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Saturday, January 13, 2018

"Shattered Elbow" by GK - 1.13.18

Entry Submitted by GK at 8:15 PM EST on January 13, 2018

I am not posting this to solicit money even though that is why this Patreon social network was designed.

Well, whatever and whomever this Silicon Valley function is, likely a Google subsidiary, wants to get there cut of millions of artists asking to be funded...

They encourage you to start with your friends and family just as Amway used to do. Get Mom and Dad and Uncle Pockets to give you 50 bucks and then the social network can get 5% (or whatever) of that.

Multiply it by millions of people and it is money made by Silicon Valley for virtually nothing. The infrastructure is already there.

What Patreon does is facilitate artists showing their work and asking for patrons of the arts to throw dollars their way.

A virtual hat on the cybersidewalk for buskers and such.

I came upon it by listening to Youtube political shows who kept saying, "support us at Patreon.com"

So I checked it out and began following the bouncing ball.

What I liked about it was the turnkey ease of plugging in my video playlists and adding my T-shirts and products that I have done almost nothing to promote.

The interface allowed me to do what I do best. Be a wiseass and show my work.

They told me to look at other Patreon artists and copy the succesful ones. The lowest reward tier is to get people to contribute $1 per month or $12 per year.

The Patron count displays the number as a patron whether someone joins your campaign for a dollar or hundreds of dollars.

None of us showing our work wants our Patron count to be zero. That would be like the McDonald sign reading No One Eats This Shit.

And being that we are essentially prisoners of the merchants of Venice who keep inventing new ways of making your money their money, it often feels like begging to even ask that people fund your dreams.

I essentially can't make much more than the money SSI gives me otherwise I will have to find different apartment arrangments and probably start all over again as the STRAWMAN welfare accounts recalculate what they are willing to give me from the money they stole from me in my lifetime.

However, an extra couple hundred dollars a month would definitely help. It would help every single one of us right?

How we spend our dollars really should be about helping ourselves and our families and not so much others-- right? Unless we really do have extra money. My father who had a little Dairy store in the 1960s had a sign that read, "Charity begins at home." Many people dropped in to beg for money from a guy selling penny candy. Gets old.

And isn't it funny how the most generous people in the world are the poorest because they know by the grace of God go I... and went I.

And rich people are generally rich because they don't give anything away unless there is a true benefit. Like being seen at an extravagant ball by local VIPs and posing in black tie to elevate status.

But most of us are pretty soft touches to the guy standing near the intersection with a cardboard sign. A dollar says, dude I am so glad I am not you.

Street musicians are a different story. If someone is pretty good-- a buck just says, nice man. I wish I could play. It's a form of appreciation.

But almost everyone would like a turnkey world wide storefront that generates a few bucks. Build it and they will come.

I have 5 playlists numbering over a hundred videos up so far. Plus my reward tiers that solicit patronage. So essentially it is a cyberbusking effort.

But honestly what I like about this is it brings many of my talents and ideas and commerce together in one place that seems to actually function without glitches. (I think I hope.) It is brand new so I am sure I will discover surprises that makes it not as wonderful as what it seemed. Almost every social network platform I have tried has shown itself to have unforseen annoyances and unpleasant blowback.

But... If... The RV were to never happen... and I somehow made this work. It could be a lot of fun. Or so it seems in the initial few days of putting it together.

We are all broke but if folks are to request charity then maybe they should try and offer something. Zap doesn't ever say this is a temporary loan I will pay back the second I get my funds. He always makes it seem like his cause is your cause. His bills are your bills. Wouldn't it be better if he offered to send back double what he borrows?

Anyway, musicians want you to buy their recordings and come to their shows. Filmmakers want you to pay to see their films. Jugglers... well I'm not sure what jugglers want.

Entertainers want to entertain and not live in an alley and eat from a dumpster. I actually enjoyed living in my van for a few years because I could run an extension chord into my friends work studio and grab his electricity and his wifi. This allowed me to cook and charge phone and laptop and survive without much income or stress. Blankets take care of winter.

My situation wasn't as dire as I paid $10 a month to have Planet Fitness amenities available to shower and workout 24 hours a day. When I got a call from my courier boss to run a package I was already in the van.

When I was finally awarded SSI it was like I hit the lotto. I have real walls now and though I am broke 29 days of 30, I know I am blessed.

People who condemn welfare have no understanding that every tax dollar they take from your paycheck goes to service foreign war debt that drops into the United Kingdom coffers. Whatever national budget runs this country from military spending to a bazillion social programs comes from the elites management of the herd. The foodstamp program is a small price to pay to keep people from rioting.

And since they print the money out of thin air they tax the labor and award it to usury interest accrued on centuries old war loans... none of it is real or justified. It's a scam.

Sure they want you to blame those who get welfare while you work-- but think of it like this... There are 2 billion healthy adults who can work and 500 million jobs. No matter what there are way more people than jobs and the elite knows it. And now they are replacing cashiers with self service.

It's all part of being divided and conquered-- centuries ago.

As of late Youtube video producers have been being defunded, demonetized.

They all think it's censorship but the truth is Google and the mafias that run it are losing money and simply do not want to share future revenue anymore.

The Hollywood mafia is hurting as more and more people become disgusted with the people who make the entertainment and its content. Soon famous actors who are found guilty of crimes will be shunned and that film will no longer breed royalties in perpetuity.

I was blacklisted long ago for my big mouth stances on many things. Google refused to allow me monetization from the very beginning. In addition to that denial I didn't like their horrible ads popping up in my videos and blocked them anyway. I was creating content as art not as commerce.

I sincerely resent that the Silicon reptiles have turned computers and phones into TV sets. Destroying content with pop up annoyances to try and extract dollars off of every second on display.

Just as much of a betrayal as the cable companies that promised commercial free subscriptions then decided why not charge AND have commercials.

The internet content providers have always struggled to find a way to make a living from creating content and asking for contributions seems to be the most genuinely pure and honest approach. But like every other problem associated with supply and demand there is way too much content and too many consumers with empty bank accounts who would contribute if they could.

Again, as an artist I want to entertain first and ask for remuneration a way distant second. Even when I shot and edited video commercials for businesses I felt like I was begging when I had to ask and ask and ask that the company pay the bill for my services.

Many of us simply hate the idea that everything be driven by capitalism. There are better ways to make financial engines run. And a combination of free enterprise and socialism is actually a good thing. Consumerism can actually be a full time job since we need consumers to consume, otherwise what is the point of creating anything. Consumers pedal the bike. In that way basic income makes sense. The elite have been buying up everything for centuries with the basic checks they write themselves.

And this essay ends with this link to my Patreon account. I don't care about the money. what I want is people to actually watch my videos and come to the conclusion that... holy shit... I actually love this guys work.

The way they keep score on Patreon is by monetary pledges. The minimum is a dollar a month or 12 dollars a year. However I set it all for FREE. No one has to pay a dime either at my Patreon account or on my youtube channel.

But for people to see that people are pulling into my drive in theater and filling the lot with cars, a dollar is how they count. How they keep score as to your value as an artist.

Youtube has even screwed me out of accurate stats because the powers that be have always punished me for pointing at their crimes. I imagine it will happen here too. But I built it anyway-- hoping it will be different this time...and you will come.


And this may all be a personal moot point tomorrow when the RV happens right?



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