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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Zorra from Hollow Earth Today's Call Notes by Ascension Blessings 12-23-17

Greetings Dinarland,

Today's Zorra Call is short-and-sweet, and it's definitely worth listening to!
Topics: Global Currency Reset (GCR), Healing, Prime Creator, 800-numbers, Galactic Reunion, and St. Germain Trust

Enclosed are the Zorra Call Notes from 12/23/2017:
Re: Introduction and Healing
00:00:00 - 00:10:19 (Zorra)
Call introduction, head bands, and a global healing pulse.

Re: (GCR) exchanges
00:01:53 - 00:02:35 (Zorra) "So do not lose your knowingness that this is occurring, that your blessing is occurring.  There have been what is called exchanges taking place in Zurich, Switzerland, and other locations and also in different parts of the United States, and they are getting more frequent as far as exchanges are concerned."

Re: Prime Creator
00:10:20 – 00:11:42 (Zorra) "What is termed Prime Creator is, it's in Prime Creator's hands at this time, the release of what is termed as your blessing. There are what is called no stumbling blocks, or what is called preventive measures have been all removed.  So you should be receiving your appointment numbers, I believe you term them the 800-numbers, you should be getting those straight away. So we shall see what occurs there.  And according to Prime Creator everything is still in divine order. So everyone is in a state of expectancy, which is understandable. Do not let what is called dooms-day sayers, and this of this nature fog you, or sway you in any way shape or form, just cleave to your knowingness that this is occurring, not just because I said it is, but because it is."

Re: Health
00:11:43 – 00:13:21 (Zorra) "Remember you're God's and Goddesses, I reiterate this every time we speak, and the reason for that is because you mind needs to receive the message that you're all God's and Goddesses and healers; yes you're all healers as well! There is no reason for you to be ill, at all, there is no reason for you to under the weather, as they term it, because you are God's and Goddesses, and God's and Goddesses do not become ill- they are powerful beings, they are all powerful, all knowing, and this is YOU. All of you have the capacity within you to be Gaia's healers, which is what you are, many of you unrealised but you are still Gaia's healers, or Terra Christa's healers, you all have this power within you.  Don't let anyone ever tell you this otherwise that you do now have power; because you do.  You have always had the power you have always had the power, it was given to you at birth. So there is no reason why you should be in ill health, at all."

00:13:22 – 00:15:12 (Zorra) "Now what is termed do not worry, do not waiver or fret about the GCR, or the update of the RV, as you term it the slang term for GCR, 800-numbers, or e-mails, should be going out some time on this today, or tomorrow.  So you should be receiving notification to allow you to get your appointment setup. And if you have done it already, get your what is called your wealth managers in-line as well, and because they will soon be receiving notification that this is occurring, and they are going to be calling their clients quite shortly, I'm sure.  So all of this is coming about in divine order, Prime Creator took what is called control of the switch, or the button as you term it, and put it in his hands/her hands, so it is in her court now to press the button, or flip the switch, for what is termed to allow the Global Currency Reset to commense fully. So this is what we are waiting for."

Re: Reunion
00:15:13 – 00:16:07 (Zorra) "Also, the Galactics also have been given notice to be become prepared for reunion, reunion meaning between you the Galactics, Terra Christa, and all of your beloved Galactic family, whoever that may be.  In some case the Arcturians, in some cases the Sirians, in some cases the Orions, in some cases what is called the Alpha Centurians. All of their ships are in orbit around the earth. Neptune is not in orbit, but is in your atmosphere in a cloaked fashion, and is presently over the United States."

So there is much speculation as to what is occurring, there is an event that happened long ago, a couple nights ago of a vehicle coming into entering your atmosphere, or your earth space.  It was two vessels, one leading and one following, you thought it was a missile launch it was an elusive aeroship entering in through a warp, what do you call it a portal, a vortex, nothing to be alarmed about just a sight to see.  Beloved Gods and Goddesses, we have told you before that we have told you all along, that you are realized Gods and Goddesses, you have the knowingness within you.  Every time we mention Gods and Goddesses, you insides leap for joy because they are in alignment with the Gods and Goddesses of who you are.

Do not let anyone sway you one way or the other, or try to convince you this is not going to occur, because it is occurring as we speak.  It has broken loose in Switzerland, Germany, what is called Sweden, what is called France, it is opening up everywhere.  There is no what is called a uniform pattern for this to occur, it is happening on all parts of Terra Christa, it is happening as we speak, some people have already received their notification to come in and set their appointments, and if you have not heard it yet, you soon will be.  So understand that you are greatly loved by the Galactic family, you are greatly loved by Prime Creator, greatly loved by myself and Saraiya, who incidentally is in her garden, picking fruit...anyway.

So keep your understanding, put away you worries put away your input that you are receiving from negative influence, put that away; you need to hold fast to the realization that you are the bringers of this blessing all of you, all of you, have the capacity to manifest this into existence, and many of you are already doing it.  Not so in your Town, or County, or State, but it is occurring, and it is occurring more rapidly than before."

Re: Mentors
00:20:24 – 00:25:22 (Zorra) "You have what is called mentors, who are also about to be designated to different parts of the Country, all over the world, all over Terra Christa, are all going to get their walking papers, so to speak, their designation so to speak, and they will begin knocking on door, so you may have a knock on your door this weekend, and your mentor announcing themselves to you.  But that is also transpiring presently, as we speak.  We have said before that every man, woman, and child will have a mentor, and they will.  It may be a beloved one that has ascended, it may be a Galactic messenger, Galactic mentor, either way you're going to receive a mentor.

And you will have many questions for you mentor, and your mentor will be versed quite efficiently to answer all of your questions, and maybe even bring up some question that you have not thought of before.  But we give you a Holiday Blessing for this coming Saturday, for your coming New Year, and changes that will be taking place, much of it will be a shock to your system, much of it will be a shock to your psyche, to your understanding, it is nothing to fear, it is something to rejoice about.

understand that all of your out there that who are listening, or will listen, you are greatly loved by me, Saint Germain, Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, what is called Sananda, even Source in jubilation to what is occurring.

So...I know you're all wanting to know an exact date, as you know it is not wise to give out such information because the the powers that want to be, could always throw a monkey wrench in the works and delay it.  But that is why it is not giving a release date, just that it is supposed to occur before the end of this year, which is only a days away, surely you can wait that long before giving up (laugh), and don't give up anyway. Understand beloved masters you are ready to receive your blessing, you are ready all of you that will awaken, already, all of you that will awaken will be ready, to receive the blessing that is being brought upon you.  So beloved Masters, nothing else it to be done, what is called the preparations for reunion are in the process of being released to the Galactic Federation by Prime Creator, Archangel Michael, by what is termed Sananda, so hold fast to your understanding, and your knowingness, that this is occurring now, not tomorrow, not the next day, but NOW."

Re: Financial Blessing
00:25:23 – 00:28:06 (Zorra) "Your blessing comes in many forms: financial, spiritual, physical...and it will come in Prime Creator's plan, divine plan, that is in the process of rolling out as we are talking.  Many of you out there are in doubt, because you seen dates come and you have heard promises, come and go, you have heard what is called it is happening now, and it did not happen then.

But all is in alignment for the release of your blessing, and Prime Creator holds that button, if you term it, or that switch, it just needs to be flipped.  Understand that your currencies that you're going to be receiving will be in a digital format, meaning not paper but digital, that is why people are asking how can it be possible that your banks and things of this nature can have all these fund on-hand?  Because they are digital, and gold-backed.

But, for many people who are listening to what is called doomsayers, or what is called the doubters, I'll tell you this, we can see what happens...your fears will not be realised, your plan for deception will not succeed; it is not succeeding now.  Only a very few have swayed off the path for receiving their blessing, and when they see others receiving their blessing, they will come back on the path, also."

Re: GCR Financial Currencies, St. Germain Trust, Closing
00:28:07 – 00:31:24 (Zorra) "All of you that have invested in what is called the currencies such as the Dong, the Dinar, the Zim, Afgani, Indonesian Rupee, and several others, are about get a blessing, about to get a windfall as you term it.  Your finances will be corrected, your bank accounts become what is called will be blessed also.

You also have what is called the St. Germain Trust, which is also in preparation of release.  So, for those of your who have not invested into the currencies, of the Global Currency Reset, you will not be left out you will be receiving funds from the St. Germain Trust, which is a number with many zeros, multiple zeros, so no one will be left out of a blessing, of a financial windfall as you term it.

The RV, or the GCR, has just been a part of the blessing that is coming upon you.  So, it seems like my 30-minutes has already come to a finish, it is 9:30, but I would like to leave these words with you: may Harmony, Peace, Joy, Laughter, Healing be with you always, all you beloved Gods and Goddesses have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, or however you celebrate this season.

No calls until we receive concrete release of the blessing, or the GCR.
So may Harmony, Peace, Joy, Laughter, Healing, much Love be with all of you as you blessing begins to take shape, as you begin to receive your notifications; so expect them to come, manifest them, they will come.
That is all."

Quick Zorra GCR & Blessing Update today, December 23rd

We are all ONE, and it is our time to UNITE!
With Much Love and Light,
{=}Ascension Blessings{=}
Please take only what resonates, and disregard all the rest.



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