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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Jared Rand’s Global Meditation Call Notes by Juli Joy 6-19-18

“Jared Rand’s Global Guided Meditation Call”


Tuesday, June 19, #128, 2018

Notes by Juli Joy

‘The Columns of Light Meditation’

We are over 80,000 participants!

After the welcome, Jared Rand states: “In today's meditation, when we think about our current status on the planet, as humanity and being born free but yet having to be misled and controlled and threatened and separated. Instead of us knowing that we are all one. We’re all separated and we judge each other based upon different social structures. What we have and what we do and what we drive, the job and the current credit cards and all the stuff that is based upon ‘who we are.’ Which, if any you realized that the more you have, the heavier it feels. The less free you feel.

Now, with the conflict of humanity, which means that we are not united, as the human race. That the majority of humanity is separated. To think as if they’re a separate part, or just a separate being, from the whole. And the idea is… That when we realize that we are all One, collectively, we become super-powerful. And we can change directions of any happening or anything occurring, here on this planet. Now since this planet supports us, physically and we see the destruction of the environment and the air, the water, the plant life, the animal life. We want to make this planet a place of total peace and harmony. And we look for, and you see it every day, you hear it every day, and you see people experiencing it every day. ‘The lack of.’ A condition is what it is. It’s a ‘lack of’ condition, where people feel powerless and their stripped of all dignity and they don't have a place to turn and they are homeless, they are broken, they are financially destroyed,

And now think about this for a moment. If humanity didn't have to rely on a structure, put in by ‘creatures’ to control us all? How would it feel? How would it feel to be so free, that you had no financial burdens? You had no physical burdens and you just contributed to humanity. You gave of yourself and that would be the only requirement. You help each other. Visualize that. Be in that place of existence. Because, when you think about the construct, that we've all been jammed into, is a construct that we don't care to have anymore.

And we need to, we should eliminate that construct in our Heart of Hearts and replace it with the Light of God. The construct is ‘Lack of.’ It’s a ‘Lack Of’ mentality. It’s fear based. And so many people have it. And collectively, we’re changing that harmony. We’re changing the chaos, to harmony on the planet. We have the ability to do that, as a Collective Energy. Created by Mother-Father God, Prime Source Creator God. You know, the ONE! Where we are omnipotently powerful. And we are. We can change anything collectively. And I use and emphasize the word Collectively as the unifying. Coming together. Like we do on this meditation, continually and as we continue to grow.

The purpose is to invite and draw people from their Higher Selves to these meditations across the planet. The reason for that is, is that they look at it and they don't have to go through a hieroglyphic evaluation and analysis of how to meditate. You know, where to place your fingers? How to do this? How to do that? That way, I've learned through the years, the past 40 years that in meditation, you have a simple way to touch your Divine Self and it’s to go within. Going within yourself is Peaceful. The deeper you go, you just visualize it. That you go within. Not outside of you, to find it but you go within.

It's quiet. It's being quiet and at peace and it's breathing. And we do those things, very simply. And to put you into a mode of Oneness. Of Being with the One. With the God. With heaven. When we do this, we transform, into our true God Self, which is the Spark that we have inside these bodies. When the body ceases to function, the Spark leaves the body. When it’s not able to serve as a vessel for our God Spark.

So, in the financial areas, we’ve done numerous meditations and we have to cover a lot of different areas, of meditation for the planet and humanity. You know, I’ve talked to people that need lots of money. They need money to pay their bills. They need money to eat. They need money to do this. And they don’t have the money. And they’re suffering and are struggling and they’re stressing and they’re fearing. And all those energies. When you think about it, you have those energies. And I've been there. Many times, many times.

And when you have those energies, you seem to attract more of the same. And it's very difficult for people in stressful situations, to look at the bright side of things. And when you cannot see the Light? That's when you're in trouble. When you can't see the Light. And when you think in a Light way, a Loving way, to attract peace, harmony, joy, and bliss. And if you want to identify your whole life with money? You're selling yourself short. Because the human race is gonna move out of money. And I call this whole monetary process, a financial shift. That's exactly what it is.

All the other words are meaningless. This is a financial shift, that is being guided by heaven, to give the wealth to humanity. To human beings. Not governments, not manipulators of the planet, not the creatures, not the reptilians. And none of those will have the power of the financial system.

The human race will. The wealth will be transferred. And it is no matter what is said, no matter what is conveyed, no matter what picture has been drawn up, for humanity? The true picture and clarity is a transfer of wealth to humanity. And being prepared for the different projects and the different things, that people want to get done. And they want to help humanity. And in that thinking in that direction, is moving us there.

So in today's meditation, we are going to become ‘Magnets of Light.’ So we're going to be Columns of Crystalline Light. As we visualize and feel ourselves, rooting ourselves into the planet Earth-Gaia. As beacons, that pulsate out… across the planet and connect with every human. And they and their Higher Selves, not them knowingly consciously but subconsciously, become the Crystalline Light Columns, that are plugged into the planet, into Gaia, as she receives us, and we have these all over the planet. These magnets begin to pulsate. They’re Crystalline Magnets of God-Light. And they begin to pulsate. And I ’m painting the picture, so when you go into this meditation, you can see this.

So they begin to pulsate and they begin to let out Love and Light God-Love. God-Light. Attracting all abundance, all wealth to humanity. All prosperity to humanity. This meditation … Instead of naming it a ‘financial meditation,’ we’re gonna name it ‘The Columns of Light Meditation.’ And the Columns of Light are US, and we will deem how the financial shift comes to us. And not the corrupt, but to those children. Us of God. And it totally is going to… Our Columns of Light, that we create, will obliterate any obstruction. Anything blocking this wealth for humanity. Totally vaporize it! There's the picture I painted for you…”


Once again, I remind you that this is not a complete transcription. I'm merely trying to help raise the world's vibration, by sharing information about this Mass Meditation process.

Many blessings to you all.... May all of your dreams come true!

Juli Joy

*The Guided Global Meditation will start on Everyday @ 3 pm EST & continue on a DAILY basis at the same time.

**Number to call in is 641-715-0857 Code is 303471#

** If you are unable to make it at that time the playback number is 641-715-3579 (same code)

Or online at:

Follow instructions on the site.

Source: Voyages of Light



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