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Monday, June 4, 2018

"Armchair Lawyer Nonsense" by ubiety - 6.4.18

Entry Submitted by ubiety at 7:18 PM EDT on June 4, 2018

IDC readers,

I don't post much anymore because of the seeming futility. Moreover, pulling anything useful from the utter inanity usually posted here is a struggle. Nonetheless, I still glean what I can. In the years I've been reading IDC and other similar sites, I've learned there are some names to avoid/ignore, and otherwise, I've become much better at "discerning" when I'm entering the "BS Zone" by a poster.

Sometimes, sheer morbid curiosity has be slogging all the way through a post just to see how vacant and absurd they develop into. "Lucifer", the poster of the following linked post, touched on a chord within me as he explains how some person named Paul, the poster he's flaming, is "BS for a lawyer" that is "openly and clearly breaks the law".

"It's Time this BS from the Evil Trio Ends" by Lucifer - 6.4.18

I've been practicing law for 36 years as a sole practitioner. I know what a "BS lawyer" looks and sounds like. I also have an idea when I see a lawyer that is openly and clearly breaking the law and in jeopardy of going "to prison for life, or [to] get the death sentence". These assertions of "breaking the law" and "going to prison" are simply stupid. "Lucifer" is waayyy over his skis on this whole post.

I think Patrick is a fine young guy. I also think he doesn't do this strictly out of the goodness of his heart, and I definitely think the Operation Disclosure is beyond eye-roll worthy. I feel no need to point out it's daily absurdities, but they're there. If someone like "Paul" points it out, the excelling response is to meet the criticism and NOT say that the critical thinking observer is a criminal and worthy of the death penalty - that does nothing but dilute your argument. Does "Paul" nail it on labeling "cabal"? I doubt it, but more and more I think it's shorthand for anyone who isn't onboard with the scenario du jour.

The bottom line of the evil criminality of "Paul's quoted words, I would be completely safe in advising him he has no worry about arrest, or even investigation, given the (presumably) worst facts "Lucifer" could muster. Kind of lame there, oh evil one.

Just one more point....

As to the real soft spot which (I believe) "Paul" touched for "Lucifer", stimulating his excited junior-high-ish reply post, here is how I see it:

First, I don't think either "Lucifer's" or "Paul's" apparent inclination to name-calling and mockery is helpful. Guys... chill. Stick with the facts. Present factual rational arguments without personal attacks. No one's going to jail. Calling someone "cabal" lost a LOT of meaning on this site when the unpleasant fellow who used to be here often dismissed with a tombstone every poster that refuted his nonsense.

To the real point, many of us have seen years of missed weekly opportunity come and go with zero performance, or even a hint of proof, of the reality of "benevolent Chinese Elders" working to make all owners of our popular exotic currencies a lot more wealthy. Any, and I literally mean ANY, rational analysis of 52 weeks of failure, times however many years any reader has been involved here, constitutes mountainous proof of inability to perform. This doesn't mean currencies will never revalue, but the profound weight of proof is that it will NOT be helped along with fabled and feckless "Chinese Elders".

Next, it seems strange to me that when presented with a scenario which closely comports with how criminal organizations operate (layered hierarchy, generationally indoctrinated loyalties, secrecy of existence or mode of operation, overt dissemination of disinformation, etc.), a listener/reader would be inclined to hone their view of events, not double down on an increasingly absurd and excuse ridden storyline.

Sure, there are aspects of the "Kim" scenario that stretch credibility, but almost nothing to compare with the storylines hatched by the "yosef" character who ultimately outed himself as a liar and fabricator as an early Christmas present to dinarland just a few years ago. Even apart from "yosef" (which is tough to do, considering his legacy is that his BS evolved into tightly held pseudo-facts, often viciously protected by the dinarland faithful), we have aliens, clones, "real" shadow governments waiting to "return justice" to the land, so-called "intel" which has become less credible than a comic book story (and proved as such with it's daily failures for years), meditations, and a host of blithely embraced components of dinarland which make us all look like fools to anyone living outside the bubble.

It seems we all used to be adults, asking adult questions, and having no motivation to vilify people who had new ideas. Now, the primary storyline and all discussion of it, must be supportive of the sacred pseudo-facts of dinarland which are perfectly stated in "Lucifer's" post and so many of, for instance, the haters of the Tank and Kim narrative. This is a good time to speak to them. I am personally annoyed by the vacuous style of Tank's preaching of internal power. I, for one, do not need his empowerment speeching. Indeed, Tank may be the worst apologist for the information Kim is trying to provide a wide audience. Instead of carefully and factually conveying the information, Tank laces it into his attempts at being philosophical. In doing so he delights us all to his massive fail.

Kim, apparently operating under the pressures of many and competing priorities, has little time left to even nominally address the character assassinations posted throughout each week on IDC. I would have thought she would have selected a methodical, factual, and unembellished communicator. Don't get me wrong, some of the underlying message transcends credulity, but nowhere near as much as the loving Chinese Elders notion (and that is only one point of the "standard" absurd and proofless dinarland story).

Finally, I haven't a clue how much Patrick makes running this blog - some, I hope. This takes a lot of time and energy to maintain. It wouldn't change my mind if it were about rainbows and unicorns. The people visiting this site, many of them gleaning precious little useful info like me, have every right to stop patronizing IDC. But equally, those with an opinion about content have a right to their views - and face responses like offered by Satan... I mean "Lucifer". [Small add-on question: Is that really the persona you wish to project, "Lucifer", hmm?]

Overall, I'd say we ought to do what USED TO be said often and then seemed to lose popularity when I began consistently pointing out what it meant 2 or 3 years ago. Stay grounded! And so
what is "grounded"? According to Merriam-Webster, it means "mentally and emotionally stable; admirably sensible, realistic, and unpretentious." Does this describe you? Does this describe your "favorite" dinarland storyline? If not, why? Try seriously asking yourself.

I am,




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