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Friday, June 29, 2018

"Re: I'm Confused" by Pat - 6.29.18

Entry Submitted by Pat at 4:33 PM EDT on June 29, 2018

"I'm Confused" by Teresa - 6.28.18

I have struggled with some of the same questions. I’m not one to blindly follow someone just because I’m told, despite actions starring me in the face that say otherwise. Unfortunately, the critical independent thinkers that don’t conform to the mindset of the masses, frequently get ostracized for not conforming.

You are correct in your observations that people are quick to accuse you of not being of the Light, because you don’t fall in lock-step with the masses. However, many call it being cautious.

Just because you don’t like Trump’s actions, behaviors, and policies doesn’t make you anti-Light. What makes you of the Light, is what is in your heart and intentions. Good for you, questioning what is happening. That is healthy! It’s good to see there are people that ask critical questions, and I’m not one to be threatened by opposing views. It’s healthy.

My response to some of your questions:

-signed executive order to move ahead with Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines.
The Keystone XL isn’t even owned by the USA. It’s solely owned by Canada and transporting raw crude from Canada to the gulf for refining. It doesn’t really help our economy that much, except the land lease holders.

The Dakota does transport USA oil to Illinois, but if we are to make the jump away from dirty fossil fuels with advanced technology, why spend billions on this? Doesn’t make sense to me either. However, several Congressmen, and it’s been reported also POTUS, own significant stock in these companies which could have influence as to why they were approved.

-appointed Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt as Environmental Protection Agency Chief
Its been a long time since I’ve seen a blatant swamp creature, like Pruitt. This guy is a recking ball for the EPA and keeps breaking ethics rules and regulations, while POTUS and congress look the other way. Why? POTUS keeps publicly praising him for his unethical behavior and says he does a great job dismantling his department. Sure makes you think, doesn’t it? Is that the whole point?

-made his view known on every occasion that Climate Change is a hoax.
Its always been my view, that although our sun and earth changes may be due to cyclical cycles, under no circumstances does that give mankind free reign to pollute the environment without consequences. Our past has proven, that if we don’t have strict controls and fines on corporations, they will pollute the environment just to save a nickel. It boggles the mind, as to why regulations are being lifted by the current administration, making it easier to pollute. I could see lifting these after NESARA, but not before. I also don’t understand why protections have been lifted on some animal species that are still on the endangered list. Making it easier to kill animals, doesn’t seem like the wants and needs of the Light, but just the opposite. I don’t understand it. Obviously, something else is at play here, but we just don’t know what.

-signed executive order dismantling environmental regulations.
I answered this above.

My own perspective on the bad behavior and nonstop lies of Trump, have been slowly developed over many years. He didn’t just start acting like this. Odd why he flat out lies about something, when there is a video showing him stating otherwise. It happens all the time. “No...I never said that!” ...when you can pull up the video of him saying it ( or heard him saying it in a previous live speech), or quote him straight out of his own book saying it ( whatever “it” may be for the day). It’s this constant circus that is getting so old. His juvenile behavior of never apologizing is abhorrent. He always doubles down on whatever mistake he makes. Odd behavior.

I have one conclusion that makes total sense of this chaos. Well, there is a second possible conclusion, but it’s so nefarious, I’m not going to give it any attention , but I know the possibility is there. My probably conclusion is he is a big distraction. That’s in the most simplistic of terms.

If the Alliance wants to change the world, and take down the Cabal, then it can’t be in the forefront. Being in the forefront would cause mental chaos for the unawakened with too much blatant destruction of their norms. If they aren’t aware certain people that have led the world are really bad, and all the sudden they are attacked and the system broken down and changed, who would then look like the bad guy?

Consequently, all this has to happen below the radar not to alarm those asleep. The only way to do that is distract the masses with one thing ( or person..as in Trump), while in the background doing something else. You certainly don’t want to give your game plan away to the bad guys, because they then can anticipate your next move. The Alliance needs distraction and disinformation for camouflage (although it seems the camo may soon be coming off).

The Alliance has been planning this for years. Trump has not. Trump is the Alliance tool, for the distraction and disinformation process. Trump actually achieves three different agendas, which is brilliant.

1. He misleads the bad guys with utter chaos. He captures the daily news and directs the attention and keeps things off balance.

2. He awakens the masses that DISLIKE him, by exposing how corrupt the government can be, including his own members of his administration. He tweets crazy things and makes obvious lies that can be easily proven as a lie. That’s how you awaken those that don’t like you.

3. He awakens the masses that LIKES him, by his use of Q and how it makes him look like a knight in shining armor.

What he does is awakening both sides of the spectrum, with different tactics. Brilliant.

One thing to keep in mind, is that not only the awakened see Q posts, but so do the bad guys. It’s been stated that frequently disinformation is put out by Q, to mislead the bad guys. Consequently, what he says may be true, but it may also be misinfo being used as a trap for the bad guys. We just don’t know. That’s why it surprises me every time I see people that believe absolutely everything Q says. Remember a byproduct of the Q posts, are to manipulate the thinking of the bad guys too. They are watching, just as we are watching.

I also frequently hear people saying “this person is evil” and “that person is good”, all based on opinions and gut instinct. Although, frequently the justification maybe them seeing a video of this person doing bad things, or emails they’ve sent saying terrible things. Are those videos and emails real? We just don’t know. Cabal certainly has the capability to create videos of bad things and inserting any person, including yourself, into the video. Cabal also has the capacity to alter emails to make people look bad. We just don’t know what is what until the big reveal. I’m sure we will have some surprises.

All we presently have, are our discerning instincts and Higher Selves guiding us on who is what, because we certainly have little facts supporting anything that can’t be fabricated by the bad guys. As a result, for people to be so rock solid on what they think is happening seems to reflect a lack of caution, but to each his own.

Believing in Trump, or not believing in Trump, will not alter your goodness. It only means your discernment needs sharpening and that’s why we are here....to experience and learn from it. Just because someone else doesn’t believe the same as you, but they obviously have a good heart, then allow them to grow and learn too....or, you may find out its YOU that is going to grow and learn from it instead.

Love and Light to All!





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