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Friday, January 12, 2018

"Gold in a Cave" by GK - 1.12.18

Entry Submitted by GK at 3:12 PM EST on January 12, 2018

I know lots of stuff.

I have studied the cabal since 2003.

Pretty much every conspiracy theory or fact has been seen by me and analyzed.

Then when it comes to waking up others?

Hmmmm... Maybe, sucessfully, awoken 5 to 10. But even then unless people lock the formula in their minds that an all knowing powerful beast promotes people who have done despicable crimes to power positions, and that this applies to both left and right...

One hour of TV or talk radio unravels the awoken, lulls them back into the mainstream narrative and you have to say NO, that is not possible because the beast system hasn't suddenly become benevolent and loving... These known murderers and molesters are still enjoying power positions.

Going on Jimmy Kimmel or Jimmy Fallon or some other Jimmy and smiling and laughing and being applauded by vacuum brain star struck sycophants, makes the masses re-adore serial charming serial killers.

I have probably attempted to re-explain everything thousands of times-- often-- again and again to the so called awake who often want to mix science fiction that has never been proven with a conspiracy fact like 911 had Israeli Art students sleeping on certain floors... the ones that were hit... for weeks before the disaster.

And that these art students admitted such on Israeli TV. And that one of the Bush family was head of security. You see how this is actual verifiable down to Earth human fact as opposed to planet nibiru is hiding behind the sun?

When I get into discussions about the stuff I cannot prove-- I talk about theories that seem plausible or anomalies that warrant further investigation. But I don't run around telling people Earth is absolutely flat or reptiles absolutely live underground and run the world. Because I cannot prove it.

I don't even say Trump is a white hat who is finally fixing our country because I have no idea what tomorrow will bring. I can say however, I think he has done a better job thus far than Obama, Clinton and Bush.

To tell your family member that Trump has saved America and then have the media say 19 women are suing him for some sort of crime is to destroy one's own credibility. Of course it could be a left wing globalist cabal lie but what if video surfaces. Of course video can be faked but who can prove fake or fiction when every channel runs with the lie.

Point being, just say things that can't be argued with... Like Trump's tax plan is way better than the media has reported.

I have or had a friend driving me crazy with questions I could not answer.

I said, first of all, who the hell cares what I think? I cannot give a definitive answer on almost anything. Secondly if such and such happens then this might happen and if this happens instead there is a good chance the result would be...

Running the scenarios...

Then that friend who apparently has zero ability to hold more than 2 thoughts that clash in their head would insist that I was contradicting what I said.

Then after many calm replies with a measured degree of patience and annoyance, finally raise my voice...

"Jesus Christ who the F*** cares what I think anyway... If your brain never learned analytical thinking and running scenarios and holding information in different files in your brain, I can't F*******g help you...and for that matter, STOP believing every single thing you read last! No one has ever been right about the RV ever! Not to mention it is part of the plan to confuse. How many F*****g times do you have to hear this? And be fair to me for F*** sake, I have been in this thing for 7 years and once was a webmaster, media producer for some of these characters who sat down with them and heard their fantastical tales of going in caves in the phillipines to see the gold and that little children were coming out of the jungle and praising them as a God and that their likeness was etched on a cavewall and nutty blah blah blah." I was there 7 years ago and you have been reading people like Yosef or Mountain goat for a year. I am way passed that S***. "

Then to make things even more annoying I keep hearing the latest guru hint that they got fed the same Bull**** and now they feel special because just like me 7 years ago, I got a call out of the blue that made me feel important. Cleverly indoctrinated by personal reaching out. A CIA asset tactic.

That is a tactic to control the community, the message, who gets what and an agenda that isn't as white hat as they claim. It is manipulative. I first started going sour when this person bragged to me how he stood to be the richest person in the world.

OHHH... so this isn't about the cabal or white hat versus black hat. This is about personal greed? Excuse me while I file my resignation letter.

Never believed you met Jesus Christ in the Phillipines anyway or your favorite banker who has been trading the money on high yield trading platforms to fatten a small factions slice of pie while running exchange groups to people who signed away their rights via some attorney who would act for them.

I am leaving a ton out but we aren't talking squeaky clean anybodies just people who have been in trouble before, and are trying to choose which slippery rock to step on next while crossing a rushing river of corruption and shady cronies who all want the same thing. Wealth and to buy freedom from attachments to the strings attached.

It always works the same. The Top syndicate in the world offers paper money placation and all the so called good guys abandon goodness for their slice of the pie.

Is there truly a collective who isn't in it for the money but for justice? I pray it is so but the real world is wearing us all down.

And so are the dumb people with dumb questions who tell you while asking questions...

I don't want to hear all that-- it is too confusing...But do you really think we will be cashing out Monday?

How the F*** should I know. Maybe. It sounds good just as it sounded good the other 800 Mondays I have been in this.

You are so cynical and negative and how dare you raise your voice to me!

I wasn't raising my voice to 99% of you just that 1% of your brain you refuse to use. The part that WANTS to learn. Maybe it needs electroshock therapy to stimulate to want to actually listen and retain the last 20 times I said the exact same thing.

And by the way, my personal integrity says this. Of course if given a large amount of money I will share it with others in need. And as a stated fact, I have no intention of writing a book or making a film about this subject. I don't want to think about this crap ever again. I just want to fade into obscurity with a fat wallet and enjoy life. So you needn't consider me a risk to your tyrannical pile of S***. God will deal with it.

I met a white hat in a cave in the phillipines and he told me to meet him in Reno and he would exchange my dinar. I mean wow... talk about being in the right place at the right time.

Okay, one more time... pretend this hunk of Pork is Yosef...and the peas on my plate are all the other gurus... and the mashed potatos are the white hats and the biscuit is the cabal... Now, as each disappears figure they exchanged and tomorrow night at dinner when there is more of the same... we are being fed a steady diet of crap to placate us...

I'm sorry, it sounds too good to be true. I can be rich over night if I buy Iraq money? And Zimbabwe currency? Look if you don't want to buy me a drink just say so...



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