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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Heavenletters: Pray for an Open Heart

Pray for an Open Heart | Heavenletters

JAN 13 2018


Dear God, I will compose a letter to go along with submission of selections of HEAVEN to several publishers and literary agents. I will go to the library and pick out those that feel good!


Very good.


What would You like to tell me, dear Father? Or is it Mother Mary who wishes to speak?


Both. This is God now.

You feel a sadness today. A pulling apart of you and your daughter. Know that it is good. For both of you. It is another notch in the belt of evolution. What you want is that all be well. That is your intention. That is your wish. And if all be well, what matters the proximity, physical or emotional? The expansion matters. Catching stars matters. Little snags on earth don’t matter. Do they, Gloria?


No. Of course not. I only think they do.


Then change your thinking. The unfolding of events is not in your control. Because you are used to something doesn’t mean it is better or less good. But relative life is change, and a worker for God like you is open to change.

Let go the reins. They are still in your heart and mind. Drop them.

Lauren knows her own direction. She is a flyer. Watch her go. Watch her soar. Send her off with your blessings. She is immersed in Mine.


Thank You.

Divine Mother:

This is Divine Mother. Today we, you and I, recede a little bit. We are off to the side to today, quietly on the sidelines.

This is a day for you to be in whatever you are in. Grocery shopping? Be in it. Library? Be in it. Typing? Be in it.

A day for absorption. Absorb this day. Let it be. Pay no mind to today. Re-mind yourself of nothing.

Consider this a lovely day at the beach. You can just lie there, get up when you feel like it, turn over, walk, pick shells, get a drink, swim, dry off, swim again.

Have a beach attitude toward this day. This is not a work day. It is a Be Day.

So, you type instead of swim. Tell me, true, Daughter Divine, what is the difference between typing and swimming when God and I are with you every moment? What is the difference if you bask in the sun or type when you bask in the love of your Creator and His wife?

I personalize myself as God’s wife because you like terms like that. A family unit is basic to you and most understandable. You know that God and I are not third-dimension physical forms, but, at the same time, feel free to think of Us this way.

Although a picture cannot truly be made of Us, your Father and Mother, it can establish Us in your mind and help you feel our closeness and attention in your heart.

Mother and Father love embraces you today, as Daughter-love from you embraces Us.


Dear Divine Mother, sometimes I feel that what you and God say are your prayers for us, your children.

Divine Mother:

They are blessings. And what is a prayer but a blessing? I pray you find your peace. Is that not the same as giving you a blessing of peace?

And when you pray, are you not blessing God with your prayers?

Wishes are not quite the same because, when you wish for something, it is more transient. You wish on the run.

But when you pray, you take a moment. You remember your place before your Creator, and you put Him in front of you. You bow your head or kneel or look up or write in your notebook, but you take a moment to put yourself before your God, as He is before you — you are before each other — and you pray that your blessings be received and answered.

And when God wills your happiness, which He does, He accepts your blessings as His own and will return them to you.


Dear Mother, I know much has been written about why prayers may not seem to be answered, and I hesitate to ask you about this.

Divine Mother:

Prayers are heard; at the same time, God does not act on a human whim. There are so many levels of existence and meaning and prayer. Sometimes what a person thinks he wants is not his prayer.

You desire closeness to your daughter. She desires separation. You do not put your want of closeness before her want of distance. So, you pray for Lauren’s happiness, and you pray for your disentanglement from her life. How this manifests may not be your predicted course — nor your daughter’s — but it will unfold in a direct line to both your prayers.

You have heard that prayers are answered but not necessarily in the way wanted. I say that if you could see the entire range unfolding before you, not through a pinhole, but through the whole opened-up vista of Creation, you would see a clear return of your prayers. Through even your limited vision, even now, you see many prayers answered, do you not?



Divine Mother:

All you do, My dear daughter divine, is love with all your heart, pray for the good of all, and let the stream of life flow. Flow it surely will, and it will reach the Ocean from whence it came.

What are your prayers for today?


That God’s Will be done, because I know that is love.

That Lauren have all the happiness and fulfillment she desires. Health, wealth, wonderful husband, children etc.

That I be free from fears and anxieties, that I be financially independent, that words from you and God continue, that my heart continues to open, that HEAVEN is published easily and well-received, that there be peace in every heart, that there be no suffering on earth, that we enter the fourth dimension quickly and easily, that I live my life in accord with God’s Will, and that I benefit mankind.

Divine Mother:

All your prayers are answered. All will come true. It was created this way, created for this end — not end — this tie of the ribbon, this turn to another chapter, this prologue to greater in Heaven. All this was written before you were born.

A Course in Miracles, Lesson 285:
“My holiness shines bright and clear today … I will ask for only joyous things the instant I accept my holiness… My holiness is part of me, and also part of You. And what can alter holiness itself?”


So I pray for joyous things. Maybe I should just pray for joy to the world.

Mother Divine:

Pray for an open heart. Pray for the joy of an open heart. Pray for God’s Will to enfold you as it unfolds itself.

What would give you joy today, dear Daughter Divine?


Dear Mother Divine, it is hard for me to know a precise answer to that. I do know I know joy when I see it! I am aware that my “unjoy” is yuck in me. Would a letter of acceptance of selections from HEAVEN from Unity Magazine make me happy? I don’t know. I would be glad, but there is this thing in me, these yards of sadness. I have wondered sometimes if this sorrow I feel is mine or someone else’s — or the world’s?

Mother Divine:

It is the world’s.


So then what, Mother Divine? What do I do?

Mother Divine:

You remove it from the world.



Mother Divine:

Pull it out. I will help you. All this black cloth coming out of your heart. It is black sadness. It is huge. Now it is becoming less, less black, less of it, fading. Don’t push it out, dear Gloria. Let it issue out as I pull it. God’s light will burn it so it is no longer.

Do you feel an easing in your heart?



Mother Divine:

Now will you relax and have a beach day in your house, the street, the store? Make this holiday for Gloria. A holiday is a Holy Day. Holy Day means a whole day in God’s service, and what is service to God but joy?

Bask in God’s love today. The days is yours, and God’s love and mine are yours.


Gloria to Mother Divine:

Dear Mother Divine, my blood pressure was 183 over 80 today. I wonder why it is so high and what you recommend I do about it. Karen says it’s coming from control, and she sought to remove it. I’m scared.

Mother Divine:

This high blood pressure is temporary. Not to worry about. It is accomplishing something good for you. In two weeks, it will be normal.


You see no need to take medication?

Mother Divine:

Not at all.


Is this connected with my legs aching so much?

Mother Divine:

Yes. Many toxins are releasing from your body. Let them release.


What else would you like to tell me, Holy Mother?

Mother Divine:

Surrender to my care. Surrender to God and me. When you surrender, there is no control. Control is the reverse of surrender. Surrender to God.

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Source: Rainbow Wave of Light



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