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Sunday, August 6, 2017

You Know You Are a Dinarian When...

You know you are a Dinarian when:

...if you are typing your access code into your microwave.

...if you had to increase you minutes on you phone for the CC calls.

...you ordered 2 lops of ice cream

...you know all the mods names by their voices.

...ask for change in small denoms.

...know more about the Iraq budget then your own.

...your sitting in front of your bank eating a hotdog.

....wife calls " it's done" and you get disappointed when she was calling you for dinner.

...defend your favorite Guru when he is misses it for the 67th time.

You know you are a Dinarian when:

... going to the bathroom with your laptop and phone with the 6 digit number on the wall.

...you hold more Iraq Dinar the USD

....you have an indent in your head from your cell phone from CC calls.

You know you're a Dinarian when:

you skip an event because you have to stay by your computer for a conference call...

you are still on chat at 2:00 in the morning even though you have to get up at 6:00 for work...

you see a new bank program and consider the possibility it might be a scam...

you see a commercial for a high priced car, trip, etc... and you put it on your list of things to do post RV...

You know you're a Dinarian when:

all your DINAR friends answer the phone and say, "ARE WE RICH YET?".

1. When you are on the phone and tell your kids to be quiet and they respond "Are you on another CC?"

2. When you let your kids eat whatever they want because you are on a CC.

3. When you hear the word "RV" on the tv and jump to turn up the volume only to discover it is for the commerical "GO RVing"

4. Your first words to your spouse in the morning is..."Did it RV"

5. Your phone rings late at night and you about kill yourself jumping out of the bed to answer it.

(most of these are true from people I know)

...you put your cell on vibrate under your pillow so you don't miss the rv txt and won't wake anyone else if a wrong number

...you've pawned everything you have to keep a roof over your head and you're still shopping for luxury yachts online

...you've tried to get a collateralized loan from Chase using your dinar as the collateral

...when the Landlord served the eviction papers you asked if you could pay in dinars
...you lost the remote but it doesn't matter because you only watch one channel anymore...the news

...www.cbi.iq IS your homepage

...you have all the iraqi holidays on a calendar, but not your anniversary or birthdays of your family

You know you are a Dinarian when:

...You know what the word "Dinarian" means.

......when you eat two one pound bags of Twizzlers while listening to a CC that's a half hour long!

You know your a Dinarian when:

...all the numbers on your "friends and family" list are CC lines and bridges

...you save sticky notes with dozens of old pin numbers "just in case..."

...you know more about what's up with the people in chat than you do about your brother-in-law

...you think as you're paying for something about how many dinar you could buy instead

...you have no dining room anymore - you have a "command post"

...you know so much about geo-political events and intrigue your mom is beginning to think you work for the CIA

....when you can convert any amount of money to the GBP in your head

....when you've talked about millions of dollars with your spouse so much it's beginning to not feel like a lot of money

You know your a Dinarian when .......

you are on vacation in a cabin where there is no cell phone usage and you get in the car and drive up the mountain at night to find a spot where the cell phone works to LISTEN TO THE CONFERENCE CALL !!!

When you know the bagdad time zone better than your own

When you automaticaly convert prices to dinar notes

You know you are a Dinarian if:

You hope it RV's before you sell your litter to keep one or two...three....

If you dropped your iphone in the toilet bowl while listening to a CC.

If you think it is Monday Noon call time but it is actually Thursday.

You want to name your pet Okie

Your body is on Iraqi Time not Central Time.

You know more about Iraq history than the US history.

When hearing Okie's voice several times and are convinced he's really Trace Adkins!! Oh wait, I guess that's just me...hee hee

You know you are a Dinarian when you have at the bottom of ALL your (send) Text says "GO RV"!!

You sleep with your phone

You speak fluent Arabish (translated Arabic)

When people ask how you are....yoou answer..."SuperFantastic

You know you're a Dinarian when:

you have been job hunting forever, your bills are past due, you've trimmed your budget more tightly than you thought possible, and can't remember the last time you bought anything anywhere but Walmart....but you're still more cheerful and optimistic and faithful than your friends who are still living their "regular" lives.

You know you are a dinarian when the joke in the house from the family when a fellow dinarian calls and the family shouts out "it is going to happen in the next 24-48 hours and laughs!"

...Your family members shake their heads when they walk into the room and see you wearing two set of headphones: one to listen to the Bull on your computer and one to listen to a cc on your phone. I guess the worst part of this is that you don't see anything strange about this.

...Your lunch hour is scheduled around Monday's, Wednesday's, and Friday's cc's.

...You have various chat rooms minimized on your work computer so that you can "check in" every couple of minutes.

When one becomes numb to the term 'INTEL.'

When the only things you care to read or hear about in any call or post is, "RV", the "RATE", and at which banks "EXCHANGE IS IN PROGRESS."

When your kids say "is that Frank talking?"

When you question your investment and a random occurrence such as this occurs while at the J. O. B.

............you have a puppy or kitten (or pet of any kind) named "ARVIE"......

I've turned off the air conditioning because I'm invited to a party with food and drink. But i can't leave cause i have to check the web site one more time!

Many of the above plus....

1. you are in school....but you have your ear phones on so you can listen to the conference call at 1 EST on your computer

2. Your favorites on your computer is all dinar websites

3. You are at dinner with friends and you hear people talking about RV and you listen......they were just talking about a trip.

4. Your grandchild has asked you many times what is an RV

When you are on the phone and tell your kids to be quiet and they respond "Are you on another CC?"

LOL..... 1 & 2, too funny!!!! I can relate many times over!! Lol

you have reoccuring dinarian dreams...

You check each am to see if Dinar Sites are still up.

. Your collecting house plans and homes for sale.

You are looking at new motor homes instead of used.



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