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Thursday, August 3, 2017

"To Kellie from Starseed" by (Anonymous) - 8.3.17

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 5:41 PM EDT on August 3, 2017

Response to Starseed Releasing and the Purpose of the Upcoming Event by Kellie

Dear Kellie,

I will attempt to respond to your post as best I can, truthfully and with Love. I hope this is acceptable to you and assists you, and perhaps some other people, in some ways which are beneficial to your Spiritual evolution. I do not have all of the answers, as each person’s path back to Source is unique and therefore what resonates with one individual may not resonate with another. My post was not false, nor was it intended to mislead anyone or create discomfort in any way. There is only truth, which must always be viewed from the higher perspective.

Many people on Earth have recently been feeling a need to go within. This is the key to awakening and the transition into the next level of consciousness energy – FEELING – the sensing of the changes. The next level of consciousness energy which is being experienced by every person on your planet at present, either consciously or subconsciously, emanates from the lower planes of what humans call the fifth dimension – galactic beings refer to dimensions as dominions.

In order for these new energies to be integrated successfully into the physical human vessel, the individual needs to release all attachments to the energies of the third and fourth dimensions. This is not an easy thing to accomplish because of the psychological abuse inflicted upon the human species through various ‘programming’ techniques employed by the cabal. In psychological terms this is known as classical conditioning. Everyone must release the old energies in order to allow the new energies to enter. Everyone is at a different level of energy integration and soul evolution on their journey back to re-unification with the Source energy – Love.

It is important to understand that the changes taking place on your planet at present have never been attempted anywhere in the cosmos before – not just on Earth. What is occurring is that the human vessel is experiencing energies which are usually not experienced in physical form; to put it another way, these current energies have previously only been experienced after a human being has ‘died’ i.e. no longer has a physical body and has moved to the next dimension.

The more spiritually evolved people and true lightworkers in particular, will be experiencing these energies a lot more intensely due to their levels of consciousness and connection with Source. Many have been experiencing these energy changes and integrations for many years now, which have been excruciatingly painful for their physical vessels and their other bodies. They chose to do this prior to their incarnation on Earth in order to anchor the energies into Mother Earth, reconnect Her with Source and make it less physically painful for the surface population during the present times.

It is no coincidence that people have been feeling the way that they have been feeling lately, as the Earth is currently experiencing the energies of the ‘Lions Gate’. The Lions Gate is the annual opening of an energy portal which allows additional energies from the planet Sirius to combine with the energies of the Sun and energise the Earth. This enables the elevation of Earth energies and thus consciousness. This ‘gate’ opened on July 26th, will peak on August 8th(8/8/17 – or 8/8/8 – in numerology 8 is an abundance number) and will close on August 21st at the eclipse. It is a very positive sign that people are conscious of the way they have been feeling lately, because it indicates cosmic synchronicity between them and the Source energy – Love - which is what all are made of.

With regard to the beings people encounter when intentionally disconnecting from the illusion and seeking truth, these are malevolent beings, which monitor people and violate the cosmic laws by entering uninvited into the individual’s own personal sacred space, with the intention of causing disruption. It is a great sign when an individual has already acknowledged within the Self that they felt no fear during these experiences, as fear is of the illusion. These experiences, or encounters, are an indication of successful release from the lower energies, however brief they may be. Because of this, the individual can be assured that they are on the correct path of re-alignment with Source, even though they may not realise that this is what is happening to them at the time.

Indeed, as I type this, there is a similar being in my room attempting to stop me typing – it has just knocked over a packet of white tea-light candles behind me. I have just sent it Love. It has now departed. This is something which every individual can also do, whenever they feel there is interference of any kind; simply say, either out loud or in your mind, “I send you Love” or “I Love you”. Love, which is the Light and the most powerful energy in the cosmos, repels the dark – it restores the balance and there must always be cosmic balance. Do not be concerned for the welfare of the being in any way, because even though the maxim of ‘do no harm’ is the essence of Love, self-defence is permissible under cosmic law.

The fact that a being may enter an individual’s own personal sacred space, as they channel the Source essence of Love and their own unique connection with it, is a verification that the individual is currently awakening to their own true Self, their internal power and their own connection with Source, which is achieved simply by focusing their attention-energies on the intention to seek the truth. This intention activates a detachment energy from the illusion, as the act of re-connecting with Source energy raises flags across the artificial grid surrounding Earth, sometimes referred to as the veil, which is now dissolving, and this alerts the malevolent entities to the person’s location and intent. Purity of intent is crucial in all actions, thoughts, words (written and spoken) which are utilised by people, as all of these things are energies which carry their own energy-signature.

People who experience the intrusion of malevolent beings and energies, and are consciously aware of them when they occur, typically have a very strong connection with Source. Such individuals may be awakening starseeds, sometimes referred to as human angels. They are seen as a potential threat by the negative consciousness energy and this is why the individual will be targeted. It is worth pointing out that the more frequently such individuals engage with the Source energy, the more likely it is that these intrusions will continue to occur and they may even become more intense and seek to cause physical or psychological harm. This is NOT something to fear; it is something to simply be aware of. You do not belong to ‘it’ or its energy; you are Source energy – Love – and this is where all belong.

At present the veil between Earth and the higher realms has never been thinner and it continues to dissolve more and more on a daily basis. This means that interaction with benevolent Spirit guides, the Angelic realms and benevolent Galactic beings can manifest faster and is the primary reason why the people of Earth need to acknowledge their higher-Self and their connection with Source – rapidly – as the quickening of energies will continue to accelerate and they cannot be stopped. This is why I previously stated that the human race is running out of time.

As many humans as possible need to be consciously aware of what is taking place energetically and making every effort to embrace the fifth dimensional energies, in preparation for the wave of energy which will connect with Earth when the veil is completely dissolved. The individuals who have truly awakened and are aware of what is taking place, will be acting as conduits for the Light, alongside the starseeds and other awakened individuals, allowing the Light to flow freely from Source, through their vessels, down into the core of planet Earth and outwards across Her surface. This mass of energy and its connection with the planet Earth is what is sometimes referred to as the ‘event’. Nothing in the human world is more important right now than the personal energetic preparation for this event.

Human beings have many bodies – physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual - and though this may seem strange to most people, it is truth. Every human being experiences the influx of cosmic energies through their energy centres, also known as chakras, which are activated at different levels of intensity depending on the individual’s level of consciousness awareness. Some of the factors which influence these energies, sometimes referred to as ‘downloads’, are the planetary alignments in the present moment, whichever energy portals and vortexes are open and active at any given moment and solar flares. The effects of the activation of a persons energy centres, or chakras, can be physically felt as energy manifestations which produce an itching or tingling sensation in their physical vessel, such as on the top of their heads (the crown chakra), in the centre of their foreheads (the third eye chakra) and around their chest close to their physical heart (the heart chakra).

The heart chakra is the most important of all the chakras because it is located in the centre of the seven chakra energy centres in the physical vessel and it is the point of balance and being centred within the Self. Human beings need to quickly learn how to feel with their hearts and stop thinking with their heads. The ego energy is located in the mind and is a product of the illusion, whereas the Source energy – Love - is located in the Heart. In truth there is only Love, and every individual who displays purity of intent in trying to connect with it, however strongly or weakly, will be doing themselves, humanity as a whole and the planet Earth, such an incredibly positive truly altruistic service, that there are no words in the human language to describe it accurately.

There is much assistance available to humanity from the higher realms, from both physical beings and non-physical beings alike. For example, everyone has a guardian Angel who has been with them since their creation. There are legions of other Angels and there are also the Archangels. These are pure Light beings and they are invisible to the naked eye for most adult humans. New born babies and small children who have not yet been indoctrinated into the system of classical conditioning and inoculated with poisons masquerading as vaccines, can see the Angels and other beings and sense their presence with relative ease. This is because these children’s energies are more pure than adults and their connection to the higher realms and Source is still very strong. The conditioned adult humans simply dismiss them as ‘imaginary’ friends.

People can call upon the Angels for guidance and assistance whenever they wish. Individuals who consciously seek assistance must be specific in their request. They should clearly state the name of the Angel they wish to assist them, or invite into their presence, and clearly state whatever it is they are asking for assistance with. Angels love to be involved, but remember that Angels can only guide you; they cannot do your Self-work for you. This is something you must do for yourself, hence the name. Angels cannot directly intervene unless such an action is sanctioned by Source. They may send someone a sign to indicate their presence such as place a feather in their path (sometimes a white feather), make a subtle sound or touch them gently. Angels will never harm anyone in any way.

It is not my place to advise any one individual how to go within, as there are different methods which different people use, and it is up to each individual to discover which method works best for them. This can best be achieved by researching various methods on the internet such as focused positive thought, focused breathing, clearing the mind of all thoughts, advanced meditation techniques, crystal energy cleansing and crystal energy healing. The list is long and sometimes methods overlap, but awakened individuals will find themselves being energetically drawn towards a particular method or practice intuitively. Individuals must learn to trust in their intuition at all times and also learn how to dispel the negative voices of the ego, which will definitely try to create doubts in the individual’s mind in order to remain in it’s illusory comfort zone of the lower third and fourth dimensional energies.

Protecting ones Self is necessary when commencing work with the cosmic energies. Individuals should also research various methods on how to do this in order to prevent any negative energy or entity from entering their energy field and causing disruption.

Each individual must display enough self-confidence and trust in themselves in pursuing their new path. This will take practice, patience and persistence. All of the answers to all of the questions which individuals ask of themselves reside within the cosmic field of energy, which is Love, and which everyone is a part of. Individuals who learn how to use their own personal discernment wisely will greatly assist themselves in detaching from the illusion more and more. They will also receive greater assistance from their Spirit guides as they begin advancing along their true path in life, which leads back to Source; once commenced, this journey cannot be stopped. This path will be testing, tiring and may consist of many ‘ups and downs’ along the cosmic energetic waves, but it is always best to work WITH the energies, not against them.

Peace and Love



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