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Friday, August 11, 2017

TNT Showtime CC w/ RayRen98 Cliff Notes by Sunny 8-11-17

(Cliff Notes by Sunny)

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#


Highlights of TNT conference call. There are technical difficulties with the replay so I am unable to re-listen and quote Ray “verbatim” on his opening monologue, at this time. Maybe later this evening – No promises.

Ray: Generally, it’s just a review. The update information I sent out is still the prevailing information. The video clip brought a lot of discussion of PM Abadi having a press conference and a cavalier type statement, to my way of thinking, that Iraq had exited Chapter 7. Some will debate that’s not new news and some say they are still in Chapter 7. That puts the debate to an end. He’s made the proclamation.

Also, info still inconclusive on the IMF. Cannot give it 100% yet. That is IMF making reference to Iraq being Article 8 compliant. That’s not the same as proclaiming them Article 8, making it in effect. Could make for discussion, “are they or are they not.” A lot of you knew before graduation day you were going to graduate, grades looked good, etc., but you had to wait until that exact day. You can view this in the same manner, that if you have statements they are compliant, not the true realization. When we look at the report it predates back to July 25th and prior dates the information came out on.

Also, information out that Kuwait received their last payment. BIG – to satisfy the IMF requirements along with removing multiple currencies in the country. Also, no auction reports for today. If everything goes according to what I expect don’t be surprised if no auction reports on Monday. That to could be a signal of Article 8 compliance.

Kurds have not let go of Sept election yet until the Article 140 is resolved. Hearing it’s resolved verbally. When they are at peace that Article 140 is resolved they will stand down on the election Sept 25th. It’s a repercussion strategy. If they don’t get the Article 140 they will do this and this. I don’t think we have anything to be worried about. Like I said it’s a repercussion strategy and I don’t think that’s going to happen.

CURRENT WINDOW: Ray: The targeted execution date is August 21 based on what they put out there.

We had some sources looking for something to happen this week. At least a phase of it to happen this week. Contractors and others told to have all their bookkeeping in the by the 21st. But anything could possibly happen before then. Some looking for some phases to kick in before that on the Iraq side. . . Some of us could start going today. Doesn’t mean something could not happen before the public release and definitely after . . . In the meantime we continue to cross our”T’s” and dot our “I’s” in the event ANY opportunity can surface!

IRAQ: Ray has heard the lower denom’s are NOT being used yet. He said nothing has changed to his knowledge on the ATM’s for the last couple of weeks. Ray: . . .Operating at 1:1 in country, if true, makes them Article 8 compliant.

CBI: Ray said to his knowledge the in country rate is 1 to 1.
Triple zero notes inside Iraq have a 2 year time limit to exchange. Ray: Will not affect us here in the US.
Kuwait – Ray said the information that came to him was Kuwait was paid their reparations.
Lower Denoms: prior to today had not been put out. No information for today.

Kuwait had only 1 rate when they RV’d. Ray: But the process was nothing like what is going on with Iraq.
North Korea: Ray does not see the chaos with Korea has anything to do with the Iraq RV.
Currencies: ZIM: Ray knows nothing about their being a limited time to exchange the ZIM. Ray: No information right now about ZIM having any short window. We cannot get anything solid on ZIM, other than the banks are going to exchange it. Still a big question mark on bond or currency. (Even though you are hearing it) The professionals are not saying that. Any new information I hear on ZIM that comes from a good solid source you will hear it. ZIM as bond: Ray: Will yield more money being treated as a bond rather than a currency.

Banks: On HIGH Alert! Ray has not heard of anyone exchanging this week. Rumtel suggest some have traveled to Reno. Question: The public will have no access to the contract rate? Ray: Yes, that is my understanding.

EXCHANGING: IF you exchange in your personal name, be sure and have a POD (payable on death) designation on the account(s) so the funds go to the designated person or persons without going to probate.

Ray: WE DON’T GET PAID for volume of people we have on the call OR ANYTHING!!!

RAY’S TOOLS: Ray: ONE, everyone should be investigating is having your own private family foundation. That is something everyone should be taking a look at. Know what your turning your back on if you turn your back to it. A self-directed ROTH IRA is 2nd.

PRIVATE, CHARITABLE, FAMILY FOUNDATION & FAMILY TRUST: Ray: Foundation is tax exempt and a trust is not. I think you need both . . . because what one cannot do the other can.

SKELETON TRUSTS: Ray: . .There is a saying it’s better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than open your mouth and remove all reasonable doubt. That’s what I let that caller do. Let him make his allegations and now it’s put up or shut up and I know he cannot on that allegation. I will allow him to call back and apologize.

We never try to restrict who you listen to, who you read from. If you go somewhere and get crap don’t bring it to me to try to clean up. This “skeleton trust,” the one bank source I checked with a year ago, said something like that existed on the real estate side for transferring property. Not for currency exchange.

What we are going to do for us. This is not for you to start calling the banks. Only for the members that have solid rapour with your banking person – you already talk with them on a regular basis. A request to ask them what can they tell you about skeleton trust and we ‘ll put a section in the forum about “skeleton trusts” and then post in that forum whatever information you receive. And our members will get information that comes from the banking community and not all these other sources. Hopefully we can put together a strategy if that tool exists in the exchange arena.

Q & A: TNT Forum
– Out of Chapter 7? Ray: If he (PM Abadi) says so, I’m accepting it.
– In order to become Chapter 8 I have heard Iraq needs to have an International currency and rate? Ray: I believe that is the case. We await further detailed information on that process.

Q & A: Callers
-My brother listens to OM and he said something about a 250K multi-level thing? Ray: NO! It’s not on Open Mic! Next the caller accused Ray or receiving money for number of people on the call. Ray called him a liar and disconnected him.
-August 21st. It’s looking really good like it’s about ready too roll out on. Ray: That’s the targeted date right now. What people are looking to mobilize on.
– Bruce says skeleton trust when we go in till we can get a permanent trust? Ray: (chuckling – at bringing other peoples info in) What’s the purpose of doing it?Caller:protect your money . . .not have it in your name. Ray: Skeleton trust was to be a temporary process. Looking to have temporary asset protection for how long? You exchange on Monday as John Doe? Trust for asset protection. When do you set up permanent trust? 30 days? A suit? That is what you are protecting it from. Have to put things in proper perspective and you still might come to the conclusion you want a temporary trust, bankers trust, whatever they are calling it. It might be half of the things your hearing all across the internet you don’t need anyway. Or you might. Our job is to educate you on what’s out there and when you have the money for professionals do the right thing for you and your family. I’ve never heard of a 30 day lawsuit in any state. They just don’t happen that fast. Everyone should look at all the information you’re hearing for your own situation. You can’t roll the way Ray rolls. I’ll share with you as much as I know, tools for you to utilize. ONE, everyone should be investigating is having your own private family foundation. That is something everyone should be taking a look at. Know what your turning your back on if you turn your back to it. A self-directed ROTH IRA is 2nd.
– The gentleman who brought up the get paid for doing this statement.People don’t realize how much time you give to us. If they only knew the time they give and you don’t have to do that. . . I think that was unprofessional and you handled it very well. You know we are very protective of you. My question is, seen anything about the . . . rate would be out. Ray: Sure, by the time you see it in the media. Media will portray what the CBI is reflecting – a full public release.
-I have call capabilities like you do and I have never seen anythingin the users agreement about how I can make money on a call like this knucklehead is accusing you of. I’d love to make money on the calls but have found no way to do it. Ray: Thank you sir.
– The tweet said, “the public will go several days after that. (after August 21)” I still consider myself private, not public. Looking for something, maybe . . . maybe before that day. That could be another 30 days. We might go Sept 10th -12th. Am I understanding this correctly. Ray: You might go Aug 27 or 29th.

Caller: Public will have no access to contract rates? Do I understand that correctly? Ray: Yes, that is my understanding.
– Skeleton trust a short process? How critical is it do do the exchange in the name of a trust? Ray: I have no knowledge of it so cannot answer that question. Looking to have it in a trust within 30 days so how critical is it to have it in 20 days? I can’t think of a reason why you need to have something temporary for 20 days.
– Last call you mentioned something to happen in two days. What was that? Ray: Article 140 being activated. Two days are up now. Not hearing anything from over there, we don’t know what the status (of that) is right now.Caller: I know of no definition of this skeleton trust people are talking about. They are saying the bank will open it for you. That does not make sense to me. Your going to exchange, so this talk about the bank making you a trust does not make any sense to me. Amazing this guy who called has every detail of what is going on. According to him prosperity packages went out by mail. He had detail and no on knows how it’s going to be till after. People don’t think for themselves. A lot of this information we hear we have to analyze and process . . . what makes sense and what don’t make sense. People need to understand they have to make decisions. Have the wisdom to decide for yourself. What makes sense and what doesn’t.
How confident are you this will happen by the end of the month?Ray: Based on what they have told their citizens, I feel extremely good it will happen by the end of the month . . . because that is what the information dictates. Have told their citizens information in the past that did come to pass but later (time frame)
What is difference of ZIM being treated as a bond or currency? Ray: Will yield more money being treated as a bond rather than a currency.


We went over (time wise). We covered enough information. Not really anything else to tell you guys. Can’t say we’ll go to the bank over the weekend because I don’t have banking people telling me that. Across the pond expected some activity that would change the game entirely. Not heard it yet. We wait and see.

You’ve heard the proclamation. from the Prime Minister about exiting Chapter 7. Inconclusive report of Iraq is Article 8 compliant that says a lot, especially if nearing full Article 8 completion or execution. Remains to be seen . All extremely positive. We just don’t know how to gauge the timing of what we expect. Don’t know what to tell you to expect to see in the morning or at night fall. . . I just believe it is moving from point “A” to point “B.” From what they have told the citizens in Iraq on TV, in the mosques, word of mouth – all of that says to me progress. The wheels are ever turning. I don’t know when they will stop. The targeted execution date is August 21 based on what they put out there.

If you know the value of the money you hold in your hand is going to change and get stronger next week so you could buy more things with your money, would you not hold onto it this week waiting for next week?

When a country tells their citizens don’t you think they would do likewise and the GOI would calculate that in what they would do. Think its possible the GOI would tell its citizen we are going to do something next week, anticipating you will stop doing this week what you would do next week, and then implement it this week anyway? Something to think about. What do you believe? (played “I Believe”)

Have fun. If something pops we will let you know. Go out and enjoy life.



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