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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

"Paper and Pens" - Wed. PM KTFA Thoughts/News


Aggiedad77 » November 22nd, 2017

Hello Family, first let's get the "business" for tonight out of the way....FRANK WILL BE DOING A LIVESTREAM CC AT 9:00 PM EST INSTEAD OF A VIDEO LIKE HE ORIGINALLY PLANNED....



MilitiaMan » November 22nd, 2017

This is some serious data on exchange rate change and float. ~ MM The Banks and GOI working as a team is oh so huge! ~ Imo ~MM

DELTA » November 22nd, 2017

Central banks contribute to economic balance

23/11/2017 0:00

Within the economic role as institutions of cash

BAGHDAD / Imad Emirate

Play the relationship between the government and the central bank's important role in financing the budget deficit and to provide credit to the government, and a government legal representation in the Board of the Central Bank, and has the legal right to appoint and dismiss the Governor of the Central Bank, as well as other variables.

Economic academic d. Falah Hassan Thuwainy said that, many economists believe that the central Doralpennek be more pronounced when the inability to finance public expenditures by conventional means of taxes or reduce government spending. "

Currency printing and borrowing and explained , "resorting financial policy to the means of non - conventional in order to finance the budget deficit through monetary issuance (currency printing) and borrowing from the banking system, and this trend will lead to a rise in general levels of prices, so it is necessary to put restrictions on credit provided by the Bank the central government to curb inflationary trends and the accumulation of public debt. "

He added , "in order not to conflict occurred between the central bank 's monetary policy and fiscal policy, are specific Aosagov levels of central bank credit provided to the government, according to Matqtadhah conditions and the nature of the existing economic activity." Achieve economic balance , and pointed out that " the responsibility of the Central Bank to contribute to the achievement of economic balance, is a common task within the framework of the role as an economic institution in cash with its influential within the overall framework of a state", stressing that "any imbalance or instability in the balance, it is likely mainly to the lack of coordination or overlap of responsibilities between the state institutions. "

He pointed Thuwainy that " an attempt to link the independence of the central bank and exchange rate policy found a place in economic studies, especially in light of the free exchange arrangements or floating, the more the central bank enjoys a high degree of independence, it will be more influential and effective in determining the appropriate exchange rates ".

He said the "government with the involvement of the central bank in determining the exchange rate policy will lead to the occurrence of the difference or contradiction between the purposes of the exchange rate, and between the other monetary purposes , which both the bank and the government seeks to achieve." He said there are views stating that "when a sudden crisis will be the central bank intervention is ineffective because of the involvement of the political authorities in the functions of the exchange rate of the Bank 's policy of the Central."

He explained that "this opinion when many of extremism, because even in countries where central banks have a high degree of autonomy, the identification system or the exchange rate mechanism appropriate to be a partnership between the government authorities and the Central Bank, but the price of the policy of exchange to be under government control ".

Independence and inflation rates in turn between d. Qusay al - Jabri, said that the responsibility of the central bank to maintain and stabilize the price, any acceptable inflation rates, the more the central bank is characterized by independence , it will be able to achieve this goal , in order to prove that the relationship has a number of economists researchers studies the amount through which rate comparison inflation in certain countries, and for specific periods with the degree of independence of the central banks of the countries and the same period, and acknowledged the existence of an inverse relationship between the degree of autonomy and the rate of inflation.


Aggiedad77 » November 22nd, 2017

WOW DELTA....what a find.....the "attempt to link" is alluring....but what really caught my eye is the last part of that statement....."in light of the free exchange arrangements or floating"......that to me speaks VOLUMES....all IMO.....oh is it Saturday yet.....the BEST is coming. Aloha Randy

Don961 » November 22nd, 2017

Expectations of Iraq obtaining an advanced credit rating

23/11/2017 12:00 am

Baghdad / Mustafa Al Hashemi

While the Fitch and Standard & Poor's listed Iraq's credit rating at -B. Economists stressed the possibility of raising the rating to A or A by activating the private sector and providing job opportunities that would push the gross domestic product up.

The academic economist d. Essam Mahaweli said in an interview for "morning": "In the event of increased access to jobs in the productive sectors of private companies, it will be a factor of economic stability and reflected on price rates in a manner Positive. "

Iraq has been rated as B - the first credit rating rating issued by the international rating agencies of Iraq, and defines the credit rating GCR, a summary of (global credit rating) as a measure to assess the borrower's ability to meet their obligations in the face of lenders or in other words the risk of not Repayment of the lender (issuer of the bond) in fulfilling its obligations (loan amount and interest) to the borrower (holder of the bond).

The world's credit rating is rated 4, A, B, C and D as well as variables that represent a different signal + or - with different frequencies.

The adviser to Prime Minister Dr. The appearance of Mohammed Saleh said in an earlier statement to "morning" that "the liberation of Iraqi cities from terrorism will certainly affect the high degree of classification, expressing the hope that the degree of sovereign rating of Iraq to the category A during the six months Coming ".

He explained that "the Agency conducts a review of the rating level every six months through meeting with financial institutions and the Ministry of Planning and security agencies and the rest of the relevant departments, stressing that the indicators confirm the liberation of Iraq's cities during the current year of Terrorism ".

"The stability of Iraq will give it the highest ratings with a stable outlook in view of its global reputation in the payment of its financial obligations in addition to having the resources to qualify for the highest credit rating."

Economic researcher Maha Ihsan Shukr pointed out that the positive impact will affect the economy after obtaining an advanced degree in the ladder of credit rating of the three international classification agencies, explaining that "this will support construction and reconstruction and double the number of foreign investment companies that will implement projects in liberated cities."

Economic experts confirm that Iraq's sovereign rating better than the current means that the country is one of the stable and attractive areas for investment. link

The IMF reaches a credit agreement with Iraq

23/11/2017 12:00 am

Baghdad / Al-Sabah

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) chief of staff for Iraq, Christian Goose, said Iraq and the International Monetary Fund's (IMF) expert team had reached discussions in the Jordanian capital of Amman on November 17-21, 2017 for the third revision of the 36-month credit agreement with Iraq.

"The two sides have made good progress towards reaching an agreement on the 2018 budget bill in line with the credit readiness agreement," he said in a statement.

"During the discussions, the team met with Acting Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq Dr. Ali Al-Alak, Dr. Maher Johan, Undersecretary of the Minister of Finance, Deputy Minister of Planning Dr. Qassim Attiyah, Financial Advisor to Prime Minister Dr. Mazhar Mohammad Saleh, And officials from the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank of Iraq and the Ministry of Oil.
The mission team appreciated the efforts made to make the agreement a success, thanking the Iraqi Government for its cooperation and for the open and fruitful discussions held with it.

The Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund had agreed to hold a credit agreement on July 7, 2016 and completed the second review on the first of August 2017. link



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