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Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 1-11-18

Thank you PinkRoses. ~ Dinar Chronicles



Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. Let’s start with Iraq. Iraq is basically under way. They have done everything we know of except having their rate posted for their Iraqi dinar on their CBI website. My understanding today is they intend to show that rate tomorrow. That is a major thing if that happen tomorrow. It could trigger some things for us. I know they had their big day of celebration in Iraq. Remember all those thousands of plantings they did for their special day of celebration in Iraq. Iraq is still under major information black out in or out of Iraq. The only way we know anything is by calling our direct contacts who have family in Iraq and we get a little bit by phone. For example we know some of the contacts that we have are Iraqi citizens that have dual citizenship and live in the United States were told they will be getting a major raise in their accounts through Rafidain Bank between today and January 13th. That is a good indicator when they are told they will have an increase to their pay due to retirement, or increase their profit sharing from their oil revenues. All those raises reflect due to a rate change as well.

Bruce: The other thing is internationally always heard the RV or GCR would come from east to west. Apparently that is what is happening now. There are other parts of Europe that are blacked out right now. Things are moving it appears from east to west. We had a black out of information out of Iraq and also true in communication normally made by the large international banks. Their communications had a cease and desist order. That is a good sign that things are really happening.

Bruce: When we come back over here in our country, we heard different opinions what bankers are saying when this is going to happen for us. Some are saying this week or by this weekend. It is right there for us. Just not quite to us yet in terms of an 800 number. We thought we be there the last day or so. There is information we heard that indicates that maybe we are coming to the end of a 72 hour window whereby the USN is being used and utilized and traded now. That is a good thing.

Bruce: We also are hearing the banks are in the process in going from Basel 3 to Basel 4 compliance. When they go from Basel 3 to Basel 4 it means a larger percentage of the money on deposit for them would be insured. A less of that would need to be insured by Lords of London. As we move from Basel 3 to Basel 4 compliance, it is good thing for our bank system. Our understanding is it should be complete by tomorrow. We also heard the possibility of the RV or GCR tied in as a result of that going thru. So there are a few things moving slowly but positively for this to be revealed.

Bruce: Also the timing for this is difficult because we know for example that there is only so much money our country, government, treasury wants to come into the actual economy over a period of time. I think there is number in the vicinity of $850 Billion Dollars. They have sort of a limit in the amount of money allowed for the time being like right now to be able to put into our economy every 48 hours. So every couple of days there sort of is a limit that can be released. That number will have to change when we get our start, but for now they don’t want the economy coming in huge amounts that will offset or upset the movement of the economy even though you can see the market continues to go up with new highs as a result of new influx of capital coming in to that market. I think that could be the reason it is happening. It is like a governor on the acceleration of our economy that is there on purpose so they can limit the amount of expansion that is taking place right now.

Bruce: I understand for the first 30 to 31 days of our exchanges, we may have a limit of about $3 Billion dollars to $3.2 Billion dollars that we can have to get those funds that we have exchanged into the economy in terms of land purchases or project funds, etc. We might have a limit of what we can do in the first month as far as getting use of those funds, not moving or wiring those funds having access to and spending and utilizing those funds. It is not going to handicap too much anyone from doing that.

Bruce: There has been a lot of funding moving going into the Paymaster accounts. Those accounts are being hydrated, but not everyone is getting access to their funds yet. I think it comes in line with the concept only so much money is allowed to come into the economy. That is where I mentioned that $3 to 3.2 Billion dollars every 48 hours. That maybe limiting people to some extend that are doing exchanges or other types of meetings out west.

Bruce: Everything though is very quiet coming from not only the banks, but also from people under very serious NDAs that are not to discuss their transactions or table top meetings. It is very quiet. The Intel is sort of limited, and I think that is a good sign. We have the possibility of waiting for the end of the Basel 4 compliance timeline that we understand should be up sometime tomorrow and a then we still have a shot between now and this weekend.

Bruce: We do have Martin Luther King Day on Monday. There is our 3 day weekend that may not mean anything as far as that goes. However, we know the banks will be closed for Monday, the 15th, Martin Luther King Day. It may be well we look at John Q Pubic starting next week as early as Tuesday. Also we are looking for the Forex to come up with live real rates. When that happens say Sunday night or Monday night at midnight, when that takes place shortly thereafter the public should be able to start and do exchanges through the normal Tier 1 and Tier 2 banks.

Bruce: Those of us who are waiting on this toll free number, 6.5 million, not part of certain group, but part of the larger Internet Group, we are waiting for this 800 number to come in to set our appointments and use the well over 5500 Redemption Centers in the United States not including Canada. We are waiting on that so we can do that exchange. That could happen literally anytime even if the banks are closed on Monday and the Redemption Centers could be open.

Bruce: If we do get this number, we can set our appointments and go in. I don’t think we have to wait 3 or 4 days to begin our exchanges if we get our number first. If we get it prior, we should be able to set our appointments and go fairly quickly. That has been my understanding.

We will see how that works out. We will see if we get more and better information. We will see if Iraq does change their rate on the CBI tomorrow, and if areas of the world blackout may go away including the Middle East, not just Iraq but also neighboring countries have gone dark.

Bruce: I know the rates on the currencies we are holding waiting for our exchange or redemption on the Zim still are populating to where they are quite high. Some have been traded on future type trading or preloading, and some have populated and shown rates, and we are waiting to get accurate rates on all of them. All the rates on the screen will be quite strong for all of us. I wouldn’t even worry about the rates. You can still PNR, Personally Negotiate Rates your Zim and other currencies at time of your exchange if you use the Redemption Centers. Keep in mind to take a couple of blue pens and black pens to your redemption appointment. Maybe you want to use the blue pens to sign original documents you might sign off on. Other than that I think you are ready in terms of your exchange.

Bruce: One thing I am finding out when it comes to our projects like Rebuild America and Veteran Retreat Network, all of that is important we need very well trained people building this country back. I mean when we rebuild America so many of the trades are going to be tight as far as having personnel to fill those jobs. We will have plenty of jobs available. I hope we have enough people to fill those positions for infrastructure sake like welders, steel workers, and concrete forming people. Those are great positions that start out with great hourly pay that can go up quite quickly as they are certified as they go through the process. We are going to need carpenters, electricians, masons, engineers, and design engineers.

Bruce: Our intention is going to be that any veteran that needs a job, we will be able to put in a scholarship free trade school environment so they can learn a new trade. Certainly we can employ every veteran that is looking for work between Veteran Retreat Network and Rebuild America. Anyone else also that needs a job, we can put to work even if it is an apprenticeship type of role. I was thinking when it comes with concrete, you can learn by doing it hands on like the rebar. That is the kind of on the job training we can work with in an apprenticeship type relationship. When it comes to running wire in a home or business that is where an apprentice can come in and learn the trade well. We can hire people. Those coming out with college degrees we can put them to work for us. Anybody seriously considering trade or trade school, I think we are going o put together scholarship program for anybody who wants to learn a trade for Rebuild America.

Bruce: I think we are looking to get the toll free number. When we get that, I will put it out on our two websites: thebigcall.net and bigcalluniverse.com. You can register your email on the bigcalluniverse.com website so that we can be in touch with you for future calls and future projects like Veteran Retreat Network and Rebuild America. Continue to sign up if you are new and you haven’t done that yet and register your email.

Bruce: Thank you all for coming in tonight. Stay in faith and stay positive. What we are waiting for is coming hopefully soon and we can have our blessing. Thank you Sue, Bob, and Pastor Steven. Thank you Big Call listeners for your faithfulness and staying with us for the last 6 years. Good night Everybody. Thank you.




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