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Monday, May 28, 2018

"Mark of the Beast" by RT - 5.28.18

Entry Submitted by RT at 1:55 PM EDT on May 28, 2018

Here's a fun post that I can justly calculate will have zilch bearing on our affairs if all goes well and according to reports but fits in, with a little encouragement from a hard boot, with what has been posted recently and might prove enlightening on a small level.

A long time ago when I was receiving updates from a really great person who ran an enterprise called Axminster Light Centre, I shared the contents of a report she had recently sent me - concerning a computer in Brussels (identified as the Beast) that had everyones details and would soon be involved in a worldwide initiative to chip everybody - with a very sensible woman who was a Jehovas Witness called Ruby, and what she then said seemed as wise, as it was obvious - see if you don't agree.

"The details of this biblical passage are known to such an extent, that if such a plan were put into action, even people who are not Christian would balk at the prospect of being so marked or interfered with in any way. It would be such a blatant fulfillment of a prophecy that even if every bible were destroyed people would still remember enough to know not to gamble against their future in this way."

Well that was the gist of it anyway. And of course she was right.

And then I saw a report by William Mount on Youtube about a project in India that required fingerprint scans and face scans for all financial transactions - buying, banking etc - and I thought 'Surely this will put paid to the whole M of the B idea since if this is the future, all that is happening is the system is simply using peoples own bodies to identify them, with nothing added, inserted or changed, and if it can do that then tech development has kicked the whole idea into obselence.

Then I thought of the whole create the problem, exaggerate the reaction, bring in the solution thing - maybe the system gets hacked with false data on people inserted so to further insure their security they are asked to carry... which due to problems of losing/stealing they are now advised to have inserted in their body...

But even so, to do the very thing the bible advises against, they would have to work a lot harder to secularize society to make that work and its not looking like they have time left.

So, fingers crossed it is a very redundant idea.

What of the real M of the B or what may have been being indicated in the bible, anything to be said on that score.

Well yes, something to offer but to do so I must make reference to a book I read sometime ago that seemed to resolve the matter v neatly.

The book was John Michell's City of Revelation and in it he made the argument that St John was a gnostic who was versed in gematria, the significance and symbology of numbers, and that in that passage that outlines how the beast that was wounded came to be healed and worshipped he is referring - according to the sum of the gematria numbers of the whole sentence added to 666 - to Jesus Christ Son of God.

So John was clearly indicating he knew the Deification of Christ would be a move in a power play by 'the enemy' and so the M of the B without which buying or selling could not transpire would be the rites of the organization - on the hand and forehead - promulgating that idea as part of its sword enforced bid to dominate the minds and hearts of Europe, killing off all of the quiet, kind, nonwarlike charitable people such as the Cathars in the process, alongwith anyone else who prefered the relationship they had with their own conscience against being told what to do by a bloodthirsty org operating at the height of its intolerance.

So if this is the true interpretation, clearly we are past the point in history when this prophecy pertained unless there is an attempt to breathe life into the idea again.

We must remember that when the disciples came to Christ hailing him as "Good Master!" His immediate response was to reprove them and say "Why do you call me good. Don't you know there is only One that is good!"

The One in which we all move and have our being, so clearly the man had absolutely no wish to be put on a pedestal of any kind and resisted any intiative to so elevate him by returning with an immediate reproof even conventional praise.

Of course none of this means much in general hash of things unless - as reported - dark plans are still afoot there.

Christ or the Holy Spirit is universal and works everywhere integrity strives to maintain itself in a state of true kindness so of course there have been and still are, members and saints of every Christian church - including the RC - very advanced in selfless service and conscioussness who will, or are enjoying a more blessed and just reward for it as they move forward in their evolution; but historically speaking, it was clearly known and foreseen how those who live by the sword would show up in a certain disguise, so enough was recorded to let those with wisdom (and enough moral sense to be perplexed as to why one that embodied harmlessness should be represented by those causing the most violence) in on the true nature of things.

Just to make matters confusing I am reading a book on Swedenborg at the moment and he interpreted much of the bible - including Revelations I believe - as allegories of inward states and transformations - as did Edgar Cayce with his 144,000 standing for the opening of the crown chakra. Well, both strived to help good people become better in an un-ideal situation, which is also what we live in.

But hopefully not for too much longer.




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