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Thursday, June 21, 2018

"Common Cents" by BT - 6.21.18

Entry Submitted by BT at 10:20 AM EDT on June 21, 2018


Here we go one more time….

You may recall, back in February I addressed this issue by requesting an annual personal and operating budget be posted for the group that has $$ coming any day now to avoid another year of perpetual begging for everyone’s financial resources. Now to address yesterday’s question from this famous group—“Why do you attack the personal side when you know it can destroy the business side which is correct and will make a difference?”

Well, since you do we know it is correct? Let us begin by separating the personal from the business that is too blended to sort out. Whose responsibility is it to take care of the “personal” side? What business side? The 3,000 business plans filled with hopes, dreams and desires that you promise to fund? Or the benefits from assuring good people who are prepared to create jobs, energy, technology that they will be financed one day, any day now and to hurry up and wait? The same business plans that are growing old in your email account. Do you know that creations, concepts, business plans grow old very quickly and when not FUNDED, advancements are never born? Do you consider these 3,000 people/plans every week, did you read any of them through? Was their time invested not valuable to you? (asking for a friend)

Prove you are a qualified money manager that claims you can be trusted with helping to oversee, fund in multi-billions and implement over 3,000 businesses, but cannot take care of your own basic needs. You’re sounding like a Monk on the verge of morphing into Bill Gates. Grow a pair and stop issuing excuses and blame on others why you cannot fulfill your own words. Now before you get offended again, this is what I mean--- is it the business of donors paying all personal and business expenses offered of a board position, partnership, equity share? If not, they should be since they are the Principal Investors of your trust corporation.

Obviously, in this merry-go-round for donations, a charity would have been up/operating, instead of setting up a trust last year that is inactive with zero in the account. In the real world of business investment, why establish a trust/corporation without a check in your company’s name? Meaning, if you do not have the funding to open a business, why register? Had that logic been applied last year, there would be no need for additional funds to renew registration this year or pay bank fees monthly for unused account. In this regard, don’t respect it or pay for it, others will and you can afford to be careless. If a trust or business advisor attached to funds told you it is required to receive funds and without a VERIFIED bank transaction number in writing, why are you not engaging them for reimbursement of registration fees or suing them for fraud? You may be a victim, but you are not our victim.

Have you set up a Go-Fund Me page yet where donors can keep track donations? Are any donations received ever reported to tax agencies? Here lies the rub, are you evading paying taxes through hiding behind donors? Did you even file taxes last year, write off donations collected from others to giveaway? If you did, are you solely reaping all the tax advantages? Have you ever issued a receipt for donations received? Are any donations received to date evading taxes? If so, why are you asking others to be partners in crime?

Focus on the lack of honesty, timetable, accurate dates, lack of information, facts, no transaction numbers while claiming to have direct access to unlimited funds that Chinese Elders have, will, might transfer tomorrow. Either they are being untruthful with you, or you are untruthful with us. Since the inception of the CIPS s block chain banking system is working in China, unhackable transfers in less than 60 seconds, what nasty bankers are at fault this week delaying funds? Thousands of banks on this planet, connected to this system, which no name bank are you accusing of fraudulent activities blocking funds this week? (this excuse is played out) Why is it always the bad banker’s fault project funds are delayed, but never the banker’s fault when donations are received?

COMMON CENTS – The Personal PART 2

In response to the request, I personally do not need a “middle man” who is unable to keep his word to pick and choose causes I should bless, comparable to lives I want to bless, and find it odd what you’re doing as a middle man, but limited only to the lives you pick and choose. Why should we be pressured, placed in a position to help keep promises you made to others? I could feel better if you were doing it for your community, on behalf of causes that help hundreds or thousands, not just your personal contacts. Can we refer our needy friends based on your level of compassion? Would you beg for them too?

Do you wake up every week not considering you and yours are not the only people on the planet sick, dying and broke? Or maybe your needs, wants and desires are not the priority for others on these forums? How many more depressing, sad, slipping on a banana stories in between the great stories of funds arriving any day now will continue to be posted this year? Did you know you are on a roller coaster ride begging others to join in? Why do you continue to share all of these PERSONAL tragedies weekly and ask for more donations every Friday when we are here to discuss BUSINESS? Do you think others here exist to be blind-sided with your weekly “house is on fire” request, and should we “drop it like its hot” and run to donate? Or just expect every Friday an emergency request?

We do not know baby Brad, Mary, your relatives, but we know friends, loved ones needing help too. Why contribute to these issues without a real solution? There are several others in this forum needing help, loved ones dying and needing funeral expenses paid, you are no more special than the rest. The difference is they are not asking for donations to go to China, visit Mom, get new computers, set up trust companies, fix vehicles, pay rent, utitilies, web site hosting fees, buy milk, food, oxygen and this endless list of funds and items to keep your personal, friends and business up and running. People do not mind helping others, but if you are a pig, stop being a hog about it. In the end you need donors to pay for your lifestyle and choices, because you refuse to be responsible for your own self. Do not lead a bus load of others struggling with life when you cannot contact a charity to help. I mean you do know this is NOT a charity blog, right?

Do not complain because of negative opinions said, but do consider it could be the impression you leave behind. At some point if it is not true, it is a lie. If I were to believe every time you said “This is the LAST time asking with my hat in hand………….” and you are back next week asking, well…..In real life, how many times do you expect us to be lied to and keep giving you more $$$$ for no solutions. Please give honest answer to yourself. How many more Wednesdays do you plan to build up hopes, dreams, plans for others to help with humanitarian projects, just to disappoint, disregard, overlook in your quest for more donations by Friday? The weekly spiritual wishes, kumbaya’s, smiley faces, words of appreciation you write, song lyrics used, does not erase the disappointment, let down that comes every Friday.


I wrote this part for the Namaste peeps….before they get their panties in a bunch…ya know energies n’ all….For the record, the Angels love me for my boldness and getting to the point, although they do not necessarily agree with the way I word it, they understand it sometimes takes a special kind, like me, to get things moving along here. They agree, its over time I share this, crooked halo n’ all.

Now back to the funds that have yet to arrive and needing an immediate fix. It appears currently you’re not overwhelmed with business plans, new technologies, investments, setting up offices, etc. This leaves a lot of time for you to figure out how to EARN enough $$$ to at very least keep a roof over your head. I am willing to donate a job for you to do Social Media Marketing on the computer the donors purchased for you. I will train you, set you up. You can then apply this new found knowledge to your own blog and make $$$$$. This will also help boost self esteem and income, get back on point with business routines and when the funds arrive, you will be fit for duty. Send your resume, because we will help you get HIRED. We really don’t want you up there slipping and sliding when the funds come in, 3,000 plans and all, this will help sharpen some skills.

How much in funds have you collected in total over the past 5 years? Do you invest any or just pay living, donations and business expenses? Why have you not set up a NON-PROFIT with funds received? Do you go to church? Can your Priest/Minister/Rabbi/Pastor help? Until we get it there, you need to inform Mary, Baby Brad and others that YOU are not in a position to assist, you have No job, NO income or resources to help and refer them to the nearest charity or church that can HELP them get up on their feet. This is called being honest with them, connect them to charities and churches that are professionally trained to help. Do you know they exist is ALL countries, and have mass resources? At this point, you are doing those people a DISSERVICE in allowing them to believe and rely on you every week, with nothing to give. Their time is better invested finding genuine help and permanent solution for their special needs. When funded, go back and lift them up.

I can appreciate your good intentions, but the road to hell is paved with GOOD INTENTIONS. In business, in life, people need to mean what they say, say what they mean because if not, you will CERTAINLY have trust issues. You’ve going against universal laws, perhaps you are experiencing what we call KARMA or reaping what you sow. If the bankers are doing it to you, don’t do it to us, take it back to the bank, ask them for donations and stop this unlucky cycle you’re in.

With the frustration, disappointment, brass rings, carrots on sticks you continue to deliver, is it worth your credibility being shot out to continue this “I wanna help the world now with no $$$” program? So stop crying, complaining, wah wah, squeezing heartstrings of caring people, you are BURNING them out to the point they will NEVER want to help another because of these intentional actions.

While you may be helping you and yours, you’re not helpful to us. We did not promise unlimited humanitarian funding, you did. You are in danger of becoming the honest confirmation we look for, once again, in verifying the funds have NOT been released this week either.

If others are thinking you’re a liar & scam and you want to continue on, become a televangelist that is what they do and you are suitable for the role, or take your hat to the nearest corner with a sign asking for donations and a charity might find you, but please, please stop targeting us on the regular to fix your problems while blaming everyone else why you have them. Work on delivering the solutions you promised. We logged in to exchange information on making this a better place, loving communities, to live, work and exchange ideas, encouragement and vital information as it pertains to our investments. Join Us. Ready to work or not?