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Sunday, May 27, 2018

"Joseph of Arimathea" by Ron Giles - 5.27.18

Entry Submitted by Ron Giles at 9:33 PM EDT on May 27, 2018

We hear some tidbits of information about Joseph of Arimathea but very little is known about this most important man in the life of Yeshua. Who was he? Was he a follower of Yeshua or, was he a relative? What is Arimathea, was it a town or was it a person’s name.

NOTE: In this article I will use the name, Yeshua, instead of Jesus, because His given name, Yeshua, has the original high vibration that conveys His subtle power as a Christ, or the Family of God.

Some Historical Facts concerning the Family of Yeshua.

This narrative begins with the Grandmother of Yeshua. Her name was Anna. Anna was an Essene High Priestess within the spiritual, Oder of the Magdelenes. She established an Essene community at Mount Carmel in the north of Judea on the Mediterranean Sea. She was over 600 years old when Yeshua was born. Most of her years were spent in the catacombs of Egypt translating and copying ancient spiritual sacred writings. She began her new life as a Mother so as to bring forth the family who would support the mission of Yeshua as the Messiah. This was her calling - talk about waiting around for this thing to happen.

Anna married Mathias from the aggressive anti-Roman Essene community in Qumran in the south of Judea. She had two children, Joseph and Martha. Joseph was born in 57 BC, Martha in 55 BC. Having a waring nature toward the Romans, he felt misunderstood in the peaceful Essene community at Mount Carmel. As Joseph and Martha grew up, they felt in Mathias a vexing spirit and would rather spend time with Anna. Mathias eventually separated himself and left for Qumran where he was later killed by the Romans during an uprising. Joseph and Martha followed in the Essene ways and became a High Priest and High Priestess following after Anna. Anna later remarried a man named Joachim. Joachim's brother, Jacob, was the father of Mary’s Joseph, referred to as Joseph Ben Jacob. It was an all in the Family sort of thing. Anna and Joachim had 12 children the last of which was Mary the mother of Yeshua, who was also Light Conceived. Joseph of Arimathea, then was Mary’s half-brother and Yeshua’s rich uncle.

Joseph of Arimathea had a genius mentality and, in his youth, became fluent in 11 different languages. His acquired business acumen and his ability to negotiate settlements between arguing Jews, elevated him in society. A member of the Sanhedrin by the name of Arimathea, took Joseph under his tutelage and invited him to live with him and his family. Joseph began being called, Joseph of Arimathea. Joseph later became a member of the Jewish Sanhedrin and was very powerful in that position.

Arimathea had a beautiful daughter, Eunice Salome. Joseph and Eunice fell in love and got married in the tradition of the Essenes. They had two children. Eunice passed away some time later and Joseph remarried a women by the name of Mary of Magdala. Joseph and Mary had three children, Mary of Bethany, (Magdalene) Martha, and Lazarus.

Joseph established a shipping business from the Mediterranean Sea to European ports. The basis of this shipping was carrying ore from tin mines in Great Britain to Roman sea ports where the Romans made weapons of war. He back hauled fine linen and other goods from the orient through Egyptian ports. In his later years, Joseph became a Roman Citizen and was designated as the Minister of Mines. He eventually owned tin mines in Britain. He became very, very wealthy, and very, very influential in both Europe, France and England in particular, and Judea. Joseph built the Sepulcher which received the body of Yeshua after the Crucifixion. He had already built the Sepulcher as it was used in Essene traditions for the Rights of the Sepulcher where one lowers their life essence for long periods for Spiritual rejuvenation of the body that extended life. That's why Yeshua was placed in the Sepulcher instead of being buried. They knew he would re-energize the body and rise up out of the Sepulcher as he said he would. Sorry if you believe the death narrative, but Yeshua did not die on the cross. This procedure was nothing new to the Essene Community- only to the unknowing outside.

The Bible uses the term, Immaculate Conception, to describe Mary’s conception of Yeshua. The truth is that the Essenes used the term, Light Conception to describe the virgin conception of Yeshua. Light Conception is the conscious conception of children in which ascension light codes are deliberately cultivated and anchored into the mother’s egg. If a male is to be part of the conception, the father’s seed is also anchored as well, so that the incoming evolved soul’s DNA can receive the highest possible “service destiny blueprints.” These children enter Earth with few, if any, veils of forgetfulness. Such was the case with Mary as she was prepared to receive the infusion of light that became the body of Yeshua. There were four other children born around the same time who were light conceived but with the male seed used. All were female cousins of Jesus. Joseph's daughter, Mary Magdalene was Light Conceived, with Joseph of Arimathea and Mary of Magdala being the parents. The Bible implies that Mary Magdalene was a whore to negate her roll in the mission of Yeshua and to displace the power of the Divine Feminine. Truth is, the Bible wants you to believe that Yeshua was celibate and is the reason Catholic Priest are celibate. The church of Rome couldn't allow Yeshua to simply be a man, they wanted Him to be a God - far above mere mortals, so no one could be like Him. That works for them. Mary later became Yeshua's wife and a major part of His ministry. As one can see the powerful Family of Jesus was Divinely orchestrated to produce the greatest light being this world has ever known. This is not to diminish other light beings or leaders, such as Mohammad or Buddha, it’s just that Jesus was the target of this Divine Plan as the Messiah.

Joseph of Arimathea was a major cog in the Divine Plan of the family of Yeshua. His story continued as he supplied the finances and the transportation of Yeshua’s family including His children to the south of France near Mt Bucharat, after Yeshua’s crucifixion. Yeshua’s family lived and flourished there until many migrated to the Emerald Isles of England, where His history continued. They were, "purpose bred," for this dispensation of the fullness of times. Many of we Light Workers, whose ancestors came from Europe may be descendants of this sacred family of light. We will continue the work of ascending, back to the light, that Yeshua began by anchoring Love back to the earth. We are the clean up crew as part of the Divine Plan.

Those that can feel this connection are the, Chosen Ones, not just because we have currency but because we are to be given the tools we will need to accomplish our divine callings. Let this be so in your lives and let us stand ready to flood the earth, not so much with money, but with LOVE. Where much is given, much is expected. That’s who we are. We respond to the call.

Light and Love

Ron Giles



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