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Friday, December 1, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Dec. 1, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Dec. 1 2017

Compiled 12:50 am EDT 1 Dec. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery www.ChildAbuseRecovery.com; Author, "Twenty Two Faces," www.22faces.com

A. Nov. 30 2017 Bruce The Big Call: 712-770-4016 pin123456#

1. The banks are ready and we are looking to be notified.

2. Iraq's ISX is opening tomorrow Dec. 1 at 9 am Iraqi time with their new Dinar rate showing.

3. Currency Rates are continually being traded upward.

B. Nov. 30 2017 7:54 pm EST RV Intel Alert Rebuttal, Tank: RV/Intelligence Alert Rebuttal/Commentary by Tank 11-30-17 re: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for November 30, 2017

1. Both Merkel (Germany) and Netanyahu (Israel) threats were being contained by the New Powers That Be (NPTB) and taking place as we speak.

2. This has everything to do with the transition to the new Republic, though was not the deciding factor for us to move forward with our exchanges.

3. Busting the human trafficking rings was part of the mass arrests, and the 4,000+ sealed indictments would be handled after the exchange process was fully implemented.

4. The Cabal would not be totally neutralized until sometime after our exchange has been completed.

5. In order for the RV/GCR to be an effective weapon against the Cabal, the RV/GCR would have to be released. By putting out notice to the people, and allowing them to make their appointments and conduct their exchanges, you more evenly distribute the power granted by money and decentralize it away from the hands of the Cabal. This one act was the most powerful weapon against the Cabal and for humanity in the Alliance arsenal.

6. The GCR/RV would come first, then the restoration of the Republic, then GESARA.

7. The Quantum computers have already concluded simulation at above a 95% success rate so the Elders can now release the Global Collateral Accounts funding the GCR/RV.

8. The fact that they’re referring to having to reach 95% at all is a cover for an unanticipated delay, something they might not want to share with us because it’s doesn’t appear to be a compelling reason, or it’s embarrassing , or it’s sensitive.

9. Iraq was paid out last week at $2.00 per Dinar and they're scheduled to get paid at $3.00 on Mon. Dec. 3. The numbers aren't exact, but you get the idea: We're there.

10. Tank was told that everything was fully released at 9 am EST this morning Nov. 30.

C. Nov. 30 2017 1:02 pm EST GCR Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for November 30, 2017 https://operationdisclosure.blogspot.com/

1. Both Merkel (Germany) and Netanyahu (Israel) threats were being contained by the New Powers That Be (NPTB). Read between the lines with recent news artiles about the two.

2. Each day more Human Trafficking Rings were being busted.

3. Mass Indictments (4,200 and counting) were triggers for the Republic transition.

4. The NPTB would continue to use the GCR/RV as a weapon until the Cabal have been totally neutralized.

5. The GCR/RV was also a pre-GESRA Event and a way to inject an influz of humanitarians into the world prior to GESARA.

6. Important technologies would be released within a few years.

7. The GCR/RV would come first, then the restoration of the Republic, then GESARA.

8. Once the Quantum Computers concluded simulation at a 95% success rate, the Elders would release the Global Collateral Accounts funding the GCR/RV.

D. Nov. 30 2017 10:15 pm EST Zap Update: "Banks and Banksters" - ZAP Update - The Office of POOFness - 11.30.17

1. We are there but not quite there. They are hanging on to the money for one more day until the banks close the books for the month.

2. Tomorrow Dec. 1 they will send our money out and because it is the weekend none of us will see it until Mon. Dec. 3.

3. I received a very late call last night from the assistant to an attorney who is handling some of the currency transactions. They are moving very fast over the weekend to close initial files with payments scheduled for next week. There will be many with money way before Christmas from the looks of it.

E. Nov. 30 2017 2:55 am EST Intel Update, Tank: "We Got Banked" - Intel Update from Tank 11-30-17

1. Right now we should be exchanging, though apparently some of the money changers said they weren't ready.

2. Yesterday a second report stated that the banks were given an extension until Friday morning Dec. 1 to get Basel III compliant.

3. Were the banks delibertly keeping funds to gain another day of interest?

F. Nov. 29 2017 Bank Story, Topaz149: BANK STORY UPDATE, 29 NOV
Went into my local WF today. Just asked if they had any of the new US Treasury Reserve Notes. I told him I wanted those new crisp ones to put in Christmas envelopes. The man said he would check with his supervisor, who then looked over the counter and said: "We expect to have them next week."

G. Nov. 30 2017 12:53 pm EST Ex-CIA Operative David Steele: Destroying The Illusion - Interview w/ Ex-CIA Robert David Steele

H. Nov. 30 2017 8:21 am EST Disinformation Alert on Zim Groups Intel Update, Tank: "Disinformation Alert" - Intel Update from Tank 11-30-17 This is a Disinformation Alert Warning: The below disinformation has been provided to members of at least one Zim Contract Deal:

1. "I am now officially able to share the very sensitive news with you as follows:"
(One of the best ways to put out disinformation is to tell receivers it's very sensitive.)

2. "The US Treasury in unification with the President of the European Central Bank (Mario Draghi) finalized the last of everything last night. I cannot elaborate."
(She cannot because she doesn't know, but it makes you think that her the Broker is important and you're fortunate to be working with her.)

3. "The next step is for the paymaster (Mr. *******) to release the signed documentation to the various international banks, as to allow for the release of all global payment to thirty two (32) different redemption parties." (This implies that these 32 deals are unique to the GCR with enough detail to make it seem she is legit.)

4. "Our funds, and or payment will be made during the course of the day on Friday (US time)." (She claims you'll be paid out tomorrow. Tomorrow comes and you wait patiently to get paid - giving her enough time to process your paperwork. Then there will be a reason given that this gets put off until March.)

5. "All other global agents - whales is what they call them - will only be paid in March next year when the GCR is formally/officially announced." (Indicates that there are going to be some very angry people out there, but thank heavens you are being paid now.)

6. The info is put out as secret and priviledged using big names so you'll share it, but not with enough detail to get you in trouble. This in turn creates disinformation as the information is manipulated from one person to the next.

7. If this Zim Group information were true it would violate the Fair Trade and Wealth Redistribution Agreements established by the Paris Climate Agreement. It would create a new ultra elite class of wealthy people who would have more money than countries. They would be able to take control of the world.

8. The rates given on this deal were "sucker rates." In other words, the deal was for pennies on the Zim, or a fraction of what it's worth with the promise of early delivery.

9. This has been the theme song of all Zim swap deals, none of which have paid out.

I. Nov. 30 2017 1:58 am EST Critical Intel: #QAnon Intel Update -- Critical Info via Q&A Ascension With Earth For a wealth of critical Intel click: State Of The Nation Blog

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