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Saturday, June 2, 2018

"It's that Time Again?" by One Who Is Living It - 6.2.18

Entry Submitted by One Who Is Living It at 9:49 PM EDT on June 2, 2018


Because your posting, I take it that you and your family are reunited? I’m believing God for it surely and thanking Him in advance!!!!

On the other side of the world, I’m out of SSI, again. Yesterday’s balance was $159.49, but the other storage fee came in and my balance is now $56. I’m back to just enough for food for the week; not even enough for the room tomorrow!

Do you have donations in the reserve so I can stay until I get an 800# and/or an appointment?

I can’t tell you how excited I am to ask my IDC Family after the tumultuous times ZAP and his staff are having regarding MUCH NEEDED HELP!

Really Patrick?!! Are we there as humans? Do we care more about having money and things than we do about the poor, needy and downtrodden? Seriously!!! Every time ZAP tells us about one more death in the family, (and I say “family” because we are ONE) I’m grieved all over again! My heart hurts, not because I’m poor; I HURT BECAUSE I DONT HAVE ENOUGH TO GIVE!!!

Do you know that I started my first act of fulfilling the “Great Commission,” (my Jerusalem) as the “Bean Lady” because I would take my Foodstamps, (Not SNAP) and buy bags of beans and make huge pots of bean soup, (with plastic and paper-ware that I couldn’t get with my Foodstamps) to my adopted “Tent City” FAMILY population in Baltimore! I fed them out of the trunk of my little Toyota, Yaris; weekly!

Check this out! This was a “Tent City” on the property of a Catholic Church where people who were homeless and laid-off from Bethlehem Steel; Shipyard Welders, etc. who the Church would not let them sleep inside! As a result they camped outside on the church property. They slept on crates because of the large RAT population biting them and eating their donated food, the when it rained they dried their wet blankets on the iron fence surrounding the church.

AND there was an article in the newspaper about this particular “Tent City” because of an attempt to wash the people down with a Fire-house, water-hose on one of the days when I was accompanying my Son who was fulfilling his Evangelist Training Camp at the Baptist Church (where I once was a member). That was back in 2007, (washing people with a fire hose?)

From there, the Lord led me to the “Word of Life Retreat” where my Evangelist Training was embedded, (two years in a row) and then launched onto the Mission Field by my Pastor, (at an entirely different church).

We, (my Son and I) were led to the Eastern Shore Maryland, Delaware (Judea) and then Virginia (Samaria) and then Mississippi (the end of the earth; literally I served at the Gulf of Mexico). In every place I became homeless, trying to find work to support us on the mission field; because the church DIDN’T! All I ever got was a minimum wage position with long hours away from my Son and the work of the ministry. So, He made my jobs my Ministry!

So what the Lord led me to do was send my tithes back to the church; any church, and give as needed along the way. Oh my God! It was like the Illumination of God’s Word in Matthew 14:13-21. The more I GAVE, the more God provided to give! If my Son and I had a sandwich, we always brought extra’s to feed people along the way. Then places like Starbucks would donate food, enough for me to feed daily. In our giving back to the churches through our tithes and offering, some of the “First -Basket Funders” on IDC received our donations weekly to keep them afloat for eight years!

In every state Jesus led me to, He trusted me with more and more! We paid rent, bought food, gave clothing, gas, prayed and the Holy Spirit was healing lives all over this country! There is a little girl alive named Magen that the Lord raised from the dead and another named Bo, (who was brain dead but is now in physical therapy) who had less tha 24 hours to live! Look at me? I had a stroke and I’m in the hotel gym nightly, working out!

God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow people! Not only is His mercy’s new every day for the rich but He reigns over the poor as well! So why are we, “God’s Chosen” trippin over a dollar when He said, “Let tomorrow take care of itself!” Believe me, it (tomorrow) has enough problems all by itself!

One day you have and the next you have nothing! Isn’t that why we’re all here? Didn’t we all experience 2008 when the rich got richer and the poor got poorer? All of a sudden, when the rich became poor, now we have a new class of drug addicts, now called “opiate abusers” criminals, now called people with “mental health issues” and Welfare Recipients who are just “low-income populations” who are now NOT on Food Stamps, but on Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Programs, “SNAP!” We have Presidents buying hookers, rich people raping and drugging women, now (who are identified as the “#Me TOO Movement”) who politicians et. al. say, “just want attention!” Then there is the Catholic Church full of pedophiles who now have become cannibals; Sacrificing and eating children! (Deuteronomy 12:30-31). NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN!

WE ARE ONE PEOPLE! Get this through your CALLOUSED HEARTS!!! You are my Brother’s keeper and my Sister’s keeper and their kids and Grandkids, and so on and so on!

Wait! Check this out! There was an interview on MSNBC’s new show “Modern Day Racism” this past week where a young White Male was quoted, he would rather be around “people of his kind” because “most Black People are on drugs!” Lol!!!

I couldn’t stop laughing because he obviously has NOT lived outside of his community, (his own back yard)! Wait until he meets the “junkies” in Canada, Virginia, Delaware, Mississippi, and the Pan Handles of Florida!!! Who do you think are living in your rich communities, because they’re not Black people or Brown people!

What about the hospice hotels where they are going to Doctors to get written documentation to support their living in hotels which are allocated for family members of the “Terminally ill.” But, when people of color find their way in, they put them out to make way for those who can pay a doctor for a phony diagnosis and more opiates. And they park their Mercedes Benz, RV’s and Range Rover’s on the lot and pay $40 per night while the REAL downtrodden get kicked out because they are the wrong color! And it doesn’t matter if they, (the REAL downtrodden) REALLY do have a family member terminally ill and dying (ineligible for “Pink Cancer Funds” because of their race) in the neighboring hospital (which the hospice hotel was allocated for anyway!)

They are the fallen “greed!” They are the 2008 that got rich and lost their minds because they lost their money and turned to heroin because it’s cheaper than opiates! Wait! They are the new “Tent City” living in the woods getting medical treatment for their HIV and AIDS because they’re sleeping with each other, looking for love in all the wrong places because they have been raped, and prostituted, and taken advantage of by the rich and powerful! They ARE your family members who YOU REFUSE to LOVE because you have forgotten about the pain, because they’re NO LONGER your problem! You sent them to drug treatment! So you did your part!!!

Seriously! LOVE THY NEIGHBOR!!! Hell!!!! LOVE YOUR FAMILY! Because now that you have forgotten all about them and you’ve tucked them away in a safe place where your friends and relatives don’t have to see them, I’m here to give you notice!!!


So stop being so judgmental and tight fisted and take care of GOD’S PEOPLE!!! “LOVE THY NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF!”



And guess what? My PayPal address is nichejehovah@yahoo.com. I still need ongoing support until the “greedy people” of this country let us go and exchange our currency! So when I get mine, I’m on a mission of LOVE AND GIVING UNTIL IT HURTS!!!

Please and Thank you!



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