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Friday, January 19, 2018

"In Response to Anonymous" by Kim Possible - 1.19.18

Entry Submitted by Kim Possible at 7:28 AM EST on January 19, 2018

Guest Posts Regarding the RV/GCR & More for Fri. Morning - 1.19.18

Apparently this person can not READ, SHE IS giving codes to individuals, and has never claimed to be anything BUT human. As a member of humanity, just like all the rest of you, doesn't ALL humanity get to partake in these funds? Isn't Kim a human? Oh right Mr. Anonymous, now you sound like THEM.. Only members of humanity who bought currencies? Only members of humanity that you choose? Only White, Black, Yellow people get access? What is it? If you are not "Chinese" and "Old" you don't get Codes? If you are not a "Bank Manager/Treasury Dept" you do not get Codes? What IS the "qualifying factor" Mr. Anonymous? Just because a member of humanity has codes and is distributing them through out the world that doesn't make a person a "member", "Illuminati" or "cabal". This person is doing their job, distributing codes to humanity. "She will never have access" you say, well dear, it appears she DOES have access, and as a member of humanity she should. The difference is, she gave TANK codes which have been verified, as of yesterday's posts, she also gave them to someone else too. Distributing Codes to Humanity, sounds like a tough job, withholding codes from the cabal, sounds like a tough job, getting through to humanity so they rise up and become the NPTB now that seems like "The Impossible" after reading your post.

When something goes down, something WILL come up. That is Natural Law, that is GOD's/CREATOR Law. As the "cabal" goes down YOU NEED TO COME UP. Stop playing the "blame game", stop sitting in your comfortable (or uncomfortable) chair and reading blogs ladies and gentleman, and especially YOU Mr. Anonymous. If I hear "They held us down, They have stopped the GCR" I'll puke. WHY? Because YOU need to understand THEIR IS NO SAVIOR. YOU ARE THE SAVIOR. YOU ARE THE NPTB. Embrace it in all it's glory. Accept it as it is a great responsibility, there is no one to blame but you.

Your "benevolent elders"??? They HAD codes for generations for over 1,000 until 2007. Shame on them, what did they do? Is humanity better for it? Is our planet cleaner? Do we no longer have Chem Trails? Are they Cabal or are they fighting the cabal? That is for you to decide.

Are you ready to take on responsibility for your own actions? Are you READY to go into the Cabal controlled bank and fight on the front lines? Do you want your own CODES? Think about it, getting out of your comfy chair and fighting on the front lines instead of playing the blame game on a blog from the comfort of your own home. THEY are COUNTING ON YOU SAYING NO!!! THEY say humanity is lazy, they like pleasant lies, they will never move. THEY said "we know you believe in humanity, but they are useless eaters". I however don't believe them, and I have been around the world fighting to prove THEY ARE WRONG.

Help Me Prove Them Wrong. Show them They are Wrong. Mr. Anonymous? You want this "job" of distribution? You can have it, but think about it, everyday until you are done you will be hunted down like fox in hunting season by the likes of some very powerful people. After you have been poisoned and shot at call me. After you spend your days with infrared surveillance with 3 satellites over your head and every time you go to the bathroom it's documented, call me. I am "free" (as long as I don't leave this 1 square mile area). Let me know when you are ready to take this job, because I don't want it. I'll go back to being just a "member of humanity", you can give me my code and I will go about doing a project of my own. PLEASE! TAKE IT!

I want ALL of you to take my job, get your code draw your funds AND LET ME RETIRE. This won't work unless ALL OF YOU TAKE MY JOB. Think about it. I too am HUMAN, I too WANT FREEDOM. Hurry up, "Mr. Anonymous" I am tired.

-Kim "Possible"


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