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Monday, August 7, 2017

"To: islandwave8, LD and Reallucky1 Regarding TDA's" by AJ - 8.7.17

Entry Submitted by AJ at 7:32 PM EDT on August 7, 2017

Greetings brothers and sisters,

It has been a week since i posted "Changing the Atmosphere: Admiralty Law? Natural Law?

Before I get into the core of what this post concerns, I want to thank a couple of people for their response to my last post...

First of all To all three of you that responded... I see qualities of Amazing Light Workers.. ones who seek to walk in truth as it is seen through the lens of love that never fails.... Apologies for not responding earlier, I had to be away for a few days

islandwave8: I appreciate your thoughts as it relates to a potential for accounts under admiralty jurisdictional authority being transitioned to land jurisdiction... I am not sure if that is possible as the GCR is valuing currency based on natural land assets whereas the value of the TDA accounts are hypothetically arrived at... a value that is as changeable as the ocean waves. Hence the true nature of admiralty law... something that can be changed upon the whims of unseen authorities who have no obligation to uphold the truth.

I VERY MUCH appreciate the loving dialogue as this love is the true strength of how we ALL move forward in Light. There is a scripture that says in part that If we walk in the light as He (Jesus) is in the Light... then we have fellowship with one another... Walking in the Light requires gently turning over stones and lovingly and respectfully sharing what our hearts perceive... You have this quality... so THANK YOU for sharing...

LD.... Thank you so much for your resounding support for moving forward in a way that leaves no one behind. Concerning TDAs... If I can encapsulate the whole idea of TDAs vs. a currency revaluation and exchange... Jesus said in essence that we need to dig down until we find unmovable BEDROCK upon which to build. The obvious questions is: If Jesus saw shifting sand as something upon which we SHOULD NOT build... how much greater should we AVOID trying to build on the waves of the open ocean of Admiralty Law... No wonder we are "legally" classified as "lost at sea" I can't remember where I read this... Probably from Judge Anna but I cannot be certain... anyway under admiralty/maritime law we are granted "civil rights" whereas under the rule of natural or even ecclesiastical law we have unalienable rights that are automatically ours as Sons and Daughters of the Most High God, our Creator and the Source of all.

The gross violation mankind has endured is an affront to our highest aspirations and our calling of authority to be seated with Christ in heavenly realms.

Finally Reallucky1 or Ginger... I am very grateful for your gift to lovingly drill down to ascertain what may be possible. While I still believe the whole process of accessing the TDAs has a flawed foundation, I appreciate that there is a dialogue where we can all respectfully bring our thoughts to the table. If I may, I believe that we could make a fundamental error going forward and what you are bringing may help everyone in this transition..

I do not want to be disrespectful to the NPTB in this process, but before the veil was lifted for all of us... names like Washington or Lincoln, or in modern times Eisenhower, Truman, Carter, Clinton, Bush, Reagan... the list goes on... who was our favorite President? NOW... DOES ANYONE FIT? and what do we all make of the exposed realities of our satanic political world?

What I am saying is that we ALL going forward need to remain informed... and engaged and remain vigilant to what many in the past turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to.

So not that I personally have any political ambition, but how do we move to a point where the NPTB that were chosen for this transitional time, become accountable to WE THE PEOPLE that from some point forward will do the choosing? HOW do we turn such an important process back over to a SLEEPING PUBLIC that elected George W., Barry and finally elected Trump and/or would have elected Hillary?

Also at what point do the nameless, faceless ones running this behind the scenes step into the light and become accountable and accessible? These are questions that come to mind knowing that WE THE PEOPLE have literally been deceived since the inception of this country. So I think understanding the process of reclaiming our life is necessary across a wide spectrum of the populace.

If I may humbly suggest Ginger, this is where a void exists that if (borrowing from Mission Impossible)... If you choose to accept this mission, I believe God has given you and others like you a unique ability to disseminate the ebb and flow of reality and propaganda and successfully navigate this information and bring a discernment that represents the truth of what has happened to our country

Reading through some of Anna von Reitz's unique perspective of the law and of history, I believe every American needs a primer course on what has happened and how we have arrived to where we are at present. I believe you may be able to help shape this curriculum.

I actually read something from Judge Anna that says "To be completely proper, you would write this (your autograph) is RED ink (red is for blood and land jurisdiction), blue is for water and maritime jurisdictions."

In an attempt to be transparent, I listened to your contribution on the Outlaw Call recorded last Wednesday 8/2 and truly appreciated your balanced comments and yet when I listened to your comments again... [POST: "Finally! How to Successfully Access your TDA by eponymous"] I was taken aback that they deleted your cautionary comments starting where you talked about the terrible storms in Houston... a little over 2 minutes into your comments.

This action by others mis-represents what you said and to me this is disingenuous at best and purposely deceptive at worst

Just the 3 links below seem daunting to me as I am more of a big picture visionary and while I love history and have on the other side of the RV a passion to fund many efforts including First Nation issues in the continental US/Canada or "Turtle Island" as the continent is referred to by many indigenous tribes


So the drill down into the plethora of what Judge Anna has written just bogs me down and yet I truly believe we should have a reintroduction to verified American History and a slow revealing of the truth as I believe that the truth MUST be EXPOSED and yet I CAUTION we must also prevent anarchy going forward.

Where I believe this exposure of truth should occur would be in localized town hall type venues or even smaller instructional settings where the American people, our friends and neighbors can examine the truth together in a manner in which no one is isolated. What the OPTB... the cabal I believe want is a backlash of offense among the general populace in order to create an atmosphere for anarchy

Perhaps these are civics lessons that certify people for NESARA access.

Concerning the TDAs... I am convinced more than ever that these are an echo of the cabal system and even the indemnification language you have found on the FED website is indicative of their continuing penchant for deception.

I remember on the first Accessing Your Value, I heard a soft hearted Bob Wright speak of the long journey many have been on to legitimize the TDA access. I understand his battle somewhat as I have old and dear friends in the Patriot Movement from a number of years ago. So I understand the call...

And yet in the Accessing Your Value - TDA Call #4 on July 31, 2017 at Time Stamp 52:45 Bob said and I quote: "I understand that each and every one of you are anxiously awaiting this switchover... and this is the switchover... There's not going to be the RV and all of that, this is the win/win for everyone. Everyone has unfettered access... Everyone can do and be for the whole".

It is either an interesting coincidence or something slightly more but directly after the above quote as the next caller's name was AJ.... Let me be CLEAR: I am NOT... I repeat NOT the "AJ" that Bob calls on immediately after this quote. I have called into Dr. WC's Real Truth Call several times and also the New Clarion Call the Yosef and Showme and am area code 610 and identify myself by my given name Allen while I post under the name AJ.

After "AJ" spoke Bob further said. "Everyone should have complete unfettered access and that's the only thing we are going to settle for." I have a VERY strong sense by the Spirit of the Lord that this direction will I sow the seeds of anarchy.

Where do we go from here? All I know is that I am wary of an unfettered access or else scenario as that WILL be problematic

Thanks for reading




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