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Friday, December 29, 2017

TNT Showtime CC w/ RayRen98 Cliff Notes by Sunny 12-29-17

(Cliff Notes by Sunny)

December 29, 2017

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#


Ray: . . .We don’t have an RV to announce. . . We don’t have a great deal of intel to share with you that we have not already shared with you. The only thing I can add to that is I tried to get solid confirmation that LD’s are being dispense. We see they are active. Some say they are dispensing dollars and not LD’s.

We feel extremely good about rate change activity going on over there. Things have been real quiet over there. Possible, it’s the quiet before the storm. . . Personally looking for things to ‘fall out’ after the market closes.

Some folks have given us info, ‘it’s over, it’s done, should pop through in 24 hours or so.’ And that was 24 hours ago. . . here we are looking for things to pop. If not when the market closes into the weekend. (Forex usually closes on Friday night in New York 4-5 pm EST.)

We are looking forward to . . .Jan 2nd you should be in a position if you want to exchange. Expectation is on Jan 2nd you should see it . . . on Forex. Have heard of possible rate caps to keep the dinar from running crazy so to speak.

I do feel and believe this one is it. As I’m known for saying, time will tell.

Ray: . . .we are looking for things to pop. If not when the market closes, into the weekend. . . Expectation is on Jan 2nd you should see it . . . on Forex. I think once it rolls, it’s going to keep going.

Unknown if rates are the same, equalized all over Iraq. Ray: All we can get from over there is it is $3.39 or $3.34 on their card.

  • Budget: Ray has not heard that it has been published in the Gazette. 
  • Fils/coin: Unknown if they are in use. 
  • TV / Mosques: No information given. 
  • Iran: Ray: They (US) has lifted some sanctions. It’s my understanding some remain that is blocking us – Information coming to me is the Rial is in the first basket. . . I cannot explain to you how it is going to happen. 
  • Canada: Ray has no new information or aware of any exchanges taking place. 
  • New Zealand even though they participated in the war is not likely to have access to contract rates. 
  • Currencies: Dinar, $3 +; Dong. 47; ZIM, .12 – .15.; Afghani, $2.30 +; Rial, $3.20 – $.3.22. 
  • Cap to Dinar: Ray: Don’t hold me to it, but it could be in the $8.00 range. Don’t be surprised if it goes to $8. EXAMPLE ONLY – Ray: If Jan 2nd the dinar comes out at $3.79 I’m going to wait to see if it goes to $8. . . 
  • Taxes: Unknown if the new tax bill may treat the IQD as an asset or security. Ray: I do not know, but man if it’s the latter, we will have a holiday! 
  • Contract rate: Ray: You don’t need large quantities to qualify for the contract rate. . . If you cannot get the contract rate I would look for an opportunity to leverage. . . You have the power . . . You can get up and leave. . .Stand for what you want. . .This is not going to drop $10, 10 points. . . If you can’t get it on Monday, wait for Friday. . . You’ve waited this long already. Who wouldn’t wait for another million dollars. 
  • SKR’s: The one’s Ray knows about have not been paid out. 
  • Sterling Currency Group: Ray has no knowledge about them. 
ZIM: No new information on the ZIM Ray: We do not know what is going on right now. We were told of a possible new direction they were going to take. Instead of deleting zero’s from the currency they would add zero’s to the front of the rate. Ray: It’s upside down, in the air on what direction they are going to take on that.
-Do you think we can exchange the ZIM 10 Trillion notes? Ray: I think so. At the time we were told 100 and 50 Trillion, then the others came after that. Because those 10’s are in the Trillion series, mathematically it would not make any difference.

Information given on Ray’s calls is compiled at the “ZIM 101 Comprehensive” threat ad:


EXCHANGING: Ray is unaware of any end dates the currencies have to be exchanged by.

Q & A: TNT Forum

– For the Pay if Forward event best to give currency or cash? Ray: ON PIF best to give cash. (not currency to be exchanged.)These folks have not been on the journey we have and let’s not put them through that.
– How can we join with other Dinarians in our city? Ray: Yes, you will have that capability.
– This week there was a notice from the UST referring to the Iraq Development fund? Ray: At one time there was an EO (Executive Order) protecting them from lawsuits . . . Now that immunity protection has been rescinded.
– Any advantage to wait to exchange? Ray: Sure, we have to wait and see what the rate is and if it’s subject to change. I would not hold as paper, but digitize it into an account where it can be held as that particular currency for later applications.
– Ray: If you cannot get the contract rate I would look for an opportunity to leverage.

Q & A: Callers
– Article a few hours ago that said PM Abadi was considering Sunday a new holiday. Is this their regular New Year’s observation or another 4 day time frame? Ray: There has been no reference to this. . . Everything has pretty much been already set. We are just waiting for January 2nd.
-Do you think this will show in N. Zealand before it shows in the US? Ray: That’s possible if that market opens before the US.


. . . Ray: This is the last regular call for the year. We will do a simulation of New Year’s. Hopefully the next time we convene it will be 2018. (played “Aud Lang Syne) Hopefully it won’t be 2018. In the event everything gets pushed over to Jan 2nd.

I’m believing that’s probably going to be the case. You never know what could happen over the weekend. I’m not expecting massive exchange activity because the market will be closed. But there is a way things could be done with the market closed. . .

The majority of us will be looking at Jan 2, 3 whatever and contemplating do I go now or wait?

May sure you know WHY you are doing something. Make sure it’s a justified WHY and not just rushing down because your tired of waiting.

When you make financial decisions based on mathematical calculations . . . your pocket book will grow.

Some of you have been waiting years, what’s a few more days? . . . what’s a few more weeks? Especially if you know if you wait the outcome could be $500,000 larger new week.

Let’s say the dinar comes out at $5. Are you excited? Oh Yes! We’ve already talked about a potential cap of $8 so it doesn’t run away. So 5 days later it caps out at $8. If you rushed in Jan 2 at $4 and 1 million IQD then that’s $4 million, but if you’d waited till Friday that would have been $8 million. What else can you do in 5 days and make $4 million?

Assess the situation. Look at what is there and what could be there. And if we have the information look at where it is intended to go through. 1st, 2nd mouse – you decide.

When it goes public you are going to make a decision. Your going to chose to be one of the best of us or one of the rest of us. The best of us are going to have a destiny far more rewarding than the rest of us . . . Not because we have more money but because we had more time.

WAIT – that’s what I believe. What do you believe? (played “I Believe”)

After the music:

Ray: If we don’t have a reason to convene before the 31st, I kind of think we will, but in the event we don’t, “Happy New Year!”

If we don’t reconvene I’ll see you on the other side in 2018. Take care.

Enjoy 2018. Don’t overdue it. Do it right. Make sure you do it so you are here in 2018 to over see it!

Source: Dinar Detectives


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