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Thursday, May 24, 2018

"Warning: NESARA Attack" by Ron Giles - 5.24.18

Entry Submitted by Ron Giles at 6:55 PM EDT on May 24, 2018

"History of NESARA" by Still Hanging On - 5.24.18

To, Still Hanging On, let go, your finished, it's done; the turkey timer has popped, time to serve up this NESARA Turkey. The horse is dead - quit whipping it. NESARA will be the law of the land and you're not invited to the dinner.

The Real NESARA History

Real Good link here: http://goldenageofgaia.com/2010/08/30/james-rink-partial-history-of-the-true-national-economic-security-and-reformation-act/

My two bits worth - a shortened version. NESARA is a law that came about as a result of the successful, "Farmers Union," law suit. This law suit was successfully Upheld by the Supreme Court. The Cabal members of the Supreme Court had a problem on their hands. The could not let this information out as it showed that the Government and the Bankster had colluded to rob Farmers of their land grants. You cannot legally take away a land grant once it is given, including foreclosure. The land grants are called Land Patents that create an, Allodial Title, which is the basis upon which property ownership is supposed to be brought forward by Title search. Once the Title to the property is searched and the Patent brought forward, the Allodial Title cannot be legally used as collateral for a loan, as foreclosure cannot be executed on a Land Patent. It can be transferred by legal means but it cannot be foreclosed on as remedy for an unpaid loan.

The Banks gave loans and required these ignorant land patent owners to use their land as collateral. When the weather was weaponized to create crop failures, the loans were illegally foreclosed on by the Maritime legal system supported by the Cabal Government who had forced the US into Bankruptcy as stated above. The Cabal foreclosed on America and claimed that they now owned all the land and the people. Along with the land, we are considered their, “property.”

A retired Military General came home from war and found that when his dad died the government had allowed the banks to take away his farm through foreclosure. He researched the filings and found out about the Land Patents, gathered up a contingency of farmers who had similar illegal foreclosures and sued the banks and the Government and won.

The restitution had to be through a bill passed in congress to allocate money to settle the claims. The law suit also uncovered the corruption within the government. This law suit opened up Pandora’s Box and if the collusion between the banks and the government ever got out there would be major consequences. So, a gag order was put in place on all members of congress and news agencies, the violation of which was punishable by death. They erased any and all tracks that had to do with the judgment as if it did not exist. So, Cabal like. The remedies for the Farmers was not enough; changes in the government had to be implemented as well. Because the present government, including the office of the President, all of Congress, and the Supreme Court, were complicit in the scam, all government officials had to resign. The National Economic Security and Reformation Act, NESARA was passed by Congress and signed into law by Bill Clinton in 2000.

The law could not be put into positive law in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), until it was announced publicly. Four Justices of the Supreme Court were responsible to implement the NESARA Law. The Military was heavily involved and was part of the implementation process as well. That’s why the Pentagon was hit on 911. The Pentagon housed the communication software that supported the Announcement. The Twin Towers housed the Computers to zero out all fiat debt. A Military underground facility in Pennsylvania was also destroyed that supported the announcement. All three were hit on 911. It effectively put the implementation of NESARA on hold and showed to the world the extreme measures that the Cabal would go through to maintain their power.

The Post link above and the referenced article is intended to give a false narrative concerning the real NESARA. The above article says that the Dove (next paragraph) called it: “…… NESARA - an acronym for the National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act.” This is a lie. She always called NESARA, “The National Economic Security and Reformation act,” which it is.

This article goes to great lengths to defame Shaini Goodwin who went by the name of Dove, or, the Dove of Oneness. She was the champion of NESARA for many years before her untimely death. There are Cabal, operative foot prints all over this article as it spews forth lies mixed with truth. The Omega investment group is used as the basis to discredit all persons associated with NESARA. The Omega investment group had absolutely nothing to do with the actual NESARA law itself, but is used to discredit the actuality of the law. The release of the Prosperity Packages is to accompany the announcement that will disseminate funds held in the St. Germain World Trust, the grandfather of all trust. These prosperity packages are not to be confused with the RV or the GCR. They are all separate entities.

Regardless of this diatribe, some real Questions remain: why is it coming out at this time and why does it go to great lengths and money to discredit a person who was only a champion of NESARA and was trying to get it announced? Why would someone come to IDC, a source of information about NESARA/GESARA, and want us to believe in his BS? My BS meter pegged and turned red when I read this article. It is obvious to anyone with knowledge of NESARA that it is fallacious and should be considered, disinformation. Do a Google search for NESARA and you will find a lot of disinformation and different names for NESARA, but the real NESARA acronym is for the National Economic Security and Reformation Act. Would you expect anything different from the Cabal when so much rides on them keeping this information a secret.

Call these Cabal minions for what they are – liars, murderers, baby killers, Satanists, and the real Antichrist. Believing in this diatribe gives reason to change the color of your chalk. Be strong and stay the course. I am going back to my room now to breath and put my sword away. Enough said for now.

Ron Giles

PS Google Search Link for: "National Economic Security and Reformation Act"

Please NOTE: the ABOVE Underlined LINK in Quotations gives many possibilities. Find the words that use the proper name for the ACT.

PPS Do an archive search on IDC for some more info about NESARA.



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