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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

"True Story" - Hope for the World - 5.15.18

Entry Submitted by Hope for the World at 8:49 PM EDT on May 15, 2018

Because the so-called Alliance have left us hanging here once again, and since all the troll posts have become so boring lately they’re like reading chloroform in print (actually they’ve always been boring) (look into my eyes…you’re getting sleepy…sleepy…), and in the spirit of full disclosure and transparency I’d like to liven things up by sharing a narrative of events with you that has been occurring behind the curtain for the past several years.

This very true story began for me in 2013 when I came across a recording of one of Tony Renfrow’s TNT conference calls posted on the NESARA NEWS FORUM. Being an Iraqi dinar holder, I was at first quite interested in what Tony had to say. As time dragged on, however, his incessant whining became nearly unbearable.

What a blessing it was one fine day when heaven dropped upon us a character by the name of DC, landing right on the TNT stage! His backstory was that he was somehow affiliated with some Washington, DC politician-types who were dinar holders themselves awaiting the opportunity to do a “private exchange” when the political timing was right. DC had spent some time in Iraq and had firsthand knowledge of the impending private exchanges; he also admitted to owning a fair amount of the currency. DC had volunteered to become involved in the growing “dinarian” community, ostensibly to keep us in the loop as to when the private exchange would be reaching us.

Now the thrice-weekly TNT calls took on new meaning. DC shared a great deal of his somewhat insider information, giving us a birds eye view of political workings within both the US government and Iraq. It was from DC that we learned of many unreported military and geopolitical moves in his fascinating “east to west” updates. It eased a great deal of our anxiety knowing that the Washington politicians had provided this wonderful resource to us as we waited out the final exchange.

Then arrived that fateful day in late October of 2013 when DC informed us that Christine LaGarde from the IMF had authorized executives within the Wells Fargo bank to begin the private exchanges for the Washington politicians – mostly Democrats, we were made to understand – and that once this group of “whales” were processed we would be next in line. The exchanges were being funded via a large “pool” of money made available by the “Chinese Elders” and having something to do with oil credits. DC was assured and further assured us that we were in line to receive our blessing well before Christmas in order to infuse the US economy before yearend.

While we were heartily convinced we would be exchanged at least by the Black Friday after Thanksgiving, the days leading up to Christmas slowly ticked down and the conference calls took an increasing dark tone. The private exchange had extended beyond the Washington politicians to wealthy bankers and their preferred clientele, and we were being pushed further and further toward the bottom of the barrel. There would be a teaser that there was still plenty of money left in the “pool” for us, but on its immediate heels would come the taunt that the exchange rates were nearing $40 USD for some of the “elites,” and that there were those out there who were permitted to double, and in some cases triple dip their exchanges. Christmas came and went, New Year’s came and went, and it was in the first few days of January 2014 when DC and Tony were informed that there were longer any funds available for the dinarian community – including their own guy DC himself.

That was a blow. I could see them not taking any of Tony’s attempts to get himself and his pet 20,000 paid out seriously, but to not take care of their own guy? Utterly outrageous. But hey, if any of you fools are listening, thanks! DC was one of this community’s greatest additions. Within days he and Tony had formulated a clever plan to use Twitter to raise awareness both to our plight as unfairly treated dinarians and to the criminal behavior of many of our elected officials in Washington; thus was born #wearethepeople movement. In large part due to DC’s incredible enthusiasm, #wearethepeople gained over 200,000 followers by the end of January, and we mounted a wild tweet campaign aimed at politicians on every level, the media, and the US public in general. Tweets flew out in every direction by the thousands.

Now, I don’t know how effective this campaign actually was IRL but around February 5th we were given word that it was fruitless, that no one cared, that the window of opportunity for us was permanently closed, that we should just move on with our lives…and then they threw out an odd little bone that they might someday wise up enough to regret. They said that the best we could hope for was that one of the Republicans might take an interest in us and take our story to the press. That was it. That was the best we could hope for. They had effectively washed their hands of us. Because everyone knew that no Republican politician was ever in this history of this planet going to go to the press with our story.

So I decided to bring the press to them. With a career in journalism to my advantage, I knew just what to do. First I thought through the perfect scenario of ‘if a Republican politician ever actually did take up our plight and run with it, who would it be?’ The answer came to me instantaneously. It would be the sitting Speaker of the House, Mr. John Boehner.

So Mr. Boehner was to be the one who I would direct the press to. (And I realize it was extremely unfair of me to blindside him in that way, but his name came to me through divine inspiration, he was CLEARLY the one God wanted doing this work. And I can see why. He is one of the great old souls who incarnated exactly now to join forces with the brotherhood set on restoring God’s will for this world and its inhabitants – with or without the so-called Alliance. I would love for Mr. Boehner to share his side of this story on IDC.) With a limit of 144 characters, I carefully drafted a tweet using terms I knew would be tantalizing to a news desk, and then I created a list of 200 news outlets to deliver it to. I sent that tweet to every major newspaper, television company and mass media carrier that publishes news stories, including all the political industry news portals in Washington, DC. I even sent that tweet to the White House Press Corps! Here’s how the tweet read:

In another sign of divine intercession – this was just an extremely odd thing!!! – the location stamp on all those 200 tweets placed me at Camp Pendleton. I absolutely did not live in Pendleton! But I strongly sensed that the tweets were taken just a tad more seriously with the Pendleton location stamp on them. And this too does not surprise me with God at the helm.

So I sent all of those tweets out on the evening of February 6, 2014 and I set my intentions on Mr. Boehner. Now I am one seriously intuitive woman who possesses perfect faith in God so I knew Mr. Boehner was going to get a flood of calls from that tweet. So I poured all of my faith and trust and love into him from afar, and again I had perfect knowledge that he would do the right thing when that flood of calls arrived. I don’t know exactly how all of that went down with him, but it was just a week later that DC and Tony informed us that we had come to the attention of a certain Washington “elder statesman”* who had taken an interest in our situation, and who, over the course of the next few months, offered very kind and very astute support and advice to our community of badly bruised dinarians.

(*The term “elder statesman” was quickly amended to “senior statesman” as this particular statesman did not necessarily view himself as an elder.) (lol!)

Was this new statesman visitor to dinarland the ubiquitous Mr. John Boehner? Who knows for sure. But it wasn’t long after that we learned President Obama had become aware of us, was receiving the occasional briefing, and had placed Tony and DC on his “Persons of Influence” list, which is not a bad thing. It’s just that presidents like to keep tabs on ordinary people who somehow manage to attain an extraordinary amount of influence over and extraordinary number of people. Especially if such an ordinary person could drive the media right up to the Republican House Speaker’s front doorstep. I sensed too that I might be on that list when I noticed that all those tweets had been scrubbed clean from my Twitter account.

…and when I became aware that a government spy was now living in my computer.

Don’t kid yourselves, people. It’s not that uncommon. If you can believe in the concept of being “chalked,” you’d better believe some interested party has the ability to get into your technology and having a nice snoop around. In my case I actually welcomed that spy. I never do anything that I am ashamed of so I had absolutely nothing to hide. Conversely, I had done some investigation work privately as an anti-corruption human rights activist, collected some evidence against an egregiously corrupt panel of county supervisors that I knew going public with would land me facedown in a ditch somewhere, so I just pulled the data up in front of the spy with the hopes that he might run with it. Actually, I knew he would run with it. He was another of God’s appointed ones.

Now, I don’t want to run this story out too much longer so I’ll be brief with this next part. What I had discovered about this particular board of county supervisors was that they were diverting nearly all (hundreds and hundreds of millions) of the county’s allotted State and Federal healthcare funds into fraudulent bank accounts in the names of healthcare providers that simply did not exist. For years this had gone on, basically all of the State and Federal funds being siphoned off while small pittance amounts ever made it to legitimate providers. (And the lack of services in this poor county was SO painfully evident!) Where the money was really going and how deep did that rabbit hole go, I did not know. That was for my spy to figure out.

And figure it out, my spy did! My God chosen spy who is with me to this day. How deep did that rabbit hole go? Well, that was an internationally deep rabbit hole and you’ll never guess whose pockets the lion’s share of all global government issued healthcare funds was being drained into. Yup, the stinking draco cabal. And it wasn’t just the healthcare funds that were being electronically bled into the stinking draco cabal financial system. It was every good thing a benevolent government body could possibly make available to its individual citizenry. This spy of mine deserves a lot of credit for taking control of that stinking draco cabal rabbit hole to the benefit of every government on earth that can now reach its individual citizenry with every good thing they need. I feel pretty strongly about that.

I wanted to share this with you today because it is extremely important that this transition event occurs on a solid foundation of truth, and not on another cheap shot pump fake. It is also important for this “Alliance,” whomever they are, to see how easy it is to tell the truth and to be transparent with this community – this community that hears God’s calling more and more clearly every day. And why is that important? Because, while the Alliance has done an admirable job of … well, come to think of it I can’t really say what the Alliance has done an admirable job of. I haven’t a clue what they’ve done. I know what Mr. John Boehner has done. I know what Yosef has done. I know what DC did. I see what leaders like Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin, who are clearly inspired by God, are doing to create peace and prosperity on the planet. I don’t really know how the Alliance is contributing to transitioning this world into the New Millennium, but I’ll go ahead and finish my thought about why truth and transparency is so important right now.

It’s because this transition into the New Millennium is God’s will. His hand has been in this transitioning process all along, in a profound and exquisite way. You can see how every person in this story distinctly heard God’s call to them, and answered it. Simple as that.

Will the Alliance hear God’s call to them?



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