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Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Jan. 16, 2019

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Jan. 16 2019 Compiled 16 Jan. 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Abuse Re...

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Young Lightworkers Channel - Judas Iscariot Channel for January 29, 2018

Published on Jan 31, 2018

I am Judas Iscariot and I hope and believe that humanity now will take care of each other. We approach a time when we all need to take care of each other. This concerns primarily those that have not woken up yet and understood that something is coming down on this Earth. They if anybody will need a helping hand to understand that what is happening in their world is the best that can happen to Earth and themselves. What comes out in the media needs to be clear and full of hope. Even if sad things can be disclosed it is good to point out that a new and better world stands ready to be built up, so that people will be able to live in peace with each other and that Earth and yourselves will regain your health. In order to avoid chaos strategies are needed so that the new can be built up without too much disturbance from people who are panic stricken, when they see that things are not as they used to be. Slowly and steadily a new system can be built up that benefits all and then the rest of humanity can wake up and enjoy life on Earth, which is getting lighter and brighter for each day.

The strong energies are influencing your inner workings now and it turns your believes upside down. There is nobody today who is not influenced by the energy on Earth. It stirs things around in all your hearts, in everybody’s consciousness on Earth so that the Earth has a tailwind in its transformation now and you who have woken up also have a tailwind in that yet more have woken up and that yet many more are on the way. You have done it dear children on Earth – you have done it and nothing can stop your momentum now. All the visions that you have and everything that you start up will run by itself. You have a tailwind since Earth is already in the light and no darkness can ever reach her anymore. You battle on on the surface, but even the surface is mostly in the light. There is not much darkness that remains so cleanse your minds and hearts so that you can see the light more clearly. It shines with all it power upon you now so that you will take the step into the light dimension that you came down to do. It is of course a choice of free will, but most of you have chosen to ascend up into the light and help humanity to ascend as a collective. As mentioned, the time is now and all the forces around you impact you in this direction. You are whispered to, nudged and encouraged to go in the direction that Earth now is going.

It is a rare time on Earth with many changes that are happening. They happen daily. They can be small or large, but all together they form a unit. Some of you can see this, others not, but nevertheless it is true. It will become an eventful year for you Earthlings, something to look forward to. There are many who will roll out their visions this year and some have already started. The change in some countries is already large and these can affect other countries. It might become a domino effect so to speak.

Be in your heart dear children on Earth and follow that which is being said now, in spite of the fact that it might sound a little strange in your three dimensional ears. It might be so that you are to bring your piece of the puzzle to the world. You all carry pieces of the puzzle, which are needed now when your new world will emerge in the light. You carry it in your hearts, as you are all a part of the large puzzle or the new matrix if you would rather call it that. So, step forward now dear children on Earth and take your place in the light. You are well worth all the love and all the light that you can receive.

We are here and support you. You have many all around you and there are many who now walk in the midst of you on Earth.

We love you so much.


Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan

Source: www.sananda.website

The messages posted on www.sananda.website can freely be posted by other Lightworkers with the proper recognition of the channel and the translator as well as the website source.

The Quantum Shift w/ Dr. Sam Mugzzi, Kent Dunn, and Drake Bailey 1-31-18

Published on Jan 31, 2018

Current events, galactic updates and what we know.

Please take this information as developing stories and do your own research. Once you have your pieces together, disseminate the information on your website, radio show, or emails.

It is time for all humans to work together to create our paradise. Use the 5D energies to free humanity, create our Eden, manifest Peace abundance and fill our world with love. You are that powerful.

We are all one and what you do for me, you are also doing for yourself.

We appreciate everyone's involvement in designing our new world. All of us are important, and we will all have an amazing Galactic Universe to join. What you give, is what you will receive. Be the best you can be, always!

Watch the sky and know, we will be out there soon.

"Kim's Codes in Exchange for Israel's Surrender" by Fireswan - 1.31.18

Entry Submitted by Fireswan at 11:08 PM EST on January 31, 2018

I’m still pondering this situation with Kim and Tank.

I just realized that they’re working with the wrong government/people. They should be working with Israel. As M1 (if true), Kim should use her status (and leverage) to broker a deal with Israel. She will enter codes in one of the terminals for one of many willing white hat bankers in exchange for Israel surrendering Jerusalem and returning to the borders before the 5 day war.

Simple enough. The NPTB aren’t going to waste a political opportunity to guarantee real and lasting world peace if they’ve got the help of the M1 to broker the deal.

Obvious solution

Neil Keenan has already released the Book of Codes to support the very necessary SWAMP creature elimination process. It will happen with the evidence in that book. Not hard to do. Simple “follow the money” forensics.

With this irrefutable evidence, Trump has set up the mechanism to sign away the lives of the fraudsters, once cornered and captured, to GITMO. But even with every corrupt member of the 13 families (an their minions) identified, arrested and locked up, there is still the sticky problem of Israel.

About Israel...

Kim and Tank are looking in the wrong place to free humanity. They should be working out a deal with Israel, not the US Corp (or Republic).

That’s where the next move on the chess board resides!

If truly M1, Kim + white hats should be working out a solution in Israel.


Guest Posts Regarding the RV/GCR & More for Wed. Evening - 1.31.18

This is compilation of all guest posts submitted as of Wednesday Evening, January 31, 2018. All guest posts that are more than 3-5 paragraphs in length, or deemed important, or contains images, or is a response to another post may be considered as a standalone post.

Note: This post will be continuously updated with more entries as they are submitted.

Another Note: Arrangement of Guest Posts is top to bottom. Each newly added Guest Post will be at the top rather than at the bottom.


"Bank Codes & the Importance of the Draining of the Swamps"

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 10:31 PM EST on January 31, 2018

"The Importance of the Draining of the Swamps" - Neil Keenan Update - 1.30.18

He talks at the end about the middle about giving Pres.Trump another weapon the book of codes, all the banking codes. He said Trump could use this book to track who is using the funds etc. Off ledger accounts. The west is using illegally.


Entry Submitted by Jeff Walker at 6:23 PM EST on January 31, 2018

I need to eat today.. I am asking for 10.00 if anyone.can please help.. I will sell the currencies I have to get a meal. I am sorry I have to ask. Where is the rv?

Please forgive my needs..


"In Response to Andrew T." - Kim Possible Intel Update 1-31-18

Entry Submitted by Kim Possible at 9:45 PM EST on January 31, 2018

"To Kim and Whom it May Concern" by Andrew T. - 1.31.18


What you describe is where we are headed, it may take 5 to 10 years to get to the point where everyone in the international community understands you, but you are right.

Most advanced civilizations work on a system such as the one you suggest. However, there is a transition that has to take place before we can get there.

The answer is, you are correct, and I believe we will get there.

Best Regards,

Kim "Possible"

Trump Signs Executive Order to Keep Gitmo Open

A warning message to the remaining Cabal. ~ Dinar Chronicles

Trump signs order to keep Gitmo open

BY KATIE BO WILLIAMS - 01/30/18 09:34 PM EST

© Getty Images

President Trump on Tuesday signed an executive order to keep open the military detention facility at Guantánamo Bay.

The order does not make explicit that the Trump administration will immediately begin sending new detainees to the controversial prison, but preserves the option for the president who on the campaign trail called for it to be loaded “up with some bad dudes.”

The move reverses an Obama-era executive order to shutter the controversial prison — a goal that the former president was not able to achieve before leaving office in 2017. Forty-one inmates still remain.

How to handle individuals captured fighting for the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has proved a legal and security quandary for both the Trump and Obama administrations. Although concerns about allowing terror fighters to return to the battlefield have hovered over the debate, both conservative and liberal detention experts say sending new inmates to the prison for the first time in over a decade is a shaky legal proposition.

The Tuesday order also calls for Defense Secretary James Mattis to give the White House recommendations within 90 days as to how the U.S. should handle individuals captured fighting “in connection with an armed conflict, including policies governing transfer of individuals to U.S. Naval Station Guantánamo Bay.”

"We must be clear," Trump said during his State of the Union address before Congress Tuesday night. "Terrorists are not merely criminals. They are unlawful enemy combatants. And when captured overseas, they should be treated like the terrorists they are."

"In the past, we have foolishly released hundreds of dangerous terrorists, only to meet them again on the battlefield. So today, I am keeping another promise... to keep open the detention facilities at Guantánamo Bay."

In order to hold a prisoner as an enemy combatant, the government must be able to prove that the detainee is a fighter for an enemy force with whom the U.S. is in a state of armed conflict.

Both the Trump and Obama administrations have claimed that ISIS is an “associated force” covered by the military authorization that Congress passed in 2001, after the 9/11 attacks.

But the courts have not yet weighed in on that rationale — one of the key reasons that the U.S. hasn’t sent anyone to Guantánamo Bay since 2008. Transferring an ISIS fighter to the base would almost certainly invite immediate legal challenges.

Congress has grappled with updating the 2001 military authorization with little progress, stymied by fierce debate over the potential scope of any new authorization.

"I am also asking the Congress to ensure that, in the fight against ISIS and al-Qa'ida, we continue to have all necessary power to detain terrorists—wherever we chase them down," Trump said Tuesday.

Congress has grappled with updating the 2001 military authorization with little progress, stymied by fierce debate over the potential scope of any new authorization.

"I am also asking the Congress to ensure that, in the fight against ISIS and al-Qaeda, we continue to have all necessary power to detain terrorists—wherever we chase them down," Trump said Tuesday.
Both the Bush and the Obama administration also believed that the prison had become a recruitment tool for terrorists and sought to whittle down the population through an aggressive slate of transfers. Bush voluntarily transferred more than 500 detainees out of the facility after 2002; Obama transferred an additional 182 during his time in office.

“While I believe opening Guantanamo after 9/11 was necessary, the detention facility had become a propaganda tool for our enemies and a distraction for our allies. I worked to find a way to close the prison without compromising security,” Bush wrote in his memoir.

Trump on the campaign trail vowed to revitalize the prison, which supporters ruefully say has become a geriatric facility for aging terrorists — alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed has been held there since 2006, for example.

"We're gonna load it up with some bad dudes, believe me, we're gonna load it up,” Trump said in the campaign trail.

In November, Trump should he would “certainly consider” sending the suspect in a New York terror attack to Guantánamo Bay.

“I would certainly consider that, yes,” Trump told CBS. “Send him to Gitmo.”

He has the backing of a vocal group of prominent Republicans, including Sens. Lindsey Graham (S.C.) and John McCain (Ariz.), both of whom believe terror suspects should be tried through the military commission process rather than in civil court.

The Trump administration has initiated criminal prosecution for several suspected ISIS fighters since taking office in 2017.

"In many cases [for terrorists], it will now be Guantanamo Bay," Trump said in an ad-libbed line Tuesday night.

Source: The Hill

Meet M1 of the Global Collateral Accounts: GCR will Come Soon

If you don't think a common person like "Kim Possible" can't hold the key to uncommon amounts of wealth watch this video. The main difference here is this guy has all the proof:

M1 Global Collateral Accounts


Published on Apr 24, 2017


(Off-Topic) Not All Thieves are Stupid



Some people left their car in the long-term parking at San Jose while away, and someone broke into the car. Using the information on the car's registration in the glove compartment, they drove the car to the people's home in Pebble Beach and robbed it. So I guess if we are going to leave the car in long-term parking, we should NOT leave the registration/insurance cards in it, nor your remote garage door opener. This gives us something to think about with all our new electronic technology.

2. GPS

Someone had their car broken into while they were at a football game. Their car was parked on the green which was adjacent to the football stadium and specially allotted to football fans. Things stolen from the car included a garage door remote control, some money and a GPS which had been prominently mounted on the dashboard. When the victims got home, they found that their house had been ransacked and just about everything worth anything had been stolen. The thieves had used the GPS to guide them to the house. They then used the garage remote control to open the garage door and gain entry to the house. The thieves knew the owners were at the football game, they knew what time the game was scheduled to finish and so they knew how much time they had to clean out the house. It would appear that they had brought a truck to empty the house of its contents. Something to consider if you have a GPS - don't put your home address in it. Put a nearby address (like a store or gas station) so you can still find your way home if you need to, but no one else would know where you live if your GPS were stolen.


I never thought of this! This lady has now changed her habit of how she lists her names on her cell phone after her handbag was stolen. Her handbag, which contained her cell phone, credit card, wallet, etc., was stolen. Twenty minutes later when she called her hubby, from a pay phone telling him what had happened, hubby says, "I received your text asking about our Pin number and I've replied a little while ago." When they rushed down to the bank, the bank staff told them all the money was already withdrawn. The thief had actually used the stolen cell phone to text "hubby" in the contact list and got hold of the pin number. Within 20 minutes he had withdrawn all the money from their bank account.

Moral lesson:

a. Do not disclose the relationship between you and the people in your contact list. Avoid using names like Home, Honey, Hubby, Sweetheart, Dad, Mom, etc.
b.. And very importantly, when sensitive info is being asked through texts, CONFIRM by calling back.
c. Also, when you're being texted by friends or family to meet them somewhere, be sure to call back to confirm that the message came from them. If you don't reach them, be very careful about going places to meet "family and friends" who text you.


A lady went grocery-shopping at a local mall and left her purse sitting in the children's seat of the cart while she reached something off a shelf/ Wait till you read the WHOLE story! Her wallet was stolen, and she reported it to the store personnel. After returning home, she received a phone call from the Mall Security to say that they had her wallet and that although there was no money in it, it did still hold her personal papers. She immediately went to pick up her wallet, only to be told by Mall Security that they had not called her. By the time she returned home again, her house had been broken into and burglarized. The thieves knew that by calling and saying they were Mall Security, they could lure her out of her house long enough for them to burglarize it.


Even if this does not pertain to you, please let your family and friends know so they don't get caught in a scam

"I Freaking Love Kim Possible!" - Hope for the World - 1.31.18

Entry Submitted by Hope for the World at 5:03 PM EST on January 31, 2018

Guys, it’s just my two cents worth, but I F***ING LOVE Kim Possible. I think she’s about the greatest thing that ever rode into this town – with guns a’blazing, I might add. She’s bold, she’s brainy, she’s brave, and best of all she’s not boring.

Oh Lord how the trolls on this blog have turned this place into a one big boring snoozefest! Soooooooo many words they must use to lull the reader back into the stupor their lizard overlords would have us all languishing away our unimportant lives in…

But back to Kim Possible.

Kim Possible doesn’t take any shit, and I like that. And I love that she humors the trolls (who have no idea how she subtly ridicules them). But my favorite thing about Kim Possible is that she tells the truth. She is not about to perpetuate the lie, or be the spokesperson for anyone’s psyop or agenda. It is a downright blessing that her highly educated opinions are simultaneously declarations of truth. Do you realize what a rare commodity THE TRUTH has been on this planet since the lizards arrived???

And as a woman, it does my heart good to know that there is another fearless female badass out there who isn’t afraid of…well, who isn’t afraid to do her job, a job that constantly puts herself and her friends and family in harm’s way. I imagine it really chaps those lizards’ tails that they are being bested by a lady, considering their lowly view of the feminine side of our species. And yes, imagining that gives me great pleasure…

You know folks, this has been one wild ride and I am THOROUGHLY confident that it was not supposed to end this way, with us outsmarting the lizards and retaking control of our planet. We’ve had some real slick characters thrown at us to keep us off-guard. But awake and outsmart we did, thanks in large part to the constant challenging and battle-testing we received on the part of many of these slick characters along the way. As to whatever the true intentions of these characters might have been deep down, I say all’s well that end’s well.

And this is a marvelous and not-boring ending to a long and grueling battle.

Thanks TANK and thanks Kim Possible! I am your fangirl.

"Trump Confirms '100%' Release of the Memo" by Sierra (NZ) - 1.31.18

Entry Submitted by Sierra (NZ) at 8:22 PM EST on January 31, 2018

Jordan Sather's latest video includes a clip of President Trump walking down the aisle, shaking hands after the State of the Union Address: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7UT-kOjOka4.

This is what happened...

Rep Jeff Duncan called out to Trump, asking him 'Let's release the memo...'. He was referring to the House Intelligence Committee's FISA memo. Trump responded instantly: 'Oh yeah, don't worry, 100%'.

As I discussed in my previous post, I believe that President Trump wanted the State of Union Address to be uplifting and positive, to empower the American people. He achieved that goal (his comment about 'beautiful clean' coal aside). It means that the vibration of the USA population is elevated, helping them to assimilate the shocking memo when it is released very shortly.

Jordan refers to the new Presidential Executive Order on 'Protecting America through Lawful Detention of Terrorists' that Trump signed on the SAME DAY as the SOTU Address. As Jordan says, Trump's discussion during the Address of Guantanamo Bay as a 're-activated detention center' was most significant.

We currency holders are sitting on the edge of our seats. As for fingernails? They are long bitten down to the quick. It has been an excruciatingly hard time over these last few weeks. However...


Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)

"To Kim and Andrew T. and Whom it May Concern" by CH - 1.31.18

Entry Submitted by CH at 7:23 PM EST on January 31, 2018

"To Kim and Whom it May Concern" by Andrew T. - 1.31.18

Andrew T, thank you for pointing out the obvious in Kim's reply. I did see it but with the information overload from her, together with own issues, I forgot about it.

One thing straight away - WTH do we, the dinarian community worldwide, have to even consider :... the "way" the current financial system of the world works, supply and demand, collateral and allocations plus production line."

So, is it to dawn on us that until the RV will be 'paid' for in collateral and also have a 'purpose' to it that will bring viable income returned (the Post-Production Line), Kim will not have the ground to release funds for it because there is nothing to warrant its release now. World Trust funds can only be accessed for a good reason, we are being told.

Is this real for the RV funds ??

If we even thought of these reasons being real, then:

- unless a truly benevolent force steps / stepped in to justify the supply and demand (currencies bought and why, imo),

- and provide collateral for them for allocations (indemnity for exchanges/redemptions, imo),

- and furnish a semi-guaranteed, viable production line (humanitarian projects, imo), we stand zero chance of ever exchanging as the masses.

Hence the educational intel to date on Paying Forward, as if we didn't know already, hence the NDAs, to keep control on spending, etc.

Fine, nothing comes free of charge.

However, so far, it has only come to whales, those in the know, and groups.

Masses are being served delays after delays due to unsubstantiated reasons now.

And Kim cannot find a terminal to access the black screens of the off-ledger system - a suggestion if I may - perhaps contacting Neil Keenan directly could do the trick.

He is freely offering the black screens code book now, so one has reason to believe might also be aware of their locations worldwide as well.

Neil Keenan might also fill Kim in on the true scope of the new system that was supposed to be introduced worldwide already.

And perhaps he could also help out on the receiving end of the first initial hydration transfer for the masses too ? Or suggest a way to facilitate it asap ?

Who knows, but worth a try to cut this on-going impasse of non-performance for the common folk.

If the amount needed for worldwide exchanges would crush the off-ledger system, then perhaps a viable start would be to do it in increments - start the public/masses, cause we are treated as one lot, off small, with public rates. Give masses a breather, and then roll out the second phase, the zims, gradually, country by country, or region by region.

And that can be done with the new forex rock-bottom rates being made public finally.

I am thinking out loud here to get the RV started for those that need it most and are treated as they/we always have been, the worthless lesser ones, unfortunately.

However, we are now in the know of the supply/demand, collateral/allocation, and production line system requirements.

Andrew T's ideas, and anyone else's imo, will all have one factor in common - projects.

Projects are needed to be shown, however in our case, we only can provide them on paper now due to lack of funds for implementation. So maybe a bona fide approach to the production line aspect, perhaps with additional performance collateral added to the exchanges one I mentioned above, could be applied as a totally innovative approach in the coming new age, to get the RV off for the masses.

Basically called faith in humans. Risky, but one never knows till one tries. And one might even get pleasantly surprised.

New economics 101.

"Galactics vs. Kim" by Pat - 1.31.18

Entry Submitted by Pat at 6:58 PM EST on January 31, 2018

Anyone notice that Kim has not referenced the Galactics in her posts? Maybe I missed it, but it would seem very important if she is, who she says she is.

Everyone knows that the Galactics have been working with the Alliance to help free mankind from the grips of the Cabal slavery. The Galactics and other dimensional beings are here to help with mankind’s increase in vibrational frequency and ascension process. They have been an important component. Being that they are working towards our liberation, don’t you think if Kim held the one and only key to our financial prosperity, that the Galactics would be working with her?

At the very least, I suggest Tank and Kim, get in touch with Corey Goode, who has a direct pipeline to the Galactics. Once they read her energy signature, they will know if she is working for the Light. I would think one would want to be under their their protection if Kim is for real......but if she’s not? Well....she will be exposed. We then will have our answer.



"Re: Who is Tank?" by BonniB - 1.31.18

Entry Submitted by BonniB at 5:55 PM EST on January 31, 2018

"Who is Tank?" by Daughter of Terra - 1.31.18

I love reading your posts. You're a kick butt and take names kind of woman but also full of love and light. Good detective work.

You've cleared up some things about Tank and Kim and maybe Jared because his last call said he was right in there with them going global. I'm not sure what that means to them. Only, problem is I can't totally connect the dots, what's in it for them. Why are they so desperate to get our approval? Why do they give a Shit what we think? Have you noticed Tank was getting lots of flack from us, so he has disappeared and sent in the piranha Zim to win us over while she's beating us up. WHY? WHAT'S THEIR ANGLE?????? There's a lot of similarities here to Yosef.

Please go after Yosef, Terra. By his own admission he was getting paid to keep us stirred up and we made him physically sick. Then, he got a huge idea to get back at us. He created HAS, Human Angel Services. By his own admission, he convinced 50,000 or more people that they needed him and his new creative services at $35.00 a person. Then, he convinced a bunch of others if they also wanted to have dinner with him it would be $10,000. He bragged how many took him up on it. That adds up to over 2 million dollars. Plus, he got them to send him all their projects, so he could sell them to non-profits who do Humanitarian Funding. Awesome payday, Yosef.

Why are still being naive and buying into this crap? Let's keep our eye on the ball. The RV is real. Dig down and find just a little more patience. It will be worth our while.

"Divide and Conquer" by Blue Being - 1.31.18

Entry Submitted by Blue Being at 5:53 PM EST on January 31, 2018

Divide and conquer has been the only way a small group of people have been able to retain their power . These divide and conquer tactics are being used on the RV community right now , I feel many of you realize this but can't help to feed into it .

It is time we wise up and start using our strengths rather than feeding into our weaknesses and allowing others to control our thoughts and emotions.

Still waiting on Jareds answer on an email , it is time to form a unity group, meditation visualization group . I recommend that any posts that are meant to cast doubt or divide are not entertained in our consciousness , so at first glance of a negative post , or a post that comes from Tank or Kim that it not be read.

Time to get wise
Blue Being

"Elephant and the Blind Men" by John - 1.31.18

Entry Submitted by John at 4:37 PM EST on January 31, 2018


Once upon a time, there lived six blind men in a village. One day the villagers told them, "Hey, there is an elephant in the village today."

This is what it seems to me like is happening with the whole Global Currency Reset. Everyone who has been designated as a “Guru” has their own group of people they talk to and, of course, they’re all the best sources there are so, every “Guru” will argue their own point to the grave. At the same time, very few of them agree on anything except when it comes to the time “it’s all supposed to happen” and, like Canaries in a cage, they all sing perfect harmony. The date comes and goes and, the ones who have a spirit of fear begin sounding more like “Chicken Little” than anyone else and, those who have a spirit of power, love and a sound mind, continue to joyfully sing a song of “Well, there’s another date we know it didn’t happen on” and, continue to be hopeful. the Bible teaches us that “we can have what we say” Mark 11:23. In another place, it tells us that “Death and life are in the power of the tongue and those who love it (the power of the tongue) will eat its fruit.” Proverbs 18-20 Jesus said; “If you abide in me and my words abide in you, ask whatever you will and it will be done for you.” Notice, each one of these references have to do with our talking…what we say….so our words have power. Notice, in the story about the Blind men and the elephant, as they described the elephant, to each one of them, they knew what they were talking about and, no one else did but, the truth is, they were all right in his own way. This Reset that we’re waiting for is being opposed by some very wicked people. They even are smaller in number than those of us who are promoting it to go forward but, they’re in just the right place to bring it to a screeching halt, in that they’re still wicked and have just enough energy and resources to still cause problems for the world. In all the uncertainty, this is where you just have to learn to trust what you know to be absolutely true. There’s no way around there being a reset…the old system was destined to fail for so many reasons and, the new is coming. I’m just as anxious to go as anyone but, more than that, I know part of my purpose is to encourage…I hope I have. One last point. For those who consider yourself as a Believer, the Biblical principle is “To call things that are not, as though they are.” Picture the scene of the one verse that most people have heard. “In he beginning….” and, imagine, complete and total darkness. So dark as a matter of fact, you can’t see your own hand in front of your face. God didn’t come on the scene saying “Whew Boy! Its sure dark in here. I bet we’ll never see the light of day.” He didn’t say that, did he? Nope, we can read the first verse and in there, it says, "God said “Let there be light!” That wasn’t a request. It wasn’t a suggestion. It WAS a command to the powers of darkness. Anyway, hope you’re more encouraged. I know I am.

In Christ,




Once upon a time, there lived six blind men in a village. One day the villagers told them, "Hey, there is an elephant in the village today."

They had no idea what an elephant is. They decided, "Even though we would not be able to see it, let us go and feel it anyway." All of them went where the elephant was. Everyone of them touched the elephant.

"Hey, the elephant is a pillar," said the first man who touched his leg.

"Oh, no! it is like a rope," said the second man who touched the tail.

"Oh, no! it is like a thick branch of a tree," said the third man who touched the trunk of the elephant.

"It is like a big hand fan" said the fourth man who touched the ear of the elephant.

"It is like a huge wall," said the fifth man who touched the belly of the elephant.

"It is like a solid pipe," Said the sixth man who touched the tusk of the elephant.

They began to argue about the elephant and everyone of them insisted that he was right. It looked like they were getting agitated. A wise man was passing by and he saw this. He stopped and asked them, "What is the matter?" They said, "We cannot agree to what the elephant is like." Each one of them told what he thought the elephant was like. The wise man calmly explained to them, "All of you are right. The reason every one of you is telling it differently because each one of you touched the different part of the elephant. So, actually the elephant has all those features what you all said."

"Oh!" everyone said. There was no more fight. They felt happy that they were all right.

The moral of the story is that there may be some truth to what someone says. Sometimes we can see that truth and sometimes not because they may have different perspective which we may not agree too. So, rather than arguing like the blind men, we should say, "Maybe you have your reasons." This way we don’t get in arguments. In Jainism, it is explained that truth can be stated in seven different ways. So, you can see how broad our religion is. It teaches us to be tolerant towards others for their viewpoints. This allows us to live in harmony with the people of different thinking. This is known as the Syadvada, Anekantvad, or the theory of Manifold Predictions.

"A Plea" by Daughter of Terra - 1.31.18

Entry Submitted by Daughter of Terra at 5:01 PM EST on January 31, 2018

My last post was needed. But what I think is also to understand something else. "He that makes the gold makes the rules". I feel that this is a dangerous mantra to live by. There will always be someone in position of power over you so long as you think that. And its not real power its assumed. Because in truth no one has delivered a shred of proof as to who they are and or why they came here. No one and pictures are not proof. They are pictures. Proof is knowing without a shadow of a doubt. And no one has come here with that. No one.

So you believe this person is telling you the truth. You believe this other person is lieing. How do you go from belief to the truth? By actions of course. You were going to say by what you feel. Yeah...not always. Because sense the Think Tanks and Rand Corps of the world were birthed. You can not say that anymore. Because certain would were used to create and illicit responses in us. Which we call feelings. Words like "nigger" although it only means ignorate. Stirs up anger and animosity. Words like words like "love". Warm tingly feeling. But you see based on who you are these words don't make everyone feel the same way. An urbanite for example; doesn't feel bad when he hears the word "nigga". Its friendship...to him. And love spoken out of the mouth of a man who just smashed your face in because he had a little to much to drink does not render the same warm fuzzy feeling in fact tension and fear arises.

So how do we fix this? Your experiences.

Everyone here has had experiences. Maybe all those experiences have prepared for this moment. But when you have people telling you not to pay attention to your own experiences and giving you words instead that does not match what you experienced. Thats when confusion sets in. Where you don't know what to believe. Unless and until you can understand why you are here. In truth anyone can tell you anything about you. The more awesome the better. But it doesn't mean anything unless and until you know by experience what the mere words imply. If something were to happen to you right now. Where would the world go? Where would the RV/GCR GO! Well it would go with you of course. This is how important you are. We all are. So don't listen to them say they are the only ones. Dr. This. I have authority and you don't. Yada yada

When in fact, if you were not here none of this could be. But if they were not here someone else will just replace them. Do you see the difference? This RV was never contingent on them or their intel. It was contingent on us. Being here to bring it in. They just made stories on top of our creation. And now we are asking them to tell us the truth about something we created. You see how silly that is?

And what are we disagreeing about here about even now? Words. Just words. For some. For me we are talking energetic imbalances. Inconsistencies in stories all across the board. So no because of my first hand experience with these people and the low energy they have. Manipulation tactics used. I know their words are not true. Now I have been fooled let me tell you. But the lesson was off the charts.And now because i learned to stop listening to other people and trust my self and trust in myself. It doesnt happen as often.

If you can see the truth of your vision you made alone in a room years ago or yesterday. Who is anyone to tell you whats not possible. Who is this person to tell you who someone or something is over what you know already? Why give anyone that much control over you? There is a wealth so sublime and alive inside you...if you can only wake up to see. You knew when that lady was going to do that thing. You knew that person was going to be late for work. You knew he/she was cheating. You knew not to turn that corner that day. You know who to talk to and who not when ever you enter a room of crowed people. You know when people are looking at you. You know stuff. You. Stop listening to people telling you that you don't know anything. Stop. You know that brighter days are coming and you know the sun will be here like it always it. You know that you are going to make yourself and you children and your community proud. There are no delays. When its time its time. Like the birth of a baby. The baby comes when its meant to. The doctors can say delay or pre-term all they want. Everything is working in perfect order. Know that. And they can't come in with anymore lies. You have to take responsiblity for who you are and what and who you listen to. Just because its there doesn't mean its for you or good for you. Thats why my pants size isnt 7x. (no disrespect intended)

With love and sweet kisses to all who read.


IAm/Daughtet of Terra.

"Wednesday's Thoughts" by Michael Murdock - 1.31.18

Entry Submitted by Michael Murdock at 4:37 PM EST on January 31, 2018

There are times when we get to see so much more than we imagine we could in an image that we encounter. When I shot this picture last month it was much different than what you see here. With a little adjustment what you see here appeared to me and my heart leapt with appreciation and gratitude for God sharing with me what’s here and allowing me the eyes to behold what he’s sharing. For me, I see part of heaven in this image and to share it with you pleases me greatly.

Sunset in the desert can be something to truly behold and appreciate if you take the time to take in all that is going on as the Sun heads across the sky and begins to disappear beyond the horizon only to reappear tomorrow once again to light our lives and reveal to us much along our path in this lifetime.

Once again we come to the end of a month of expectation. It’s another ending, and yet another beginning. As the sun sets on this month and tomorrow we move into February, hope is rising that our blessing arrive into our lives very, very soon. All indications are that this is finally our year, finally our realization of the blessing in many forms of exchange.

Something in the air feels like this is the time. It feels like the lock on the dam is going to open and the tidal wave of glory and love is going to flow our way and we will all be able to breath a sigh of relief and then to be of service to so many others on this planet is going to feel so good.

One of my first trips will be to Arlington National Cemetery to the gravesite of both of my parents. I want to pray there and thank them for being in my life as long as they were, and then create a legacy of giving in their name to honor them eternally.

Thank you for reading this, this day. I pray for each of you, every day. Your families, your kids, your pets, your plants, your homes, your cars, all that you have in your lives I pray for, and I thank God for our connection here in this time and space and look forward to joining you in our celebration of giving and healing of our planet as our blessing comes forward.

I Love You All

Michael Murdock, US Navy Veteran (currently homeless)
http://paypal.me/MikeMurdock << if you’re inspired to lend a hand this day or any other, I am grateful.

"Kim, Thank you for your Response" by Ron Giles - 1.31.18

Entry Submitted by Ron Giles at 4:19 PM EST on January 31, 2018

Kim, I do appreciate your response, however some of them did not answer the question asked. Others were vague and unintelligible to say the least. And other response were down right fraudulent lies.

I am sure that you are knowledgeable in your field. The Cabal world of finance is not my field. I just see the results. Two weeks to transfer from on city to another; $35 for an overdraft, $14 per month to have a checking account, and trying to transfer money overseas is a joke, or a travesty, or fraudulent, etc.

I don’t’ feel the need to take the time to go into detail as to why some of your responses were information shrouded and embedded in your sea of illusionary information that you have introduced to us here in IDC. I see this as information about an imaginary monster in the woods that we have never heard of. Your detailed description creates a fictitious fear of something that doesn’t exist. Yet if you persist with the dialogue long enough people begin to believe and you can then, begin to manipulate the conversation to where you want to go with your ruse.

I’m sure people like, Taxibenj, that do not have eyes to see nor real knowledge to know about the sandbox you play in, will be fawder for your illusion and manipulation.

I honestly was surprised, Kim, that you would respond. Like I said in a previous post, I am a person of little consequence and don’t command or put myself out there for people to follow me. I have nothing to prove. I just tell it like I see, and feel it.

With that said, your answers did show who you are and what your trying to do. I didn’t need to inquire to get reassurance of what I already knew. I am not the only one who can see through to your purpose here with Tank and others. You have deceived many who are waking up but haven’t cleared the sleep from their eyes. You have given us a seminar of what it is like when making decisions without full knowledge of what is going on. You are a breath of fresh air to those who know contrast when they see it, a clear view of truth vs. falsehood. I thank you for that. You have chosen to join in as a team driver of the bus that is speeding down the road to it’s inevitable dead end. Crash!

About Grandfather, you are dead wrong. Saying that he is dead and that you were there when he died is an obvious lie. Anyone who knows about Grandfather and know him as a highly evolved being, will jump to the other side of your position and will recognize you as a fraud. For you to have made that statement is the most ludicrous and vile act of deception that is your obvious trademark. Grandfather is very much alive and is the highest earthly official in charge of the release of the funds. It is no wonder why you say he is dead and even gave us a fictitious name that you claim he called you by. With your statement, I conclude that you are working against the release of the RV funds and are certainly not of the light.

I did say that we would know. For those with eyes to see and the ability to receive definitive answer from the Heavens, we stand in full opposition to your continued activities here on IDC.

Grateful Grandfather is still alive.

Ron Giles

TNT Showtime CC w/ RayRen98, Tony Notes by Adept1 1-31-18

(Notes by Adept1) 

TNT Call 31-January-2018

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#


RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family! This is Wednesday, January 31, 2018, with yours truly RayRen98 here along with Tony. It’s the end of the month at midnight, and anything could happen at any time, but the general expectation is that the sky would open up on the 31st. It hasn’t happened, but rates are being changed and progress is being made. Dealers are adjusting their prices on their currencies, slowly. Some of the things we anticipated would happen over night seem to be happening over time.

Tony: Good morning, TNT! I had calls last night and this morning, and emails asking what is going on… I was expecting to go to the bank today, because things are so close and so many things are done, and we’re getting it from so many people.

We had three bank sources in Iraq who told us this was scheduled for January, because that is what they were told. They said that today they expected to be able to do international transfers and wires, and that suggests that there needs to be a consistent rate on both ends, in Iraq and in the US.

The call centers and exchange centers are not manned, so I don’t expect to see it today. We are still close, although there has been some BS put out about it being extended. We made some calls and got responses direct from those at three-letter agencies, saying that as of five minutes ago, there is no truth in the notion of this being extended. There is no new plan laid out yet, so everyone is in limbo right now. We were told this was approved two weeks ago and it’s supposed to go by the end of January, which is today. We will continue to ask questions, to check the Iraqi bulletin boards, and find out what guidance people are being given in Iraq and in the US.

As for taxes, the bank will notify you during the exchange that the tax on it has already been paid. They should give you some kind of documentation during the transaction to alleviate your mind.

According to my guys, there are no delays. The plan yesterday was for this to do through today, and it hasn’t gone through, yet. If we have to do a call later today, or tomorrow, that’s what we will do. I wish I had some breaking news information, but I don’t.

Questions from the TNT forum

Q: How is the slow rollout of payments at the new rate to employees and citizens coming along? Is that process nearing completion?
A: That is rolling out today, and we understand that the lower denominations may start to roll out today as well. The plan is for everyone to get used to using the banks and the cards, and then release the lower denominations. That’s supposed to happen this month.
With these things happening, are there concerns shared by any of your gov’t contacts there or here of leaks out to major financial news services of a new rate and what this may cause due to people being able to purchase dinar at a program rate outside of Iraq?
A: When this happens, it will be same rate everywhere. Two of the Iraqi television channels will announce it. There will not be a major international announcement, but those who want to find out will find out.

Q: Back in December I believe I heard you all say that paymasters were to have their money released. Has that happened yet?
A: We keep hearing there are meetings with the groups and paymasters, but nothing has come true yet.

Q: My question is about the Las Vegas event. Way back when, I remember sending in a deposit to some ‘group’ to ensure our attendance and ‘head count’. How will we be notified when, if , location and details of the Post RV events, classes, and locations that you plan to do?
Tony: We have never received any such deposits through TNT, because it will be free. All the classes and such will be listed on the website. In the past, we only took registrations (not deposits) to get a headcount; we will redo that on www.tntsuperfantastic.com, and if you put in your information, we’ll send out an email to let you know the arrangements. It’s not going to cost you a dime; I’m going to pay for the facilities, entertainment, meals… unless Ray wants to pay half. Now, the thirteen events Ray has put together, I don’t know anything about those. The five events I organized, including the one in Las Vegas, will be free.

Q: If we are not in the bank tomorrow, what’s next?
A: We are always calling people at the IMF and here in the US, in Washington DC, who are involved in this. We were told every single thing was done, but it still didn’t go. We don’t know why. We’re waiting right now to get the right calls or answers from various locations.

Q: On Monday’s call you mentioned that Iraq signed documents in December giving them 30 days to get this done. Obviously, they didn’t get it done. Are there any consequences for them not getting it done. Will there be penalties if they continue to not get it done? Why have them sign a document if they don’t enforce it?
A: So far, the only feedback is that they didn’t get it done. That is the punishment, that it didn’t go through today. We’re waiting on more information.

Q: Have Iraqi port authorities and customs adjusted to the new in-country rate?
A: I don’t’ know. The borders are open, and they’re bringing things back and forth, and they are charging the tax. We haven’t found out what the rate is yet.

Q: If we set up a nonprofit foundation, is it mandatory to pay quarterly taxes?
A: In general nonprofits and foundations don’t pay taxes.

Q: Who get the money still left on the table after we have negotiated the deal? The Bank, or the Treasury?
A: I’m not involved in that process, but I would think the bank will get the difference. The bank gets to buy so many contracts at a certain rate; it’s up to them whether they give those out or not, and to whom. The UST has a set price that they will get that no matter what the bank does. The thing is for you to give the bank enough incentive to give you a portion of that difference so that you come out on top and the bank still makes a profit. Exchangers and wealth managers do not work for you, they work for the bank. So you have to let them know you know the game, so that they will share the wealth with you, which will only happen if you show them that you know how they operate. Someone sent me a YouTube video about how banks work, and I suggest you all watch it so that you understand the relationship between banks, banking, and the US Treasury, making money through fractional banking. The banks and governments do NOT want you know that banks are just a Ponzi scheme. The government cannot let them fail because then you would realize that. Banks do the exact same thing as Bernie Madoff, and they do it every day. The only difference is that Madoff didn’t pay the Treasury and the IRS their due, and that’s why he is in jail. The money is not in some vault, it’s all digits on a screen.

Q1: I have not heard anything about capital gains taxes lately. Is that going to be in the taxes that are taken off the top, or is that something that we will still have to deal with, especially regarding short term and long term capital gains?
A: We’ve answered that on every recent call. If there is an excise tax, there will not be capital gains tax.

Q: Clarification on the zim cap (yet again).
A: We talk about that all the time. You can RECEIVE 500 million from your Zim exchange, straight into your bank account. Any amount over 500 million is paid out over 25 years or less, depending on how much you have. You can negotiate that structured payout with the bank.

Q: Are we still going to be able to set up the temporary Trust at the exchange and will we still have 90 days to figure out how to get a permanent one set up?
A: Neither one of us has been telling you that. Don’t come in here asking questions that you are getting from someone else. The bank will set up a trust for you, if you choose; I don’t know what type of trust that will be. People misunderstand the nature of trusts, I think. Having a trust doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t pay taxes on what goes into the trust. You need to take professional advice, and also you can call the bank today to ask that question: will you set up a trust, does that mean the money is tax-exempt, does transferring from one trust to another create a taxable event? Ask them.

Q: Where do Canadians go to exchange Zim?
A: The lead banks have affiliate banks where you will be able to exchange without leaving the country.

Questions from live callers

First caller: Did I hear you say that as of yesterday there were no delays and the plan is still the same? So we are expecting something today, right? When a plan changes, how long does it take to filter down to you?

Tony: It depends on the change and where the change took place. We can get it that day, probably not that hour or minute. I get it faster out of Iraq than over here. That will probably be a couple of days to a week ahead of where you’ll see it elsewhere. We were told in January so that everyone will be spending in February. People get paid on the first of the month usually, so we can expect more spending. Iraq has not put out the 2018 Budget, and we haven’t put one out either! The only factor I can imagine being part of this is Article 140, but they’ve already done most of that! The Budget has to be read twice and recorded in the Gazette, so it would have to be something simple, because up to yesterday everyone was giddy with expectation.

832 caller: I heard that unless and until the dollar is asset-backed, it is not taxable.

RayRen: If that is so, what are you going to do? Go to the bank, or sit back and wait?

843 caller: A few weeks ago you mentioned municipal bonds that the banks might be pushing your towards if you have more than 25 million dollars; is that still the case?

Tony: That will be an option to get you involved in the community; usually municipal bonds are tax-free. You can call the banks right now and ask that question.

504 caller: I can’t get into the forum because I lost my phone.

RayRen: Send me an email and I’ll look into it: RayRen98@aol.com.

404 caller: If everything has been signed, what’s the shelf-life of those documents? What’s the active window here before everything has to be signed again?

Tony: I don’t know. I think everyone is still trying to get this done right now. We put the questions out there and they are having meetings; we won’t find out until afterwards.

Caller: Are the exchange and call centers at least on alert or on standby?

Tony: They have been told that the next time they get a call, they are going directly to work. They always let us know when they go on standby and we tell you, so they might have changed the whole procedure. We don’t know. We were told that bankers were told to be on the highest alert, but they don’t have anything to until we go to exchange.

Caller: What consequences might there be for not getting this done?

Tony: They may lose business partners, deals and money. Once they get international status, there isn’t much they can do to Iraq apart from withholding loans and funding. After this happens, most of us won’t care about Iraq, but our government cares.

765 caller: You said something a while back about the Rule of 72…

Tony: That’s the formula you can use with any interest rate. Divide that 72 by the interest rate tells you how quickly it will double. Example: 72 / 6% = 12 years.

610 caller: if you are financially able to donate, please send your checks and money orders to Ray Renfrow, PO Box 1748, Elm City, NC 27822. The address can be found at www.tntsuperfantastic.com; click on the Donate button and send your check today.

DWG caller: Anything new on the Iranian rial?

RayRen: The last one received was $3.22, and it’s been at that rate for several months.

Closing Statement

That’s it for today. We’re trying to find out what the holdup is, and will tell you on Friday IF we have a Friday call. I don’t think there is anything too bad going on; the process remains, the banks are still ready and the rates are still there. Everything is good apart from going to the bank today. If something great shows up, we’ll do another call.

RayRen played I Believe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA

Source: Dinar Detectives

"Without an RI or RV" - Wed. PM KTFA Thoughts/News


Samson » January 31st, 2018

BHGE: Growth in Iraq Offsets Decline in other Markets

31st January, 2018

In its 2017 Results, Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE) has said that rig count growth in Iraq and the UAE offset declines in other Middle Eastern markets.

During the year, the company secured what it describes as the largest-ever turbomachinery and process solutions agreement with PetroChina for the provision of its proven turbine generators for the Halfaya oilfield in Iraq.

In a statement, the company said the agreement strengthens BHGE’s presence in Iraq and demonstrates the Company’s dedication to the region. LINK

Don961 » January 31st, 2018

Well they hit 1k for the Kuwait Conference ... Wonder who you need to know to get to the head of the LL ...(long line)

"Foreign" Kuwait: 1000 companies participating in the Conference on the reconstruction of Iraq

The conference is a policy in the provision of several projects managed by the private sector

31 January 2018 06:00 PM

KUWAIT: Iraq's reconstruction conference scheduled for next February will see the participation of at least 1,000 companies and businessmen, the deputy foreign minister said.

Khaled al-Jarallah said on Wednesday that the conference is a policy to provide several projects run by the private sector and several projects implemented by governments to rebuild what has been destroyed in Iraq.

Al-Jarallah told reporters on the sidelines of a seminar at Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Kuwait is seeking international attention to the conference, hoping that this will help rebuild many of the areas devastated by the recent war with Saddam.

In an earlier statement to the head of the Iraqi delegation, Al-Alaq explained that the amount his country needs for reconstruction is at least 100 billion dollars.

He explained that Iraq is coordinating with the Kuwaiti government to invite more than 70 countries to the conference .

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has launched a $ 100 billion national reconstruction plan . The two-phase reconstruction plan will be implemented within 10 years.

Deputy Foreign Minister Khalid al-Jarallah said that the donor conference for the reconstruction of Iraq, to ​​be hosted by the country in early 2018, will witness a new trend involving the private sector in thereconstruction process .

The conference will be held from 12 to 14 February. The first day will be dedicated to civil society organizations. The second day will be entirely for the private sector, while the third day will be devoted to states and their contributions to the reconstruction of Iraq. link

GregH » January 31st, 2018

Long as they have a worthless currency you can't trade, no company is going to be interested in doing business with them. Why would they? You can't convert your profits in dinars to anything but dinars in that country? Without an RI or RV, I don't know what A thinks will have changed by then to convince any business to suddenly invest in Iraq and it will be his third strike at trying to drum up business....ALL IMO

Don961 » January 31st, 2018

Iran's Khamenei in serious condition: Sources

January 31 2018 10:14 PM


Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei is being hospitalized in critical condition, sources told the Baghdad Post Wednesday.

Earlier reports said the 76-year-old was suffering from stage four prostate cancer that
spread to other parts of his body. Doctors said he has only two years to live.

Khamenei has been rumored to be ill for years. In September of last year, he underwent prostate surgery, with his official Twitter account maintaining that it was successful. link

JC Collins: Decentralized Scarcity and the End of War

Philosophy of Metrics

J Collins
January 21, 2018

Decentralized Scarcity and the End of War

Blockchain Resource Management and Removing Our Ideological Justifications

The biggest benefit to blockchain technology is trust.

As a traditional career I have chosen to work in the mining industry. The core function of this industry is to ensure a sufficient supply of raw materials to feed manufacturing and services in other industries, as demand dictates.

When demand is high the price of raw material values upward, which creates a level of scarcity based on sell price and increasing production levels which are meant to sell the maximum amount of the product at a maximum of the price.

​Once production levels catch up to demand the scarcity will adjust, meaning demand is lowered and the raw materials value downward.

Many miners are left with overstretched labor pools and budgets as production and operating costs are reduced to meet the new market prices for the raw materials.

There is a certain level of mistrust in this relationship as companies cautiously inch forward on increasing capital expenditures and asset acquisitions which are meant to grow revenue and increase return on capital employed.

All of which is meant to align with the increasing market valuations. Investors don’t like companies which overextend themselves, and those who get caught are often acquired by other companies who better managed the environment of mistrust.

Every second or third I week I spend on a mine site in Northern Canada. The one particular site is a fly-in and fly-out operation. This means that I fly on a plane arranged by the mine company and stay in a lodge which is also operated by them. A picture of the room is provided below so you can see how glamorous my life is.

​Over the last few years we have built an excellent team of mine equipment technicians, electricians, reliability engineers, and supervision to manage our operation on that particular site.

​We have built trust with one another and function as an extremely safe and efficient team of individuals with varying talents and shortfalls.

​Much like industries and nations around the world have talents and shortfalls.

While interviewing and hiring one of the important questions we ask is “What makes a good team?” The answers are usually around good management and communication. Those are indirect contributors to what makes a great team for sure, but a great team is built on trust. Plain and simple.

We trust one another to meet our own individual micro-accountabilities and keep each other safe from hazards while achieving our macro-accountabilities.

The raw materials industry, as in all industries, has a built-in level of distrust which is based on the fluctuating demand and scarcity factors outlined above. Building a team based on trust in an environment which is financially and operationally structured around the recognition and acceptance of distrust is challenging.

An added dimension of distrust comes into effect when we consider that industries are centralized around national currencies which are utilized in an international manner. The US dollar is such a currency, and up until recently, most raw materials were denominated and operated on the USD platform.

This platform has been promoted and secured through the use of American military prominence and its pre-negotiated mobilization to support allies and nations who agree to maintain the USD status-quo.

​This is how it has been for thousands of years. A strong caveman protected his small creek or pond, and built up a tribe of weaker subordinates who did his wishing so they could have access to resources.

But soon the caveman’s following became too large and he had to seek out other sources of water. The caveman, and the strongest of his followers, waged war against those who controlled the other creeks and ponds. Eventually those cavemen also came to accept his rule and went to work acquiring more resources for the growing group.

Inevitably at some point the caveman would develop an ideological justification for conquering other people and ensuring access to the resources which were located on the foreign land. This was all meant to address scarcity of resources and the fear of that scarcity.

The strong caveman would eventually have more resources then were needed for him and his followers, while others didn’t have enough, or couldn’t afford to buy into the system which was designed to manage the perceived scarcity of resources.

All wars in the history of mankind can be explained through this exact logic.

Blockchain technology is based on the application of unquestionable trust which has been built within the structure of the system. One can almost state that the value of blockchain, and all process which utilize it, is based on the history of proven trust and efficiency within the technology itself.

Is it that simple? Is the value of blockchain a track record, or ledger, of seamless trust? Maybe.

Trust based network logic will expand to encompass all industries, from banking to mining. The improvements to resource allocation and the strategies which develop around ensuring access to enough resources, will have a large impact on how we have defined scarcity throughout human history.

Smart contracts which are based on the blockchain will lead to improved cultural and socioeconomic conditions across the spectrums of economics, academia, and governance. De-centralized governance based on trust is empowering for all of those who participate in the system.

Much like our team on the mine site is empowered through undeniable trust amongst the group. We have no need for mantras, corporate values, slogans, ideologies, or propaganda, because we simply trust one another and promote the empowerment of the individual.

Smart commodities contracts and smart stock and bond contracts are coming. It will revolutionize the world and establish trust across all the financial and monetary spectrums. These smart contracts will not be based on the USD or any one national currency.

​These contracts will be based on the blockchain technology. The crypto method which one chooses to use while interacting with the blockchain will not erode trust in the system.

Do you see? The blockchain itself will be the reserve method. The blockchain is de-centralized trust.

It will never be scarce. It can never be hoarded. It does not matter what asset or coin any individual, nation, or institution decides to use. The impact this will have on human warfare and the need for fear-based resource hoarding will be dramatic. Mankind is truly on the threshold of something wonderful. - JC

JC Collins can be contacted at jcollins@philosophyofmetrics.com

This article is copyrighted by POM Media©2017. As non-Premium content it can be shared and reposted without further permission.



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