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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

"To Tank Re: Zombie Apocalypse Protocol" by AJ - 8.9.17

Entry Submitted by AJ at 7:28 AM EDT on August 9, 2017

"Zombie Apocalypse Protocol" - TANK Update - 8.6.17

Hi Tank,

I read your post and before I share my thoughts concerning it, I wanted to say first how much I truly appreciate you enthusiasm and passion for serving others. We will need all hands on deck and you are clearly one who stands out. God bless you my friend.

Yet I have some things to say brother...respectfully, but clearly. I speak these things to you and to all who would reason together... I speak these words as a nameless faceless watchman of the Lord. [SEE Ezekiel 33:2-7]

I heard this scripture [Forgetting those things which are behind] as I pondered your post and what you have said in some of the conference calls. We can talk about being slaves and there is clearly a truth to it. I remember one time reading of a work about PTSD... Yet it was called Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome and to be honest I could not agree more... What happens in the root of a family and the catastrophic abuse of Patriarchs and Matriarchs of African American Families has literally been passed on from generation to generation. There MUST be a move towards justice in all of this as well as for the First Nations of this land of which 500 PLUS Sovereign Nations which were either completely destroyed (Genocide) or currently live on lands foreign to thousands of years of their existence. I am Caucasian, yet and I am also Blackfoot.

I know my own father a lower income white man fought the Japanese in the thick of the jungle in the Philippine Islands in WWII... He was awarded 2 Purple Hearts and fought PTSD all of his life and died when I was younger before anyone really fully understood what PTSD was. I can reach across a gulf of differing experiences with my heart and understand (in perhaps only a limited capacity) what affects a dysfunctional father and how those dysfunctions must be overcome. I understand because sometimes as in my personal life these dysfunctions are repeated until you awaken slowly over time and with reflective prayer.

My Dad was meant to be one to transition to 5D, but the ravages of war so stripped him of what he was meant to be.

There is so much tragedy my friend and while we can stir up anger and scream for justice and while we can turn the American Zombie populace into a bunch of pitchfork & torch wielding fanatics storming the castle of Dr. Frankenstein, I believe the Lord and the Chinese Elders have a higher pathway in mind to bring justice and true reparations as an answer to the suffering of mankind.

Yet what the pitchfork scenario makes me think of is a scene from the Mel Gibson's movie The Patriot. His character... Benjamin Martin having been a hero of Ft. Wilderness... He warns that the war they are now contemplating; (what became the Revolutionary War) would not be fought on distant frontiers, but in their own towns and on their family farms, that their children would learn of war. In this movie, Benjamin Martin finally does reach the promised land of freedom... free of British oppression, but it cost the life of two sons.

Now this was obviously a very sad consequence and the scenes where each son dies is gut wrenching, but that Revolutionary War... at that time... was the only pathway available. In the civil war that's simmering underneath the surface today, all that is needed is a flash point... a rallying cry.

Yet we can still choose not to have this war. A war you say? Think Tank (no pun intended)... Money or Currency, whether it be digital or paper is the flow of a medium of exchange for something of tangible value or (depending on what is purchased) intrinsic value. I think everyone can say that the worldwide process of ascension and the release of resources through the Elders to currency holders will eventually make money obsolete as needs are met and the workforce transitions through automation.

And certainly we can talk about the fact that we all deserve unfettered access to these TDA accounts... and we can demand this access and that can be our rallying cry... but do we really know what unfettered access means and the impact this will have on society? on commerce? In this scenario money will not be made obsolete over time, it will completely and utterly fail.

THIS is where hyperinflation will occur, the money will be stable, but the cost of goods and services will skyrocket. Until the human element can be replaced with automation (and it will over time in the transition or ascension), but until this human element is replaced, how much do you have to pay the Police Officer or Fireman to risk their lives if they have unfettered access to millions? Can you think of any job currently done by a man or woman where the cost of retaining that employee will remain at the level of compensation that it currently has?

Unfettered Access... Is that the Elder approved mandate of NESARA/GESARA? The TDA accounts are currently based on fiat monies... Is everyone now demanding that THEIR fiat money be backed by gold? WHO are the TDA advocates making this demand of? The Elders? God?

Could I be wrong, could my concerns about unfettered access be unwarranted? Absolutely. But do you want to roll the dice on that? In the Bronx? or any other place your family may live? Do you want to bring that war into your neighborhood? Don't shoot the messenger brother... just being a watchman.

Personally? I'm really not this negative at all and as a Zim holder, I have a much brighter vision of the future [Please read this post in conjunction with my next one "The One Thing Project" to see that in part]. But again I warn... unfettered access fueled by a demand for justice to be served for the sins of the past... instantly unfettered will lead to the almost instantaneous failure of money... to anarchy... to war in the neighborhoods and in the highways and byways of America.

And the greatest tragedy of this civil war... simmering under the surface... is that a clearer pathway with a much higher vibration is already in place. So unlike the Revolutionary War that could not be avoided... the flames of this modern civil war can still be quenched.

Let me share something you may not have thought about...

Any remaining cabal?... there only chance to some how stage a comeback of any kind is to hope for and facilitate in any way possible a mass awakening of the Zombies... They don't even need to remain in control to realize their demented/satanic aspirations. A mass awakening doesn't faze them... remember they work their evil generationally. What a mass awakening does is create a crisis... you know... MY GOD WE ALL KNOW THIS PATTERN... create a crisis... right? One that allows for a massive meltdown? Maybe a review of the Georgia Guide Stones is in order.... Massive societal meltdown?

Its a perfect remedy to their current loss of influence... can't start a war? keep doing a rope-a-dope... delay......delay... and more delay
In the last rounds of the fight?
Give them what they want!
Let them eat cake!

One last thought... Under Admiralty or Maritime law, you are a CITIZEN, you have CIVIL RIGHTS, These rights were hard fought for by our heroes of the past. But were not talking about the past. Now we can assert our civil rights to these resources using Universal Commercial Code and we can legally assert our rights and even (I believe) tragically win and potentially set us on a course of unstoppable anarchy.

But we need to consider what the Elders in their wisdom planned at the Will of Christ for several millennia. Do you think they meticulously planned for this Global Currency Reset only to call a last moment audible? An unfettered free for all access for everyone. Most who hold currency have thought about the consequences and responsibility of their role for several years now. Some are newcomers, but for the most part, many have prepared, thanks to your efforts and Yosef's and Dr.WC.... Showme. Fisher, Smarty and many others before your time.

You and your KRE8CHANGE team have done nothing but advocate responsible money management for quite some time now. do you still believe in those principles? OF COURSE you do! BUT... are you and your team NOW... and I mean RIGHT NOW ready to train millions of Americans in these well thought out principles?

Now let's look at our authority under the Law of the Land. (An authority that can be asserted in writing by the way... by affixing your autograph to documents in RED INK representing your Unalienable Rights as a Created (and Creating) Being. (These Unalienable Rights are NOT asserted by placing your slave signature on documents in Maritime or Admiralty BLUE INK representing the blue waters of the Sea).

Unalienable Rights... GIVEN...not fought for or earned... but GIVEN by Our Heavenly Father... Creator... Source of ALL life. These rights can and must be lawfully and peacefully asserted.

Unalienable vs. Inalienable or Civil rights... I believe the subtle change can be seen in the language of the modern CEO's of USA INC.

Again, please read this post in conjunction with my next one "The One Thing Project" to see what I believe is a perspective that is more in line with what it will take to gently, and lovingly raise the collective consciousness of our sleeping brothers and sisters.

Thanks for reading my brother
May the Lord Bless and Keep You



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