that number out so our listenership and other sites from other calls will be able to get this number and set appointments where they live using their zip codes when they are asked where it is and set that up.

Bruce: When you call the Call Center number they may redirect you if you have Zim to the actual location where you would redeem that Zim. You may be talking a person you may be meeting in your own area. They may connect you or give you a new number to call to set your appointment if you have Zim to redeem. Some areas of the country will do it one way and other areas another way. We know for example HSBC has been updating their people from the Redemption Centers giving them the last minute information. Probably some idea, rough idea of timing for the start, and we know that occurred last night.

Bruce: Where we are now I would say because some of the information we have from people that were not under a blackout but are now for a short period of time they are under a blackout. I think it is a good time to everything ready. I know guys every time I do a call it sounds like I am calling it and that we are going right now. I know it sounds like that and I apologize for that. I know it. I apologize if it sounds like that. You have to understand from my perspective from the amount of information I get to glean the truth out of it, it makes it very approximate for us most of the time. Not every time, not every call, and not every piece of Intel. I have had things that definitely put it out 3 or 4 days. Then I have had where it really was imminent.

Bruce: We are at a close time. I can’t tell you when it is going to happen. I have heard some dates. I feel like we are right there where we need to be. I am sorry if I sound like that. It is not what I am intending to do. I want you to know when I am excited. I want you to know when I do feel we are right there. I think you can tell generally by what I say whether I feel like we are that close.

Bruce: Tomorrow is the 15th. It is the day when UN Operational rates are supposed to be changed and effective on that day. I don’t know if that enters into this for us now or not. I told you what is going on in Iraq and with their Eid Al Fitr startingtomorrow and their Iraqi Stock Exchange down for 5 days until the 20th. Everything I am hearing is very positive. Some people are saying any moment. I don’t like that. I have heard 36 hours, other windows. I don’t ever want to hear anymore about a window again, because it is frustrating when you make it thru one window but Oh there is another window. It is like jumping thru hoops. I know you guys don’t like it. I don’t like it. I just have to tell you I do not know anything about any particular window right now. I do feel like we are in a very good place, a solid place.

Bruce: I do believe the last of these Tier 3 exchanges have taken place. I know what time they wrapped up today. I do believe that everyone is in formed as far as the Redemption Center staff. They are all ready to go. I think from a security point of view security is strong and ready to go. Everything I am hearing is very good for us. I don’t think we have very long to wait. I really don’t.

Bruce: I want to thank everybody for being faithful to come and listen to us every Tuesday and Thursday night for the last 6.5 years on the Big Call. It has been a blessing to all of us. I think we have been able to come in and take a holistic approach to what is important in our lives. I have said for years, guys, don’t quit your day job. Keep your Plan A going. Keep Plan B as in Blessing when it goes. I know it has been tough. I know it has been tough for those of you that might not have had a job or maybe you are losing a house or car or something like that or have health issues. I get it. I have been through it too. You guys know my story. I have been through it, but I have tried to maintain a Plan A until our blessing comes. I still think we need to do that even tonight. I just want you to know that.

Bruce: I am very excited. I can see serious light at the end of this tunnel. I know that we try to come at holistically dealing with mind body spirit and the financial area. I am the guy with the Intel and bring out the financial aspect. I will say that we are looking good. I know these exchanges that went on today they were able to take over $11,000 in cash if they wanted. I know they weren’t USNs. It was the so called fiat currency we currently have in our wallets. To me I couldn’t care of less. The main thing is that the actual transactions and the money that is in the banks are backed digitally and will be or is backed by gold as we are transitioned to this gold back currency we call the USN. We know the banks were taking the so called TRNs which I look at as gold back bearer bonds for USD and using those to exchange those for USN, the actual currency of the USN, the new US dollar.

Bruce: There is a lot of that going on. There are 91 metric tons of gold that is in process being repatriated to the United States. We got 92 metric tons. We got 12 metric tons already the last few hours or so with the balance coming this week. That is also we need in a way to back our new dollar, but we don’t have to wait for the reminder of that gold which is in route in the next few days. We don’t have to wait for all of that to repatriate to the United States for us to go. I just want you to know that. We have enough to get started and the re of it is coming in. We have had major dollars moving around the United States and the globe from various funds, and they are all there to back up what it is we will be doing to moving forward.

Bruce: I will tell you that the agreement that President Trump signed along with Kim Jong Un as the Chairman of North Korea was significant and did affect us in a positive way regardless what the press tries to do to play it out us or poo poo it out as. It was very important, and it was important that it happened when and how it did. I am really excited where we are going as a country and where we are going as a listeners to the Big Call as we work together in the future to do these projects to get Rebuild America and Veteran Retreat Network under way. I know many of you have indicated you are all ready to go and ready to help in this or that area.

Bruce: If you have registered to our newest site which is: bigcalluniverse.com, you register with your email. That is how we will get in touch with you on future calls whether they are pod cast, recorded, live, etc. We will let you know thru those emails how we will get in touch with you as we set up our new site which is already established, and set up our plans and get things ‘moving that is how we will communicate with you at least initially. If you haven’t signed up yet with your email to:bigcalluniverse.com you will be out of the loop with what we will do in the future.

Bruce: We will have a blast that will go out to anybody that has signed up on that site. You would get an email with the 800 numbers that will apply for the United States and Canada when I get them, when I receive them. That will go out fairly quickly. I will also put out the numbers on both of our websites: thebigcall.net and bigcalluniverse.com. It will be there. We will distribute the number when we are allowed to to a couple of other areas on the net that are solid sites where you probably go to check out stuff. We already have a plan already worked out on that. This being Thursday we will see if we have another call or not, because we have 5 days before the next call. We will see. We will see what happens. I feel very positive right now. I know I sound like a broken record. I don’t mean to. That is all I can bring tonight.

Bruce: Thank you Sue, Pastor Steven and Bob. Thank you Big Call listeners all over the globe. We just appreciate you so much over the years. Everybody have a great night and keep watch. Good night everybody.




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