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Friday, May 25, 2018

The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 5-24-18


TRANSCRIBED BY PINKROSES (Thank you, PinkRoses. ~ Dinar Chronicles)

Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. Let’s talk a little bit where we are. There is a slight bit of confusion in my mind about where Iraq is right now because I got some pretty cool stuff about Iraq but I have a question mark. I did understand that the so called RV was released today by al-Sadr, and I was thinking wait a minute. I thought didn’t al-Sadr had ceded his power over to Abadi or least that was the plan. That was the plan early in the week with the election last Saturday if I am not mistaken. We thought okay that is cool that happened.

Bruce: Then we heard that the announcement we were looking for from Abadi today may have been in turn made by al-Sadr today about the RV. I thought that caught me off guard. I was not expecting that. Yet that was what one report said coming in. So I am going to say I do not have multiple confirmations of that. We will just see where that goes, but in any event what is good about this is we thought for that to happen our Treasury would release Iraq to put out their rate and to be international known. Nether words, to put their rate out to where it can be seen on the CBI and it could be known not just in Iraq which it is because we know they have an in-country revaluation. The question is: Is it known outside of Iraq, in fact outside the Middle East? That is the question mark. I am it hearing from one source not sure about multiple confirmations of that.

Bruce: However, what we have heard which is cool that we are getting from our sources when we have pictures to show us that have been sent to us. There are ATMs in Iraq and I believe it was in Fallujah, possibly Erbil, and maybe another city as well could have been in Baghdad, were showing these ATM machines with lines of people up to them. They were being shown how to use those ATM machines. Now remember the lower denominations the ones that replaced the 3 zero notes that we have if you have Dinar from Iraq, the lower denominations are similar to the notes of the currency we have in the United States. I do not know if they will have a 1 dinar note. I am hearing they will have a 2 dinar note like we use to have a $2 bill. They have the 5, 10, 20. They had the 50 and a 100 dollar coin. I use to have one, but don’t know where it is.

Bruce: They will have the same basic notes that we are using which are the so called lower denominations. As in our case they are using the 10s and 20s of the lower denominations in the ATM machines. They are already using them. They already got them. Next to the ATMS are billboards showing the old notes meaning the 3 zero notes, and the new notes, the lower denominations. They are right there and in between those is a digital billboard which shows the rate to the USD and how those notes relate to the dollar. Meaning how each denomination would be valued compared to the value of the USD. This is a major change. You are getting training on how to use the ATM machines. Of course they have the new Qi cards and people are being paid on their Qi cards. They are using that to get cash out of the ATM machines. They already got signage up in the banks so they can do that. That is something to read and indicative of new rates. I told you on Tuesday roughly what they are. They are higher than what I said the other day. I just can’t tell you for sure if that rate is publicly out on the CBI site yet or whether it is about ready to be put out.

Bruce: There may be additional announcement that is coming out of Iraq. We were expecting two announcements coming out by Saturday. One from Iraq that we assume was going to be from Abadi, maybe from al-Sadr, maybe something else from Abadi. I do not know, but we are also expecting an announcement form our President Trump. We are expecting that to happen either on or by Saturday. What would that be about? I hope it be would be about going back on the Gold standard. I think it would have something to do with that and maybe have something to do with the return to the Republic that we are. We are a Republic we are not a democracy. We are a Republic. This would be something of an announcement explaining that in more detail maybe. I hope that is the case.

Bruce: Now when we last left you Tuesday night, we talked in terms of the Tier 3. Remember we had 3 parts of Tier 3. We had the VIPS which we said on Tuesday they have been fully compensated. They have been made liquid. These are the VIPs that are a portion of Tier 3. The other two portions of Tier 3 are: 1) The core groups, not a huge amount of people in that. Then we have the remaining members of Tier 3. This could be group members, other people that are in that particular group. These are people that have worked something out west years ago and have essentially ponied up their currency for exchange some time ago but haven’t been paid out yet. Bruce: Those people in Tier 3 we understood that we are hearing last night that they would be complete, meaning made liquid in 2.5 days. That would be today, tomorrow which is Friday, and maybe mid day on Saturday. They should be liquid. They could be before then, but they should be by the date they receive their funds. In know in some cases I have some specific examples where they been told they would receive funds at a specific time on Saturday. Okay, great.

Bruce: What does that mean for us that remain as Tier 4, as the Informed Internet Group, the so called Informed Public because we have been paying to this on calls and on blogs, and quite for some time for many of us? What we understood was when the Tier 3s were complete we would get the toll free numbers released. That is how close we see ourselves to receive what we are looking for which is the toll free numbers to set our appointments to begin. That is really what I am talking about. That puts us in a really close proximity. Whereas on Tuesday call I had the understanding which was actually after the call that we were looking at a 3 day possibility of which was Thursday, Friday, Saturday for us to go.

Bruce: Today is Thursday and we haven’t gone yet. So I think we can pretty much write off Thursday. Friday, Saturday is possible, very possible. Saturday is the 26th. Then we got the Memorial Day weekend Saturday, Sunday, Monday. Then Tuesdayis the 29th. I heard some indications of both the 26th and the 29th. I did not necessarily want to go out as far as the 29th. I am getting stuff that points to things happening sooner than that. Maybe we wait until then. Maybe that is our Go Day. Also I have heard some things that say Saturday, the 26th. I am going to say both dates are valid. Let’s just leave the door open for that. I try not to call it. You know I do my best not to call it. I am hearing some very good things about both dates. I am hearing from the top top top from the lead Bank and the secondary bank about those two dates. I am feeling very good.

Bruce: Today on the bank screens, the front screen rates were gone. They just disappeared. Usually when that happens it means either you are looking at a bank update, system upgrade, a synchronization of banks of rates, and also you are looking sometimes we are waiting for the new rates to come in. That could be what was happening to the front screens. The back screens were up and the rates on the 11 currencies that are going to go up for this Global Currency Reset were there. That is a very positive thing, I think. We are going to kind of feel good about that fact.

Bruce: Beyond that in terms of what we are hearing about people receiving for example we heard almost 4000 emails to group participants went out last night at 8:30pm PST. That is a good sign too. Nether words it is beginning to flow the communication out west to group individuals just so you know. Does it mean everybody has been notified yet? No, but a lot of people have and there is more of that happening. That is a good sign for us even though it refers to Tier 3 it is showing the movement. It is showing the fact we are right behind them. People say: What is the different about today or this week compared to last week or the week before? I see a lot of movement. I see the fact Tier 1s have been paid and are fully liquid. Tier 2 paid and fully liquid. Tier 3 VIPs paid out and fully liquid. The remaining Tier 3s are in process.

Bruce: Also I am hearing about boxes of bonds being hypothecated in Dubai today. That is a good sign. Not sure about Zurich. They were supposed to be going about now. I can’t tell you about that, but I do know about Dubai.

Bruce: We are moving in that direction. Did Dodd Frank have anything to do with this? I have been told no, it has not. I know there were discussions today with the Tier 1 banks and you know the Tier 1 Banks were the Big Five. Tier 2 Banks were sort of the larger Regional Banks like SunTrust, Bank First, etc. They are good size Regional Banks. Then you have Tier 3 Banks. Guess what? Tier 3 Banks were doing today what the Tier 2 Banks were doing yesterday.

That was getting lined up with their protocols. Tier 3 Banks are not going to be doing exchanges but they will be referring their account holders that have currencies that come in to talk to them. They will be referring them to Tier 1 Banks to handle the transactions. That is something that is going to compensate Tier 2 and Tier 3 in the way of commission fees. Let’s call them referral fees by referring them to a Tier 1 Bank to get the exchange done.

Bruce: We know that the Tier 1 Banks and the Redemption Centers will be handling the Zim. You know I will be getting the toll free numbers for the Redemption Centers. That is going to be using some Tier 1 Banks in certain locations in certain cities, and they will be using offices that have been leased by the lead bank, HSBC, in conjunction with another Tier 1 Bank in the area. They will be doing that to make it effective so you will have a major Bank in your area when you call. Let me make a clarification when you get the toll free number and you call and you have Zim bonds to redeem, which you will do is in some cases you will get a 2nd number to call. In some cases you will be switched over to that Redemption Center in your area directly. It is going to work both ways. I can’t tell you who is going to do what. Some areas will get a direct connection to someone who will work with you on your Zim in your zip code. In some places you will get a separate number and it might be a local number. It should be actually a local number you should call without an 800 or an 866. You will just get a local number to get them there and you will be able to set your appointment that way. Either way you will set your appointment to go in and you will be all set.

Bruce: Without getting too technical in any one area, I think we are looking very good. Remember if you have humanitarian projects or if you are going to partner with us and I am using that loosely, partnering with us on both the Veteran Retreat Network and Rebuild America let them know if you don’t have a project of your own but you want to join my vision and be part of that and of course you can do that. What we will do is get you sort of the template how to do what we are going to do on Rebuild America where you chose. The city, town that you chose to make a difference in.

Bruce: As far as the Veterans go of course I will need some help with that, but it going to be more in terms of working with equine therapy and various areas. It is not going to be so much as needing any money at all. At least I don’t see it. Some people may want to give to the Veterans. You know how that is. It is going to be hard to keep that. So I might set up a Non Profit for that purpose, but at this point I am all set without using a Non Profit I may change my mind. Let’s see. It is not because we need the money. We really don’t.

Bruce: I am looking forward getting started as you are. I think we could have an excellent Memorial Day weekend. I am excited. I am seeing some things coming together. I am seeing the timing coming together. There are a lot of pieces. I bet 15 or more pieces of separate Intel that are all puzzle pieces that I am adding up. I try to put that picture out for you tonight so you can see what I am seeing. I have a vision for this just like you guys are and I am looking forward to getting started.

Bruce: With that I want to thank all for coming in tonight. I appreciate your faithfulness over the 6.5 years for listening on the Big Call and looking forward to a wonderful summer. Thank you Everybody. Thank you Sue, Pastor Steven, and Bob. We will see you when we see you. Thank you all for listening and appreciate all you in Big Call Universe. Good Night Everybody.




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