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Saturday, February 3, 2018

Zorra's Special Update Call Notes by Ascension Blessings 2-3-18

Greetings Dinarland,

Zorra Call February 3, 2018, length 2:28:51.

Link: 2-3-18 Special "ZORRA CALL"

Topics: Global Currency Reset/Revaluation (GCR/RV), Healing, Source, Prime Creator, 800 #'s, Galactic Reunion, and St. Germain Trust

Enclosed are the (very brief) highlights from the 2/3/2018 Zorra Call:

If you are primarily interested in the GCR/RV, please skip ahead to 00:48:29.

Re: Introduction and Healing

00:00:00 - 00:21:29
Call introduction, head bands, and a global healing pulse...
[...not fully transcribed...]

00:21:30 - 00:26:49
(Zorra) - you are Gods, Goddesses, and healers...
[...not fully transcribed...]

00:34:40 - 00:39:21
(Zorra) - Star ships are uncloaked now...you will see your Bothers and Sisters...
[...not fully transcribed...]

Re: Disclosure

00:39:30 (Jane) Remember that we never got the disclosure in 2017, right? That was the intention.
(Zorra) ...and was the intention yes; then what is called Source stepped in, and said a little while longer.

(Zorra) and the reasons for the little while longer was to allow more people to awaken...and that was the reason that he has given to us, to give to you, that it is a little more, what is called, awakening of the masses and the awakening of the masses will come about by what is call the sight being awakened, being opened, the veil being removed from your eyes.

(Jane) Well, are we looking at, obviously people are looking at...

and if you want to wake up then you need to go through the process of helping yourself to wake up.
It is very important to do what is termed to meditate, mediation calms the minds, mediation calms the minds, mediation eliminates what is going on outside.

[...not fully transcribed...]

00:42:27 (Jane) so as far as our continuing, people continuing collectively to become awakened, how much more percentage is Source looking for us in order for us to have disclosure? Are we definitely expecting it to happen in 2018? I'm expecting that it's in the process of happening.

(Zorra) it is already 2018...is it definitely going to happen in 2018? Of course it is. But it will not go into 2019 I will tell you that, for sure...even Prime Creator knows that to be a factual fact.
Understand we are trying to do what is termed as to bring it forth immediately, and not just in immediately the hierarchy time, but immediately in your time, so you will experience the awakening, what is called the blessing, as it is so termed. We want you to experience it.

(Jane) So how are you going to do that then? If you say you want that to happen immediately, how do you foresee that this is going to occur? Are you going to be lifting up more veils? How is this all going to happen?

(Zorra) Well, we have been giving you the tools, we have been giving you the practice, to do, we have been showing you how to do it, and more and more people are doing it, but there are still some that are a little bit not sure.

(Jane) So, are we looking for 5-more percent of the population, or 10 percent, so we get this on the show, get this on the road? What are we looking for?

(Zorra) Indeed. As many as possible; well, that is the easiest way to answer it, as many as possible. And of course Source says he has a number in mind, but he will not reveal that number. It is like what is called a count-down, if you will. There is a count-down, yes absolutely, we are not at liberty to give you what that count-down is. It is Source's count-down, not Prime Creator's, not mine it is Source. But there again, even during that time period the preparation that is taking place, it is allowing you to exercise your God and Goddess power, more and more people are awakening to the realization of their God-good or their Goddess-good, and more people are awakening to that they are more than their essence.

(Jane) and I concur.

...It's what's happening in your DNA, it's what's happening in your being. It matter not about your brothers and sisters in Hollow Earth, what matters is you. The realization of your knowingness, that you are who we say you are: God and Goddesses, and healers. If everyone was to come together on this call, in one accord, in one mind...you could move mountains, you could move the Earth, literally. So, that is the power that lies within each and every one of you; you have power to move the mountains you have the more power to bring happiness to the entire surface of the planet, but you still need to come to that realization, and knowingness, that you are, that you can...and you can, I assure you of that...

[...not fully transcribed...]

00:48:29 (Jane) Zorra, so before we bring in our special guest, in 10-minutes, I was wondering if you could speak briefly now just about what we are waiting for. What precedes the disclosure, which has always been the RV, of course. Can you please give us a quick scenario of where things are with that?

Re: GCR/Revaluation (RV), or "blessing"

The RV is still proceeding, it is just doing what is termed, as coming out at a snails pace, so to speak. But it is coming forth, and it is coming forth in areas of the United States, and also of Europe, and also of the UK, and things of this nature...it is coming out in a trickle, if you will, but it is still coming out. But understand that time-frame, for what is called your Revaluation (RV) is also on a set time, and of course we are not able to reveal that set time. But it is coming out as we speak, and people are, more and more people are, doing what is termed, having the access to their funds and what is termed, what is called the humanitarian projects, and things of that nature, but there again they have signed what is called your NDA, the non-disclosure agreement as it is so termed, so they can not speak, they can not speak of it, they can not bring forth that knowledge, and that is a travesty, because it should be shared wholeheartedly with everyone. To put a limitation on the exchanges that are taking place is a travesty, but that is your present Government's understanding, or their desire to bring it out in that form, in that way, but there are some that are not and did not sign an NDA, and they are free to bring forth that knowledge, they are just hesitant in doing so, because of pressure coming from the powers that want to be against them. So, they are still withholding. Some that are able to speak, can not, or will not because of fear, but that will be lifted as well.

00:51:36 (Jane) it will that be lifted? how will that be lifted, and when?

(Zorra) Well what is called the Government disclosure, not what is called Galactic disclosure, but Government disclosure, the bringing forth of The Republic, that will bring about the freedom to, or the release of freedom to be able to bring forth this knowledge that is being kept under wraps, so to speak. But there are more and more people that are exchanging, even now as we speak, many are already in what is called their appointments already, and they are making arrangements for their humanitarian projects.

00:52:40 (Jane) Zorra, if I can just in order for...so The Republic is already happening, so in order for this to fully come out with 800#'s, and everybody knows about it, are we waiting for The New Republic, we're waiting for The Republic to come out first then?

(Zorra) Not just waiting for the Republic, that will also bring about NESARA and this of that nature, St. Germain Trust as well, but it will bring that forth as well. So, they are pushing to bring that forth as well, NESARA as your term it, or GESARA which ever you wish to proclaim it to be; it will be coming forth in what is called the eminent future, and that is what we are waiting for...

00:54:00 - 01:48:59 Product Call, Healing and Wellness products: Hemp Oil, Rain Soil, (Anti-Cancer product), Age Pill, etc.

01:49:00 - 02:28:51 Question and Answer (Q&A) Final Session

We are all ONE, and it is our time to UNITE!
With Much Love and Light,
{=}Ascension Blessings{=}

Please take only what resonates, and disregard all the rest.


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