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Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Jan. 19, 2019

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Jan. 19 2019 Compiled 19 Jan. 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Abuse Re...

Monday, January 22, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Jan. 22, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Jan. 22 2018

Compiled 12:12 am EDT 22 Jan. 2018 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery www.ChildAbuseRecovery.com; Author, "Twenty Two Faces," www.22faces.com

Judy Note:

1. Tues. Jan. 23 possible public release of a four-page declassified memo to Congress detailing evidence of the abuse of FISA power by the FBI and Department of Justice - would this impliment the chaos needed to hide the RV?

2. Fri. Jan. 26 Trump Keynote Address at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland - would he make an announcement about the GCR?

3. Tues. Jan. 30 Trump State of the Union Address - would he address the restored Republic and/or our economic status as a result of the Global Currency Reset?

A. Jan. 21 2018 4:00 pm EST: All Eyes will be on Davos 2018, What to Expect? Source: Telegraph Davos Switzerland would host the World Economic Forum Tue. Jan. 23 to Fri. Jan. 26 where President Trump would give the closing keynote address.

B. Jan. 21 2018 5:17 pm EST RV Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for January 21, 2018 https://operationdisclosure.blogspot.com/

1. The Alliance has detected no signs of Cabal/MIC activity since Japan's false missile alert on Jan. 16. There has been five days of silence on the war front.

2. The Alliance would continue to monitor for unusual activity to ensure the Cabal/MIC did not succeed in another 9/11 type event.

3. The Cleanup of corruption in banking and politics was still in progress.

4. Once the corruption cleanup was complete and it was safe to proceed the Chinese Elders would give the final authorization to the individual in charge of the final code sequence. This individual would then enter codes into the new financial system, thus unlocking funds required for the RV.

5. Grandfather was the mastermind behind rehydration of Humanity. The Chinese Elders must receive his blessing before giving the final authorization.

6. The Chinese Elders have informed White Hats that they expected finalization of the corruption cleanup within two weeks.

C. Jan. 21 2018 1:39 pm EST, Jared Rand Video, Kat: "Jared Rand Notes, Pat, and Q-Anon" by Kat - 1.21.18 "Multiple RV's - Info from Jared Rand Video" by Devoted Angel - 1.19.18

1. 14:30 minutes: The Global Currency Reset Revaluation of Currencies:

2. There was one Republic developed by the Rothschild’s and French for the USA. It’s not a good one.

3. Another group of Bankers who left the USA and set up shop in China call themselves The Elders. They have a game, they want to start up the same old thing: play the greed factor and suck ‘em back into slavery.

4. The defunct Washington D.C. garbage government, a failed corporation, played the game for the masses making them think they have authority, which they never have. They want to continue to rape and pillage the American people. They’re not going to be around but that’s still an existing entity.

5. The Republic For the United States, housed in Philadelphia and Nevada. That’s the Republic behind the scenes. The true government of our country. The Republic is in the background where you don’t hear about ‘em. People question if they exist. There’s a lot of work to be done in our country.

6. 17:21 minutes: Then you have the Families: Eastern European Families; Chinese Families that have code names, like the Golden Dragon, the Red Dragons, the Green Dragons, the Butterflies, etc. lot of different code names. Overseers and the keepers. The Grandfather, who looks like he’s 35 but he’s a lot older than that. His group is hydrating the human race and the planet. Taking the Planet Earth and the Human Race into a wellness and more of a meritocracy structure to help heal the planet and the human race and make everybody well through the release of this money.

7. There was a lot of accumulated wealth that accumulated over tens and hundreds of thousands of years.

8. 1:25 minutes: There’s a handful of groups orchestrating this RV. It’s confusing. Some info comes from the Rothschild group. Some comes from the French Republic group, Some was from the American Republic. Then there's the fiat group that wants to repackage with the crypto currency.

9. We have a Gold Standard but other factors want to take bites out of that… it’s the only thing we can count on.

10. 1:32 minutes: Federal Reserve money, the fiat money, is done.

11. 1:33:28 minutes: Our new currency will be Gold-Backed and will replace the Federal Reserve fiat currency. Nowhere on the new currency will you see “Federal Reserve.” It will not be on the new currency.

12. The Federal Reserve Currency will be replaced with the new currency very shortly.

13. We'll see a drop in prices. Real Estate will deflate, because it’s all inflated. It’s been hyper-inflated. A loaf of bread will go from $4 bucks to .89 cents, Big Screen TV go down to $100 bucks, until the market balances. A lot of things will deflate. The economy has to adjust to this.

14. Q Anon's latest post Link: Q Need a few red pills for family, friends, and others? Read the #Memo. Release coming. Final clearance underway. Make sure to learn Russian.

D. Jan. 20 2018 9:34 pm EST: Donna Garner: #ReleaseTheMemo -- Corruption at the Highest Levels of the FBI and DOJ http://www.educationviews.org/release-the-memo-corruption-at-the-highest-levels-of-the-fbi-and-doj/ Donna Garner Wgarner1@hot.rr.com

1. Sat. Jan. 20 on Sean Hannity it was revealed that all House members were invited to go to a secure location today to read a 4-page, declassified memo detailing the documented evidence of the abuse of FISA power by the federal government (e.g., FBI, Department of Justice).

2. It was the unverified, salacious Fusion GPS dossier (paid for by Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party) that led to the FISA warrant to surveil American citizens (including Donald Trump). It was this “fake” dossier that prompted the Mueller investigation.

3. One political party (the Democrats) managed to “weaponize” the FBI/DOJ to illegally take down a person of the opposite political party (Donald Trump).

4. The House Intelligence Committee voted to release the 4-page, declassified memo to all House members.

5. All Democrats voted against releasing the memo. No Democrats even went to the secure location to read through the 4-page, declassified memo.

6. The Republicans who read through it came out aghast at the “alarming,” “shocking,” and “troubling” contents which they said would shock every American.

a. Rep. Jim Jordan stated, “It is so alarming the American people have to see this.”

b. Rep. Mark Meadows said he wished that he had not read it because “I don’t want to believe that those kinds of things could be happening in this country that I call home and love so much.”

c. Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz stated that he believes the release of this information will result in the firing of Department of Justice officials (e.g., Rod Rosenstein and Bruce Ohr).

7. Other legal minds have said that the revelations will lead to proof of felonies being committed by high government officials and will end with their serving jail sentences.

8. Because the Fusion GPS dossier/FISA warrant/Mueller investigation became a well-laid plan to destroy the Presidency of Donald Trump -- whom we voters duly elected -- all Americans have the right to see this 4-page, declassified memo.

9. After a vote by the House committee and no objections from the White House within a span of five days the 4-page, declassified memo could be released.

10. (This was written Jan. 18 2018, making the memo's possible release date Jan. 23).

11. Please join me in tweeting to all members of Congress: #ReleasetheMemo.

E. Jan. 21 2018 4:44 am EST Intel Update, Mr. Ed: "Intel Black Out" - Intel Update (Real News) by Mr. Ed - 1.21.18

1. The Main Stream Media 'Fake News' sure won't tell you about things like Gitmo Prison being filled up with Cabal who face Military Tribunals, bad guys trying to escape and being shot down over Michigan, 87,000 Pedophiles being arrested, 45,000 Arrest Warrants and 10,000 Sealed Indictments waiting to be served, plus reports of Nuclear Warhead missiles headed for Hawaii & Japan that were real and taken out.

2. The Government Shutdown was a distraction while the Military arrested high profile Cabal.

3. This Shutdown was the end for the Corporate Government while criminals went to jail (the Republic would take it's rightful place).

4. Delays in the RV / GCR were to allow time to make sure it was safe for your money and protect your new accounts.

5. We were waiting on the United States Treasury to push the button for the RV / GCR to start. It was very close now.

6. Announcements would be made soon about NESARA/GESARA, the Restored Republic, new gold backed currency, new banking system, prosperity and more.

7. Common Law would be restored when the Restored Republic was announced to the public (which was already in place behind the scenes and has been in control for some time).

8. Trump was not going anywhere. He would be reelected for a 2nd term (as he continued to drain the swamp).

F. Jan. 20 2018 9:29 pm EST Call, Tank, Kim: SPEAK Intel Wake-up Call Replay w/ Tank and Kim 1-20-18

Call: https://projectspeak.net/speak-intel-wake-up-call-with-kim-timesup
Playback: 605-475-4967 PIN # 251044 Ref # 8 https://fccdl.in/2Ih9Ewu7X

"Kim Possible Cliff Notes, Oh Crap..." by Neo - 1.21.18


1. Money that ran the world was in a Trust. It's unlimited money and way above World Government money.

2. Control of the Trust was as follows:

a. There were three main dudes at the top. One was a Key Holder who made the final calls on who received money from the Trust.

b. There were several people below the three dudes.

c. Then came the 13 Bloodlines - Banking Families - Illuminati - Cabal.

d. Together all these rulers were called The Order.

e. World Governments were below these people and have taken orders from The Order over the centuries.

3. In The Order, 600 Trustees could get money from the Trust.

4. It took two Trustees, plus the Key Holder to get money from the Trust that they could spend.

5. Special Codes from an advanced computer system were used to control the release of the money. No Code = No money to spend.

6. Kim's group were employees that received codes from the advanced computer system for the 600 Trustees. They secured money from the Trust and passed it on through the banks to the Trustees.

7. Due to compartmentalization, Kim and the employees didn't know all the dirt. No one really knew what is going on except those at the top.

8. Over the years Kim was promoted to the one person who could get the codes from the advanced computer system.

9. The system has advanced technology that could tell if she was lying or under duress. In those situations the computer won't give codes. She compared it to new lie detectors that can read your brain waves.This prevented someone from threatening or torturing her into releasing codes.

10. A few years ago and for many reasons, the main Key Holder denied access to the Trust from the 600 Trustees.

11. In Aug. of 2016 the Key Holder and another of the main three, died. The third was now incapacitated - probably too sick and old to do his job.

12. So who was left to control the most lucrative Trust on planet Earth? By control I mean the one person who could get access codes to disperse the money and be the one Trustee? Kim.

13. Kim read the Trust rules on how the money was to be controlled. She found out all the bad crap that The Order has been using this money for. She and her group have taken it upon themselves to help the good guys get the money in the proper hands to benefit humanity.

14. This pisses off The Order. So why don't they just kill her? She said there was a special electronic file with all the dirt that has gone on with The Order. This file would be released to all the world upon her death. They also needed her to get the codes.

15. The Cabal control governments and the Banking system with money, fear and greed.
They have used money from the Trust to control and buy off governments.

16. The UST gets money from the Cabal through the Fed Reserve to run the USA. This was the normal operation of business.

17. The Banks and the UST could see the accounts with all the zeros, but couldn't withdraw it to spend. They needed Kim's codes to get the money to spend it.

18. So the Cabal keeps saying the codes were coming for the release of the money in the next day or two. The Govt. and Banks passed that information down as legit intel.

19. This was why Dinarland has been jerked around for the last decade. It was a lie because they don't have the codes to release the money anymore.

20. The Cabal does not want that Trust money going to help humanity or the USA. They want to destroy the US economy and buy it back for pennies on the dollar. It was all about control and power.

21. Why won't Kim release the money? The Cabal controls all banks and leaders of the banks. They threatened those leaders, extorted them, bribed them to not allow the Trust money to be used. They made the same threats to government leaders.They threatened chemical attacks on Nations. They killed, maimed and everything else to keep up the fear and control. On and On.

22. They would steal money from our accounts after the exchange using old rules not enforced anymore. If we went to a bank now with real codes the bankers would not allow the transaction. They were basically using mob tactics to keep control.

23. Kim said we don't have enough World government cooperation to overcome the Cabal influence at this time. The Cabal don't control the Trust money but they control the people in the Banks.

24. Kim won't release codes to exchange our currency until the environment is safe.

25. Kim said the release of the Gold Standard and the RV was real, but it required the Trust money to make it happen.

26. The Cabal told Kim she would never be allowed to use the Trust money in the US.

27. Kim said any post that said the RV would be in a couple days was false.

28. She talked with Jared Rand for four hours and came up with a plan to get it going using Whites Hats, Military, and good guys.

G. Jan. 21 2018 1:17 am EST: CIA Insider: Deep State Terrified of Trump, Want him Taken out Conservative Daily Post, Danny Abarno

1. Former top CIA agent Kevin Shipp says that intelligence agencies acted as a Shadow Government who do as they please. President’s Trumps attack on human rights abuse and corruption was aimed directly at that Deep State. Shipp has broken his silence and come forward to say that President Trump is terrifying the Deep State Shadow Government so much that they want the president “taken out!”

2. The Deep State is comprised of hundreds, if not thousands, of government agents, politicians, bureaucrats, and financiers who all have an interest in manipulating the US political atmosphere. These various groups control both major political establishments through intimidation, blackmail, and deceit. President Trump offered something other than the corrupt system.

3. Many suspect that President Trump was soon to expose heinous crimes that many have been reporting on for years. That was why there was so much resistance from the elitists in charge. They did not want skeletons out of their closets.

4. Trump's Executive Order on Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption was a prime way to attack the monster that has become globalism. It treats human rights abuses and corruption as national threats. This allowed the military to get involved in attacking and dismantling so many of the criminal networks that continued to create strife and misery in the world.

5. The organizations that were responsible for much of the pain and suffering in the world were part of the operation that despised President Trump. They ran the drugs, smuggled human slaves, produced child pornography, trafficked stolen organs. Anything one could think of as lucrative and illegal, the Deep State Shadow Governments had a hand in it.

6. Charles McCullough, the respected fmr Intel Comm Inspector General, said the public was misled on Crooked Hillary Emails. “Emails endangered National Security.” Why aren’t our Deep State authorities looking at this? Rigged & corrupt?@TuckerCarlson @seanhannity Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 29, 2017

7. Shipp did seem quite worried that these coup like operations would eventually reach a point where Donald Trump had to be killed. He fears that this runs just as deep as the plot to eliminate President Kennedy and fears that operations are already underway to try to get President Trump to back down.

8. Although indictments are finally starting to see the light of day, those who vehemently oppose President Trump are still free to do so and remain untouched. Those who work to undermine the president’s work will face the wrath of Trump and will ultimately be held accountable for the crimes that they have committed. If Kevin Shipp is right and President Trump is truly going after the drug, organ, and child traffickers then it is no wonder why the most wealthy and powerful oppose him.

9. Mueller, Comey, and Obama, could not help but laugh as they controlled the world from the string they kept in their pocket. Now that President Trump offers to shed a light on the corruption as an outsider, they are doing everything in their power to destroy Trump before he can destroy them. His presidency not only threatens their stability, it threatens the very reality they reside in as they will in fact face judgement for their actions, however atrocious they might be.

H. Jan. 21 2018 9:34 pm EST: Weekend Update #2 from TNT RayRen98 1-21-18

Fils (coins) were reportedly in the banks in Iraq, photos of which were expected to reach us in the coming hours.

I. Jan. 21 2018 4:07 pm EST: Texas State Attorney General Produces a Documentary on Human/Sex Trafficking to Alert the Public

This video cuts through the confusion, arms the viewer with an understanding of what human trafficking is and is not, and helps them recognize that this is a local problem with local buyers, sellers, and victims. It refocuses our attention on adults and children who are regularly exploited but are unlikely to self-identify as victims or seek help. This video walks the audience through actual cases prosecuted in the state of Texas, identifies the tools of traffickers and how they are typically utilized to obtain and maintain victims, and equips viewers with red flags and a reporting protocol. It challenges us to change the culture in which we live from one that identifies with and honors perpetrators to one that provides safety, security, and genuine reintegration for the survivors of trafficking. [Source] Watch 'Be The One,' for free on Vimeo by Clicking here.

J. Jan. 21 2018 2:38 pm EST, New Tax Bill, Fisher: "An Interesting Synopsis on the New Tax Bill" - Fisher Update 1-21-18 https://www.youarelaw.org/did-congress-trump-provide-the-ultimate-tax-remedy-hidden-in-the-new-bill/

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